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Chapter 21: A Major Switch


It was early.

Very early.

I could see the light barely come through Edward's windows. It was just after 6:30 and I was watching the beautiful man curled up next to me. I was still reeling after what happened last night. It was insanely hot. My body was still tingling at the feelings Edward had given me with his touch. We had fallen asleep after that amazing sexual experience.

During the night, I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, realizing that I was still naked. I had found a t-shirt in one of the drawers of his dresser and slipped it on along with a fresh pair of panties. The panties I was wearing earlier were long since ruined from Edward's sexy, domineering stunt he pulled.

I think I need another pair of panties.

I gazed at his body and my mouth watered at the beauty that was Edward. I leaned forward and kissed the crook of his neck, lightly nibbling his earlobe. Edward hummed. My lips tingled as I pressed them to his skin. His scruff tickled my cheek. I slowly glided my hands down his body, tracing each muscle and curve of his body. I saw his hips move in a delightful way and his cock spring to life.

It's time for payback, Edward. My turn to play.

I scooted closer to Edward and pressed my body to his. I reached my hands up and ran my fingers through his silky, copper locks. Lightly I scratched his scalp with my fingertips and moved my body languidly against his. A moan escaped his lips. He snaked his hands around my waist and held me tighter against his body. I moved my lips to his ear, "I have one rule, Edward. You can't touch me. Arms above your head," I cooed.

Edward's eyes snapped open, peering at me with shock. However, they were darkened with desire. He still had his arms around my body. I decided to take the initiative and I pushed his shoulder and straddled his waist. "Arms above your head. Do it now, Cullen," I demanded huskily. He tentatively raised his arms and put them on the pillows behind his head. I had the blindfold that was used on my eyes last night in my hands. I reached up and tied his wrists together. "Turnabout's fair play, Mr. Cullen. You're mine."

"God, Bella. Yours completely," he groaned with his sleep-deepened voice.

I stay perched on his body. I brought my finger to my lips and tapped it, thinking about what to do.

You know what you want, Swan. You're just making him sweat.

As I sat on Edward's lap, I rotated my hips and he moaned. I could feel him get harder, straining against his boxers. I leaned down and stopped my face inches from his lips. "Mine. I'm going to make you feel so good Edward." I ghosted my hands down his arms, over his broad shoulders. His hands pulled at the tie at his wrist. "You don't like not being able to touch me, do you?"

"No, Bella. I don't," he rasped.

"Trust me, Edward. You'll enjoy what I have planned for you," I said as I kissed his jaw. I pulled his earlobe into my mouth and sucked on it, drawing it into my teeth. Edward's hips bucked at the sensation. "What do you want, Edward?"

"You, Bella. Only you. I love you," he breathed.

"You'll get me. I promise. I will be yours as you will be mine," I said kissing down his chest. I sat back up and pulled the t-shirt off of my body and I brought my hands to my own chest. I began fondling my own breasts, twisting and playing with my nipples.

Who are you and what you have you done with Bella? Since when have I turned into a sex goddess?

Edward's mouth opened and his breath came in irregular pants. "Christ, Bella. You are so fucking sexy!"

"Do you like this, Edward? How about this?" I said as I moved one of my hands down my belly and slipped it inside my panties. His eyes widened and he was squirming underneath me.


I pulled my hand from my underwear and Edward's mouth frowned slightly. I got up off his lap and slipped my panties off. After I removed my underwear, I slid body back over his. My arousal was dripping out of me, coating Edward's belly. I leaned down and kissed his neck, sucking just below his ear. My body was rocking against his, yearning for friction. He threw his head back and moaned. I leaned back and swirled my hips over his erection.

"If you could touch me, Edward, what would you do? I'll do everything you say," I purred.

"Holy shit, Bella. I…I…don't…know…fuck!" he stammered.

"Would you do this, baby?" I brought my hands back to my chest and fondled my breasts again. I threw my head back and arched my back as I squeezed my nipples. Edward moaned and his legs were thrashing beneath me. I looked back at him and locked my brown eyes with his green and I lowered my hand to my core. "How about this, baby?"

I slipped my hands between my legs and gently rolled my clit with my fingers. My fingertips were coated with my dampness. "Is this turning you on, Edward? Do you like when I play with myself?" I murmured huskily.

Edward's eyes were hooded and his body was moving uncontrollably. He grunted. "I want to see you, beautiful. I want to see you come," he croaked. I got off his lap, sitting next to him with my legs spread. I licked my fingers and I moved them back to my heated core. Edward watched with rapt attention as I moved them up and down my slick folds. "That feels so good, Edward. I bet you want to do that."

"So badly," he said as he sat up. He brought his arms down and tried to touch me.

"Remember what I said, Edward. You can't touch me. If you touch me, I'll stop," I said, echoing his words from the previous evening. "Just watch, baby."

I continued my ministrations with my fingers on my clit. Edward was trembling. I slipped a finger into my body and I could feel how turned on I was. "I'm so wet for you, Edward. Only you do that to me." I reached down with my other hand and pinched my clit as I pumped into my moist heat. My own breathing became labored as I could feel my body tense. I pulled my hand away and licked my fingers again before I continued my assault on my clit. I moved my fingers quickly over the sensitive nub and pumped with my other hand, adding a second finger. Edward had released his own hands and slipped them into his boxers and I could see him rub his cock. He quickly pulled off his boxers and I could see how hard he was.

I moved my hands quickly and my release was coming. The coil in my belly was so tight, ready to spring. "Oh, god! Edward!" I screamed as my body tensed and I orgasmed. I felt my muscles clamp down on my own fingers.

I pulled my fingers away from my body and gave Edward a smirk. My body was slowly coming down from the self-induced orgasm. My fingers were still wet from my own juices. I took my hand and placed it on his cock. Edward stopped his pumping and removed his hands.

"Christ, Bella."

I pumped his huge cock with my hands, using the lubrication from my own orgasm. I flicked my wrist and tightened my hold. I leaned down and swirled my tongue over the head of his penis. He fell back into the pillows and ran his hands through his hair. In my mind, I wanted to straddle him and impale myself on his cock, but that would have to wait. I would settle for giving him the best head imaginable.

