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Big time skip.

Big time rush is 21 in this and so are Jo, Camille, Annie, and surprise surprise Stephanie!


Maybe this wasn't the best plan. I looked at the clock in the waiting room for my results. My wedding was in less than an hour and the only thing I had ready was my make-up. Sure, all of this could've waited but I couldn't spend my whole honeymoon thinking about it.

"Camille, do you mind? Watching you shake like this is making me anxious." Stephanie said.

I looked over at my friend with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry Steph. Sorry about all of this. I know how much you probably want to see Carlos and I ruined that by kidnapping you." I apologized.

She grabbed my hand and smiled sincerely.

"You really think you should be sorry about this. Carlos and I have been doing this long distance ting for a year now, another hour or two will not kill him. Plus, you're my friend. I'm happy that you trust me enough to let me come with you."

"Camille Roberts?" I heard my name being called.

"Wow, in a few hours that's the last time you'll ever be called that." Stephanie said smiling.

"I know." I said getting up.


"Okay let's get one thing clear. You lost the bride?" I yelled.

My voice echoed in the empty corridor as I watched my girlfriend cringe at my words.

"Technically I didn't lose her. I just don't know exactly where she went." Jo explained.

I sighed as I watched Carlos hold James back from jumping Jo. I couldn't wait for this day to be over. All morning I'd been dealing with problem after problem and I was sick of it. Not to mention Logan is currently locked in a broom closet because we couldn't keep him from panicking.

"I can't believe she just walked out like that. Does she know how much it cost to make this wedding happen? This is like thousands of dollars I will never get back." James screeched.

"You idiot! You didn't even pay for the wedding. Logan and Camille did. Sure, you helped plan it but that's it. God, how does Annie deal with you?" Jo exclaimed.

"Can't we all just get along?" Carlos whined.

"We could if Malibu Barbie would be a bit nicer." James said glaring at Jo.

"James! Stop calling my girlfriend names!"

"Did he just call me Malibu Barbie? At least I'm not a Ken wannabe!"

"Excuse me but Ken ain't got nothing on me? Have you seen my face? The Face speaks for itself."

"You shallow bastard!"

"Fake Blonde!"

"Guys! Shut the fuck up!"

They all stopped and stared at me.

"Well, someone is a bit angry." Carlos half whispered.

"Yes I'm mad. We don't know where the hell the bride is, the wedding starts in an hour, my best friend and girlfriend are trying to kill each other and the groom is probably passed out in the closet we locked him in! I have reasons to be angry!"

"Aww sweetie." Jo said coming over to me.

She gave me a kiss on the lips before resting her arms around my waist.

"If it helps I won't kill James. I mean I didn't know it would make you feel bad." Jo said kindly.

"Of course he would feel bad. I came before you did! Hello, every heard of bros over hoes? I'm the Bro and you're the-"

"So help me God James you had better not finish that sentence!" I yelled.

"Fine." He said sitting down on the floor.

"Seriously guys, we have to find Cam." Carlos said looking at his phone, "Logan just texted me saying that it's starting to get hard to breathe in the closet."

"Well, at least he's still alive." Jo said in relief.

"I'm surprised that he didn't ask why we locked him in there in the first place." James said curiously.

"Oh he did, I just keep ignoring those messages." Carlos stated.

We needed a plan and quick. How far could Camille have gone?

"Da da da dum!" I heard a voice yell. "The bride is HERE!"

I turned and watched as Camille and Stephanie walked arm in arm towards us. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I realized there really was a wedding going to happen today.

"Stephanie? You're here!" I heard Carlos yell.

I felt myself being pushed to the ground as Carlos whizzed past me and into the arms of an awaiting Stephanie. Jo helped me up from off the floor as Camille made her way over.

"Long distance relationships hurt." I commented.

"Where were you?" Jo asked.

"I'll tell you but we really need to finish getting ready. Kendall take the guys and go get Logan. Hopefully he hasn't locked himself up somewhere and is panicking." Camille said.

