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Chapter 23: Bed and Breakfast and Bed and Bathtub…


The guys had taken down the stage, loading up the equipment into Emmett's truck. Jasper and Emmett decided to go to the storage locker and then go back to The Chapel after they dropped off the equipment. Edward and I said our goodbyes after we finished loading up and drove to the bed and breakfast that I had reserved for the two of us. I grabbed my messenger bag and we walked out to the car.

It was a small place about a half hour away from Emerson. It had several small cottages that had different themes. I had booked a music themed cottage for our stay. The woman who set up the reservation was very accommodating. Edward and I got into his car and I handed him the directions to the bed and breakfast. He programmed the address into his GPS and we were on our way.

"You did awesome tonight, Bella. I told you that you had nothing to worry about," he said as he brought our laced hands to his lips.

"Thank you, handsome. I guess I had a huge case of the jitters," I said with a sheepish smile.

"I'm so happy that you're in the band with us. You really add so much to the sound," he said as he glanced my direction. "I love you, baby."

"I love you too. However, you have some explaining to do," I said, pulling my hand away.

"What did I do?" he asked.

"Alice told me."

"Shit," he mumbled. "Bella. It didn't feel right with you getting this beautiful bed and breakfast thing set up. Alice told me that you used her credit card to reserve the room. I called the woman and switched it to mine. I checked us in earlier today and brought some stuff. I hope you don't mind, beautiful."

"Edward, I wanted to do this. For you. For us!"

"Baby, I'm sorry. I'm kind of old fashioned that way. Please don't be mad," he pouted. "Pretty please."

His brow was furrowed and his bottom lip was jutted out. He looked so pathetic. He began fluttering his eyelashes and moving his bottom lip. "Okay, that's just pitiful, Edward. I forgive you. Jeez."

He immediately perked back up and starting bouncing in his seat. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I laced my fingers with his as we sped along the highway to the bed and breakfast.

Soon and very soon, Bella. My girlie bits just cannot wait!

Once we arrived at the bed and breakfast, Edward parked his car in front of the cottage that I reserved. He took out the key from his pocket and gave me a smile. He got out of the car and sprinted to my side of the car to open the door for me. I got out and I immediately started trembling. It was a combination of nerves, excitement, and adrenaline from the performance.

What's with the nerves tonight, Bella? This is EDWARD. He won't hurt you.

Edward went to the back seat of the car and pulled out my messenger bag, his duffel bag and my duffel.

What the hell? I didn't pack a bag!

"Alice packed a bag for you. She said she filled it with all of the 'essentials.' Whatever that means," he said as he gestured to my bag.

Meddlesome pixie…Thank goodness she had the foresight to do that for me. In my haste, I had neglected to do so. Ooops.

Edward walked to me and laced his fingers with mine. He looked at me with so much love and sincerity, I wanted to cry. He kissed each of my knuckles before we walked up to the cottage. Edward clicked open the door and ushered us inside.

The cottage was exactly what I imagined. It had a large room with a king-sized bed that dominated it. It was a huge four poster bed with red and gold bedding with musical accents embedded in the weaving of the fabric. On the red walls were various photos, paintings and sculptures about or depicting music. There was a fireplace that was lit and it basked the room in a cozy glow. Facing the bed was a sleek brown leather sofa and a small red coffee table. In the corner, there was a baby grand piano along with a set of congas and various jazz posters adorning the walls. To the right of the bed was a door leading to the bathroom. It had white tiles on the walls and floors with musical paraphernalia embellishing the walls as well.

Edward led me into the cottage and placed our bags onto the bed. He took out a small lighter out of his pocket and lit several candles surrounding the room, adding to the romantic feel. He slipped off his jacket and placed it on the couch. He went to remove my jacket and when his fingers touched my skin, it ignited. I gasped at the ferocity of the tingle his touch caused.

"What's wrong, Bella? You're shivering," he said in quiet murmur.

"Another case of the jitters, Edward," I said turning to face him. My face flamed at my admission.