"I so want you to bury you cock in me, Edward," I purred as I licked and kissed up and down his shaft.

"Don't tempt me, beautiful. Seeing what you just did and what you are doing now, I'm fighting not doing just that," he said, his voice strained.

I pulled him into my mouth, until the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I relaxed my jaw and throat muscles and eased him in a bit deeper. I slowly bobbed my head, in conjunction with the rhythm of his hips. I added my hands to his pleasure and I could hear him grunting.

"Bella, baby! You make me feel so good. Don't stop," he cried. I increased my speed and the pressure that I put on his cock. His hips began to lose their rhythm and his breath was coming in pants. I dragged my teeth along the underside of his dick and that was his undoing. He came, sending a stream of hot release down my throat. I kept pumping and drank up all he gave me. When he was finished, I released his cock with a 'pop.'

"Yum. An Edward popsicle," I said as I laid my head on his muscled stomach.

"I so can't wait until 'when,' baby," he breathed.

"Next week, handsome. Next week and I'll be yours completely," I said with a seductive grin.

He reached his arms around me and pulled me up to his face. He peppered kisses along my cheeks, forehead, and nose and ended with a searing kiss to my lips. "I. Love. You. So. Much," he said punctuating each word with a kiss to my lips.

"I love you, too, Edward. However, I'm feeling somewhat sticky and I'm going to hop in the shower. Care to join me, handsome?"

"Hell yeah, beautiful!" he said as he scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. I smacked his ass as we walked to the bathroom.

He's mine.

After some more sexy time in the shower, we ambled down to the kitchen. I made my famous blueberry pancakes. Edward was making noises that should be reserved for the bedroom. He told me that I was the best cook, ever. I giggled at his admission. After breakfast, Edward took me to the field behind his house. We brought a small picnic and our homework.

We sat in the cool, late September air and enjoyed being with each other. I read some more chapters for psychology in my book and then in the research book that I had bought. I also needed to do some reading for my education class. Edward began working on our music theory project. We were paired up to create a "Bach Chorale." We both had to create one, but we used each other to check our work, verifying that there were no parallel fifths, fourths and octaves. We worked in silence, occasionally sharing a kiss or twenty.

After a few hours in the field, we headed back to Edward's home. I began to make dinner, chicken parmesan. I also made my infamous rum cake. You could get drunk off of this cake it was so filled with alcohol. The Cullens had some great rum and so the cake would be delicious. We ate dinner early and headed to a movie at a local movie theater. Edward wanted to see some action movie with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. We got the tickets and headed into the theater. We sat through this action packed movie, not really watching it. We spent most of the time just making out.

Note to self, rent the Johnny Depp movie. He's a fine, fine man. Well, after Edward, of course.

After the movie, we went back to the house and decided to go to bed. I had gotten us up early this morning. I grinned at what happened, Edward saw me out of the corner of my eye and he had the same grin on his face. We went to bed, but not to sleep. We had more naked fun time.

xx LC xx

Edward and I headed back to Emerson late in the following afternoon. We wanted to wait until Carlisle and Esme had returned from their medical conference. We had an early dinner of leftover chicken parmesan. They both raved over my meal, saying I could come and cook at their house anytime. I informed them of the surprise in their freezer of my chili. They were both pleasantly surprised at my 'gift' of food. We finished with some of my cake and Carlisle was making similar sounds what Edward makes when he's about to come. I giggled and was slightly disturbed at the same time.

Do not think of your boyfriend's father in such a manner, Swan. He's old. Well, not that old, but still.

Before we headed back to Emerson, Carlisle mentioned that he wanted to talk to Edward. Edward eyed his father warily. Carlisle gave him a warm smile and told him not to worry about it. They disappeared to have their talk. I spend the time chatting with Esme about the 'boring medical conference.'

A half hour later, Edward returned and it looked like he had been crying, but he had a radiant grin on his face. I quirked an eyebrow and he mouthed 'later.' He gave his father a hug and then went over to Esme and did the same. I heard him mumble into her hair 'thank you.' He walked to me and linked his fingers with mine and brought me upstairs. He seemed to float up the stairs and he glided as he packed his clothes in his duffel. He picked up our bags and again floated down the stairs. I watched him with a confused expression. We gave both Carlisle and Esme hugs good bye and we were on our way back to campus.

"Okay, Cullen. Spill," I said with a smirk.

"He buckled," Edward said with a joyful grin.

"What? You mean…?" I squealed.

"Yep! I have to finish out this semester, obviously but I'm switching majors. I'll have a lot of work to do, summer school and whatnot, but I'm going to be a music education major," he said.

"Wait…what? You're going from pre-med to music education? I thought you wanted to perform," I said confusedly.

"I do want to perform, immensely. However, we both sat and listened to each other's side. He didn't want me to be a music major because of the financial instability. I get that. I didn't want to be a pre-med major because I fucking hate chemistry and don't get me started on blood. He got that. We compromised. We actually called Eleazar and we're meeting on Monday after University Singers. He's going to help me get my classes switched for next semester and set up a plan so I can graduate, with you. I'll be a fifth year senior, but I'm going to be doing what I love with the woman I love," he almost squealed.

I began to bounce in my seat. I really couldn't believe it. Edward would get a chance to live out his dream. I was so happy for him. I grabbed his hand from the center console of the car and kissed it enthusiastically. I then leaned across and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"How did this happen, though, Edward?"

"Apparently, Esme and Alice have been getting in face about how unhappy I was. Then, when he met you, he saw how much music and performing meant to me. He said that I acted like I did when my mom was alive when you're with me. I explained to him that you are my singer and his eyes misted up. He had forgotten about the connection between my mom and me through music. I also called him when we got the opportunity to work with the University Singers as guest conductors. Then we compromised on the whole music education major and…yeah. It was you who was the biggest factor, Bella. You made him see what I am, what I'm capable of, what I lost when my mom died and how you gave it back to me. Thank you so much, my beautiful Bella. Thank you for helping in making all of my dreams come true," Edward said with tears in his eyes.

