Who's the bitch?

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own bleach or any of its characters or the world would've ceased to exist by now.

Pairings: grimmjow/ulquiorra, mentions of aizen/gin, grimm/ulqui starts as one-sided

Warnings: this fanfiction will contain yaoi and mpreg so if you don't like, DONT READ! Thank you.

Characters will be a somewhat ooc but will otherwise be normal

The wind whistled over the desert sands, as the moonlight shone on the trees made of sekei stone, a lone figure sitting in ones shadow. The person was unmistakably male, with a jacket that was undone, shirt-tails whipping from the force of the chilling wind. He sat up, and stretched leisurely, knowing that leaning on the tree would have earned him-self a stiff neck, which he would regret later. Teal eyes darted to a motion in the sand, where a small lizard wriggled up, before inching itself closer, hoping to taste his reiatsu. He "tch'd" in annoyance, flattening it with a careless step on it, trudging his way to the hellhole that was Los Noches. Reaching the entrance, he paused to look up miserably at the white palace, forever smelling of bleach and disinfectant. Scowling, he walked inside, towards the inner gate. He strode pass the arrancar guarding the gate, and turned the corner, giving the arrancar child in the corridor; Wonderweiss, a distasteful sneer before continuing towards his private quarters. He nodded as his fraccion bowed respectfully, entering his room, where he fell face first into his three comforters and many pillows. "Meh... maybe now ill be able to sleep...", Grimmjow murmured into his pillow, curling up as he closed his eyes. In another area of Los Noches, another strode down the long white corridor, ignoring the snores emanating from the quarters of the tenth espada, Yammy Eregurrio. His long white shirt-tails flowed quietly behind him as he walked silently, towards the sixths espadas quarters, and upon reaching them he silently slipped inside. Ulquiorra looked at the sleeping form on the king sized bed, and inspected the room from his spot. Confirming that Grimmjow had indeed disobeyed his orders to remain inside the confines of los Noches, he fixed his gaze on the unruly mane of blue hair on the Sexta espadas head. Ulquiorra hesitated for a moment before reaching a hand out, to run his fingers through Grimmjow's wild hair, half expecting it to be coarse and rough, and was pleasantly surprised that it was almost as silky as his own. His eyes were drawn to Grimmjow's furrowed brows and the down turned corners of his lips, as he lightly stroked the tattooed lines on his eyelids. He knew that there was something about the taller man which intrigued him, and had noticed a subtle change in spirit pressure that seemed more ..., beastlike, in nature than human. Grimmjow's eyes opened momentarily, glazed over eyes blinking blearily as he tried to focus on his surroundings. Ulquiorra stiffened, ready to bolt as he sat still, watching grimmjows expression warily. Slowly, Grimmjow's eyelids fell, and his breathing became slow and steady as he slept, unaware that Ulquiorra,his superior, was in the room with him at that moment. Ulquiorra allowed his gaze to leave the others face, trailing down his chest to where it lingered on a ghastly scar, a scar that had been deal to him by Kurosaki Ichigo. He carefully touched the mark, tracing it from the side of his right hip, all the way up to the left side of his collarbone. Ulquiorra glanced at the scars on his wrists, from where he had protected his neck and head from kurosaki's black Getsuga-tensho wave, and his fingernails dug themselves into his palms, a wave of anger running through his body. 'Kurosaki...he has been more trouble than he is worth. Perhaps I erred in my decision to leave him alive...'.he thought, as he stood, not sensing the other had woken until a hand grabbed his shoulder. He turned to face Grimmjow, who's face was mere inches away from his own, causing him to back up into the door. Grimmjow slammed a hand onto either side of Ulquiorra's head, blocking any escape route he had out of his situation. A hand grasped his chin, forcing his head up so their eyes locked, and then Grimmjow spoke in a deep, husky voice," why are you running from me Ulquiorra?". Ulquiorra averted his eyes and took a deep breath to try and steady his-self, only to freeze as the scent of blueberries invaded his mind, the smell overwhelming his sense of reason. He flipped their positions, so that Grimmjow was pinned against the wall and he crushed their lips together, smirking internally as Grimmjow fought back for dominance. Ulquiorra's fingers wound themselves into the hair on the back of Grimmjow's hair, yanking his head back to attack his collarbone with a harsh bite, drawing a moan from the larger man. He took advantage of Grimmjow's moan, thrusting his tongue into Grimmjows open mouth, intensifying the kiss. Grimmjow was all too willing to comply, hand gripping the horn on his hollow mask. He yanked him down and bit Ulquiorra's lip only to latch onto it and kiss Ulquiorra again, the taste of copper on Grimmjow's tongue mixing in with their saliva. They broke apart, breathing heavily as they exchanged lustful glances. Ulquiorra pulled down the zipper on his coat, tossing it into a corner of the room and Grimmjow allowed his eyes to travel down the smooth chalk-white skin. His breath hitched as Ulquiorra slyly slid his sash undone, letting his hakama pool around his ankles. Ulquiorra wasn't very tall or well built, but he wasn't delicate or feminine, even though his face may be slightly girlish, and he was well endowed for his size. Grimmjow swallowed, letting his eyes run over Ulquiorras body for a minute before he stood and removed his own jacket. Grimmjow was larger and more muscular, but there was a animalistic beauty to him that couldn't be denied. He had many scars running over his skin, most which had been gained in battle, but these only helped define his good feautures. He