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Chapter 16: Football: The Great American Pastime


I woke up to an annoying, blaring noise. I pulled my pillow of my head, trying to stop the obnoxious sound that was filling my bedroom.

What. The. Fuck?

After the third time of being woken up, I got up and looked around my room, trying to locate the offensive sound. It was coming from Bella's bag. She was burrowed in the covers of my bed, her hair splayed over my pillows. She apparently got up during the night and put on my button-up shirt. She looked fucking incredible. Wearing my clothes. My clothes. My girl. Sigh…

The blaring sound rang again. Ugh! Really? I walked over to her messenger bag and saw that it was her phone ringing. I looked at the caller ID and it was an unknown caller. I padded back to Bella's side of the bed, brushed her hair off of her face.

"Bella, baby. Wake up. Your phone has been ringing off of the hook," I said softly.

"Hmmm…let it go to voicemail," she mumbled.

"I would but they keep calling back," I reasoned, slightly pissed at the moron who was disturbing our alone-time together.

Bella pulled herself up from the bed, staying under the covers. She reached for her phone. She looked at the recent calls and checked the number. She shook her head and shrugged. "If it's important, they'll leave a message. I'm going back to sleep," she said as she flopped down on the pillows. "I love your bed, Edward. It's so comfortable."

"I know how it is. You love me for my bed," I snorted. She rolled her eyes, curling around a pillow. "I'm glad you approve of my mattress. I'm going to shower seeing as some asshat needed to call my girlfriend a million times and not leave a message. Care to join me?" I asked.

She popped her head up and put her finger to her lips. She rolled eyes skyward, pretending to be deep in thought. "More sleep in an insanely comfortable bed or ogle my fuckhot boyfriend in the shower? Decisions…decisions…shower."

"Really?" I asked excitedly. I pulled her up from the bed and threw her over my shoulder. She smacked my ass with her hands.

"Will you put me down? I have legs. I can walk, you know! You don't need to get all caveman on me," she giggled.

"You, Bella. Me, Edward. Mine," I grunted as I put her down in the bathroom.

"You, dork. Me, get girly smelly stuff," she said as she dashed out to grab her toiletry bag. As she got her bag, I started the shower. I was lucky to have one of those relaxing and soothing waterfall showers in my bathroom. It did wonders for knotty muscles. I missed it while I was at school. Yeah, the showers in Patterson kind of suck. I pulled a couple of towels from the linen closet in my bathroom. I stripped off my boxers, stepping under the hot spray.

Bella came back into the bathroom and removed my shirt from her back and slipped off her panties. I could see through the glass enclosure that Bella was blushing. I reached from the shower and pulled her into it. She giggled as she crashed into my chest."Edward, my shampoo and body gel is out there," she chastised.

"I'm in here and I want you touch you, beautiful," I cooed. "You can use the stuff in here. Are you saying I smell?"

"No! Of course not. I just don't want to smell like boy," she wheedled, looking up at me with her big, chocolate brown eyes. I turned my body and held out body gel and shampoo. It was some random stuff from Philosophy that my mom kept in my shower. Amazing Grace was the name of it.

"You will not smell like boy. My mom keeps this stuff in all of the bathrooms. I think you'll like it," I said as I reached for a washcloth. I put some of the pink gel into it and began lathering Bella's silky skin. I turned Bella so she was facing away from me. Her head fell back as I touched her body. I squirted some of the body gel into my hands and I ran them along her beautiful body. I began my exploration with her shoulders, slowly moving down her arms. I laced my fingers with hers and I leaned down to press a kiss to her neck. I released her fingers and continued moving my hands up her body. I gently massaged her breasts, rolling her nipples with my fingers. Her hips and ass swiveled against my erection that was caught between us. I moved my hands down the swell of belly to her hips. I groaned as my hands moved further south.

"Edward…please," she gasped.

"Please, what? What do you want, baby?" I asked, my voice sounding gruffer than usual.

"Touch me," she breathed against my mouth, brushing her lips with mine.

You don't need to ask me twice. I'm there!

