Hey Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Hey Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better
~The Beatles

Hey Jude

Booth let his head fall back against the sofa and his arms encircle her hips as Brennan moved up and down on his lap. By his own internal count, she had already climaxed twice, so the slow, deliberate pull of her body around his was for his benefit alone…something Brennan had confessed to finding incredibly sexy in a very scientific way. She couldn't simply say that she loved to watch him come, that his facial expressions and the way he moaned her name were an incredible turn on. No, she had to explain, anthropologically, how women are very visual and auditory creatures and that observing his pleasure heightened her pleasure, so she enjoyed cataloging his reactions and vocalizations during intercourse.

This thought crossed Booth's mind briefly right before he lost control, and his enigmatic smile at that crucial moment caught Brennan's attention. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to the hollow of his throat, that spot being one of her favorites. He could feel her smile against his skin, and he tried to lift his head with little success.

"What are you thinking, Bones?" He wheezed.

Brennan sat back up, laughing at his apparent lack of oxygen. "I was just wondering when you were going to mention that you saw Sully today."

Rolling his eyes, Booth picked her up and moved her so that she was cuddled up on his side. "Please don't ever mention another man's name when I'm inside you. It's weird, Bones."

"Noted. But the question still stands."

Booth tilted his head towards her, and then reached out to take her hand, tangling their fingers together. "Honestly, I forgot about it. I barely said five words to him, he seemed to be in a hurry, and I just didn't think about it again. We were pretty busy on the new case today."

Brennan stared into Booth's eyes for a moment, gauging his sincerity. "I was afraid that you would be jealous."

"Of Sully? No. Maybe when the two of you were together, yeah. I can admit that. But now, why would I be? I love my job, I love you, I love my son. I love my life, Bones. Only people who are unhappy get jealous."

Blinking at the sudden sting of tears, Brennan pulled him in for a kiss. "Thank you."

"For what? Loving you? That's the easy part."

"No, for trusting me. For trusting Sully. Not a lot of men would be secure enough to be so magnanimous about the sudden reappearance of their girlfriend's former lover."

Booth pulled her back onto his lap, running his hands up and down her back slowly. She arched into him and snuggled like a kitten, her face nuzzling into his neck. "First of all, Sully is a great guy. He would never, ever make a move on you knowing that you were in a committed relationship. He's just not that guy. And as for you…" He kissed the top of her head and smiled. "You aren't capable of that kind of deception. That is not the woman you are. I wouldn't be sitting here with you otherwise. And I know you know that the same goes for me."

He felt her nod against his shoulder. "I know. I know." She lifted her head and regarded him carefully. "Did Sully tell you that he's coming back to the Bureau?"

Booth nodded. "Yeah. And I think that's great. Aside from the fact that he's a damn good agent, it doesn't hurt to have someone else around who can work with you impossible squints."

Laughing, Brennan half-heartedly punched his shoulder. "Aren't you worried that if we fail to impress your boss that they'll reassign Sully as Jeffersonian liaison? That is a possibility."

"Yeah, but I'm not worried about you and I failing, Bones. We're not animals; we're not going to be jumping each other in your office or at crime scenes. We can both compartmentalize. Hell, I've been doing that around you for years."

Brennan looked troubled at his words. "I…it pains me to think that I ignored our connection for so long, Booth. Knowing what I know now…I wasted so much time."

He pulled her more fully into his arms and kissed her head lightly. "Hey, hey…none of that. You know better than anyone that everything happens in its own time. I mean, how do we know that this would have even worked before now?"

"Maybe." She sniffed delicately. "Alright. No regrets. Everything is as it should be."

"Exactly. Well…except for the fact that I think you need to be in bed. With me on top of you." He grinned, eyebrows wiggling suggestively.

Standing and holding out her hand, Brennan shook her head. "You really prefer being on top, don't you?"

As they walked back to her bedroom, Booth laughed. "Nah, actually it's nice when you're riding me. Doin' all the work…breasts swaying right in my face…you do have great boobs, Bones." He dodged her fist and jumped onto the bed, beckoning her over with his hand. "C'mon, babe…climb up on top here and show me what you got."


A few hours later, Booth was sitting up against the bed's headboard, Brennan's head on his shoulder. He ran his fingers lazily along her arm, both of them just content to lie still and do absolutely nothing but watch the evening news on the small television Booth had convinced Brennan to set up in her room. He would have been happy to stay in this position for the foreseeable future, but Brennan had other ideas.