quickly removed his sash and hakama, kicking them off to the side before Ulquiorra approached him. Ulquiorra smiled and slowly trailed a hand, open palmed down his chest, before tracing the edge of his hollow hole. Grimmjow shivered as the finger traced the edge of the sensitive area, sending electric sensations down his spine. He raised a hand, stroking Ulquiorra's hollow hole carefully, only to stop as Ulquiorra grabbed his hand and pulled it away. "Don't ", Was the only thing Ulquiorra said, giving Grimmjow a serious look., before he reached lower and Grimmjow had to choke back a moan as Ulquiorra's hand wrapped firmly around his semi-hard member. " It seems you are much more sensitive in this state..."Ulquiorra whispered throatily into Grimmjows ear, his hand slowly moving up and down. Grimmjow let out a moan as Ulquiorra's other hand lightly pulled on his tail, which was twitching due to the new sensation. "Ahgh... Ulquiorra leave my t-tail alone", he gasped, as Ulquiorra gave the base of Grimmjows tail a light squeeze, causing Grimmjow's hard cock to twitch in response. "Hmm, your words are telling me one thing but, your body...is telling a very", he tweaked one of Grimmjow's nipples and gently bit one of his earlobes." Different story...", Ulquiorra finished with a smirk. Grimmjow's eyes had glazed over slightly from the overwhelming sensations, but he was starting to regain his senses. Grimmjow's eyes flashed as he pushed Ulquiorra backwards, latching onto a nipple and rubbing the other between two fingers, earning a moan from the smaller man. Grimmjow moved lower and blew on the quivering head of Ulquiorra's member, licking it from base to tip, lavishing a little extra attention on the throbbing vein on the underside. Ulquiorra let out a quiet groan, leaning back on his elbows as Grimmjow sucked hard on the tip of his cock,earning a low moan for his efforts. Ulquiorra got a sudden idea and he grasped Grimmjow's tail, carefully inserting the end of it into his mouth and sucking lightly on it, tongue wrapping around it. "Nyahhh", Grimmjow gasped out, body shivering as chills raced up and down his spine, his tail quivering with the sudden onslaught of attention. Grimmjow returned to his task, determined not to be outdone as he relaxed his jaw and took half of Ulquiorra into his mouth, cheeks hollowing as his head moved up and down. He sucked hard, running his tongue along the underside and pulling back to the very tip, pushing his tongue into the slit on the head of Ulquiorra's cock. Ulquiorra moaned loudly, bucking his hips forward, burying more of himself into the warm, wet cavern, nearly causing Grimmjow to choke. He hissed and sucked on more of Grimmjow's tail, getting it nice and slick before removing it from his mouth and, taking Grimmjow by surprise, thrusting the end of it deep inside of him. "Ahhh", Grimmjow cried out in shock as his own tail, was thrust inside him by Ulquiorra, who moved it in and out at a torturous pace, ever so slowly. Grimmjow trembled internally as his tail began to move inside of him, and he gripped Ulquiorra's legs, as he breathed harshly, his breath hitching as his tail brushed against something sensitive inside his body. " Tell me Grimmjow, what do you want? Do you want me to stop? To go faster?", Ulquiorra asked him, the tail slowing to an agonizingly slow pace, causing Grimmjow to whimper in protest. " What do you want Grimmjow?", Ulquiorra repeated, and Grimmjow swallowed twice before he pleaded,"Ulquiorra please, take it out... its not...its not what I want", Grimmjow whimpered quietly. " So what is it that you do want? Do you want me to stop? Or... do you want me in you...? I cant give you what you want until you tell me what it is that you want..."Ulquiorra murmured, stroking Grimmjow's cheek encouragingly. " Please Ulquiorra...I need you...I want you to take me hard...", Grimmjow said shakily, as Ulquiorra slowly withdrew Grimmjows tail from his quivering entrance. " Turn over and get on your hands and knees Grimmjow, since you want me to... fuck you hard, you're going to want to support yourself.", Ulquiorra whispered huskily into Grimmjow's ear. Grimmjow let out a weak moan and turned over, working his fingers into the comforter, his rear up in the air, as he waited. Ulquiorra hesitated, before slipping three fingers into his mouth, wetting them evenly, before he inserted two into Grimmjow. He began to stretch him a little wider, knowing his cock was a lot bigger than Grimmjow's tail had been. "Nngh", Grimmjow shifted slightly, as a third finger slid inside and rotated. It brushed against his prostate, making him let out a strangled moan as the spot was rubbed over and over. Ulquiorra's other hand reached around grimmjow and stroked his cock, before gently squeezing his balls, earning a muffled moan, from where Grimmjow had bit a knuckle. Ulquiorra straightened up and knelt behind Grimmjow, reaching down to smear the remainder of his saliva on his cock as a makeshift lubricant. Carefully lining himself up with Grimmjow's entrance, he began to press himself in, paying close attention to his face, watching for signs of pain or discomfort. He got halfway in before Grimmjow started getting tighter, for his tail hadn't gone that far in, and he went a little slower when he noticed Grimmjows tensing. He reached to stroke his member in hopes of relaxing him a little, as Grimmjow gritted his teeth body tensing with pain. " Am I hurting you?", Ulquiorra asked, as Grimmjow let out a shuddering breath, lowering his upper body to rest on the bed, before shaking his head. " Move Ulquiorra...I'll get used to it..." Grimmjow whispered, and Ulquiorra silently complied, pulling back so that only the tip remained inside before he thrust himself all the way in, causing Grimmjow to cry out as his prostate was brushed against. Ulquiorra paused, an idea surfacing that would surely make this act more sensual, "Grimmjow, we should do this in our true forms...it will make this , if you want".

