Summary: Over the Barrel and through the woods.. Its the story of Gaby and Rob's blossoming relationship... From "To catch a Creep" to where my mind takes me... Sorry for the cruddy summary, story's a lot better promise.. Constructive Criticism welcome. Please don't flame.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghostwriter nor its characters...

A/N: This chapter is from Gaby's PoV, I may alternate but for now its just Gaby...

Prequel: This is going to set up their first meeting

Dear Diary,

This week started like any other. Alex was mad at me because he swears that he is losing his precious campaign because I told Neetu's sister about the nightlight. That was until we got a couple of messages from ghostwriter that cleared my name. We figured out that it was one of Alex's pen pals. Jamal called a rally so we hurried over there thinking there was a break in the case but he had another surprise for us. Do you remember that kid that I told you about? The one that wrote that weird note? He was able to see Ghostwriter's words! He cant be that bad if Ghostwriter let Rob( thats the weird kid's name) see him, but of course Alex didnt want to believe it until they cleared him. Which we did. Eventually. He even helped us get info on that creep Calvin (who I guess was the pen pal's cousin). That was really cool of him. Any ways got to go, Mama is calling me for dinner!


Gaby looked at her diary one last time before going to dinner and then going to bed. The next couple of weeks were semi uneventful ( Alex twisted his ankle but hes being a big baby about it) until one day there Lenni called a rally. We were all excited for another adventure! We go up to Lenni but she wont tell us what was up until Jamal got there. He arrived with a new friend..Rob!