"Wow. I don't know what to say. You're welcome, Edward. I'd do anything for you. I love you," I whispered.

"I love you more, beautiful."

"Impossible, handsome," I said with a roll of the eyes.

"Not impossible, beautiful. It's the truth. I love you more and more everyday that I'm with you. I am still in awe of you. You are intelligent, talented, beautiful, loving, selfless, strong…."

"Okay, okay, okay, Edward. I get it. Thank you. You're making me blush over here," I said sarcastically.

"You look at the menu at The Cage and you blush, Bella. It's really not that hard to do it to you," he teased.

"Meanie," I said as I twisted his nipple.

"Ow! That hurt! No wonder Emmett complains when you assault him. You're freakishly strong, woman."

"And don't you forget it, Cullen."

"Got it, Swan."

We returned to Emerson and everyone was hanging out in my dorm room. Alice and Jasper were cuddled on their bed and Emmett and Rosalie were chatting. Rose was sitting on her bed and Emmett on her desk chair. Edward went up to his room and deposited his bags before coming back down. He was giddy with excitement when he told everyone his news. Alice launched from her bed and threw herself into Edward's arms, wrapping her arms and legs around his body. Edward nearly toppled over at her enthusiasm. She removed herself from him and launched herself at me, thanking me for being the deciding factor in the situation. I, of course, blushed. We all decided to head to McFinnigans for some celebratory 'grease.'

We headed back to Patterson and went our separate ways. Edward and I had to study for a theory test tomorrow. I also had to work on my lesson plan for my rehearsal with the men on Wednesday. After about an hour and half worth of studying, I took a quick shower and went to sleep.

Unfortunately, since the alleged stalking incident with Jacob, I've been having horrendous nightmares. Each nightmare more violent than the next. They were also very similar. It would begin with Edward and I in some sort of romantic situation and Jacob would come and ruin it. Sometimes he would kill me. Sometimes he would kill Edward. There was a nightmare where Jacob raped me, making Edward watch, before he killed Edward. I would wake up in a cold sweat. Whenever I was with Edward, the nightmares stayed away. When I wasn't, they would return, full force.

I had barely fallen asleep when the nightmare battered my subconscious.

It started the same way, a romantic setting for Edward and me. Jacob came and he forcefully pulled me away from my love. He beat me with a baseball bat, tearing my clothes away from me. Jacob removed his pants. Edward was being restrained by someone, crying for Jacob to stop. He jerked and tried to escape his captor, but to no avail. Jacob slammed into me and I cried out. He continued driving into my body, feeling like he's going to break me into two pieces.

Jacob sneered at Edward. "She'll never be yours. This bitch is mine and always will be mine." Edward struggled again and managed to pull away from his captor. I vaguely see his face. It looked so familiar. Someone from the rez?

Jacob pulled out a large knife and begins cutting at my body and I scream.

"BELLA! Wake up!"

I blink my eyes open and I see my two roommates hovering over me. Rose is sitting on my bed, gently pushing my hair from my face. Alice is standing over her shoulder, wringing her hands with worry.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you," I said, my voice rough from screaming.

"Bella, we're really worried about you. These dreams are getting worse," Alice said sadly.

"Perhaps you should talk to someone, Bella. After I was raped, I saw a counselor and they really helped me get back control of my life," Rose said gently.

"I'm fine."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Rose asked.

"Not really. However, this nightmare was different then other ones I've had. Usually they involve me, Edward and Jacob. There was another person in this nightmare. They looked familiar," I said.

"Who were they in the dream, Bella?" Alice asked.

"Edward was being restrained while Jacob hurt me. The person restraining Edward was the familiar face," I muttered. "I'll be fine. I promise. I didn't mean to wake you both up at… 3:37 in the morning. I'm sorry."

"We're here for you, Bella," Rose murmured. "You don't have to do this alone."

"Thank you. Both of you."

Alice and Rose went back to their beds. Within moments, I heard their breathing. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. I stayed up the rest of the night, trying to figure out who the mystery person was in my dream.


This weekend was amazing. I got to spend time with Bella. She had got some of her 'sparkle' back after the weekend away from Emerson. The previous week had drained her. It drained me. Hell, I think it drained all of us. The asshat, Jacob, was fucking with her life. Now, he was fucking with my life. I pray to God I never see him face-to-face, he will be seriously injured or killed.

However, back the most amazing weekend. We were able to spend some good quality time together. We talked. We laughed. We made out. We did everything but sex. I so can't wait until I can make love with her. It's fantastic what we do now, but it will be magical when we do finally make love. Though, Bella is a sex goddess already. Holy shit. Saturday morning? That was fucking hot. I mean, I'm about to burst my pants just thinking about it.

Hot. Damn.

I also finally cannot believe that Carlisle buckled. He understood. He got it and he's letting me fulfill my dream. Esme and Alice helped him relent, but ultimately it was my relationship with Bella and her being my singer, my soul mate, that solidified his support. I had a lot of work to do. I knew that going into the conversation if he ever decided to relent. But, I am not a slacker. I never do things half-assed. It's all or nothing. I fell asleep with a smile on my face knowing I was able to pursue music and make a living at it.

I woke up on Monday morning feeling refreshed and surprisingly light. I moved with a spring in my step as I showered and got ready for my day. Even the possibility of going to biochemistry wasn't making me nervous or nauseous, like usual. I was maintaining an A in the class and probably will keep it up for the rest of the semester, but the pressure of the class was not there anymore.

I decided to dress it up more today. I grabbed a pair of black khakis and a gray sweater. I put on a black jacket over the top and spritzed on some cologne. I even went so far as putting that pomade shit in my hair. I looked at my reflection and I smiled. I looked happy. Genuinely happy. I grabbed my messenger bag and ran to the cafeteria for Bella's coffee before heading to her room.

I knocked quietly on the door. No one answered. I knocked again. Same response. I checked the door and saw that it was unlocked. I peeked my head inside. Alice and Rose were gone. Bella was still in bed. I walked up to her bed and gently nudged her shoulder.

"Bella. Wake up. We've got class, beautiful," I said quietly as I ran my fingers through her soft hair.