Grimmjow hissed as he twisted himself around, Ulquiorra's hand pinching his hip as he grasped his zanpacto. "Grind, Pantera ~", Grimmjow purred, and his energy swirled around him, transforming him into a long, teal haired cat-man. Ulquiorra's eyes raked over Grimmjow's flesh, the lithe muscles flexing, before Grimmjow raised a clawed hand, retracting them partway to run the sleek, furry digits down his abdomen, to wrap firmly around his throbbing manhood. " Mmm, I don't mind your watching me, but...I'm getting kinda lonely being the only one participating", Grimmjow spoke, his hand moving at a slow pace as he pleasured himself, waiting for Ulquiorra to change too. "... enclose...merceielgo...". Ulquiorra was engulfed in a wave of green energy, which dissipated, revealing a slightly taller, emerald eyed young man. Large black wings unfolded, digging themselves into the ceiling as his tail yanked Grimmjow's legs farther apart. Ulquiorra laid his own hands, black fur growing up to mid-arm, on each side of Grimmjows hips, claws digging in slightly," I am not going to go easy. I am going to claim you, to make you scream loud enough that the sound will echo through the halls of Los Noches. "Grimmjow was all too willing, spreading his legs wide, his tail off to the side granting full access to the other man. Ulquiorra nudged his entrance, which had tightened back up due to the change in form, before he got an idea, running his own sleek black, long tail across his entrance, relishing the tremble that rippled across the others body. He carefully pressed the tip forward, and Grimmjow, impatient with need, hissed at Ulquiorra, who then slammed it in, flicking his tail so that it jerked violently inside the other man. "Nyahhgh", Grimmjow arched his back, his passageway clamping on Ulquiorra's tail with a vice-like grip, dragging a moan out of his superior who retaliated by pushing his tail forward, filling him so much that he was shaking from sheer pleasure. He withdrew his tail and thrust it back in, setting a steady rhythm as he tail-fucked Grimmjow, who was beginning to turn into a moaning, writhing wreck. Grimmjow began to use his own tail, which began to jerk Ulquiorra off, and he couldn't deny that his throbbing, hard cock needed the attention. He pulled grimmjow into his lap and said," brace yourself, Grimmjow". He gripped Grimmjows hips before positioning him in just the spot so he could thrust up, burying his cock deep inside Grimmjow's body, tail still moving in and out at an average pace. He however, rammed himself in at a fast, merciless pace, Grimmjow's entrance creating the most amazing friction as he alternated between thrusting his tail in, and burying himself balls deep inside Grimmjows tight ass. Grimmjow was drowning in pleasure, getting reamed from behind by Ulquiorra's cock and tail at the same time, being stretched to the limit as he was taken with brutal thrusts to his prostate, moaning again as Ulquiorras hands began to stimulate his nipples. Grimmjow slid his own tail to Ulquiorra's entrance, unsure what reaction he would get, but not expecting to be grabbed by the throat. " What do you think you're doing Jaggerjacques"", Ulquiorra hissed into Grimmjow's ear, making the other cringe in fear." Do not think that you get special privileges' just because I consented to sleep with you. You will not touch me there, or you will suffer grisly consequences", Ulquiorra stated, and the other silently turned away from him. Grimmjow hissed at Ulquiorra before snarling," Get out", causing the other to blink." Did you just tell me to leave?", he said incredious, looking at the inferior espada as though he had grown a second head." Are you deaf Emo-car? I was interested in you before you turned back into an unemotional, superior bastard. Now get the fuck out of my room. Why the fuck did I even consider you anyways?". Grimmjow was yanking his hakama on, a furious expression on his face. Ulquiorra sonido'd, slamming the other against the wall, pinning him there with a viselike grip on his neck, " I was decent enough to lower my standards and consort with trash, seeing as you wanted me, and you call me EMO? Do you have a death wish Sexta?". Ulquiorra sneered, his hand slowly consticting, crushing the others windpipe. " This is why I actually considered Nnoitra, he's a hell of a better person. The only problem with him is that he isn't gay or bi. You I considered after I realized that you could be decent, could actually show some emotion; oh but that's right you were just taking PITY on me and you lowered your standards to consort with the trash!",Grimmjow snarled out. "Why are you so angry over the fact that I took pity on you enough to have a fling with you?",Ulquiorra asked, irritation evident on his feautures. "Because thanks to the fact that I'm in fucking heat, I was looking for a life-long mate. Thanks to the fact that I gave myself over to an uncaring bastard who was just pitying me I cant ever be with another person so you fucked up my entire life from this point out. Next time let someone know that you're only doing a one time thing so they don't have to suffer for the rest of their existence", Grimmjow said, having finally shouted him-self hoarse. Ulquiorra, the words having sunk in, was silent, mulling the words over in his head before he asked quietly," Does that mean it is too late to rectify my mistake?" and he was surprised that his offer was genuine, and not made from guilt. Grimmjow was silent, his eyes searching Ulquiorra's own for a hint of delusion, and upon finding none, answered, "no, it isn't...". He flinched momentarily as Ulquiorra raised a hand, to stroke the taller mans jawline. Ulquiorra reached up, his fingers rubbing behind Grimmjow's sensitive ears, and Grimmjow carefully leaned forward, catching Ulquiorra's lips in a chaste kiss. Ulquiorra pressed back, running his tongue along Grimmjow's lower lip, and he parted his lips, allowing Ulquiorra to deepen the kiss, tongue's twining together in a sensual dance as they exchanged saliva before breaking away to catch their breath. Ulquiorra bent slightly, flicking a nipple with his tongue, before reaching the other with his fingers, caressing and rubbing the tip, watching it become rosy and pert. "Nngh, Ulquiorra... don't tease me...just get on with it", Grimmjow panted, overcome with need, so Ulquiorra got on his hands and knees before the other, licking a drop of pre-come from the tip of his cock. He wrapped his hands around the generous length, cradling his balls with one and rubbing the base of his cock with the other, before he took the head of Grimmjow's length into his mouth, sucking firmly on it. Grimmjow twined his fingers into Ulquiorra's midnight hair, letting out an appreciative moan, as he was suddenly deep-throated, the other man humming around the cock in his mouth sending a delicious thrumming sensation through Grimmjow's body. He moved one hand, letting it trail down to Grimmjow's rear where it circled a finger around his entrance. He pressed the tip of his finger past the tight muscle, before he pulled it out, surprising the larger man by suddenly