"If you're not ready, beautiful. I understand. We can just enjoy this beautiful cottage, being alone," he said as he brushed a tendril of hair from my face. The gesture was so sweet, yet so intimate.

"I'm ready, Edward. I'm ready to be yours and only yours. I love you so much," I said, my voice thick with emotion. I laid my hands on his muscled chest.

"I love you so much more, Isabella. You are my life now. I will do anything to be with you, to keep you, to protect you," he said reverently, gazing into my eyes. He leaned down and brushed his lips with mine. An angel's kiss. I sighed at his tenderness. He moved his lips and pressed gentle kisses on my cheeks, my forehead, the crown of my hair, and along my jaw. His hands gently caressed my face, mirroring the path of his kisses. "I promised you, Bella. I promised that when we made love, I would worship every inch of your body. I intend to follow through with that promise. I love you and cherish you, beautiful. You are the most important person in my life."

I moved my hands up his chest, over his strong and broad shoulders and finally rested in his bronze hair. "As you are the most important person in my life. Thank you for everything, Edward. I am truly blessed to have you," I said as I brought his face to mine. I placed a tender kiss on his soft lips. He moaned and I slipped my tongue into his warm mouth. Edward slowly moved us closer to the large bed in the room. His hands had slowly moved from my face, down my sides and rested on my hips. We continued to kiss each other languidly. Our tongues moved slowly within each other's mouths. Edward's hands moved up and down my back, running his hand through my long hair. I gently caressed his face and moved my other hand to his right hip, to where his tattoo was located. I idly traced the outline of the tattoo over his clothes.

Edward moved his hands down my sides of my body and reached the hem of my shirt. He unhurriedly lifted the hem of my t-shirt and lifted it over my head. His eyes widened at my bra that I was wearing. I had on the black bra with red bows on it. It pushed my breasts up and created a lovely effect on my body. He ran his hands over my torso, ghosting over the tops of my breasts. "You're so beautiful, Bella." He leaned down and peppered kisses along my collarbones and breasts. I rolled my head back and moaned at his reverent touch. His other hand snaked up my body and rested on the back of my neck. He moved his kisses up to my neck, where he suckled on the soft skin.

I reached for his shirt, removing it from his jeans. I slipped my hands underneath his tight shirt and ran my fingers over the grooves of his muscles on his belly. I felt the muscles contract under my fingers. I pulled his shirt up and removed it from his lean body. He moved us to the bed. He lay me down on my back as we kissed and he settled between my legs. He rolled his hips and I could feel his erection where I wanted it the most. He reached down and quickly removed my shoes and his before returning to his spot between my legs. I was moving my hips and body against his, grinding against his bulge in his jeans. He groaned and moved his kisses to my chest.

He rolled his body so I was straddling his waist. His hands snaked up my body to the clasp of my bra. He released it and gently pulled the bra from my chest. He brought his hands up to my breasts and tenderly cupped them. With his fingers, he lightly rolled the nipples. I threw my head back with pleasure and swiveled my hips. He leaned in and drew one breast into his mouth and nibbled on the nipple with his teeth. His other hand continued fondling and toying with other breast. "You feel so good, Bella. You fit perfectly in my hands."

"Oh, Edward. I love your hands on me," I breathed. "Please don't stop."

"Never, beautiful," he said as he looked up at me. He reached behind me and unzipped my skirt. He stood up and placed me on the floor. He pulled down my skirt and tights with one motion. I stepped out of them and I was left with my black, lacy thong. He ghosted his hands up my legs, teasing me by lightly rubbing my core. He reached down and grabbed my ass. He gasped when he realized that I was wearing a thong. His hands held firm on my ass and he lifted me. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, linking my feet around his back. He turned us around and he laid me back down on the bed. He pulled away and gazed at me. I heard mutter "beautiful" and "perfect" as he kissed his way down my body. He nibbled from hipbone to hipbone. He inhaled deeply after he had done so.

"You smell so good, Bella. I can never get tired of it," he breathed against my skin.