"Booth, can I ask you something personal?"

He looked down at the top of her head, unsettled that he couldn't see her facial expression. "Um, yeah…you know you can ask me anything, Bones."

"Are you satisfied with our sexual relationship?"

Booth shot straight up to a sitting position, knocking Brennan off his shoulder in the process. "Bones! How can you even ask something like that?"

Rubbing the side of her head where Booth's shoulder bumped her, Brennan shrugged. "Our conversation earlier about Sully made me wonder, that's all. I mean, you are the superior lover when I compare the two of you, and it made me think-"

"I'm better in bed than Sully, huh?" Booth settled into his cocky grin, crossing his arms across his chest.

Brennan shook her head. "I knew it was a mistake to tell you that."

"Nah, its okay Bones. I'll stop gloating." Booth tried, unsuccessfully at first, to remove the smile from his face.

"Are you done?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

Laughing, he pulled her into an embrace. "Yeah, I'm done. Besides, I still want to know why you're even the least bit worried about our sex life. You know for a fact that it's good." He looked slightly worried for a moment. "It is…I mean, it is as good as I think, right?"

Throwing her leg over his lap, Brennan straddled him, grinding slowly. "Oh, I think I can safely say that I am completely…" She kissed him. "..and totally.." Kiss. "…satisfied."

"Mmmm. I suppose I can take your word for that, then." He leaned in and initiated the kiss this time, slowly pulling her bottom lip into his mouth and eliciting a groan from the back of her throat. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him and he pulled back. "Hey, how did you know that Sully was back?"

Trying to think through the passionate haze in which she was enveloped, Brennan took a moment to engage her brain. "Oh, um…he stopped by the lab to invite me to lunch."

"Really?" Booth tried not to sound jealous, because he really wasn't, but he did wonder about Sully's motives.

"Yes. Of course, I told him that it would be inappropriate because I have a boyfriend who would not appreciate my having a meal with a former lover without prior notice. He tried to claim that we were still friends, but I informed him that he and I ceased being friends when he sailed away on that boat."

"Ouch, Bones. That was harsh." Booth winced in sympathy for Sully.

Brennan looked confused. "Did I handle that incorrectly? I felt sure that you wouldn't like it if I went to eat with him, and…"

"No, no…it's not that, but telling him that you weren't friends? He's a good guy, Bones. There's nothing wrong with being friends with former lovers."

"That is true; you and Cam seem to be very close friends despite the fact that you once shared a sexual relationship." She looked troubled. "But I was very hurt when he left, even if it was my choice. I'm not sure I even want to be friends with him."

Booth nodded. "Then that's your choice, and I'll support that. But don't use me as a reason, I really don't mind if you go have lunch with Sully."

"Alright. But…" She slid off his lap and bit her bottom lip, worrying it between her teeth.

He rubbed her thigh comfortingly. "What, Bones? You can say it. I won't get angry, I promise."

She took a breath and went for it, despite her best judgment. "Is it...I mean, would it be selfish of me to not be happy if Hannah showed up and you had lunch alone with her?"

Booth shook his head. "You know you don't have anything to worry about, right? That you can trust me?"

"I do, it's just…" She sighed. "I know that it was my own fault, but it was very painful to watch you with Hannah, knowing that it could have been me, that I had given up that kind of relationship with you, and…I know it's irrational, but I feel as if it would bring all those uncomfortable feelings back." She searched Booth's face for any sign of hurt or anger, but only saw compassion. And guilt.

"Babe…" He reached for her, pulling her back into his lap. "I understand. And I'm sorry that I put you through all that. I didn't realize…damn, Bones. I'm so sorry."

Brennan nodded. "We agreed, remember? No regrets. I think we both have strayed from that lately, especially today, and I am sorry."

Booth chuckled and rolled her over, trapping her beneath his larger body and nuzzling the curve of her left breast softly. "Tell you what, Bones…what do you say we both quit apologizing and just get on with the rest of our lives? Because I have to say…" He placed wet, sucking kisses along her abdomen as he moved down her body. "I can think of much more enjoyable ways to make it up to each other…"

Brennan's long, deep moan was her only response, and Booth decided with a grin that it sounded like she was in complete agreement.