pressing three fingers in, wriggling them and rubbing them against the mans prostate. "Ahn, 't, just take me already", Grimmjow whimpered, his legs struggling to hold him up as he was fondled, electric sensations shooting up and down his spine, driving him insane. Ulquiorra stood and stretched his wings, gouging them into the walls for bodily support as he grabbed grimmjow's legs, pulling them up and open so that Grimmjow was impaled on his cock, earning a scream of pleasure for his tactics. "oh fuckkk", Grimmjow gasped, as he dug his fingers into Ulquiorra's shoulders, leaving bloody crescent moons littering his skin. Ulquiorras next thrust was just as brutal, a punishing thrust to his prostate that left Grimmjow wanting more, and he was loud, cursing at Ulquiorra for being such an ass. Ulquiorra was relentless, bringing Grimmjow's hips down to meet each of his thrusts in, sheathing himself inside the hot cavern that clamped down with a velvet feel, leaving him feeling intoxicated. He brought their lips together in a bruising kiss, teeth biting and tongues dancing fiercely before Grimmjow suddenly threw his head back in pleasure, a soundless cry apparent on his features as his legs locked around Ulquiorras waist, pulling him in deeper. The wall that Ulquiorra's wings were imbedded in crumbled, sending them falling and the sudden fall caused Grimmjow to impale himself deeply on Ulquiorras cock, forcing a scream of pleasure from both of them. Grimmjow hissed as Ulquiorra flipped them, his tail crushed beneath their bodies before he suddenly let out a strangled gasp, Ulquiorra setting one of his legs on his shoulder for better access. Ulquiorra then moved his tail, thrusting it in as far as it would go, and Grimmjow closed his eyes, relishing the feel of the two appendages sliding against his sensitive insides. Ulquiorra slammed his hips forward, the new position giving him different angles to hit the others prostate, and he leaned forward to capture Grimmjow's lips with his own. "Ulquiorra...sorry, but i'm breaking your condition...", Grimmjow breathed, temporarily confusing Ulquiorra until all of a sudden his own virgin entrance was invaded by a thick, sleek tail, focused on rubbing and flicking his prostate causing his steady pace to become erratic. " What do you think you're doing", Ulquiorra gasped, writhing in discomfort at sensations he wasn't used to, but which were in no way unpleasant. " Mating goes both ways Ulquiorra, and... you cant say you're not enjoying it", Grimmjow said with a sultry purr, clamping his muscles on Ulquiorra's cock and tail as he thrust in. Ulquiorra growled and he thrust in, deliberately avoiding Grimmjow's prostate. " Remove That Tail, Now.", Ulquiorra demanded, his thrusts causing Grimmjow to yelp. "Fuck no, I just broke through your emotionless facade and I'm keeping it down", Grimmjow said as his tail began to thrust itself in, aiming for Ulquiorra's prostate, nearly driving the younger man to moan. Ulquiorra thrust in hard, tearing Grimmjow's entrance a bit, anger taking over at the fact that Grimmjow would not respect the fact that he didn't want to be invaded. Grimmjow started struggling, attempting to hit the other man. "Ulquiorra what the fuck? Youre hurting me!". He yelped, as Ulquiorra flipped him over, pinning him down to the bed by placing a hand in-between his shoulder blades. Ulquiorra didn't respond, taking his frustrations out on the man, feeling his passage become slick with what could only be blood. " You sick bastard, get the fuck off me!", Grimmjow yelled, pain contorting his facial feauture's. Ulquiorra reached under Grimmjow, harshly jerking the man off, reviving his erection. "Quit touching me", Grimmjow shrieked, as his hands were tied behind his back with his sash." you should watch how you talk to your superiors and try not to disobey what they say, otherwise, the consequences could be... Disasterous ..."Ulquiorra said simply, his voice devoid of any emotion. His hands were working on Grimmjow's cock and nipples, forcing him to moan in pleasure in-between the cries of pain from the cruel thrusts from behind, tearing him open. Grimmjow had removed his tail from Ulquiorra's body long ago, but Ulquiorra was intent on teaching him his place, and to never disobey him again. This would be the last time he consorted with this trash, because obviously he could not be trusted to follow his word. He would finish this, then return to his quarters and hopefully, the brute will be stupid and irritate Nnoitra or Tousen,and they could eradicate him, since he considered himself above such savageness. Try as he might, Grimmjow couldn't stop his climax from approaching, even with the agonizing thrusts taking the pleasure away after he experienced it. He let out a choked whimper as he came, sticky white come splattering on the floor, and Ulquiorra let out a low moan as Grimmjow's entrance clamped down hard, triggering his own release. He emptied himself into Grimmjow's body, thrusting in once more. He stopped and panted for a moment before, recovering, shoving Grimmjow away from himself. Grimmjow let out a pained grunt as he hit the wall, before he suddenly threw a cero at Ulquiorra, which he easily dodged, picking his clothes up and leisurely putting them on. When he turned around, he sneered at Grimmjow before leaving, intent on never talking to the other again. A noise made him pause, and he listened, picking up sobs and angrily spoken words like 'fucking Ulquiorra' and 'stupid idea'. He turned and walked to his own quarters, losing interest in the sixth espada, since in his viewpoint he was the same as the others, just with a brain. About two weeks went by, and the bluenette didn't show to any espada meetings, nor to any of his missions, and Aizen was losing patience with him. "Ulquiorra, fetch Grimmjow, so he can give a half-assed excuse for not showing up to his missions or these meetings", Aizen said with a growl. Ulquiorra scowled and left, and just as he was about to open the door, it smacked him in the head, swinging open and out stomped the bluenette and a bunch of frightened fraccion. "LEAVE ME ALONE AND GET WHAT I ASKED FOR. I CAN SURVIVE A HALF HOUR ON MY OWN", Grimmjow yelled, booting them through a gargantua. Ulquiorra sneered and spoke, "Aizen-sama demands your presence trash." Grimmjow spun around and was about to throw a cero, but it suddenly dissipated, Grimmjows face turning a bit green. He was shoved to the side as Grimmjow rushed into his private restroom, and the sounds of retching reached his ears, and he could guess the reason for his not being at meetings. He strolled into the room before stopping, glancing at the room, which hadn't changed since last time he had been in there, before going into the washroom. The sight that greeted his eyes was pathetic, Grimmjow was pale and wan, sitting next to the porcelain toilet looking like he had just died. "Im going to hazard a guess that you have the flu or something of the like." Ulquiorra said un-sympathetically". Oh fuck you emo-ca..."Grimmjow wasn't able to finish his insult as a new wave of nausea left him dry heaving