"Ungh!" I cried. I raised my hands and pulled my hair. His words and his voice were causing my body to quiver in anticipation.

He traced his hand up my leg and reached the edge of my panties. He pulled them aside and ran his finger along my slick folds. "So wet for me, Bella." He removed his finger and gently pulled the panties down. He crumpled them into a ball and put them into the pocket of his jeans.

My eyes widened at what he just did. He whispered "A memento."

Edward Cullen, panty thief.

I like it.

He dropped to his knees and spread my legs with his hands. His eyes widened at what lay before him. I was completely bare, save for a strip of hair just above my sex. "Very nice," he growled. He blew lightly on my heated core. It felt so good. My hips bucked reflexively at the sensation. He leaned in and licked the length of my slit. I threw my head back in ecstasy, bucking at the sensation of Edward's mouth on me. He drew my clit into his mouth and sucked. He put one finger into me and I moaned in delight.

"So vocal tonight, Bella," he said as he continued to kiss me. "I love it. Give me more, baby."

"Does it turn you on Edward? To know how much I love what you do to me?"

"Immensely, beautiful."

He slipped a second finger into me and my hips began rocking. I could feel the delightful coil in my belly of imminent release. He nibbled on my clit and he pumped his hand harder. "Tastes so fucking amazing." He flipped his hand and curled his fingers inside of me. My orgasm came hard and fast. The spring was released and I screamed. Edward continued his ministrations as I rode out my orgasm.

He pulled away as I calmed down, twitching in frenzied state of bliss. He removed his fingers and I grabbed his hand. I drew his fingers into my mouth, swirling my tongue around them. His green eyes darkened with desire and he plunged his tongue into my mouth. As he kissed me, I could taste my release on his warm, wet mouth. With renewed fervor, I pushed his shoulder and rolled him onto his back. I reached down and undid the buckle of his jeans.

"You're wearing too many clothes, Edward," I cooed. He swatted me off his lap and he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them and his boxers down. He was gloriously naked now. His black tattoo contrasted with his pale body and I never realized how beautiful it really was. He crawled up the bed and he pinned me with his body. His eyes looked almost feral.

"Are you sure you want this, Isabella?"

"Very sure, Edward. I've never wanted anything more. I want to feel you," I pleaded. "Please."

He pushed me back into the pillows and he reached down between my legs. "Still so wet, Bella. Do you realize what you do to me? I want you so badly."

"I'm yours, Edward. Yours forever and always," I said as I kissed him.

He lined up his cock with my entrance, the tip nuzzling it. He reached down and angled my hips. He slowly thrust his hips forward, my body accommodating his size. I felt like I would break in to two pieces, but it felt so good. He pushed in further. I could see the concentration on his face and the sweat on his forehead. He reached my barrier.

"This is going to hurt, beautiful. I'm so sorry," he whispered. He reached up and caressed my cheek.

"Please, Edward. I need to you feel you. All the way."

He pushed with a little more strength and I felt my barrier break away. It burned and I squeaked at the sensation.

"I'm sorry, Bella. So sorry, baby! I love you so much," he said as he filled me completely. He stayed there for a moment, not moving. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. It hurts a little, but I'm okay. I love you too. You can move," I said gazing up into his piercing eyes.

He pulled back and entered me again. He was still moving slowly. Edward thrust his hips gently. I felt full, complete. I felt like I was home. "Bella, you feel so good. So tight. I'm not going to last." His thrusting sped up and I could feel my release coming. Edward grabbed one of my legs and pulled it up into the crook of his arm. With that new angle, he was able to thrust deeper. With each thrust, I was closer to my second release. I reached down with my hand and began rubbing my clit.

"Fuck, that's so hot, Bella," he said as he picked up speed.

"Edward, you feel so good. Faster, baby," I groaned.