"What time is it?" she mumbled into her pillow.

"Ten after seven, beautiful."

She shot up out of bed and looked at me with crazed eyes. "What?! I must have slept through my alarm. Fuck." She started rushing around her room. She ran into the bathroom. I heard her brush her teeth. She dashed out of the bathroom and pulled a pair of jeans from her dresser, whipped down her sleep pants and pulled her jeans on. "Turn around, Edward."

I gave her a confused look. She walked up to me and turned my body so it was away from her. I vaguely heard her shirt come off and the snaps of a bra. I rolled my eyes. I'd seen her naked, for Christ's sakes. She came back to the bed and threw on some socks, grabbed a hat, and slipped on her shoes. She had managed to get ready in three minutes flat.

Impressive, if I might say.

She grabbed her keys, phone and bag and pulled me off of the bed. She dragged me down the hallway and was moving very quickly to the stairs. We were almost to the bottom when her shoe caught on one of the stairs and she took a tumble. I felt my heart stop as I watched her fall.

"Shit! Bella!" I cried as I ran down the remaining stairs. "Are you okay?"

She was crumpled on the floor, holding her right ankle. Her face was contorted in pain. I saw some tears fall down her cheeks. I threw my bag down and knelt by her side. "Baby, what hurts?"

"My ankle. I felt a pop," she squeaked. "It hurts."

"Let me take a look at it, beautiful," I said gently. I moved her hands out of the way and I saw that it was already beginning to swell. I whipped out my phone and dug through my bag. I pulled out the syllabus from music theory and called Larry.

"Dr. Meyer's office, James Loften speaking," James said blandly.

"Is Larry there?" I asked.

"Just a moment," James said, almost like he was bored. I heard a bit of shuffling and then Larry picked up.

"This is Dr. Meyers."

"Larry, it's Edward Cullen," I said as cradled the phone between my chin and shoulder. I eased Bella so she was sitting. "There's been a bit of an accident this morning. Bella took a tumble down the stairs in her dorm. I'm afraid that she may have injured her ankle. I'm taking her to the hospital. We won't be able to take the exam today for theory."

"Thanks for letting me know, Edward. Is Bella alright?" he asked with concern.

"Her right ankle is pretty swollen. I want to take her the ER to get some X-rays. When can we make up the exam?"

"Do either of you have classes after theory?"

"No, sir."

"Then, you'll both take it after class on Wednesday. Tell Bella to feel better. See you tomorrow morning Edward," he said.

"Thanks, Larry. See you tomorrow," I said before I ended the call. I put my phone in my pocket and slung both Bella's and my messenger bags over my head. I gently picked Bella up. She winced slightly, shooting me a pitiful look.

"Thank you, Edward."

"What am I going to do? Leave you on the floor? Come on; let's get you to the hospital. Your ankle needs an X-ray," I said as I carried her out to the car.

Two and a half hours later, two sets of x-rays, an incompetent resident and pissed off attending physician, Bella was sent home with a pair of crutches and an ankle wrap. She had just sprained it. Hell, I could see that according to the x-rays. The resident insisted that she had a compound fracture. Seriously? I'm a college student with minimal medical knowledge and I could see that there were no fractures in the fucking x-ray. I demanded that an attending look at her films before getting her foot placed in a cast. The attending concurred with my assessment and gave the resident a glare. He told her to stay off of her feet and use the crutches as needed. She could put weight on it, but to no push it. She asked about Express rehearsal. He told her that she needed to sit out at least one week, possibly two.

As we waited, Bella called all of her professors to inform them of her accident. She didn't have any work due today, save for the exam we missed this morning. I did the same for my biochemistry class. I had a lab report due, but the professor told me to email it to him before three and it would not be marked late.

We would get back in time for University Singers but I insisted that Bella stay in her room, but I needed to go. I had my meeting with Eleazar to discuss my switching majors. She easily acquiesced to my insistence. As I looked at her, she looked exhausted. Her face was pale, hair was limp and she had dark circles under eyes. I gave her a concerned look and she just shrugged. I was about to speak up when the nurse came in with her discharge papers and crutches. She gave her a quick tutorial on how to use them. She chuckled and said she was an expert. I dashed out to pull up the car to the entrance of the ER and helped her in.

We rode back to Emerson in silence. Bella actually fell asleep on the short ride back from the hospital. I was pulling into the parking lot when I saw Emmett heading to his truck. I flagged him down and asked for his help. I quickly told him what happened and he laughed. He said that he was surprised that Bella lasted this long without injuring herself. I handed him the crutches and our bags. I picked Bella up from the car and I carried her to her room. Emmett took her keys out of her bag and unlocked it. I gently deposited her into her bed, taking off her shoes and placing a pillow underneath her right foot. I also got the icepack that was in her freezer and wrapped it around her ankle. I glanced at the clock on Rose's desk. It was almost time for University Singers. I quickly wrote Bella a note saying where I was and that I would be back after my meeting. I pressed a kiss to her forehead before I grabbed my bag and headed to class.

University Singers was pretty uneventful. We were supposed to have sectionals today, but Eleazar decided not to because Tyler was out with the flu and Bella's ankle. We focused our attention on a new piece, "Prayer for the Children." We also sight read the school's Alma Mater for the Homecoming Game on next Saturday. Before the end of rehearsal, Eleazar reminded us that we had gender specific rehearsals on Wednesday and Friday. The men were to rehearse on Wednesday and women on Friday. He dismissed us and we walked into his office. He clicked the door shut and gestured to a large leather sofa in his office. I put my bag on the floor and sat down on the comfy looking couch. Eleazar grabbed a pad of paper from his desk and did the same.

"Edward, I can't tell you how happy I am that you have decided to become a music education major. You are one of the most talented students that I've worked with. You and Bella are quite a force to be reckoned with. I'll let you know, I'll be crying like a baby when both of you graduate," he said with a smile.

"I'm extraordinarily happy as well. I was flummoxed when my father relented and actually encouraged me to switch my major. I know it will be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it," I replied.