over the toilet, and Ulquiorra watched silently as Grimmjow struggled to get up afterwards. " I feel like shit...", Grimmjow sighed, as he leaned heavily on the wall. "And it never occurred to your tiny brain to go see Syzayel?", He asked simply. Grimmjow asked point-blank," would you trust him anywhere near your body, even if it was just to see if you were sick?". " No I wouldn't", Ulquiorra admitted, as Grimmjow nodded, glad that his nemesis could see it from his point of view." What are you doing here anyways fucker?" Grimmjow said with a snarl, and Ulquiorra sneered, before saying," its not by choice trash. "Grimmjow scowled, before retaliating," I didn't think so. Now make like a tree and leave my fucking room Emo-car. Oh wait, I just insulted trees everywhere by comparing them to you. You see, trees can feel, you cant. "Ulquiorras eyes flashed before he slammed Grimmjow against the wall and snarled at him, " I wouldn't try my patience any farther if I were you, because when its you,...I have none to spare" . Grimmjow shoved Ulquiorra off and then suddenly he paled, swaying dangerously before his legs quit supporting him. Ulquiorra fell backwards, unable to stand under Grimmjow's weight as he fell on him and he yelled, " what are you doing Jaggerjacques?", In anger. After two minutes of him not responding he carefully rolled him over to see that both of his eyes were closed and his face had been smoothed over with a relaxed expression. Ulquiorra was instantly irritated, the other had passed out on him. He reached out to shove him off when he froze, his name escaping the others lips, and he peered at his face, which had taken on a confused expression. He watched for a moment, until Grimmjow sighed and his face relaxed again, indicating that Ulquiorra had indeed been in his thoughts. He carefully reached out, ignoring a voice screaming that he had sworn never to make contact with the bluenette again, and traced his face with a finger. He felt the sleeve of his shirt become tighter, and he looked at his arm, ruefully staring at Grimmjow's hand, which was holding onto his sleeve, with no intention of letting go. He thought over his options, one being to tear his arm off and leave, and the second being to stay as he was. He decided on the latter, watching Grimmjow sleep, breathing deeply in his sleep, before burying his face in Ulquiorra's abdomen, using him as a pillow. 'Oh shit', Ulquiorra thought. Glancing down at he blue mop resting on his chest, he ran his fingers through the teal tresses, annoyance vanishing slightly. He rubbed the others back, seeing a slightly pinched expression on the once relaxed face, and Grimmjow mumbled in his sleep. " Warm...", Grimmjow murmured, nuzzling against Ulquiorra's chest, a small smile slipping onto his face. Ulquiorra flushed and stroked his cheek before stiffening, staring into sleepy, teal eyes. Grimmjow blinked a couple times before sighing again, head falling back down, grumbling,"too bad dreams cant be real..."leaving Ulquiorra in shock. Grimmjow had dreams about him, even after what he had done to the other male? He didn't hate Grimmjow at all, he just didn't like how Grimmjow had invaded him against his wishes, but even that had not warranted the cruel act that Ulquiorra had done to him. He had regretted it almost immediatly, after he had gone to his room to think and he had realized that he had broken the other mans spirit with what he did. Grimmjows body suddenly convulsed and his eyes shot open, as he rolled off Ulquiorra to throw up on the floor. as soon as Grimmjow was finished, another bout of nausea hit him, causing him to dry heave. Ulquiorra, before his mind registered what he was doing, had started to rub his back, offering some comfort to help with the sickness. Grimmjow looked at Ulquiorra through pain clouded, watery eyes, as the other wordlessly handed him a washcloth to wipe his mouth with. " Why the fuck are you still here?",Grimmjow demanded, his hair plastered to his forehead with sweat, and he glared at Ulquiorra as though he was Aizen. "Did you know you talk in your sleep? You're more intelligent then, mainly because you think. By the way...what was that comment about ' too bad dreams cant be real' " . Grimmjow paled as though Aizen had just sentenced him to death, and said, " you...you really were here?" in disbelief. His fear appeared on his face as he thought he may have said something incriminating. " Yes I was. That is the only thing I could make out of the nonsense you were mumbling. Now what did it mean?",Ulquiorra asked, curiosity written all over his face. Grimmjow blushed slightly before saying, "well, I-uh I was just dreaming that you were a nice guy instead of being all high and mighty like you usually are, then I was looking at you and you touched my face and I musta thought I was still dreaming...cause normally you don't do stuff like that right?". Ulquiorra's blank face had slid, and he looked remorseful and depressed, causing Grimmjow to tentatively touch his shoulder in concern. "Hey whets wrong? This ain't like you...", Grimmjow asked, eyebrows furrowed as he contemplated Ulquiorra's tortured expression. "I'm sorry...I did a ...I did such a horrible thing to you... no one deserves that for any reason...", Ulquiorra whispered, as he closed his eyes, silent tears trailing down his cheeks. Grimmjow didn't answer, but merely grasped his chin, tilting it up so he could see into the sorrowful depths of the green pair. He could tell that he was sincere, that he honestly regretted his actions, but it didn't stop him from being angry about it." I trusted you. Twice. Both times you took advantage of me, so just saying sorry wont earn you forgiveness.", he said, anger seeping out at the memory. " Then what? What can I do to show you that I am truly sorry? I'll do anything to earn your forgiveness...", Ulquiorra pleaded, desperate to make amends. Grimmjow looked at the other, before speaking out his decision, " I have tried twice to submit to you, and you took advantage. I swear not to hurt you but there is only one thing that I would call fairy left after destroying my life with an incomplete mating ...so you will allow me to take you and, doing so will not only help me gain trust for you, I would have my life normal again". As he had expected, Ulquiorra had whitened, the prospect of Grimmjow having a -secret agenda-revenge on his mind. However he knew he had messed up the others life, and he had to atone for the act he had committed against Grimmjow. He carefully weighed his words before answering," you mean you want to...take me ...and to finish mating?", Ulquiorra looked slightly frightened at the prospect." That is the only way Ulquiorra", Grimmjow said, seeing his uneasiness. Ulquiorra quietly responded," I will do it...but I want you to know something first... I-Im a virgin...I don't know anything about b-being on the bottom and the idea scares me...", Ulquiorra looked at his feet, cheeks crimson from sharing that information. Grimmjow nodded, glad he had chosen to share the information, that way he knew to take it extra slow to make it easier for