"Ladies and Gentlekats!" exclaimed Mayor Manx from the stage that had been set up in front of city hall, "These fine alien youngsters have save our fair citaaaaay not once, but twice! For that, we are giving each of them a gold Enforcer badge for their heroic bravery!"

"Yaaaaaaayyy!" shouted the huge throng of Katizens who had gathered for this special event. Commander Feral, who finally was glad to get rid of that nemesis Dark Kat once and for all, was was very happy to hand Phineas , Ferb, Candace, and the platypus Perry the gold medals.

"For alien kits, you certainly are very brave indeed.." said Feral smiling at them, "It is an honor for us to call you friends.."

"Thanks big guy.." said Phineas, "I wish we could stay longer, but we've gotta get back home now, our parents are probably worried sick.."

"Our parents..." sighed Candace, " I wonder what it will be like not to see the light of day, when they ground us for eternity?"

"Don't worry, just let me do the talking.." said Perry, "Turn on the machine, Ferb.."

"Righto.." he replied. The dimention machine was pointing at a wall which Phineas and his brother had built on the stage. The crowd gasped, as a dimentional gateway to another universe appeared in seconds.

"Cool, there's our backyard!" exclaimed Candace.

"And the tree we sit under all the time.." smiled Phineas. "Bye everyone, bye SWAT Kats!"

"Take care of yourselves, little buddies.." grinned Razor, as he shook the kids hands.

"Yeah you're really cool bros.." added T-bone.

"It was nice to meet you Candace.." said Callie, as she hugged the human teen. "Please come back to Megakat City, we'll go shopping at the mall!"

"Cool, I want to get a pink outfit like yours!" she replied.

Waving goodbye for the last time, Phineas and his friends walked through the portal, taking the machine with them as they went. When the portal closed, Candace ran inside the house and looked at the clock radio in the kitchen, which also displayed the date. Gasping outloud, she went back outside and said, "Guys, you won't believe this! It's only been ten seconds since we first traveled to that kat dimention! It's like we never even left!"

"Hmm, time must work different in that universe.." pondered Perry.

"Yeah, and you can still talk!" smiled Phineas.

"Gees lucky me.." sighed the Platypus, "Probably an after-effect of being in that dimention. Since your parents won't be arriving for two more days, that gives us plenty of time to prepare ourselves. Follow me to my secret hideout under your house, youngsters, and I'll try to get a hold of Major Monogram.."

Perry then went into the house with Phineas and the others, and showed them the tube he slid down when MM called him. It wasn't big enough for the kids to fit, so he led them downstairs, and in through a secret trap door. Phineas, Ferb, and Candace just stared in awe at Perry's base of operations.

"Cool digs, Perry!" exclaimed Phineas, "And to think, we never even knew this place was here!"

"I've always had a feeling that with your curiosity, you would find it eventually.." smiled the Platypus, who pressed a button on the wall to call MM. "Now watch the moniter, and you'll meet my Commanding officer.."

Seconds later, the screen flickered, and there was Major Monogram, sitting poolside in Hawaii, in his swim trunks, and with a rubber duckie in his hands.

"Oh, I'm swimming in my big bathtub, tralalalala.." he was singing, "Er... WHAT THE! AGENT PERRY? IS that you I see in my special tv sunglasses? Is Dr. Doof causing evil again? And what are those Flynn kids doing with you?"

"Please don't get over-excited sir, you'll fall into the pool.." sighed the platypus.


"Just stay calm sir, and listen to me for a few minutes, and I'll tell you what's happened.." said Perry.
"It all started when Phineas made a portal to another Universe..."

One hour later, the platypus finished by saying "And we left Dr. Doof on that other world, where he will be a harmless nuisance to the kats in Megakat City. He's being looked after by some fine she-kat nurses at Megakat hospital. When little doofy finally grows up, hopefuly he'll turn into a nice human scientist this time around.."

"Incredible!" gasped MM, "A world of intelligent Kat people? I would have normally called you crazy, but the evidence of your ability to talk proves otherwise! I'm very proud you, and your brother and sister Phineas! You have made the greatest discovery in human history! Er, and you say these kat aliens have offered you to come back and visit them?"

"Any time sir.." smiled the boy, "With this machine that Dr. Doof built, we'll be able to get there in seconds! And get this! Time is different there! We were in Megakat city a whole day, and only ten seconds had elapsed when we returned!"

"Amazing!" exclaimed MM. "You know something, you kids will become famous, I promise you that!"

One month later, the world watched with eager anticipation on their tv screens, as a group of brave people were about to take a trip unlike any other. Phineas and his friends, plus other kids they knew, were returning to Megakat City.
Major Monogram was with them, a number of his officers, Carl and the like, and most importantly Phineas' parents.

"Are you sure this portal of yours is safe son?" asked his father.

"Of course Dad, we've tested it three times already. Perry is in Megakat City right now, waiting for us with Mayor Manx. The portal opens right into his office. His Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs, Commander Feral, and the SWAT Kats should be with them too."

"Why should we doubt our wonderful son, the genius, dear?" smiled Mrs Flynn, kissing Phineas. "Did your father and I tell you just how proud we are of you, Ferb, and Candace?"

"Fifty times already mom.." sighed Candace, "I'm just glad you didn't ground us after all. Now let's get going already! Callie wanted to go shopping with me as soon as we arrived!"

"ALRIGHT!", shouted Phineas, "Here we come again, Megakat City!"