His hips moved more quickly and I moved my body against him, grinding on his cock. My hand was still rubbing my clit. My coil was deliciously close to springing. "Let go, Bella. Come with me," he grunted. He drove into me harder and my muscles clamped down on his cock. He gave out a strangled cry and he thrust in two more times before he spilled inside of me. His body was tense as he came; the sinews of neck sprung tightly, the vein in his forehead throbbing out and his muscles in his shoulders coiled deliciously, making him look like a Greek statue. With a grunt, he released my leg and I withdrew my hand. He pulled out of me and I immediately felt empty. We both whimpered at the loss.

He rolled onto his back and pulled me to him. I nestled on his sweaty chest, listening to the rapid thumping of his heart. "I love you so much Bella. I feel honored that you gave me that gift."

"I love you, too. I am so glad I could give it to you. Thank you for being so gentle," I murmured sleepily against his chest. Edward scrambled out of bed and pulled down the comforter. After, he ran into the bathroom and got a washcloth. I could hear that he was running it in under some warm water. A few moments later, Edward walked back into the room. He gently nudged my legs apart and he ran the washcloth between them. The warmth felt good over my slightly sore skin. I crawled underneath the comforter and cuddled against his chest after he came back to bed. Our breathing had slowed down from our exertions.

"Sleep now beautiful. I can imagine you're tired. I know that I am. I love you, il mio cantante."

"I love you too, Edward," I mumbled, my eyelids drooping. I hazily remembered Edward humming my lullaby as I drifted to sleep.

xx LC xx

I woke up from a deep sleep. My nose was scrunched up at the feelings I was experiencing on my bare skin. Something's tickling me. My eyes were closed and I felt feather light touches along my sides. There was also a silky touch that was rubbing along my belly.

What is that?

I slowly opened my eyes and then I realized it was Edward. He was pressing kisses along my ribcage and his hair was rubbing my stomach. I moved my hands and ran my fingers through his mussed up tresses. He hummed against my skin and nipped my ribs.

It was still dark out. The fire had burnt out and the only light in the room was the few candles that Edward had lit earlier. Edward looked up from my chest and laid his head on my bare stomach, looking up at me.

"I love you, Bella."

"I love you too, Edward. Why aren't you asleep?"

"The beautiful woman that is sharing the bed with me has a tendency to grope me in my sleep," he said, with laughter in his eyes.

I covered my face with my hands, completely embarrassed. "What did I do?"

He pulled away my hands and laced his fingers with mine. "You were laying on my belly and your hand found its way to my cock and you were giving me a hand job, while completely unconscious."

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" I asked, panicking.

"No. It felt really good. However, I don't think you waking up to handful of spooge would have felt too good," he chuckled. "It was very difficult moving away from your hand."

I ran my fingers down his cheek and my eyes darkened. "I can finish what I started, handsome. Only I'll be conscious this time," I purred.

He raised his head from my stomach and moved up my body. He gave me a searing kiss, plunging his tongue into my open mouth. My hands traveled down his body and rested on his firm behind, pulling his hips to my body. I could feel his cock grow hard between our bodies. He rolled us and I was on top, my legs entwined with his.

I dragged my hands up Edward's torso, scratching his smooth skin along the way. He hissed at my more aggressive contact. One of hands gripped my hip and the other was twisted in my hair, holding my face to his.

"I don't want your hand, Isabella. I want you. I want your wet pussy," he growled.

Hello, Sexward. Coming out to play?

"How badly do you want it, Edward?" I hissed. I swiveled my hips and I could feel his cock get harder.

"Please, Bella. I need you," he pleaded, his eyes begging me.

I lifted my body off his and scooted backwards so I was straddling his waist, his cock at my entrance. He reached down with his hand and rolled my clit with his fingers. I rotated my hips, coating his dick with my juices. He groaned and threw his head back. His other hand moved to my breast and he squeezed it. I slowly lowered myself onto his enormous cock. Edward's eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly.

"Fuck. That feels amazing!" he breathed.