"Well, Edward. I took a look at your transcripts. You've just started music courses, except for your performance ensembles, this year. I mapped out a plan for you to graduate in four years from now. So essentially, you'll be a 'freshman' again in the aspect of the music program this year. However, by the end of the semester, you'll technically be a junior with the amount of credits you've taken. Make sense?"

"Kind of. Simply, I'll graduate a year later, right?" I asked.

"That's right. I've already contacted the registrar and did some preliminary things for you. You'll need to fill out this paperwork indicating your change in major. You'll also need to drop several courses from your second semester class load to make room for your new music courses and education courses. These are the classes you will need to sign up for in second semester: Introduction to Education, Psychology 1…"

"I've already taken Psychology 1, Eleazar. I took it last year," I explained.

"Excellent. Then you should sign up for Educational Psychology. You'll also need to enroll in the education program here at the university. Here's the paperwork for that. In regard to the music portion, you're already enrolled in music theory and aural harmony II. You'll also need to add music literature. My suggestion is for you to drop calculus II, as you only need one math course being an education major, human anatomy, and advanced biochemistry courses that you are currently signed up for."

"Let me get this straight. Drop calculus, human anatomy and advanced biochem and add intro to education, educational psychology and music literature?" I asked.

"That's right. Plus the paperwork to switch majors and advisors. You'll be working with me now. Also you need submit the paperwork to get into the education program. Do you have any questions, Edward?"

"Nope. Thank you for all of your help, Eleazar. It means more to me than you can imagine."

"Excellent. How's Bella?" he asked.

"She's fine. Pissed that she fell. She sprained her ankle but should be on her feet in no time."

"Tell her I hope she's feeling better. I'll make sure I have a conductor's stool for her on Wednesday. She probably shouldn't be standing."

"She'll appreciate that. Now, I'm going to fill out this paperwork and turn it in to the registrar and education department. Thank you again!" I said as I got up from the couch. I put the paperwork into my bag and shook his hand. Exiting out of his office, I pulled out my phone.

Just finished my meeting with Eleazar. Went well. Have to fill out some paperwork and drop it off. Be there in a half hour, beautiful. – E

That's awesome, baby. Thank you for carrying my fat ass up to my room – B

Bella, you are not fat. You obviously don't see yourself very clearly – E

Okay, fat I'm not. Clumsy, definitely – B

This is true. – E

Ass – B

Am not – E

Are to – B

Are we twelve? – E

*Sticks out tongue* - B

I guess we are – E

See you in a bit, baby – B

Love you, beautiful – E

Love you, too – B

I got to the registrar's office and quickly filled out my change in major paperwork. It needed my new advisor's signature. I noticed that Eleazar had already signed the papers. I turned the paperwork into the older woman in the office. She gave me a warm smile and put the papers into a pile on her desk. She said that she would email me when the paperwork went through. It would take about a week. I walked to the education building and turned in the papers needed there. I would get a letter in my school mail if I needed anything further.

I quickly walked back to Patterson, eager to get to Bella. I wanted to check on she was feeling and ask her why she looked so drawn today. I passed Alice as I was walking.

"Why is Bella in our room with crutches, big brother?" she fumed, glaring at me angrily.

"She fell down the stairs in the dorm. I took her to the hospital this morning and she sprained her ankle, Pixie," I explained.

"Oh, ouch. That sucks."

"Yeah, it does. Did anything happen last night? Bella seemed really tired today and actually she wasn't even up when I went to get her for theory."

"She had a nightmare. A bad one. She was screaming bloody murder about Jacob and you dying," Alice said sadly. "I don't think she fell back asleep until after 5 this morning. The nightmare happened at 3:30."

"Fuck. She didn't have any nightmares this weekend. I wonder why?" I mused.

"She was with you. Perhaps you keep them away," she responded. "Maybe, we're getting a fourth roomie. Just don't leave your boxers on the floor," she said with a wink.

"Alice, you're the slob. Not me. I have my OCD-like tendencies."

"You are really anal, Edward. You're the only person I know who uses the Dewey Decimal system to organize their CDs and records. You are such a nerd," she laughed.

"When you have as many CDs as I do, you need a clear organizational system," I said with a sardonic grin. "I'll see you later."

"Bye, Green-Eyed Freak," she said as she turned to skip down the sidewalk.

I got to Patterson and walked up to Bella's room. The door was open and I poked my head in. Rosalie was sitting at her desk, typing on her laptop. "Hey, Rose."

"Hi, Edward. How are you doing?" she asked with a warm smile. Rose had really come out of her shell. She seemed much more personable then when I first met her. She seemed pretty comfortable with me, but still was leery about Jasper and Emmett.

"I'm good. I just ran some errands around campus. I had to drop off some papers to the registrar and education department for the switch of my major. My hand is cramping from all the writing," I joked.

"Poor baby. If you're looking for Bella, she's in the shower. She felt 'icky, gross and nasty' from being in the hospital earlier today," she giggled.

"Okay. Do you mind if I hang out until she gets done?" I asked.

"No. Not at all," Rose said as she turned back to her computer. After a few moments, the typing stopped. "Did Alice mention to you what happened last night, Edward?"

"Yeah. She did. How bad was it, Rose?" I asked as I sat down on Rosalie's bed. She turned in her chair and looked me in the eyes. Something Rose never did before.

"She was thrashing about her bed and let out a blood curdling scream. She said that the dream was about Jacob, you and someone holding you back. Restraining you from getting to Bella. The person restraining you, she said, looked familiar. At least in her dream. I also don't think she fell back asleep. When I got up to work out this morning, she had her eyes closed, but I could tell she was awake. She's terrified about what's happening. I can't say that I blame her. I'm terrified, too. It hits a little too close to home," Rose said quietly.

"Were you attacked, Rosalie?" I asked. "Were you hurt?"

"In the worst possible way, Edward. I was gang raped by five men at Northwestern, one of whom was my supposed boyfriend. I had nightmares like Bella's for months. I still get them," she said as she looked down at her hands.

"Holy shit, Rose. I had no idea. I'm so sorry," I gasped.

