Ok, so I know i haven't upsadte in a long time, i'm sorry but here it is (stella never left, so that means no Jo)

Flack couldn't get the image of Lucy out of his head, lying there on the floor in a small pool of blood,

He was disturbied by the image and tried his hardest to fight back the tears that forced thereselves out.

He waited for Danny and Lindsay to arrive, 45 minutes later they both walked down to the corridor towards Flack

"Flack, is. Is she ok ? " Lindsay asked with a worried voice

"I'm sory, it's all my fault, I should have watched her more closely, I didn't mean for this to happen" Flack continued to apologise.

A nurse walked over to the three adults

"Lucy is in recovery, she suffered major trauma to the spine and head, we'll no the extent on the injurys when and if she wakes up, but unfortunatly we couldn't stop the internal bleeding we had to place her in a coma until she's stable enough to breath on her own, she's on life support and has had a blood transfusion due to large amounts of blood loss,
She broke two ribs and suffered many servea cuts during the accident so when you see her please don't be alarmed" The nurse spoke softly and lead the three adults in to a small silent room.

Flack waited at the edge of the room while Danny stood next to her holding her hand, Lindsay stood next to her daughter hand over her mouth,

"I'll go and leave you two" Flack said leaving the room

Danny walked over to Lindsay and hugged her,

"hey, it's ok, i'm gonna' be strong for the both of us, she'll be ok, I know she will, she won't give up without a fight. This is Lucy we're talking about" Danny whispered reasuring his wife.

Lindsay wiped her tears away and sat down on the hospital chairs next to Lucy's bed.

"She's gonna' be ok, isn't she?" Lindsay whispered

Danny only nodded in reply.

Lindsay rested her head on Danny's shoulder .

1 week later.

"It's ok baby, go back to sleep" Danny said pushing Lindsays head back to his shoulders.

For the past week Danny and Lindsay had pratically lived in the hospital room, making sure Lucy wouldn't be alone if she woke up, if she ever woke up.

The team had visited everyday so Danny and Lindsay could go home for a while.

the door slowly opened and Mac, Stella, Adam and Sheldon entered, Flack turned up a few seconds later.

Danny stood up to talk to his friends, gently pushing Lindsay to the other side of the chair, Lindsay jilted and woke up, she stood up to look at Lucy,

Her heart broke just a little bit more every time she looked at her daughter. Lying there in a narrow hospital bed

"I need some water" Lindsay spoke softly and left the room. Avoiding eye contact with the rest of the team.

"How is she?" Stella asked

"No change" Danny said not taking his eyes off of his daughter

"She'll be ok, you know" Stella added

Danny didn't know what to belive anymore, the Doctors had said the chance of her waking up was growing smaller everyday.

The nurse walked in a few seconds later

"Oh, i'm sorry but visiting hours are over and only the family can stay, so i'm afraid i'll have to ask you to leave"

Stella patted Danny on his shoulder and left followed by everyone but Flack.

Flack walked over to Lucy

"I'm sorry kiddo' this is my fault, but you need to wake up for us, so just open your eyes anytime now." Flack whispered

"Did you see that, I swear she just moved her hand. You saw that right" Flack said pointing to Lucy

Danny moved forward and grabbed his daughters hand

"If you can hear me baby, squeeze my hand, come on" Danny asked

She didn't move

"I'm not retarded Dad " Lucy whispered, she squeezed his hand

Flack laughed and so did Danny.

Lucy slowly opened her eyes for the firt time since the accident.

Flack left to get Lindsay

"I'm so glad you're awake you had me and your Mom so worried" Danny whispered as he bent down and kissed her forehead.

Lindsay opened the door and walked over to the bed, wearing a smile that reached ear to ear.

Lucy sat up, and felt tired again, although she may have been asleep for the majority of a week she had never felt so tired.

She rested her head on the firm but soft pillow and closed her eyes.

Flack sat down next to her

"If you two wanna' go home and get some decent rest, i'll be more than happy to stay with her "

Danny looked at a tired Lindsay and took hold of her hand

"Thanks Flack, If she wakes up again, page me" Danny said heading to the door.

Flack sighed with releif,

She meant the world to him, although she had two loving parents he still thought of her as the child he never had.

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