I snaked my hand down to her slick folds. She was so wet. So ready. I ran my fingers over her clit and she bucked her hips at my touch. I pulled my hand away and Bella looked over her shoulder with a look of confusion. I turned her and -moved her to the built-in bench in my shower. I gently nudged her down onto the seat.

I knelt in front of her and looked into her eyes. "Do you trust me?"

She nodded, but there apprehension there. I leaned in and kissed her sweetly.

Morning breath, be damned!

I languidly pushed my tongue into her mouth and she readily accepted it. Her hands fisted my wet hair as she sat on the edge of the bench. "I want to taste you, Bella. I got a sampling last night and I want more. Please can I taste you?" I kissed her again. I pulled away and looked back into her eyes. She gave me a small nod, pulling her lip between her teeth. I kissed down her body. I licked at her left breast and gently massaged the right one with my hand. I switched, nibbling along her rib cage. She moaned and squirmed.

"Oh, God. Edward," Bella breathed, tangling her fingers into my wet hair.

I smiled against her skin and kissed further down her body. I pushed her legs apart gently. I pressed a tender kiss to her inner thigh. I bit down on her supple flesh and sucked, marking her. She yelped. She looked down at me with a cute glare. I stared back at her with lust in my eyes. I kissed closer to her heated core. I could see her arousal glisten. I gave her one last glance and she was watching me intently with darkened, hooded eyes, breathing erratically, causing her breasts to rise and fall erotically. I took that as a go. I leaned in and gave her clit long lick. My own mind began reeling at Bella's taste. She was sweet and perfect. I reached my hand and spread her lower lips with my fingers. I laved her clit with my tongue. I pulled it and sucked. Bella's hips bucked at the sensation, her head falling back in ecstasy. With my other hand, I gently pushed into her with one finger. She groaned and tightened her hold on my hair.

I pulled away and pressed an open mouthed kiss to her other thigh. "Do you like that, Bella?"

"Ungh! It feels so good, Edward," she panted.

With a growl, I burrowed my tongue into her entrance along with my finger. Bella's hips were moving at a steady rhythm. I added a second finger and returned my attention to her clit. She was so tight and so wet. It was pouring down my hand and onto my face, coating my lips and tongue. I maneuvered my hand and hit her G-spot. Her moans became louder and louder. I could feel her muscles begin to clench around my fingers. I added a third finger inside of her tight body and gently nibbled on her swollen clit. Her hips were rolling as I continued my ministrations. I heard Bella squeak and her muscles clamped down around my fingers. I continued to suck and nibble as she rode out her orgasm. I removed my fingers and greedily sucked them before kissing back up her gorgeous body. She was still breathing heavily when I reached her neck. She forcefully grabbed my face and plunged her tongue in my mouth. She could taste herself and that turned me on.

She slowly stood back up and pushed me against the wall of the shower, her fingernails scraping down my chest.

Feisty Bella is coming out to play. Nice.

There was water flowing down between us. Her hair was black from it being wet. She placed kisses along my chest and stomach. Her hands moved down my torso, where she idly traced my tattoo. She continued to kiss further down my body. She nibbled and suckled along my tattoo. It felt amazing. My eyes rolled back in my head from the feelings she was giving me. She reached my cock. She looked up at me with her exquisitely beautiful brown orbs and stared as she took the head of my arousal into her mouth. She rolled her tongue over the tip.

"Do you like that, Edward? Do you like your cock in my mouth?" she asked confidently, wrapping her hand around me.

Feisty Bella needs to play more often. She's fucking hot.

"Shit, yeah I do. It feels so good," I groaned. I gently pushed her hair out her eyes as she took me in her mouth again. She put me in her mouth as far as she could go. She used her hand to reach everywhere else. She pumped my dick with such ferocity, sucking me expertly. I knew that I was not going to last long. She nibbled along the shaft of my dick and I almost came right there. She took me fully in her mouth and took all of my control to not thrust my hips. She pulled away and released the head with a pop.

"What do you want, Edward? Do you want to fuck my mouth?" she purred, swirling her palm over the sensitive head of my erection.

Holy shit!