"I transferred schools because of what happened to me. I'm still apprehensive around men, for obvious reasons. You, Jasper and Emmett are the first guys I've talked to, besides my dad, since the attack. The first men I've actually created relationships with. Out of all you, I feel most comfortable around you. Probably because you take such good care of Bella and you have to deal with Alice. How do you do it?"

"Copious amounts of alcohol. I have to drink when I'm around her for more than a few days at a time. If not, I'll kill the pixie," I said seriously.

Rose nodded seriously and I could see her fight back her laughter. She snorted, and then laughed hysterically. I joined her, snorting right along with her. She quickly sobered from her paroxysm of giggles and laid her hand on my knee. "You're a good man, Edward Cullen. A very good man. Bella is lucky to have you."

"Thank you, Rosalie. You're very kind and sweet of you to say so," I replied as I felt my cheeks flame.

"Bella's not the only blusher. Nice," she snickered.

"Oh, good lord," I replied as I rolled my eyes.

I walked over to Bella's laptop and checked my watch. I still needed to send off my lab report. I logged into her computer and went to the email program. I sent off my lab report from my flash drive to my professor. I got an immediate response, thanking me for my promptness. I had logged off the email program when I heard Bella curse in the bathroom. Rose and I shared a look of concern.

"Do you want to go or should I?" Rose asked.

"I'm going to pass it off to you since she really doesn't know that I'm here. If I walk into the bathroom and she's naked and crutches. I know she'll fall again and I might get a crutch up my ass," I snickered.

"Good point. Don't go far. I may need your strength if she has fallen," Rose said as she got up and poked her head in the bathroom. "You okay, Bella?"

"No! I hate these fuckers! They suck! Stupid sprained ankle," I heard her yell. "Can you grab me a pair of track pants from my bottom dresser drawer?"

"Sure, Bella. Oh, Edward's here, by the way," Rose said.

"Thanks, Rose."

Rose scuttled and got Bella some track pants. She also grabbed a t-shirt from the same drawer and went back in the bathroom. I heard some rustling and Rose and Bella came out of the bathroom. Bella had her hair in a braid down her back, wearing her track pants and a t-shirt.

"Hey, Edward. Sorry about falling asleep on you in the car. I slept like crap last night," she said as she crutched over to her bed. She plopped down and put her foot up on the pillows I had put out earlier.

"I know. I heard. Alice and Rose told me about your nightmare. Do you want to talk about it?" I asked as I sat down on her bed, by her feet.

"Not really. They are just really bad and very similar. It always starts with us in some romantic setting and they always end the same with Jacob hurting you or me or both of us," she said as she laid back on her pillow.

"What made last night so bad? Rose said you were screaming," I pressed. She needed to talk about this.

"Shit. Jacob starting beating me up with a baseball bat. He ripped off my clothes as he hit me. You were being held by someone and you couldn't get to me. Jacob got me naked, he pulled down his pants and he forced himself into me. He raped me in my dream. You managed to pull away from the person holding you and I vaguely remember their face. They looked familiar. I can't quite place it. Then Jacob starting cutting me and that's when I woke up," she said quietly.

"You didn't have these nightmares this weekend. I think I would have remembered you screaming. Why do you think?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. Perhaps just being with you kept the nightmares away. I don't know," she said.

"Do you want me to stay with you? If that's alright with Rose and Alice, of course."

"Let's try tonight without you and if I don't have a nightmare, then we're good. If not, then I'll ask you to stay. I don't want to impose. You need your sleep, too."

"Baby, my biggest concern is you. I actually sleep much better with you in my arms. I know where you are. This may sound stupid, but when I'm with you I feel like I'm home. I feel complete when I'm around you."

"I feel the same way, Edward. It's not stupid."

I got up from my place by her feet and sat closer to her face. I gently cupped her chin and pressed my lips to hers. She opened her mouth slightly and moaned. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and ran my hands down her shoulders. I heard a throat being cleared behind us.

Shit. I forgot. We're not alone.

"You two are seriously nauseating. Get a room," Rose snickered.

"Sorry, Rose," we both replied contritely.

xx LC xx

Bella didn't have a nightmare that night. She was up and ready to go when I went down to her room. She was not using her crutches. I eyed her warily and she said that they were more of a danger to her than walking. She did have on some supportive shoes and she showed me an ankle brace she had on her foot. I still supported her as we walked to class. I was very close to driving her to classes, but she said no. I was crazy. It was an ankle sprain, not a freaking Greek tragedy. Her words, not mine.

Tuesday was pretty low key. Bella chatted with Larry after aural harmony to verify that it would not affect our grades to take the test on Wednesday. He said that it was fine. Her health was more important than a test over major and minor key signatures. Bella went to her voice lesson and I went to my biochem lab. I was actually started to understand this biochem stuff. However, I still hated it. The rest of the day whizzed by after that. Bella and I spent some time in her room on Tuesday evening, watching some reality television show about some idiots from the Jersey shore. Gotta love MTV.

Wednesday, Bella and I went to theory and saw that Larry was not there. That meant that James was leading the lecture. That also meant that we were going to be thoroughly confused. James got through the lecture, not really explaining anything. After class, Bella and I stayed behind to take our exam. James gave us both a sour look, mumbling something about 'preferential treatment.' I wanted to clobber the fucker. Bella gave me a pointed look saying that he wasn't worth the energy. We took our test and were done in about fifteen minutes. It was pretty simple. After our test, Bella and I got a quick breakfast. She gimped off to her psychology and education class and I went to my favorite class in the world, biochemistry.

Insert sarcasm here.

After biochem, I went to Brandon. Today, Bella was leading the men's rehearsal for her piece. Eleazar encouraged me to look at the song for 'back up' for Bella. I took note of places where we struggled during our read-through and first rehearsal. I jotted down a few notes and then worked on the piece so I was comfortable for my part. I usually sing second tenor. However, for the song, I'd be singing first tenor at Eleazar's request. He said my voice had changed over the summer and he wanted me to sing the higher part if we ever split. Last year, I bounced between second tenor and first baritone. Now, I'm a first tenor. Heh…who knew? I headed to the large rehearsal room and I found Bella talking with Eleazar and Carmen. She was going over her plan of attack with them. I gave her my reassurance last night that her plan was solid. However, what did I know? I don't have a doctorate degree in music education or a masters in choral conducting. She seemed nervous. I knew that she was going to do fine. Whenever she was in front of a group, her insecurities dissipated and this confident, self-assured woman took over. It made me hard thinking about her like that.