Ulquiorra. "All right then Ulquiorra. Come to my room tonight. Between nine and ten, that way we can have time to get ready", Grimmjow said. Ulquiorra looked at the clock, realizing it was 6 already. Ulquiorra left, leaving Grimmjow alone to make his plans for the quickly approaching night. He left, sonido'ing to Gins room and knocked, he had once barged in to witness Gin and Aizen going at it in bondage gear. Since then he had always been careful to knock, and he listened for a sound. " Come in~ ~", he heard, so he turned the knob and went in. "Hey Gin can you help me with something? I'm going to being doing something with someone tonight, but he is a virgin and I want his first time to be enjoyable...I don't know what to use so I was hoping you could help me get something from the world of living.", Grimmjow rushed out. Gin went from his trademark grin to a sly grin. "Ne Grimm-chan, I know all about ya and Ulqui-chan. Come on lets go go go", He sang, pulling Grimmjow through a gargantua. They arrived in front of a shop called doctor love, with a nurse with fuzzy pink cuffs on the sign. Gin pulled Grimmjow to a section with flavored lubricants and colognes. " Let's see, Ulquiorra likes chocolate so ah'd get this chocolate lube. Ya could wear this Chocolate cologne too it might' relax him a bit.", Gin had grabbed a basket and was putting lube and cologne in it. He walked to a shelf with vibrators and strings of beads ranging from the size of a marble to a golf ball. " Now ya should get this here, it has a 11 level vibrator system, and its good for teasing wit' ", he tossed a decent length vibrator into the basket. "and this too, me an sousuke have one of these, they have these ridges on em' that rub the sensitive areas. As for makin him scream, this one ya put in 'im, they build up in em, an ya pull em out quick. Theyre good for when yah've no time ta' fuck, but good for during a han'job. See,when there in him, they all kinda rub against his prostate, then when ya yank it out, it feels like ya came six times".Gin had a lecherous grin as he added anal beads and a ridged dildo to the building collection. "Now for the adventerous section. If ya wan' things ta last longer, put this on him an he won' be able ta cum. Its a cock ring, ya clip it on so its around the cock but under his balls. These are black velvet ropes, no burning sensation when tied, but ya cant get loose. Ah wouldn' use em the firs' time, but maybeh in teh future", Gin tossed a cock wring and velvet wrist ankle ties in as well. Grimmjow paused by a stack of condoms, wondering if they would be needed at some point. "Ne...are ya guys gonna wan' condoms?", Gin asked, and Grimmjow nodded, watching as condoms(chocolate) joined the pile. "Ah know ya got a tail, but id suggest this strap on vibrator, Im sure theres one your size. He'd think hes got two o' ya in his ass 'cept one has an additional surprise", Gin said with a leer,watching Grimmjow blush and grab one, throwing it into the basket. Grimmjow was glad that Gin was helpng him, but he was worrying about Ulquiorras reactions to things like these, and he wasnt too sure that he was keen on restraints either. "An this too,its a double ended dildo", Grimmjow stared, the thing was 2 feet long. "Too big", he said simply, before Gin replied with a nope. "Its for both o ya, these stretchy loops go around yer waists and that goes in ya both. Its a no hands activity. It has a vibrator setting as well, but its not really worth it". Grimmjow stared at it, imaging himself and Ulquiorra using it, crying out in ecstasy as they pressed backwards against each other. Their tails wrapped around their partners throbbing member,jerking each other until they came with a cry.../he snapped himself out of his thoughts, his face telling Gin that Grimmjow looked forward to trying it. Gin walked out with the basket, Grimmjow following him back to Los Noches, and Grimmjow was left by himself, looking at the basket of sexual devices. He went to his quarters, setting the basket next to the bed, with a white towel over it to hide its contents. " Its time for dinner in a few minutes so I'll head down, Ulquiorra will be here in an hr or two". He didn't have much of an appetite, avoiding the eyes of the smirking ex-captain, who stared at him all throughout his meal, and when he left he heard, "have fun~" from behind him. He had only been waiting for a minute or two when a timid knock came at his door. "Come in", Grimmjow called, warily watching as it swung into the room, Ulquiorra stepping in and closing the door softly behind himself. Grimmjow stood, walking swiftly to where the other stood quietly, and he grabbed his wrist, leading him over to the bed. Grimmjow carefully unzipped his jacket, sliding it off the pale shoulders so it fell silently to the floor before running his fingers along the others collarbone and down his chest, to rest on the gothic four that covered the left side. Ulquiorra stiffened as Grimmjow traced the edges of Ulquiorra's hollow hole, gently rubbing the sensitive area just inside of it causing him to tremble. "Relax Ulquiorra. I promised that I wouldn't hurt you", Grimmjow said, his eyes locking with the others, easing his insecurities. Grimmjow tilted Ulquiorra's head up, his thumb tracing the green tear tracks that were tattooed onto his face, before traceing his lips, where he had colored his lower lip black. He gently brought their lips together, before he broke apart, Ulquiorra looking at Grimmjow with a shy expression. He was no stranger to sex, having consorted with the orihime girl when she had still been in Nos Noches, but being on the receiving end was terrifying to him. He had tried with the girl and and her obvious discomfort and lack of enjoyment coming to the forefront of his mind. Thats why he was so afraid of this situation, especially after what had happened last time he had been with the other male. Grimmjow grasped his sash, untying it deftly and dropping it to the floor, before sliding Ulquiorras hakama down to his knees, setting Ulquiorra on the edge of his bed. He leaned him back, so he was on his back, rear at the edge of the bed and legs bent to support him. "I want you to keep your legs open, and stay on your back. I'm going to try a couple of things", Grimmjow said. He slid Ulquiorra's hakama off his legs, spreading them wide as he set them back down. "A-alright...", Ulquiorra replied, unease showing on his face. Grimmjow reached into the basket of toys, pulling out the chocolate lube, squirting a generous amount onto his fingers, before he lightly placed the tip of his finger on the others entrance. Ulquiorra tensed, and inhaling through his nose, forced himself to relax so Grimmjow could do what it was he had in mind, although he kept his eyes fixed on the others face. Grimmjow slowly pressed a finger in to his knuckle, watchng for signs of discomfort before curling his finger, stroking Ulquiorras inner walls. He began to pump the finger in and out, probing inside him for the bundle of nerves that would generate a sensation of pleasure. Ulquiorra writhed all of sudden, pleasure curling his toes as something