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Chapter 4

Dean saw Sam struggle to get the rope around himself, sharing his pain when he saw him wincing and gasping. But his brother wasn't even finished when the sudden pull on the rope caught him off-guard. Sams wide eyes stared unbelievingly up to him when he started to fall. Dean cried out, tried to clutch the rope tightly, but it chafed his skin, his hands starting to burn and sting. He desperately tried to get a hold of it, while his brothers scream made his blood run cold. 'No, that can't be happening!' It felt like a lifetime but probably took only a second till the rope tightened - thanks to the tree he had tied it up to before - and almost threw him off balance.

Sam couldn't believe he was falling again, he had been so close. His left hand reflexively reached out and luckily got a hold of the rope still hanging loosely around his right shoulder and upper chest. His fall was instantly stopped, the rope cutting off his air when the loop tightened, effectively saving him from certain death but pressing forcefully on his chest which made breathing difficult. Before he could do anything to improve his position he was slammed against the cliff wall with the force of the still swinging rope, his already messed up shoulder taking the brunt of it. A scream built up from within, but he didn't manage more than a gasp due to the lack of air. Sam distantly heard his brother calling out to him but just couldn't focuse on it. Struggling with his predicament, he half-consciously thrusted out his legs. And surprisingly felt a tiny ledge he couldn't quite stand on but at least support his weight a bit for now. The rope slackened slightly and gave him the opportunity to readjust it to a more comfortable and non-choking way. He coughed once, followed by a deep intake of breath. His senses were coming back and he could make out Deans panicked voice now.

„... talk to me! Sammy, you alright? Don't you dare take a nap now or I'll kick your ass when its within my reach again. Sam? Dude, come on..."

Sam had to clear his throat before bringing out any coherent words at all.

„Dean, still here... stop rambling!", he rasped. A sigh of relief was heard from above him.

Sam looked up and saw Deans face staring down at him, rope clutched loosely in his hands. He frowned.

„Why am I not falling? You got superpowers now?"

Dean grinned. „I'm Batman, remember?"

Sam chuckled. „You'd be more like Superman!"

„Whatever...", Dean shrugged. „Secured the rope on a tree. I'm awesome big brother, right?"

'Oh yeah, how right he was!', Sam agreed silently.

Dean watched his little brother struggle with the rope, seemingly uncomfortable but at least alive and breathing. Now the hard part: pulling Sam up, back to firm ground. He'd fallen about another five feet, meant fifteen feet of hard work ahead for him. He groaned.

„Sammy, you ready? Not slipping out of the rope, are you?"

It had been difficult, but Sam had managed to get his left arm through the loop as well. It was extremely uncomfortable, the rope was tight and cut painfully into his chest, but at least he wouldn't drop again.

„Yeah, i'm ready!"

„Think you can help me out? Maybe use your feet and left arm to take some weight of the rope?"

„No superpowers anymore?" Dean chuckled. Sam took a deep breath and prepared himself. „Go ahead!"

Dean didn't need to be told twice and started pulling. It was going very slow, left them both sweating and breathing heavily. But it worked, Sam was nearing the edge inch by inch. He used every ledge he could reach, ignoring the nagging pain in his right shoulder each time it was stirred. Finally reaching the top, Dean grasped Sams good arm with one hand, gathered all his remaining strength and helped him over the sharp edge. They fell down beside each other, totally exhausted and tangled up. Dean still had a vice-like grip on his brothers arm, probably leaving bruises. But he just didn't dare to let go yet.

Dean didn't know how long they'd been lying on the ground like this. But he was the first to sit up again to get a good look at his brother who was still panting with his eyes closed. Sam was covered in dirt from head to toe – well, he probably didn't look much better himself. Bruises and scratches covered his face and arms, standing out against his pale skin. But none of them seemed to be serious. His bare foot had crusted blood all over it, but it didn't bleed anymore when he examined it more closely. His main concern was Sams right arm which lay at an odd angle next to his brother still unmoving body.

„Sammy, you with me?" Sam just mumbled incoherently, eyes staying closed.

„Come on little brother, open your puppy-dog eyes for me!"

It took a moment before Sams eyelids began to flutter, opening for just a fraction to glower at him.

„Not exactly what I was talking about, but good enough for me.", Dean chuckled. „Alright, you know I'd love to give you a moment of rest, but I doubt the cold and muddy ground is as comfortable as a motel bed or the seat of the Impala. Besides, it's likely to get dark soon, so we'll better be moving."

Sam just nodded and tried to sit up, biting his lip and suppressing a groan. He knew what would come next, seeing the apologizing look in his big brothers eyes.

„Just do it!"

Dean cautiously took his right arm. „Ok, on three... one, two..." And with a sickening pop Sams shoulder was reset, followed by a agonizing cry that made Deans blood run cold. Sam fell forward, his head landing on bis brothers shoulder while struggling to control his breathing. Dean began to stroke Sams back absently, muttering words of comfort. They stayed like this for a minute till Sams breath evened out. He raised his head, puffy eyes looking at his brother.

„What a chick-flick-moment, eh?", Dean grinned. That made his little brother laugh. Dean was so grateful to see Sam happy and alive, to feel him sitting right next to him when he'd been afraid to death to loose his baby brother just a few minutes ago.

„Come on, lets get your ass off the ground sasquatch!"

Dean stood up, holding out his hand to help Sam, but began to sway himself. The throbbing in his head made itself known again, but before he could react at all, a hand got a grasp on his arm and kept him upright.

„Dude, sit down before you pass out on me!"

Sam lowered his brother back to the ground, cursing silently when he looked closely at the still untreated head wound. He touched it slightly, Dean wincing, and his fingers came away with a few drops of blood.

„You should have take care of this hours ago, Dean! You must have lost a lot of blood."

„Thanks Mr. Obvoius!", grunted Dean. „I've been a bit busy, you know..."

Sam ignored him, looked around and spotted their duffel bag just a few feet away. He reached for it, took out their first-aid kit and started to wrap Deans head into gauze, who mumbled a „thanks" when Sam was finally finished.

„Ok, that should do it for now. We'll clean it when we're back in the motel. You got lucky though, don't think you'll need stitches."

„That's not luck. Shouldn't have let that creature taking me out in the first place. Would have saved us a lot of trouble." 'Especially you', Dean added in his mind.

„It was immune to silver bullets. Don't beat yourself up, wasn't your fault!"

„Well, about that: I'll definitely need to have a serious word with Bobby when we're back."

And with that Dean raised, this time keeping his balance on his own. Sam followed him, legs shaking a bit but otherwise ready to start their hike back to the Impala. He kept his right arm close to his body. Reset or not, it still hurt like hell, probably would for the next few days with all the strain it was put through. But a hot shower and a warm bed would already do him good. And when he glanced at the banged up face of his big brother – him too. Dean picked up their duffel bag and together they made their way back through the forest, arms around each other and supporting themselves.

The End

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