At the beginning of rehearsal, Bella went behind the piano. Eleazar said that her weaknesses were my strengths. She needed to get comfortable with the piano. She would lead warm ups from there. She was an excellent pianist. I was better, but I was told that I was fucking piano prodigy. However, she was competent on the keyboard. After her warm ups, she asked us to turn to the portion of the song we had worked on last time. It was the key change/a capella section. She had us read through the section, without any piano assistance. She pointed out a few spots that were rough. She worked with the baritones and second tenors as their parts were very close and clashed a bit. She added the basses next and finally the first tenors. She then asked us to turn to the beginning of the song and she informed us that there would be two solos: a tenor and a bass.

I'm so trying out….and I'm such a dork to try and impress my girlfriend with my mad singing skills.

We ran through the solo section and put it into context with the song. At this point, we had learned nearly three quarters of the song. Rehearsal was almost over. Bella said she wanted to a 'dress rehearsal' of the piece, up to where we stopped and then read it to the end.

Bella then asked for volunteers to read the solos. I raised my hand for the tenor; Jasper did the same for the bass. Our hands were the only ones raised so Bella indicated for the both us to do the solos. Bella cued in Carmen and she started the introduction of the song. I would be singing first. Right before I was to come in, I locked eyes with hers and she gestured for me to start singing. I began and I saw her mouth turn up to a smile. She cued in the rest of the guys when they were supposed to come in with a flick of the wrist. She repeated the action with Jasper. We got to the key change and Carmen dropped out. Some of the men were thrown but we kept going. For the most part, we followed her. There were a few 'unexpected solos' of guys who were not paying attention. We read the song to the end and Bella cut us and Carmen off with a flourish.

"That was excellent reading, guys. Thank you, Edward and Jasper for volunteering to sing the solos. I appreciate it. A few things that should be mentioned, during the solos, the entrance was fantastic. Perfect volume and I loved the pure vowel. Second tenors, excellent job during the chorus of the piece. I know that you were struggling with your part, but you got it. During the key change section, please make sure that you are following me. There were a few flubs, people not cutting off during that section. Basses, make sure that you are supporting your lower notes. It sounded more like growling than singing. You guys have beautiful voices. Support them. Other than that, I've got nothing else. Eleazar?" Bella asked.

"I agree with your assessment, Bella. Edward, can you come up to the front?"

I pulled my music from my folder and went up to the podium. "Edward, can you please run through the piece? Bella, watch Edward does. Gentleman, please follow what Edward cues you to do."

"Jasper, can you still sing the bass solo? I also need a volunteer for the tenor," I asked. Austin, the other tenor from our little madrigal group raised his hand and I nodded to him. I looked to Carmen and she gave me a warm, supportive smile.

Please, I'm going to need it.

I gave her the cue to come in, a bit faster than Bella conducted.

Stupid nerves.

I gestured for Austin to come in and he entered confidently. We continued with the rest of the song. I had a different interpretation of the key change section and the guys followed me for the most part. At the conclusion of the song, I cut them and Carmen of with a sharp flick of my wrist. I stepped down from the podium and turned to Eleazar.

"Excellent job, Edward. Do you have any comments for the guys?"

"I concur with what Bella articulated about the piece earlier. There were a few spots that were rough with her run-through that improved with mine. The key change section, you followed my gestures much more clearly. Basses, nice job on supporting the lower tones; it was still gravelly in places but improved."

"Bella, what was your take on Edward's interpretation?" Eleazar questioned.

"I liked his tempo much better. It had more of a 'groove.' I also liked his cues and gestures during the key change section. I may have to adopt some of those. The group seemed to follow them more closely," she said as she glanced at her notes that she took during my run-through.

"Excellent job. Both of you and to you guys as well. Thank you for being so patient in our little experiment. If you don't have any questions, gentlemen, you are free to go. Don't forget, you have Friday off. See you next week."

The guys began gathering their things and departed the room. Jasper walked up to me with a smile and gave me a fist bump. Eleazar gave me a satisfied smile as he clapped me on the shoulder. He walked over to Bella and gave her a hug.

"You both are doing extraordinarily well. Definitely a force to be reckoned with. How are you feeling, Bella?" Eleazar asked.

"I'm okay, Eleazar. I'm moving a little slower because of the gimpiness, but I'm used to it. I should be back to normal by this weekend, hopefully."

"I'm glad you are alright. I'll let you guys head off to your piano lessons. I'll see you both on Friday," he said as he gathered his things.

After Eleazar left, Bella visibly relaxed. "Holy Crow. This is hard work."

"Tell me about it, beautiful. Thank you for your comments. They mean a lot," I said as I pulled her into a hug.

"I mean it. Teachers are notorious for stealing other people's ideas. I've got a whole binder full of music from Garrett and another binder full of worksheets, activities and warm ups."

"I love you, beautiful."

"I love you, too Edward. Go play some piano and I'll see you later," she said as she swatted my ass.

"Yes ma'am," I said as I clicked my heels and headed to my piano lesson.

xx LC xx

Wednesday evening we had Breaking Midnight rehearsal. We wanted to make sure that we liked the set list that we chose for the Homecoming Chapel party. That was coming up next Friday. After about three hours of rehearsal, we loaded up and headed back to Patterson. I actually crashed in Bella's room. I had fallen asleep as she was showering and she didn't have the heart to wake me.

Thursday was long. Thursdays are always long. Aural harmony sucked. We had a sight reading test that was unannounced. I bombed it, royally. My biochemistry partner was sick and didn't make it to the lab. U.S. History was boring. Bella and I actually fell asleep in the back of the room. Jasper came and smacked me on the head to wake me up. I gave him the finger. In calculus, we had a test. I did fine, but it still was a test. I grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to Express rehearsal. Bella was coming to rehearsal, but not dancing. She wanted to make sure that she watched and learned the choreography and knew her spot in the formations. We learned two more songs and the choreography for those pieces. We also received our 'gender' pieces for Express. The ladies were singing "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" from Mamma Mia and the guys were singing "Joy to the World." Before we left, Felix asked Rose and I to stay behind. He handed us some music and told us that we were singing the solos for "Four Minutes" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake. We were also the featured dancers; Rose was going to choreograph our dance duet. Bella was excited for both of us.