inside was touched, and Grimmjow grinned, massaging the area until he pinpointed the location of Ulquiorras prostate. He added another, rubbing the calloused pads of his fingers against the others prostate and gently bit a nipple. He removed his fingers and reached to the side, pulling the vibrator from earlier out and coating it in lube. He wrapped a hand around Ulquiorra's boiling flesh, working it over with his fingers, feeling the blood pulsing through it. Ulquiorra was relaxed, breath coming out in short pants as he closed his eyes, and Grimmjow took the opportunity to line the vibrator up with Ulquiorras virgin hole. Ulquiorra felt something touch his entrance and made his body relax, before his breath caught in his throat, something larger than the fingers that had been him sliding in smoothly to rest against his prostate with a nudge. Grimmjow reached for the dial and turned it, putting the vibrator on level three, before watching a blush slowly creep over Ulquiorras face as the movements of the toy began to affect him. Ulquiorra was rendered wordless, his face heating up as the object inside him moved from side to side. Grimmjow smirked and palmed Ulquiorra's erection, licking a pearly-drop of pre-come from the rosy tip, elicting a moan from his slender lover. He grabbed the end of the vibrator and slowly turned it, creating a delicious friction that made Ulquiorra moan loudly, hips raising up off the bed. He pulled it back and twisted it as he slid it back in, earning a mewl of pleasure from the smaller man, eyelashes dusting his cheek as he closed his eyes. Ulquiorra was sure at the beginning that this would hurt, but the vibrator felt delicious, and he arched his back, his hips pressing down on the vibrator as grimmjow pressed it against his prostate. Grimmjow resumed the motions of his hand, caressing his balls and giving them a light sensual squeeze, before he got to his knees and ran his tongue along his cock, dipping his tongue into the slit to taste his salty pre-come. Grimmjow sucked the head lovingly, his tongue swirling around it, tasting it as Ulquiorra moaned. "G- Grimmjow...please...",Ulquiorra moved his hips, no longer deriving pleasure from the light buzz in his rear, which gave Grimmjow a devious idea. He turned the dial, cranking up to full for a moment, relishing in the scream that tore itself from Ulquiorras throat. Ulquiorras body pressed down to impale himself on the vibrator before Grimmjow turned the dial down to nine, watching him shiver, fingers winding themselves into the sheets. He dove his fingers into the basket, pulling out the cock ring, fastening it around the base of Ulquiorras cock, but snugly under his balls, preventing release. Ulquiorra looked mutinous, so Grimmjow spun the dial, returning it to full and watching as Ulquiorra thrashed, the pleasure overwhelming him. He thrust it in, hitting Ulquiorras prostate again and again, roughly biting his inner thigh before licking up the coppery liquid, sending shivers throughout the others body. He grabbed Ulquiorra's legs, opening them to pull the vibrator out, only to rest it next to Ulquiorra's erect cock, sending tantalizing shocks up and down his spine before it was removed again. He looked up at Grimmjow, his eyes slightly glazed over with lust, waiting for whatever he did next. Grimmjow stood and smirked, intending to put on a show for the other as he lubed up the vibrator, before quickly thrusting it inside his-self, watching those green eyes widen. Grimmjow spun the dial up to 10,and began to slide it in and out of himself,his hand sliding smoothly up and down his erection. Ulquiorras erection throbbed at the erotic display and he tightened his legs, caressing his own hard member, stifling a moan with a hand. Grimmjow smirked at the sight of the usually stoic espada losing his control, and he let out a loud moan, causing Ulquiorra to whimper in need. Grimmjow had decided he was enjoying the vibrator, but wanted to try something else, so he rooted through his new toys, deciding that since Ulquiorra couldn't hold his legs open on his own, he probably could use some help. He turned to the other man, whos eyes widened as he was flipped onto his front, and Grimmjow fastened the ropes around the undersides of his knees and the foot of the bed, trapping him in a kneeling position. Ulquiorra shivered, he was beginning to become afraid, he hadnt been expecting to have his movement limited. Grimmjow smiled, satisfied that Ulquiorra's legs would stay wide open for whatever he wished and he turned back to the toy he had set aside. He picked up a long dildo, before he showed to Ulquiorra and said, "u can make it slick, or it can go in dry. Its really your choice". Ulquiorra blushed angrily, before opening his mouth to lightly suck on the black toy, laving it generously with his saliva, watching Grimmjows expression become vacant. He let it go and watched Grimmjow until he vanished from his line of sight, knowing what was to come. Grimmjow teasingly ran the head of the thick, long dildo back and forth across his quivering entrance, before pushing it past the tight ring of muscle, the bumps along it sliding against the sensitive walls of his passageway until it hit his prostate. Ulquiorra tossed his head back and moaned, his ass muscled clamping down on the toy, and he heard Grimmjow moan in appreciation at the sight. "Ahnn, G-Grimm..jow its bi-g..",Ulquiorra gasped, his rear clenching around the toy as it was pumped in and out, his legs straining against their bindings. Grimmjow was pleased, having reduced his superior to a writhing mess, enjoying his moans as he thrust the dildo in mercilessly. He casually ran his fingers along Ulquiorras sides, before leaning over to lick his earlobe. "Id suggest you get used to it, because I'm...Bigger...", Grimmjow whispered into his ear, fingers latching onto one of Ulquiorras rosy, hard nipples, causing a moan as it was squeezed. "Hm, you make such dirty sounds Ulquiorra...i thought you were more controlled than this...",Grimmjow commented, lightly biting the tembling mans shoulder, licking the blood from the wound. Ulquiorra blushed and hissed at Grimmjow's comment, but was unable to deny it he continued to move his hips backwards, his rear swallowing more of the dildo. Grimmjow was it shoving into him, and was grinning, happy his idea had worked. He continued to thrust it in, enjoying the sight of his superior writhing underneath him, pleading for more than the toy could give, begging for something bigger. But Grimmjow ignored his requests, intent on trying one more thing first, so he pulled the toy out and retrieved the anal beads, intent on making the other cry for mercy, to just fuck him already. Ulquiorra wanted to scream at him, but froze, feeling something small and round slide inside. It was followed by something a little bigger, and he felt at least 6 more things, all round-ish slide in, getting bigger as they went, and he attempted to look behind himself. Grimmjow shook his head leaving Ulquiorra with no clue what was inside him. He didnt feel any vibration, nor was Grimmjow trying to move it around, but