Summary: There's a murder plot against famed action star Lana Barnes, and the team is on the case.. Rob and Gaby get paired up an awful lot and sparks fly.

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A/N: I know that I said that the chapters were going to alternate from Rob and Gaby's PoV, but I will have Gaby tell this story as well.

Chapter 3: The Background

Gaby's Pov:

Tina had got us a case today. Lana Barnes the first female action star, who Tina was working for lately, has been getting threatening letters as well as mysterious phone calls. The person keeps hanging up when Tina answers. Its really freaking her out. We've all been helping Tina solve the case, except for Jamal who's been busy taking care of Grandma Cece who's sick. We found that Lana had four husbands. We decided to put them as suspects. One of them died however, so he wasn't a suspect. Rob,Tina and I were working on the case when somebody sent Lana two roses, one dead and one living rose. Lana and Tina went for a jog and then to the police station to tell Lt. McQuaid what happened. Rob and I decided to look over the note and see if there was any other clues to who could've sent the note. Rob asked Ghostwriter for help looking for the "heir to her throne". As Ghostwriter searched for it, we turned around to see what he was looking at and for a brief moment Rob's hand brushed against mine and I felt a tiny spark, but I just brushed it off as Lana was more important at the moment. Ghostwriter had found out that Lana had a daughter and that she had a grudge against her. We also read that Carlo Perretti, her third husband, was still friends with Lana so we took him off the suspects list. That left us with three suspects: Her first husband Alan Charles, her co-star Stone Harrison, and her daughter Janine Perretti. Jamal came down to help with the case eventually. Jamal and I went to ask the flower shop where the flowers came from, while Lenni and Rob went to the Steadmore hotel to checkout the guest list/suspects. Jamal and I got the paper that the order was written on. When Ghostwriter read the order he got something that was imprinted on the paper that read Tory copper bob. We figured out that it meant a wig. Someone was going to use it to look like Lana but who?

Rob, Lenni and I went to the Steadmore Hotel to interview suspects. At first it wasn't going really well because Rob kept asking the wrong kinds of questions.. After we had a long "little talk" with him about the kinds of questions to ask, we realized that we were better off with me asking the questions. I asked Alan Charles about Lana. After our chat I knew that he wasn't guilty. He was still in love with her, he wouldn't do anything to harm her. After meeting up with the team, exchanging the information each of us found out. Jamal told us that the wig was bought by a woman, which made Janine Perretti a major suspect because she was the only female on our list. Lana had invited us to the award ceremony so we could keep an eye on the suspects. When we get to the award ceremony there was a lot of cameras as Lana rushed ahead of us. Janine Perretti ran out so, Rob, Tina and I took the opportunity to talk to her. After talking to her Tina felt like something wasn't right. She asked Ghostwriter to see what Lana was writing for her speech. We read the speech and we knew it wasn't Lana. Jamal was keeping an eye on Janine while Lenni watched out for Stone Harrison. Tina called Lana at home and she sounded in trouble so she and Alex went to go check up on her. Rob and I were left to look at the clues to see who the clues again to see who we missed. We soon realized it was the Stunt Double. She had the biggest grudge against Lana. Rob in all the excitement went to see what Roberta Halton, (the Stunt Double) was doing. I yelled at him not to, but he didn't listen. I got worried about him after a ten minutes passed and he didn't return. I ran upstairs after the imposter left the dressing room, to see Rob tied up and gagged by his own tie! I untied him and asked him if he was alright, we ran downstairs as Roberta Halton gave her speech. Rob was angry and wanted to go up to her but Jamal stopped him, thankfully. I can't imagine what would've happened if he didn't. Lana, Tina and Alex arrived with Lt. McQuaid and arrested her. Lana called us up as she gave her speech. Rob was right behind me and I could feel his breath as he grabbed my hand, giving it a tight squeeze as a silent thank you for untying him earlier. I smiled as I squeezed back, so he'd know that it was OK. That night, Alex came home very excited and told Papa something about how it had worked. When he got to the room I told him I knew he liked Tina and I was glad that they had hit it off. He asked "How would I know" and I told him that sometimes you just know.

AN #2. I deviated a bit from the show slightly there in the end in this chapter but I feel its necessary to show Gaby and Rob's feelings for each other throughout the fic.

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