disclaimer: not mine.
song/song title by: The Cardigans, who sang it. Song is called Lovefool.
notes: wrote this yesterday, mark the beginning of my vacation.
pairing: Darach/Caitlin/Giima


fool me, fool me—
go on and fool me


She enjoys the old faded record players and the smooth, suave songs that are echoed in the empty house and the feeling of the wood floors when she dances with naked feet. With dainty eyes, strawberry lips and a breathy voice— she makes men fall in love, because she's a siren.

He likes playing with words and singing cruel songs— sipping from his devil's cup, he watches her dance alone in the sunflower fields. He likes to drink the souls of his lovers, but for some unexplainable reason he refused to drink hers.

There was much pride of being her closest confidante; she even confessed that she speaks more to him than anybody. He thinks she's beautiful, she thinks she's a horrible person because she simply is— he thinks that she's just a woman trying to find her place.

But there are days when he absolutely loathes her, the picture of all that is good and pure, on those days he breaks and falls because she's simply in love with someone else. Seeing her laughing, blushing, kissing another man is like being killed and revived over and over again. He wonders if she'll ever realize that, he wonders why such a beautiful thing can be cruel with good intentions.

But there are times she would fall asleep in his house, on his bed and he would just stroke her hair and whisper, "Love me, love me just go on and love me, fool me, fool me just go on and fool me."

And sometimes she would whisper in her sleep, "I love you…"

He'd smile, and it'll stay till she continues the harsh, beautiful words that are so full of lies and hope.

"I love you Giima."


the end.