"Well technically he didn't lock himself up, it's more like we-" James said before I managed to cut him off

"Good idea Cam. We'll meet you at the altar." I said before kissing Jo goodbye and grabbing James and Carlos.


"Oh my God. I'm getting married. To Logan. Logan wants to marry me." I whispered to myself as I stood behind the door in front of the aisle.

From the little window, I could see Logan pacing while Jo and Kendall trying to calm him down. James was looking at himself in a pocket mirror while Annie merely rolled her eyes. Carlos and Stephanie were staring at each other with loving eyes.

"Are you ready baby?" I heard my mom say.

I turned and watched as she and my father walked over to me. They had been getting along so much better now a days and both wanted to walk me down the aisle.

"I'm ready."

The wedding march began and the doors opened. Everyone stood as I made my way down the aisle. I never wanted a big wedding and neither did Logan. So although we let James and Jo plan it we had complete control over the guest list.

Everyone from the Palm Woods and Rocque Records. Kelly Wainwright Rocque sat in the second row with her daughter. Guitar Dude and Jennifer W. sat together along with the other Jennifers. Kyle and Katie stood together hand in hand smiling. Logan's dad was in the front row with Ms. Knight and the rest of the BTR's parents.

When we finally reached the altar, the priest aka Gustavo Rocque spoke.

"Who gives this beautiful bride away?"

"We do." I heard my parents say.

Logan stepped down and gently took my hand.

"Hello Beautiful." He whispered in my ear.

I giggled softly as I played with my newly straightened hair.

"Okay, we are gathered here today to watch the unification of a beautiful couple. Hortense Logan Mitchell and Camille Sarah Roberts."

I smiled upon hearing my name.

"Now if anyone thinks these two should not be married please stand now or forever hold your peace. Please forever hold your peace."

I looked around at my friends and family and prayed no one stepped up. Thankfully no one stepped up. Gustavo continued talking and soon it was time for our vows. I didn't write any. I felt like I should speak from my heart. I nervously played with my bouquet as Logan began to speak

"You loved me from the start even when I thought you were crazy. You never wanted to change me. I never want to change you. I was sixteen when we first dated and even when we weren't together we were. I always had that connection to you that even if I wanted to I could never break. You're my star. You're the formula to my math equation."

"Leave it up to Logan to use his smarty pants talk in his vows." James whispered.

"Shut up James." Kendall whispered back.

"Anyway." Logan continued. "All I want is for you to be happy Camille. I want to know that you're okay and that you know that you can come to me any time. It's you and me in our own little world. But if the time comes and you don't want me anymore I'll let you leave. I just want you to be happy. I love you Camille. That's all I need. Fame doesn't even come close to you."

"Seriously, you're offering her an out? Now of all times at the altar. Logan, you already out a ring out now take advantage of it. You might not find a girl this open-minded again. You're not as handsome as me." James said.

"James, I swear to God if you don't shut up I'll make sure that it'll only be you and your hand for the rest of your damn life." Annie yelled.

I couldn't help but laugh. This wedding was sure going smoothly.

"Anyway, Camille it's your turn." Gustavo announced.

I could feel all eyes on me and I began to panic a little. A familiar sense of nausea washed over me but I held my composure and spoke.

"Logan, I'm not going anywhere. Don't you know by now that you're stuck with me. The whole 'till death do you part' doesn't even count for us because even when one of us dies I'm still gonna be around waving my ring in front of all the angels just so they know you're mine. I'm happy because you're happy. It's been a rough ride for us and sometimes I think how is it that we are still together and still in love."

I watched as he smiled. And I knew it was okay to continue.

"Together we're invincible and we sure as hell proved that. When it came to LJ, me in being in rehab even when everything was just plain normal we got through it. But there is one thing you're wrong about. It's not you and me in our own little world Logan."

I paused for a minute and watched as everyone began to whisper and wonder where I was going with this. The boys including Logan looked downright confused. Only Annie, Jo and Stephanie knew what was going on.