I kept moving slowly until I filled to the hilt with Edward. I was breathing erratically. He was perfect, in every way. He fit into me like he was created just for me. I locked eyes with him. I laced my fingers with his and pushed his arms above his head. I leaned forward and gave him a kiss as I began moving up and down. His hips moving in conjunction with mine.

I sat back up and swiveled my hips. Edward's hands moved to my hips and guided their movement.

"Sit back, Bella," he said tightly.

I gave him a look and did what he asked. In this position, he went deeper. One of his hands went to my clit and he rolled it with his fingers. I reached back behind me and I gently massaged his balls as I continued moving. My muscles were getting tight. My breath was coming in short pants.

"Edward, you feel so good. I love the way you feel inside me," I panted out.

"I love being inside you, Bella. I'm close. Come with me beautiful," he replied, his voice strained. He guided my hips at a faster pace, his own hips' movement matching mine. I could feel my muscles clench around his cock and Edward's face begin to contort. "Baby…I'm going…" I felt his dick twitch and spilled in me. I came soon after, screaming Edward's name. I leaned forward and collapsed on his chest, breathing heavily.

"No words…there are absolutely no words," I muttered against his sweaty torso.

"Tell me about it, beautiful. But, you've got to be sore," he said with concern. He guided me off his cock and he was right. I was very sore. I winced at the separation and the mild pain I felt between my legs. "I'm sorry, beautiful."

"It's alright, baby. I enjoy this type of sore," I giggled.

"Let's sleep. I need sleep. You need sleep. You're sucking me dry, beautiful. We'll take a bath together and that should help with the soreness tomorrow morning. I love you," Edward said as he yawned.

"I love you too," I said. I rolled onto my side and Edward pulled me to his chest. He put his arm behind my head and the other arm around my belly, spooning me. I never felt so happy. So content. So safe. I was home.

xx LC xx

Edward and I woke up relatively early the next morning. We had to head back to campus because University Singers were singing at the football game today. We were singing the National Anthem and the Alma Mater. After the game there was a dance at a local banquet hall. Originally, we all had decided not to go. However, Alice, in her infinite wisdom, proclaimed that we needed to go. So, we were going.

Don't deny the pixie her dancing…Great.

I was still in bed when I heard Edward puttering around the room. I could faintly hear the sounds of a pencil scratching on some paper and some light humming. I opened my eyes and I saw Edward, sitting on the couch, wearing a pair of basketball shorts and shirtless.

I sat up and pulled the comforter around my body, "What you doing, handsome?" I asked as I rubbed my face. I probably looked like a raccoon. I didn't wash my face and my makeup was probably everywhere.

Very attractive. He'll probably dump your ass.

"I got an idea for a song and I wanted to jot it down. You brought in your messenger bag and I swiped some staff paper from you. I hope you don't mind," he said with a crooked smirk. Or at least I think it was a crooked smirk. I couldn't really tell. I was blind as a bat. I woke up in the middle of the night and threw out my contacts because they were bugging me. Edward laughed as he saw me squint. He reached into my bag and pulled out my glasses case and brought it to the bed. "Here you go. Seeing is probably a good thing."

"Thanks, Edward," I said dryly. I put my glasses on and Edward disappeared around the corner, into the bathroom. I heard some water running. Edward came out with a robe in his hands. He held it up for me to put on.

"It's a bit chilly in the cottage. I don't want you to get sick, beautiful." I pulled my arms through the sleeves of the plush robe and tied it around my waist. Edward offered me his hand and I got out of bed. My foot caught on the bedding and I crashed into Edward. It must have caught him off guard as we ended up in a tangle of limbs on the floor. He managed to cushion my fall with his body, landing on his back. "Ow! My ass and my head," he cried.

"Shit! Edward! Are you okay?" I asked as I scrambled up to inspect his head.

"I'm fine. I should wrap you in bubble wrap though," he said sarcastically, sitting up rubbing his head.

"Sorry, Edward," I mumbled, sitting on my heels. I fiddled with a loose string on the robe and refused to look Edward in the eyes.

