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Sugar Salary

Gillian looked up from her computer screen as she heard Cal stroll into her office. His hands were behind his back and she knew he was hiding something from her. He sat down opposite her, making sure he took as long as he could before giving her a chocolate cupcake covered in dark chocolate icing.

"Happy birthday, love."

She narrowed her light eyes as they travelled between his face and the cake she was using all her restraint not to devour right there and then,

"You remembered? Or did Ria happen to bring it up?"

"Hey! I found out your birthdate seven years ago - Iadmit I don't know the exact day we met or officially opened this place, but I remember the important things like my best friend turning 43," he watched as she opened her mouth to protest, "Don't even try."

The chocolate was getting increasingly more tempting and Cal pushed it closer to her before she literally stopped noticing there was anybody else in the room.

"I could have bought you hundreds more," he started as she finally began to peel away the paper wrapper encasing her present, "but I don't want you getting an even bigger sugar high than you will from this."

A small pout was visible through the layer of frosting that was masking her pink lips. Gillian looked like a child at Christmas regarding how much she was enjoying the treat yet she pulled it away from her mouth to scoop some of the icing on to her forefinger and offer it to Cal. He tried to refuse but she just stood up and moved around to him, glaring. Not trusting what she would do if he declined further he let their fingers collide and took the icing, borth of them attempting to ignore what the contact betwen thier skin had done to their internal functioning and and coherency.

Gillian sat on the edge of the desk, crossing one leg over the other as they gazed at each other in the comfortable silence that they had grown used to.

"You know, Cal, if we ever want to do the clever thing and save our company, our little baby, from finacial ruin I would happily be paid in smaller versions of this," she commented, motioning to the cupcake. Cal replied after rolling his eyes disbelievingly at her,

"Did your parents never try to ward you off sugar?"

"Yes. That's exactly why I love it so much now; I'm making up for lost years."

"Considering how much we - 'our little baby' - is taking in at the moment those lost years would be made up for within one year if I paid you in cake. Can you imagine what you would look like if I allowed that?"

"But it would be such a tasty way to end the month." Talking allowed them to have a reason to still be in each other's company, and Gillian could finish off the gift while he said his half of the conversation.

"As opposed to seeing 'The Lightman Group' on your bank account, paying you a lovely sum?" he asked with mock hurt. As he got up to leave she pushed against his shoulder while softly giggling, the kind of playful touching they let the other take part in which caused them both to end up grinning widely.

"Do you think I can still attempt to make everyone else believe I'm under 40?"

"Gill, since we met you have become more clever and devious than I ever thought you would, I think people will believe anything you tell them."

"Good answer, you even take all the credit for yourself." She smirked and pressed a kiss on to his cheek. She felt the stubble that had grown over the past couple of days against her lips but it didn't bother her like it would with other women she knew. True enough, she thought that she would love kissing Cal no matter how long he had gone without the vain acts of personal grooming. Even when he was being a jerk to her and not giving her chocolate she always had an urge to hug or kiss him, she couldn't help it.

As she took her lips off his skin she had to use her thumb to wipe away the lipstick stain she left. Her hand stayed there longer than was necessary but neither minded as their eyes refused to break apart. They would give anything at this moment to feel the other person's hand in their hair and all over their body but were interrupted suddenly by a small cough from the door to her office.

Both pairs of arms hastily dropped to their sides but knew it was far too late when they saw the smug look on Zoe's face.

"I thought you said that personal relationships between co-workers never end well Cal."

"That was when I thought you were the best thing that could happen, before Emily and this company."

"You mean before the charming Dr Foster?"

Cal shrugged and tried to hide his disappointment as Gillian gradually moved further away from him.

"What are you doing here? I thought we had installed expensive silly equipment to stop you walking within a mile of this building."

Zoe glared at him as she replied, "Just thought you should know your last court case worked out well for you. Also, wondered if you want to celebrate tonight?"

"I'm already taken; Gillian and I are going for dinner." Gillian turned to him sharply wanting to know when he had become her personal assistant in charge of her calendar. Before she got the chance to say anything he spoke to her, "Oh shush Gillian, as if anyone else is planning on spending tonight with you." She rolled her eyes since she knew he was only teasing her. The reason behind her edging away from Cal was not because of him, it was because she detested being in a room with Zoe, never mind hear her talk about them as if they had cheated on their spouses years ago when they were married.

Meanwhile, Zoe was watching their exchange and noticed that even when they were not saying words out loud that their expressions continued to change without their knowledge, subconsciously telling the other person how exactly they were feeling. Zoe didn't understand the looks but they seemed to do it naturally which made her feel as though she could leave and they wouldn't realize she was gone.

The three of them stood looking at each other alternately, not entirely sure what to do next until Zoe decided her time to depart was long overdue. When she was out of the room the two remaining faced each other as Gillian broke the silence, "Please don't tell me you are still bedding her."

He shook his head vehemently and walked towards her, kissing her forehead when he was close enough. "Happy birthday love."