"Camille, what do you mean?" Logan asked.

I smiled and reached into my bouquet for the picture that I hid inside it.

"It's you, me and our babies."

Logan's eyes widened as he took the picture.

"Wait a minute did she say babies? She said babies right? I'm not the only one who heard it?" James said.

"Yes, James I said babies. Twins to be specific."

"Whoa, twins. Didn't know you had it in you Logan." James smirked earning a head slap from Kendall and Carlos.

"We're. Having. Twins?" Logan said slowly.

"Yes. Are you okay Logan?"

"Whoa. I'm fine. I'm more than fine. I'm- Wait a minute is this why the guys locked me in a closet this morning?" Logan said turning to the guys.

"They locked you in a closet? You locked Logan in a closet?" I yelled.

I walked over to them and waited for an explanation.

"Well, in our defense we didn't know where you were so we panicked and hid Logan so he didn't think you were running out on him." Kendall explained. "Congratulations!"

"Can we continue this wedding now please?" Gustavo asked.

I walked back over to Logan who still stared at the picture in awe.

"Logan, I love you for you just like you love me for me. Thank you for sticking by me through everything and never giving up on me. I love you and I can't wait to become parents."

"Now that that's over with. Ring time!"

We were both handed our rings.

"Logan, do you take Camille Sarah Roberts to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold and cherish for all of eternity?"

"Eternity? Damn." James whispered. Logan ignored him and went on.

"I do." He said sliding the ring on me.

"Do you Camille take Hortense Logan Mitchell to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold for the rest of eternity?"

"Hell yeah I do." I said as I slid his ring on.

"Well then you may now kiss the bride!"

"Finally." Logan said as he closed the gap between us with his lips.


This was it. All my dreams had finally come true. I was going to be a dad again by next year and I had my beautiful wife by my side. What more could I ask for?

"Well, Logie. It's official. We're not kids anymore." Kendall said sipping a glass of wine.

"I know."

"Can you believe it? Logan's married. We're all in committed relationships. James actually found a girl who can stand him. I mean who would've thought?" Carlos commented.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with me!" James retorted.

"Keep telling yourself that buddy." Kendall laughed.

"Attention it is time for Camille to throw the bouquet." Gustavo who was also the DJ announced.

I watched as a bunch of girls including Stephanie, Jo and Annie rush to catch the bouquet.

"How much you wanna bet they're going to break their legs trying to get the bouquet?" Kendall said chuckling.

To our surprise, there wasn't much of a fight. The bouquet magically landed in the arms of none other than Katie Knight. Kendall spit out the wine and slammed the glass on the table.

His eyes went from a smiling Katie to a terrified looking Kyle.

"She's only sixteen. Katherine Knight you had better put the damn bouquet down this instant! Kyle, you little jit COME HERE!" Kendall screamed.

Kyle took off running and Katie's smile was immediately wiped off her face. She handed the bouquet over to Jo before running after Kyle.

"Kyle! I swear if you even touch my sister. I will kill you!" Kendall said as he took off running. Carlos and James ran after him along with Jo to make sure he didn't do any serious damage to Kyle. Me on the other went to Camille.

I took her hand and walked her over to the dance floor.

"Very eventful day, if I do say so myself." I said smiling.

"Very Very eventful my dear."

As corny as it sounds our song came on. "You and Me" by Lifehouse played beautifully and covered the sounds of Kendall shouting from outside.

"I can't wait to meet the twins."

"Me too. We have eight more months until we meet them."

We danced after that. In our own little world with our babies. The past didn't matter for us now. THe scars had finally healed and God was finally giving us a new start. It didn't even matter that we'd probably be bailing my friends out of jail in a few hours either. Everything was just perfect.

I was looking forward to the rest of our lives. In a way I was grateful for all the things that had happened to us. Without them we probably would never have even gotten this far. We are what we experience.

"I love you Camille Mitchell."

"I love you too Logan Mitchell."

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