"Bella. Look at me," he said gently. I still refused to look up. "Look. At. Me." His hand found my chin, gently guiding me to stare into his evergreen orbs. "I love you, klutziness and all. You just caught me off balance. I'm fine."

I nodded and scrambled to stand up. I reached my hands down to help Edward off of the ground. He took them and I hefted him up. He released one of my hands, walking into the bathroom. Edward checked the bathtub and it was almost filled. It was an old-fashioned claw tub. He walked over to the tub and slipped off his shorts. He was naked underneath.

He has the most perfect body. How did I get so lucky? I dating a Greek God. Damn.

He slipped into the water. I took off the robe and got in as well. I began to sit down and I hissed at the pain in between my legs. I was really sore. Edward looked at me with a frown. I gave him a smile, kind of. He pulled me to him and I settled between his legs. Edward was leaning against the wall of the tub and I was leaning against Edward. His hands were rubbing my arms and slowly moving up to my shoulders. He began massaging my back and shoulders.

"Damn, Bella. Your back is riddled with knots," he commented.

"I carry all of my stress in my back and shoulders. I've been a little stressed lately with the situation with Jacob, my gimpiness and the concert last night," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"Didn't the girls give you a gift certificate to a spa or something? They have massage therapists there, don't' they?" he asked as he ran his hands on either side of my spine.

"Um, I already went to the spa. I went on Thursday. I got my haircut, manicure, pedicure and a bikini wax," I mumbled.

"I definitely like the bikini wax, baby," he growled. "However, you're probably too sore for me to show you how much I like the bikini wax." He snaked his hand down my torso and rolled my clit with his fingers. It felt good. I groaned and leaned my head back and arched my back.

"I'm probably too sore for actual sex…"I began. He didn't let me finish my thought before his other hand cupped my jaw and turned my head so he could kiss me.

"You are so fucking sexy, Bella," he said as he continued his ministrations with my clit. "Sit on the edge of the tub, beautiful."

I got out of the tub and sat on the edge, towards the back corner of the bathroom. My body responded to the change of temperature. My nipples hardened and my skin was raised in gooseflesh. Edward moved to his knees and pushed my legs apart. He pressed kisses up my inner thighs. With each kiss, he moved closer to my core. He reached his hands and pulled me to the very edge of the tub and gently pushed my body back against the wall. "I love to watch you do this to me," he said with a smirk, "Look in the mirror, beautiful and you can watch me do this to you."

I looked up and I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. Edward's strong back to the mirror, his muscles outlined by the water dripping off his body. His face in between my legs. I could feel myself get wetter. He looked up at me through his lashes and he ran his tongue along my clit. The cold I was feeling earlier was gone. It was replaced with heat. I thrust my hips at his tender caress of his tongue.

"Watch yourself beautiful. See how gorgeous you are when you come," he murmured against my thigh. He took another languid lick of my clit, pulling it into his teeth. My hips began rocking with his ministrations. My breath was erratic. I looked at the mirror and I was so turned on. That was not me. I reached my hands up to my breasts and I pinched my nipples.

"Edward, that feels so good. I love your tongue on me," I moaned as my hips moved at a frantic pace. He looked up at me and he thrust his tongue into my entrance, using his long elegant fingers to play with my clit.

I threw my head back and squeezed my breasts. "Edward, I want you. I need you inside me. Please," I begged. "I want to come around your cock."

He pulled away his face and stood up. He picked me and wrapped my legs around his waist, pinning me to the wall. He thrust in me with a grunt. I screamed.

"Shit! You are so wet, Bella."

He swiveled his hips and held tight to my waist. My back was against the wall, with my hands in his damp hair. "Harder, Edward. I want to feel all of you."

He lowered us back to the edge of the tub. "Turn around beautiful. Put your knees on the edge." I did as he asked and he slipped into me from behind. "Christ that feels so good, baby. I love you, Bella," he said as he drove into me. He grabbed my hip with one hand and his other hand slipped to my breast. I reached down and I began to pinch my clit. I could feel him entering my body. I reached further down my body and caressed his balls. I could feel my muscles bunch and my moans became louder.