I nodded and she took me into her mouth again. I thrust my hips and she pumped her hand, massaging my balls. Bella watched me as she sucked me off. Her doe eyes filled lust and desire. Seeing her kneel in front of me, giving me the blowjob to end all blowjobs; I could feel the coil in my stomach get tighter. I put my hand on her head, not wanting to guide her. She didn't need that. But I had to touch her. She ran her teeth along the bottom of my shaft and that was my undoing.


I came as I was warning her. She swallowed my release and kept licking as I came down from my high. After she cleanred me, Bella gracefully stood back up and daintily wiped her mouth. I cupped my hand around her face and gave her a searing kiss. I spun her so her back against the wall. I reached down to her thighs and picked her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist. I could feel myself get hard again.

However, we needed to stop. I pulled away, though Bella was still in my arms. Both of our breathing was ragged. "We should stop, baby. As much as I want to continue, I don't want our first time to be in my shower."

"Or a practice room," Bella giggled.

"Or a dorm room," I added, frowning slightly. I gently lowered Bella back to the ground and we finished cleaning ourselves. We actually distanced ourselves as to not give into temptation. Though, I really wanted to. I mean really wanted to.

Damn it.

After our shower, I handed Bella a towel and then grabbed on for myself. She wrapped the towel around her body and I wrapped mine around my waist. I walked out of the bathroom to give Bella some privacy and I changed in my bedroom. I put on a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved white thermal tee-shirt and an Emerson t-shirt over the top. Bella emerged from the bathroom wearing the same thing. Her hair was still wet.

"Do you have a blow dryer or something?" she asked.

"I don't but I'm certain Alice does. Let me check her room." I unlocked my door and dashed to Alice's room. I went into her bathroom and rooted around in her cabinets. I found a blow dryer and I brought back to Bella. She was putting some gel in her hair as I was walking in. I handed her the blow dryer and I went back into my bedroom. I quickly made my bed and packed up my bag. Bella's phone was ringing from the bedside table. It was the same unknown number. I took her advice and let it go to voice mail. If it was important, they would leave a message.

In theory.

Ten minutes later, Bella came out of the bathroom with her hair curled and some make up on. She looked beautiful, as always but there was something in her eyes. They were swirling with some sort of emotion that I couldn't put my finger on. "Bella, are you okay?" I asked tentatively.

"Um, yeah. Sure," she said, avoiding my gaze.

"That's totally believable, Bella. What's wrong?" I said as I pulled her on the bed. She tossed her toiletry bag into her duffel and sat on my bed, Indian style.

"Please don't be mad," she muttered.

"Why would I be mad, beautiful?" I replied, caressing her cheek..

"Shit. How do I do this?" she mused. Is she breaking up with me? Fuck! "I guess the best way is to do it quickly," she continued. She is breaking up with me. God Damn It! "Edward, I'm a virgin."

No, she can't be breaking up with me. Wait…what?

"Excuse me? What did you say?" I squeaked, sounding like a pre-pubescent boy. Attractive, Cullen.

"You're mad. Fuck."

"Not mad, just need clarification. Please repeat that."

"I'm a virgin. Pure as the driven snow. Never had my cherry popped…"

"Okay, enough euphemisms. I get it," I breathed and pulled her into my lap. "I thought you were dumping my sorry ass."

"Edward, I don't think that would happen. I love you and that will never change. So, you're not mad?" She looked up at me; her eyes were filled with trepidation and fear.

"Hell, no! I grateful that you waited and are willing to wait for me, hopefully. I wish I waited to be with someone I truly loved when I lost my virginity. I just did it because I felt like I had something to prove."

"Can I ask you a question?" she asked quietly, idly playing with the hem of my sleeve.

"Anything you want, baby."

"How many women have you been with?" she asked as she fumbled with her t-shirt.

"Two. However, the only that matters will be you. Like I said before, you will be the last woman I ever make love to. You will be the only woman I ever make love to. The other two were inconsequential."

"Was one of them Tanya?" she growled, wrinkling her nose.

"Unfortunately, yes. We had a 'friends with benefits' type of arrangement. She eventually wanted more and I didn't. Until I met you." I huffed out a breath, looking down at her. "I'll admit that being with Tanya was a huge mistake. I will do everything in my power to make it up to you," I said sincerely. "I love you and only you."