Friday rolled around and I couldn't believe how fast the week had gone. Bella and I went to theory and we received our tests back. We aced them, of course. Larry re-explained the lecture from Wednesday in terms that we understood. He was getting numerous complaints about James' teaching style. Apparently we were not the only ones who thought he sucked.

Biochemistry whizzed by, surprisingly and I went to Brandon to work on my plan for my rehearsal with the women for my piece today. I was so fucking nervous. I did okay during the second rehearsal. Eleazar worked with me on some conducting things. The women were very patient throughout the whole ordeal. I didn't accomplish what I had planned for the rehearsal, but I felt more confident in my conducting skills. I also didn't go behind the piano, once. I decided that I wanted to work on the slower section of the song. I made some notes in my notebook and on some sticky notes on my score. I practiced some of my gestures that I had planned to use in the section and by the time came where I had to go to the rehearsal room, I felt comfortable.

I walked into the rehearsal room. Some of the women were there, chatting. Eleazar and Carmen were huddled by the piano. I walked in and put my music onto the music stand by the podium and walked to where Eleazar and Carmen where talking.

"Hello, Edward. Are you ready for your rehearsal?" Eleazar asked with a smile.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I said with a nervous chuckle.

"I want you to lead warm ups today. You can use the piano. You might need your security blanket," Eleazar said with a laugh.

"Thanks," I replied sarcastically. I went and sat behind the piano. I jotted down some warm ups that I wanted to do on a scratch piece of paper by the keys. I quickly ran my hands over the keyboard, practicing those warm ups. I took a brief glance at the clock and noticed it was almost time to begin. I got up from the piano and walked to the podium. Bella, Alice and Rose were there and sitting in the front row. Alice gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up, Rose smiled and Bella mouthed that she loved me. I gave them a wink.

You can do this, Cullen. Be confident. It's just another performance.

I began my warm up in a fashion similar to Eleazar with some physical things. I then went behind the piano and worked through the list of warm ups that I created before rehearsal. They were a combination of warm ups that we'd done before and some that I did in high school. After our ten minute warm up, Carmen went to the piano and I asked the women to take out their music and we reviewed the opening section from our last rehearsal. I made a few corrections that needed to be addressed, but it was a solid review. I then asked them to turn to the slower section. We read through it, at half of the tempo I wanted to go at. They were pretty comfortable with the section. I asked the altos to sing their part and then sopranos. I worked on my piece for about a half hour, fine tuning dynamics, notes, tempos and rhythms. I saw out of the corner of my eye Eleazar's pleased smile. I also saw Bella give me a piercing look of pride, love and lust. She looked like she was going to jump me in the middle of rehearsal.

Not that I would mind. I felt the same way when she was up on the podium.

After about forty-five minutes, I was pleased with their progress. I wanted to perform the piece, at least what we knew. I explained my intentions and the ladies nodded their assent. I looked at Carmen and cued her in. We performed the piece admirably. There were a few spots that needed my attention and I jotted them down on my notes as we went. It's amazing how you need to split your brain while you are conducting. You need to maintain the steady beat, using the appropriate conducting pattern with one hand, give entrances, exits and dynamics with the other hand, mentally remember mistakes and missed cues…the list was endless. I loved it.

I ended my run through and gave the women my assessment. I pointed out the positives that were done and nitpicked over some things that were being made on a regular basis. Eleazar said that he felt that I had improved tremendously since my last rehearsal. My conducting pattern was more confident and I was surer about the decisions I was making. He then asked Bella to come up and conduct the piece. I was anxious and excited to see her interpretation. She went a bit faster in the beginning section and significantly slowed down in the slow section. I liked the contrast. She also had a more legato feel to the slow section and I liked the distinction with my marked and staccato feel of the opening section. She completed her run through of my piece and glanced down at my notes. They were barely legible but I understood them. Eleazar made some comments about Bella's interpretation and then turned to me. I commented on the notes that I made and the changes that I wanted to make based off of her performance of the piece. Eleazar dismissed us after our commentary. He gave me an encouraging nod and a smile to Bella.

As soon as the room was empty, Bella's eyes darkened and she moved toward me. I was standing by the piano. Her hips were swaying and her body moved very seductively. I gave her a crooked grin and I felt my body react to her feline-like approach.

She reached up and pulled me down to her face. Her lips crashed into mine and her tongue was thrust into my mouth. I groaned as her hands snaked around my waist and pulled my hips to hers. My hands moved to her long, silky hair and I gently tugged. Bella moaned at the sensation. She tugged on my lip with her teeth before she pulled away.

"Do you know how fucking hot you are on the podium, Edward?" she whispered.

"You're hotter up there, beautiful. I wanted to take you on the piano on Wednesday," I growled.

"The feeling is definitely mutual, handsome. As much as I want to take you back to one of our rooms and make you squirm, I do need to see Garrett. I need your keys," Bella said. "However, to be continued?"

"You can count on it, beautiful," I said as I pulled my keys out of my pocket. "I'm already on the street. Please drive safe. I love you, il mio cantante."

"I love you, too. I'll be back at 5:30 at the latest," she said as she gave me one more searing kiss. She grabbed her bag and limped slightly to the door. She waved before she left. I leaned against the piano and brought my hand to my lips. Bella and I still had this connection, this electricity when touched. My lips were tingling, as was the rest of my body.

I can't wait until next weekend. I really can't wait until 'when.'

A/N: For your listening pleasure, I highly suggest "River in Judea" and "Listen to the Angels Shouting." I conducted and sang both in college and they are absolutely fun pieces. Also, thank you to all of the people who have commented on my story. I've received such positive feedback. I get very giddy when I get a new review. Thank you so much! I'll try to do shout outs as I get 'em!

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