"I want to feel you come, Edward. I'm close, baby." He grabbed my other hip with his hand and pummeled into me harder. My walls clamped down onto his cock and I screamed. I felt his dick twitch and he poured into me with a loud grunt.

Edward pulled out and sank back into the lukewarm water, dragging me with him. I was sitting on his lap, trying to calm my breathing. He was doing the same. He tenderly ran his fingers through my damp hair and nuzzled my neck.

"I love you, beautiful. Thank you."

"I love you more, handsome. Thank you," I replied as I kissed his nose.

"You are insatiable, woman. I've created a monster," he chuckled.

"I'll only want to do that with you, baby. Ever."

"Me, too, Bella. We're young and still in college. But I promise you, I will propose, we will get married and have twenty children."

"Excuse me?" I squeaked. "Twenty chil…did you just say twenty children? Tell me you did not just say twenty children. I'm not MaryJo Duggar, or whatever her name is."


"Be serious, Edward. I'm thinking two, maybe three tops. I'm not a baby making machine, you know," I said as I swatted him on the chest. "Doesn't mean we have to stop practicing making babies. Practicing's fun."

"Insatiable, Ms. Swan. Completely insatiable."

"Only for you, Mr. Cullen. I don't know about you, but I'm turning into a prune and getting quite cold," I said as I shivered.

"Me too. I'm experiencing shrinkage," he said. "Let's head back to reality."

"Do we have to? Can't we just stay here in this musical little cottage and make love like bunnies?"

"Yes, we have to leave. As much as I want to stay here and fuck you fifty ways to Sunday, it's just not possible. However, we will come back here. I promise."

"I suppose," I grumbled. I got up from his lap and grabbed a towel. I wrapped it around my body and handed Edward the other towel. He wrapped his around his waist. I picked up the bathrobe and pulled it on. I finished my regular morning routine as Edward did his. I caught his eye in the mirror and gave him a bright smile.

"What are you smiling at, Bella?"

"You. How lucky I am."

"I'm the lucky one, beautiful. We do need to get going though. I'll let you finish up in here. I'll load up the car," he said as he quickly ran a hand through his hair. I stopped him before he left. I sat on the counter of the bathroom and grabbed the pomade from his toiletry bag. I rubbed some into my hands and ran it through his hair. He looked at me with such adoration as I took care of him. "I'm definitely the lucky one. I love you Isabella Swan."

"I love you more, Edward Cullen."

He gave me a chaste kiss before exiting the bathroom, allowing me to finish my routine. I quickly put on some light makeup. I pulled my hair into a side ponytail. I finished my look with my glasses. My eyes were red from sleeping with my contacts in. I walked out to the main room of the cottage and dug into my duffel bag that Alice had packed for me. I pulled out my underwear and bra and slipped them on under my robe. I pulled on a pair of khakis and a light blue polo shirt that all the women from University Singers were wearing for our performance for the National Anthem and Alma Mater at the homecoming game. I also slipped on my ankle brace and a pair of brown clogs.

Edward, who was gone when I got out of the bathroom, had come back in. He was wearing his navy blue polo and khakis like the men were supposed to wear for University Singers. He had on a pair sunglasses propped up in his hair and a pair of brown Doc Martens. I dashed back into the bathroom and grabbed my toiletry bag and Edward's bag and put them into my duffel. I quickly sprayed myself with some body spray and was ready to go. Edward held up my jacket and I slipped my arms through the sleeves. He wound his arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck and blew a raspberry into my cheek. I reached back and pinched him on his side.

"Ready to head back?" he asked as he laced my fingers with his.

"No, but let's go anyway. Back to reality."

Back to reality, indeed.

A/N: Just a reminder, Bella is on the shot. There will be no accidental pregnancies. Also, I was really nervous writing this chapter. It was a tough one for me. I hope I captured the love that Edward wanted to give Bella in the initial lemon.

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