"I love you, too," she sniffled. "Sorry for being an emotional mess. I just wanted to get that little tidbit of information out there. I never intended it for it turn into the 'sexual history' talk."

"Well, I'll have you know that I was always careful. Wrapped it up every time. I'm too young to be a daddy. When we decide to make love, I can get the slew of tests to reassure you that I'm clean."

"Edward, that's not necessary. However, thank you for letting me know." She leaned in and kissed me, her mouth quirking up into an impish smile when she pulled away. "I have another tidbit of information that I want to share with you. I'm on the shot. So, when we make love, you won't have to 'wrap it up.'"

My brows shot up to my hair line. "Hold on, if you're a virgin, why are you on the shot? Never mind…you don't need to tell me. That's too personal."

"Edward, we're talking about making love, past lovers and sexually transmitted diseases. This is not too personal. I have no shame in why I get the shot. I'm the worst pill-taker. Ever. I need to be on something regulate my female issues. I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and being on birth control keeps the condition under control. I tried being on the pill and I couldn't remember to take it. I decided with my gynecologist to go on the shot. I get it every three months. I got it right before I came and I'll get it again at the clinic on campus. They already have my script."

Oh. What does that mean, this poly…blah blah blah?" I asked curiously.

"Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. It means I get a bunch of cysts on my ovaries and they cause me to have painful periods. It also indicates that there is a chemical imbalance of my blood sugar. If it become worse, I'll have to take diabetic medication. However, I'm lucky. I can manage with being on birth control."

"What will that mean for when you want to have children?"

"My doctor said it'll be more challenging, but not impossible. If things don't work, I'd have to see a fertility specialist. However, that's a long way off. Still a freshman in college…not ready for babies."

My reeled at what Bella just told me. However, I couldn't get the image of Bella, pregnant with our child out of my mind. Yes, I was still in college. Yes, I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Yes, I definitely knew that I was too young to be a father. However, I just couldn't shake the glorious image out of my head: Bella, her belly sticking out, pregnant with our child. A brown haired little girl with her mother's eyes. I could see it perfectly.

"Edward…EDWARD!" I blinked myself back to reality to see Bella snapping her fingers in front of me. "Where were you? You were in la-la land for a bit," she said, giggling quietly.

"Imagining the future," I said with a crooked grin. I pulled her down and she snuggled on my chest. "I don't know why but when you mentioned children my mind raced ahead. I could see us in the future, you pregnant with our baby, a little girl. I don't know about you, baby, but I want that. I want that with you."

"We're still in college, Edward," she reasoned.

"I didn't say I wanted it now, beautiful. However, I do want it."

"A boy," Bella said quietly.


"I want a little bronze haired boy with your beautiful eyes," she said as she leaned on her hands on my chest.

"I was thinking that we would have a baby girl with brown hair and eyes like her mother."

"Wow. This conversation was not what I intended it to be, but I like it. I should be freaking out, but I'm not. I want it too, Edward. I want it very much."

"We'll get it, beautiful," I responded. As we lay there, enjoying our varying versions of the future, our noses were assaulted by the scent of bacon and pancakes. My stomach snarled as did Bella's and we decided to head down to get breakfast.

xx LC xx

We drove back to Emerson after we ate a huge breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs, courtesy of my mom. I'm surprised that I'm not 400 pounds with the way my mother cooks. It's amazing food.

As Bella was packing up her duffle bag, my mom pulled me aside and asked me if I was happy. I said yes. She pressed further, gazing into my eyes. I couldn't lie to her. I said no. I was incredibly happy with Bella but I abhorred the classes I was taking. I hated the direction my life was going. I didn't want to be stuck in a job that I would hate and resent just to make my father proud. Esme's eyes teared up. She said that she would work on Carlisle. She knew my love of music and how it brought me closer to my birth mother. She hated that the "sparkle" in my eyes disappeared when I spoke about my pre-med courses. She couldn't stand how I became detached and resolute. She missed her sweet boy. I gave her a huge hug and I felt the tears pool in my eyes. Esme was always my biggest supporter. With her on my side, Carlisle would surely relent to my wishes.

Hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed, kids.

Bella was fumbling with my IPod, trying to find the "perfect driving song." I chuckled at her enthusiasm. She looked for about fifteen minutes and then got frustrated and set it to shuffle. We stopped about halfway back to campus so I could fill up the gas tank. Bella went to the bathroom. As she was in the bathroom, her phone rang from the center console. It was the same unlisted number. I'd had enough and I picked up.

"Hello?" I barked. "Is anybody there?"

I could hear breathing on the other end, but no response.

"Hello? If you're not going to talk, then stop calling," I snapped as I ended the call. I put the phone back in the console and finished filling up gas tank. Bella came back from the bathroom and she had a pack of gum and two coffees. She slid into the car, putting the coffees into the cup holders and the gum into her messenger bag. As I drove back onto the highway, I twined my fingers with hers, "Bella, while you were in the bathroom your phone rang. It was that same unlisted number. I picked up."

"Who was it? Was it a wrong number?" she asked.

"I don't know. They didn't answer when I picked up the phone. I know someone was there. I could hear them breathing, but they wouldn't talk. I snapped at them to stop calling your number," I said quietly.

"Hopefully, they'll listen. Thanks," she murmured. She handed me my coffee and I took a sip. Bella reached down into her bag and grabbed her history book, reading for the rest of the ride back to Emerson. When we returned to campus, I drove us directly to Brandon Hall. We needed to meet with Tyler and Tia before we sang the National Anthem for the football game. I parked on the street across from Brandon. Bella grabbed her phone and stuck it in her pocket. We headed into the music building and met in one of the small ensemble rooms. When we walked in, Tyler was standing in front of the piano and Tia was sitting in a chair. By her feet were a pair of crutches. She had a huge brace around her right knee.

"Hey Tyler. Tia, what happened?" I asked.

"I was drunk on Thursday after Express rehearsal. One of my roommates turned twenty-one and we were celebrating in our room. Anyway, I got totally lit. We ordered pizza. I was the most sober out of all of us and I was sent down to get the pizza. I tripped over some guy's shoe on the stairs and took a tumble. My leg went one way and my body went the other. I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus. My knee is fucked to high heaven. I called Felix yesterday morning and he was pissed. He is not happy losing one of his strongest dancers. He told me I needed to find a replacement for my spot in Express. I thought of a few people, but no one can dance. Do you know anyone?"

"Rosalie. She told me that she was on her dance team in high school. Maybe she'd be willing to do it," Bella suggested.

"No harm in asking," I agreed. Bella whipped out her phone and dialed up Rosalie.

"Hey Rose! Do you have a class on Thursday nights?" Bella asked hopefully.

I heard her muffled response. Bella's eyes lit up. "You don't. That's great. How would like to join me and Edward in dancing our asses off in Emerson Express? You know you loved those awesome dresses."

Bella began bouncing on her toes and she nodded at Tia. She smiled at Bella. Tia motioned for her put Rose on hold. "Can you ask her to come sing today? I'm not supposed to be on my feet and if she's willing, I'll be forever indebted to her," Tia begged as soon as Bella put her on mute.

"One more thing, can you sing the National Anthem today? Tia, the alto section leader, the girl whose spot you're taking in Express, jacked up her knee pretty royally. She should not be walking in any shape or form… Great! See you in a little bit. Wear jeans and a white long-sleeved t-shirt. We'll get you a t-shirt to wear with us. See you in a little bit."

Bella ended the call and looked pointedly at Tia. "Go home. Rest, ice, compression and elevate. Give me your phone," Bella commanded. Tia took out her cell phone and handed it to her. Bella programmed her number into Tia's phone and then dialed it. Her phone shrilled in her hand. She ended the call and passed the phone back to Tia. "Call me if you need anything, Tia. Edward, can you drive Tia back to her dorm?"

"Sure. Come on, Tia," I said surprisingly.

Feisty Bella is back with a vengeance and not taking any prisoners. She has a bit of Alice in her. Damn.