he did notice how the other man had begun to give him a hand-job and he gave a sigh of relief, thrusting his hips forward into the stong, firm hand .Right now he could care less about the thing inside his ass, when Grimmjow was pumping his hard, weeping cock so quickly, and he didn't protest as Grimmjow kissed him hard either. He was moaning constantly, Grimmjow having used one hand to pleasure his nipples as well before it vanished, and he felt a light touch to his rear before the object inside was suddenly pulled out, the different size balls triggering an unsatisfying climax. Ulquiorra had no clue what had happened, one second,Grimmjow was jerking him off, and the next the thing he knew the thing inside him had made him cum. Pleasure coursed through his body, his now empty hole quivering from the sensation of those delicious balls rubbing his insides and when they had left his body, he had felt like he had been slammed into 6 times. His cock had turned a dark red color from all the blood trapped within it, and he hoped the sexta would allow him to cum soon, his last climax having been unsatisfying. His body collapsed, his head hitting the mattress as he tried to recover from his fake climax, cursing under his breath. Grimmjow smirked and stood, easily removing his sash and hakama, stroking his throbbing cock, aching with the desire to bury itself in Ulquiorra's tight ass. He reached around the thin waist and quickly stroked the others cock, snickering as Ulquiorra blushed and panted hard, thrusting his hips forward to fuck Grimmjow's hand. Grimmjow knelt behind the other male and nudged his entrance with the head of his cock, and Ulquiorra let out a strangled scream as Grimmjow grabbed his hips, pulling him backwards to impale himself on Grimmjow's member as the other male thrust himself in, burying himself in the confines of the others tight ass. Ulquiorra let out a gasp as Grimmjow suddenly thrust in, finally at long last, giving him something bigger and more satisfying. "Gyahh", Ulquiorra bit his lip, his backside throbbing with pleasure as he was stretched, inch by inch, by Grimmjows wide girth, until he was full. Grimmjow massaged Ulquiorra's waist, easing the pressure so that he could pull back, to thrust into the tight heat once more, hammering Ulquiorra's prostate over and over. Ulquiorra lowered his body, allowing the other man to slide in and out at a hard,fast pace. "Gods...Grimmjow...",Ulquiorra leant forward, fingers grippng the sheets, face turned to the side as he moaned in pleasure. Grimmjow, seeing the expression on Ulquiorra's face decided to slow things down a little, so this could last longer. Grimmjow began to move his hips at a leisurely pace, enjoying the velvet feel of the other mans body. Ulquiorra yanked at his bindings with frustration, wanting so badly to have more of the sensations, more of Grimmjow, more of everything. Grimmjow noticed Ulquiorra's struggles and it didn't take much to figure out what it was about. He reached for the ties, tearing them with his claws which he then retracted, only to grab Ulquiorra's waist. He slowly got to his feet, Ulquiorra quickly moving to his own. "kneel on the bed Ulquiorra", Grimmjow ordered, withdrawing so only the head of his cock remained inside, and Ulquiorra clambered onto the bed. He steadied himself just before Grimmjow slammed his hips forward, and Ulquiorras prostate recieved one punishing hit after the other. Ulquiorra was lost in bliss, wriggling backwards to meet every thrust, Grimmjow's dirty whisperings turning him on more. "Gods...Harder...please...more Grimmjow",Grimmjow groaned and reached his hand down, working three fingers slowly into the others body. He stretched it wider, and managed to restrain himself long enough to pull out and find the last toy, the strap on, along with the dial. He struggled with it, finally having the clasp done before he slowly thrust his fingers in, moving three in a circle before adding a fourth. He kept stretching the other, until most of his hand was inside. Ulquiorra was whimpering at being so full, stretched as wide as he could possibly go, and Grimmjow lined himself up, thrusting in carefully, but quickly. Ulquiorra gasped, Grimmjow was still hot and swollen inside him, but,there was something else, it was almost the same, but was cool. "G-Grimmjow?what are you...", Ulquiorra looked behind himself, fear undisguised on his face. Grimmjow rolled his hips experimentally, and Ulquiorra gasped, there was double the pressure on his prostate that had him moaning wantonly, his legs spreading more to accommodate the other male. Grimmjow began a quick, steady rhythm, and left small bites on the pale shoulders in front of him. Their heavy breathing and moans resonated around the large room, the sound of their bodies coming together ringing in their ears. Grimmjow was quickly approaching his climax, but he wanted to force Ulquiorra to cum first. He snuck his hand down to the cock ring, snapping it undone and releasing Ulquiorra's swollen, hard, hot cock. He rubbed it sensually, smirking as Ulquiorra began to thrust his hips forward into his hand. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted the dial for the vibration on the strap on, as well as the vibrator dildo laying on the edge of the bed. He grabbed both and groaned loudly as he forced the vibrator up his ass, the awkward angle of his wrist making it hard to position it. He switched it on, moaning and bucking his hips, his internal walls trembling at the delicious feeling before he snapped out of his haze long enough to turn on the dial for the strap on. Ulquiorra screamed in ecstasy, his cock twitching at the sudden assault on his prostate, the vibration nearly sending him off the edge, Grimmjow's cock slamming repeatedly into his prostate. "G-grimmjow I-I'm going to cum...",Ulquiorra choked out, and Grimmjow leaned forward, his lips next to his ears before murmuring, "Come for me...Ulquiorra".A particularily hard thrust to his prostate had him screaming the others name so loud his throat hurt, "GRIMMJOW!". Ulquiorras body tensed up as he released himself onto the sheets, white strings of cum splattering his chest. Grimmjow lost it when Ulquiorra came, the scream of pleasure, the expression on his face and the sudden spasms of the mans passageway triggering his own climax. Grimmjow slammed himself in and out before he buried himself inside with a guttural moan, his sticky, hot cum filling Ulquiorra. Grimmjow collapsed, and harshly bit the others shoulder as a mating claim, Ulquiorra mewling as he marked him. He lay still, panting heavily for a moment before he pulled out, watching his cum trickle out of Ulquiorra's passageway, the barest pink tinge to it. He lay down, pulling Ulquiorra so he was flush against Grimmjow's body, exhausted heavily, too tired to do anything more than close his eyes. Grimmjow stayed quiet, watching as Ulquiorra failed to resist sleep and relaxed in his arms. He yawned loudly,he should get some sleep as well, they could talk about their new relationship in the morning...

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