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Cube Argument

She couldn't take it any more. Gillian had been informed that Cal had went behind her back once again, although this time was possibly one of his worst gambles: he had put almost all the company's assests on one promise to a twisted lawyer so that if Cal broke the deal (which Gillian knew was quite likely) he would lose all of their jobs. He was talking to - well, at - Torres in the middle of the corridor, getting ever closer to the wall as he continued to advance on her body whilst she moved backwards away from him. Gillian walked towards them and didn't allow him to finish whatever it was he was trying to reprimand the younger woman for.

"A word please? Now."

Grabbing his forearm she pulled him along to the Cube since it was the closest to their present location in the corridor. He smirked and raised his eyebrows suggestively which only served to add to her evident anger, "Feisty today, are we?"

She closed the door behind Cal after making sure the walls had been adjusted so nobody could see into their argument, and stormed across to the other side of the room with her arms folded across her chest.

"Cal, you have to stop messing me around. I will quit and you know that I'm telling the truth."

He paused to read her expression, he knew it was one of the times when she would permit him to do this so he took his time to stare at her facial features. "You mean it now as a threat but deep down you could never actually leave the Lightman Group."

"Oh really? You think you and your company are that important?"

"It's your company as well as mine."

Gillian let out a sharp laugh, "It hasn't ever been my company. You have always won over in the end if we're having an argument, no matter if I am right or not."

"You leave and this whole place will go under. As you may have noticed and mentioned sometimes I would not be able to keep afloat if you don't keep everything going smoothly."

"I would rather be somewhere that appreciates those facts though. You never pick up on them, only ever the flaws that I have." They both knew that she would be welcomed with open arms to most businesses in the country once she showed what she was capable of and that terrified Cal: he didn't know what he would do if he came up against her if they were trying to outdo each other's client in the future. She couldn't leave.

"That isn't true. I compliment you all the time." He knew it wasn't entirely true what he was saying but he wanted to make himself feel as though he wasn't useless when it came to Gillian. "Please don't quit, Gill." He looked staright into her eyes, desperatly trying to show her that he truly didn't know what would happen if she disappeared from this place.

"It won't make any difference what I do. You'll still have your darling company to care about."

"Everything about this company will cease to exist if you leave it behind."

"Why should I even care if I'm not going to be there?"

"I thought you would at least still want to be my friend."

She looked down to the floor away form his face so that it hopefully wouldn't hurt as much when she said what was in the deepest part of her heart. "I honestly don't know if I will Cal."

It hurt her just as muh as she feared. She hated herself for feeling like she was trapped, but with Cal treating her like dirt every day and her life suddenly not moving forward she only wanted out.

She couldn't understand what happened next. One second they were standing glaring at each other, the next moment she felt his mouth pressed down on her own. She pushed the palms of her hands against his chest and separated them.

"What the hell?"

Cal shrugged, knowing that she had enjoyed that little kiss by the look in her eyes. It was obvious she would from almost the minute they met in her office years previous.

"Seriously Cal, you can't just kiss me and not explain yourself!"

"I thought it might make you feel better." He continued to look at her face and caught a small glimpse of how amused she was with what he had said. The anger she had previously shown had all dissipated by now and he knew she didn't truly want an answer, she just had to let her confusion out in some way. So he shifted closer to her again, this time slower so she had the opportunity to walk away from him if she felt the need. She did not move an inch. When he pressed her back against the wall she allowed it and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, pulling him closer.

Their altercation was interrupted almost as soon as it started though. They heard the door to the Cube being opened from the outside as their lips continued to try to take control of the other's. They hastily broke off and looked round to the door, making sure they was a little more distance between them just as Torres walked in and looked at them in surprise since they weren't still screaming at each other. Their arguments usually lasted a least a few hours until she silently forgave him or they simply pretended it had not happened.

Cal was first to break the silence between the three of them since Torres was waiting for an explanation to why they were still using the interrogation room as a hostel for their raised voices and Gillian was attempting to get her thoughts back on track after allowing more than one kiss to happen between herself and Cal. "So we're okay?"

Gillian began to glare again as words regained their ability to form, "No, we'll talk more later."

"Yeah, talk," Cal looked at her with a smirk threatening to play out over his mouth. Torres had no idea what was happening between her two bosses but knew that there was something going on that they didn't want to share. Not that they usually shared anything with her, she was just the good reader that still wasn't included fully in the team. Even Loker was respected more than she was, yet the looks that Lightman and Foster were giving to each other at this moment conveyed that the events of their session in the Cube was going to be kept between just the two of them for a very long time to come.