Tia followed me to the stairs. I looked at her and her crutches and did the gallant thing. I tossed the crutches down the stairs and picked Tia up. She gave me an annoyed stare as we walked down the stairs. I gingerly put her down and picked up her crutches. We moved slowly to my car. We passed Rosalie on our way out. Tia handed Rose her shirt as they passed and I quickly dropped Tia off at her dorm. She lived in the dorm attached to Rathburn. I helped her to her room before dashing back to Brandon.

When I came back, I could hear Bella, Rose and Tyler singing the Star Spangle Banner. They sounded good. I strode into the small ensemble room and Bella handed me my music. We ran through it several times before we had to head out to the football stadium. Tyler and I explained to the girls that we each would have our own cordless microphones. It was decided that Bella and I would be in the middle and Rose and Tyler would be on the outside. We alternated boy-girl. We all piled into my car and drove down to the football stadium.

When we got down there, it was mass hysteria. There thousands of people in the stands. The marching band was on the track surrounding the field. I quickly parked the car and we walked toward the entrance of the field. Emmett, who was one of the athletic trainers for the team, was going to meet us at the north entrance. We got there and we saw him waiting for us. He was in a pair of gray khakis and a navy blue athletic trainer polo shirt. He opened the gate and let us through. He led us to the sound booth where we got our microphones. I reached into my pockets and pulled out four sets of earplugs. Tyler grabbed a pair but Bella and Rose looked at them skeptically."

"It'll help with the echo that we're bound to hear," I explained. Bella and Rose both took the earplugs and put them in. Both football teams were out on the field. The head coach found Emmett and gave him a curt nod. Emmett tugged on my sleeve and it was our time to go. Tyler, Bella, Rose and I strode out to the center of the football field. It was never discussed, but Bella took the initiative to say in her microphone, "Will you all please rise for the singing of the National Anthem?"

She very clearly gave us our tonic note and we found the notes in the opening chord. Bella brought up her microphone and we did the same. She gave us a pulse with her body and cued us in. As we began singing, the crowd was screaming loudly. While we continued, the crowd grew quiet and you could hear a pin drop. Bella led us wonderfully, giving us our cues with a subtle nod of the head or flick of the wrist. As we finished the Star Spangled Banner, the crowd erupted in raucous cheers and whoops. We gave a small bow and exited the field. We removed our earplugs and gave our microphones to the sound guys. We stayed on the field as the first quarter of the game began.

Rosalie squealed and grabbed Bella's hands. She had never seen Bella "in action" and we can safely assume that Rose was impressed. "Holy fucking shit, Swan," she bellowed.

"Christ, Rose! Swear much?" Bella laughed.

"Who are you and what have you done with my shy, timid roommate?" Rose teased, hugging Bella tightly.

I walked behind Bella and wrapped my arms around her waist and laid my chin on her shoulder. Bella blushed and nestled herself in my arms. Rose laughed. "There she is. You are a different woman on stage, Bella. It's like Dr. Jekll and Mr. Hyde, only you're not crazy and a murderous bastard."

"I know what I'm good at, Rose," Bella snickered.

"You fucking rocked, Bella," Tyler said as he held out a fist. Bella gave him a fist bump and rolled her eyes.

I leaned in to whisper in her ear, "L'amo il mio bel cantante. Lei è la mia vita. Lei sarà sempre la mia vita."

"What does that mean, Edward?" she asked quietly.

"It means, 'I love you my beautiful singer. You are my life. You will always be my life.' I mean it, sincerely," I murmured against her lips as I kissed her.

"Can you speak Italian to me for the rest of my life?" she asked.

"Farò che lei vuole, il mio bell'angelo. L'amo con tutto il mio cuore," I breathed.

"Yeah, what you said," she replied. She fisted my hair into small hands and pulled me into a passionate embrace. The thousands of people in the stands disappeared and all that was left was Bella and me. Together, we could do anything, conquer anything and be anything. One thing I knew for sure, Bella was my future and I was not going to let her go. Ever.


Farò che lei vuole, il mio bell'angelo. L'amo con tutto il mio cuore – I'll do whatever you want, my beautiful angel. I'll love you with all of my heart.

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