The Kat Dimention

Introduction- Hi, me again, time for another silly crossover. I'm not the kind of person who really likes all of these modern cartoons, but there's one which I find to be very funny, called Phineas and Ferb. It involves two young boys who do a lot of crazy things during their summer vacation, while their teenage sister Candace tries to 'bust them' to her parents. Of course they never find out, to her dismay, mainly because they're too smart for her. Phineas and Ferb have a knack of creating all sorts of devices and such, so what do you think would happen if they created a dimentional doorway to the SWAT Kat dimention? A lot of havoc, kaos and silliness, of course. Enjoy!

Chapter One

"Phineas! Ferb! Candace! " yelled their mother from the living room, "Your father and I are going on a weekend vacation to Hawaii! So I want all of you to behave yourselves, understand?"

"Of course, mom, we always do.." smiled Phineas.

"Huh, that's a laugh.." muttered Candace under her breath.

"Now, stop teasing your brother.." replied her father. "You're in charge Candace, and I don't want to hear any more of your wild stories when we come back! Sheesh, what do you have against your brothers anyway?"

"Yeahhh, what?" grinned Ferb, who usually didn't say much.

All Candace did in response was growl something unintelligable, and stalked back to her room, where she had been talking to her friend from school on the phone. Picking up the reciever, she layed back down on the bed, and sighed, "Hi, I'm back Rachael... yes, my parents are going on another weekend trip, meaning I have to look after those two dweebs again! I'm telling you, it's like this every summer! Why can't I have normal brothers like every other kid in school does?"

"You can always leave the house and live at school..." gigged her friend.

"Haaa, Haaa, very funny.." Candace smirked. "I wonder what sort of hair-brained ideas those two will think of next?"

Outside, after their parents had left for their vacation, Phineas and Ferb sat under the tree, wondering what contraption they should make that weekend.

"Hmm, we could always build a rocket ship to the moon.." Phineas said.

"Did that.." his brother replied.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. Then how about rocket powered roller skates that go faster than the speed of sound?"

"Did that too.."

"Yeah, of course! They took us halfway around the world, come to think of it. Hmmm, say! Why don't we visit another world altogether! We'll build a dimentional gateway to another universe!"

"Good idea.." nodded Ferb. "Let's get started..."

In a matter of two hours, the boys had built their gateway, using only parts they had found in the junkyard the previous weekend. It was a combobulation of sheet metal, wires, and a number of other things that people had thrown away. In the middle of the contraption was a simple wooden door.

"There we go, all finished!" exclaimed Phineas. "I know it doesn't look like much, but according to the calculations we've made, it should work. All we have to do is turn this dial here to dimention X, and step through the door, and presto! We'll be on another world!"

"AHAAAA! " shouted Candace, who came outside running. Pointing at her brothers, and then at the device, she shouted, "I knew you two dufuses would be up to something! What is that thing?"

"It's a dimentional doorway, sis.." said Phineas. "Ferb and I were just about to walk through that door and.."

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" she growled back, stepping in front of the device. " Mom and Dad told me to keep my eyes on you!'

"Oh, great, then you can come with us! Oh, forgot, we can't leave Perry behind either. Ferb, you go get him, ok?"

"Sure.." said his brother, who went to get their pet Platypus, who in reality was a government agent named Agent P. His commanding officer had give him two weeks of shoreleave because his number 1 nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz , wasn't causing anything evil, as of late.

"But he could show up any time, Agent P.." growled the Commander. "In the meantime, relax, and get well rested.
I'm going to Hawaii for a vacation myself. See my lovely leigh, and swim trunks? I can't wait to soak in the sun! WHAT DO MEAN IT WILL GIVE ME SKIN CANCER SARGEANT? Oh never mind him, agent P. See you next time evil shows up! Tata!"

Once his Commander officer dissapeared from the screen, Perry quickly ran back upstairs and returned to his 'sandbox' pretending to look as dumb as ever. That's when Ferb picked him up, put the platypus into his cage, and carried him outside.

"Ahh good, you've got him, I was just about to start up the device.." smiled Phineas.

"Look, lame brain, I hope you know what you're doing.." Candace huffed, as she peered at the contraption. "Because if we get lost somewhere, our parents will ground all of us for life!"

"Relax, this is a cinch! Ready, here goes nothing!"

Phineas flipped on the switch, and the device started to make a humming sound. A few seconds later, the doorway started to glow. Opening it, Phineas ginned from ear to ear, because on the other side of the door was a room of some kind.

"Hmm, what's that, a dinosoar skeleton?" said Ferb, pointing.

"Yeah, it must be a museum. Oh well, I guess this device is a dud, it only made a portal to the Smithsonian institute in Washington D.C. But I've always wanted to visit it, so let's go, everyone. Candace, you first.."

"Oh, alright..." sighed the teen who walked casually through the door, and then leaned against the wall, as her brothers came in with Perry.

"Huh, funny, nobody's here, they must be closed on Fridays.." said Phineas, who looked up at the huge dinosar skeleton with interest. "Cool, a T-rex!"

"Booooring..." yawned Candace who walked across the room, and leaned against a giant stuffed saber-toothed tiger.

"Careful sis, that's museum property!" shouted her brother.

"Whatever.." she replied glancing at it. "Ugg, wouldn't want to meet this thing when it was alive, I'd be shredded to bits."

At that moment, to the brothers dismay, an alarm sounded. Sighing outloud, Phineas gasped, "Look what you've done sis, the security guards will be here any second! Quick, back through the portal!"

"Um, what portal?"uttered Ferb.

The two brothers and Candace gasped in horror, because it had dissapeared.

"Oh I just knew it!" she shouted. "When the police ship us back home, we will be grounded for life! Oh well, at least I'll finally have the satisfaction of busting you dweebs!"

Seconds later, a door on the other side of the room opened, and in a came a security guard, followed by two females, one in a white lab coat, the other wearing a pink dress. But to the shock of Phineas, Ferb, and Candace, they were not human.

"HOLY KATS!" exclaimed the security guard, who was actually a walking talking cat person, as were the two females, "What are they?"

"From this vantagepoint, Charlie.." said one of the females, who had brown fur, and dark hair, "They appear to be aliens.."

"I knew it, I told you it would work, we are on another planet!" exclaimed Phineas, giving his brother a hug.
"We're the very first humans to meet extraterrestrials! Hi there alien cat people, I'm Phineas, this is my brother Ferb, and older sister Candace. Take us to your leader!"

"You mean Mayor Manx?" sighed the other female, who had tan fur and blonde hair. "He'd scream in fear if he saw you. Our world had already been invaded twice by hostile aliens, although you three, er... alien kittens look harmeless enough.."

"KITTENS?" gasped Candace, who stepped boldly up to the alien female cat person, and shoved her finger into her face. "Now listen here miss kitty cat, I'm a deprived human teenager, who has two dweebs for brothers! Because of them, I've wasted my summer vacation, and have ended up in some unknown universe! Now because their portal thingy broke, we might be stuck here forever!"

The last part of her sentance, the human teenager had screamed at the top of her lungs, causing all three kat people to wince.

"Yikes Callie, and I thought you had a loud scream.." muttered the brown-haired female cat.

"So did I, Dr. Sinian.. " goaned back the Deputy Mayor of Megakat City.

Haha, pretty funny huh? Hold on, I'm just getting started, although I have absolutely no clue where this will be going!