- Flashback -

"Get something other than orange and black for once," Sasuke growled to him from the other side of the clothes rack in Dills at the mall. "I get stuff in blue too," Naruto answered quietly, his baby blue eyes downcast, pretending to look at the price tag of a shirt. Sasuke snorted and said, "Whatever, hurry up."
Naruto grabbed another sleeveless orange shirt and followed Sasuke to the check out. Sasuke paid for their things and Naruto got the bags, following Sasuke to his corvette. Naruto put the bags in the trunk then climbed into the car.
Sasuke drove them back to campus wordlessly. Naruto carried the bags to Sasuke's room. He placed Sasuke's bags on his bed and turned to leave, walking into the other boy. Sasuke smirked at him, and gently tilted Naruto's chin upward. Gently, Sasuke kissed the blond, something he so rarely did. After getting over his initial shock at Sasuke's kindness, Naruto closed his eyes and kissed back eagerly. Sasuke slid his hand from Naruto's chin to his throat, not squeezing, yet. Sasuke bit Naruto's lip, drawing blood, making Naruto whimper softly. Sasuke kissed him more forcefully, backing Naruto into the wall. Naruto returned the kiss, hoping Sasuke wouldn't choke him. The kiss lasted a moment longer. Sasuke pulled away, smirking, his hand still around Naruto's throat. He smirked, staring into the blond's eyes, which held fear and a mix of love. Sasuke released him, and Naruto exited the room, feeling Sasuke's eyes on his back.

Naruto returned to his room, closing the door with a soft sigh.
"Why are you with him?" Kiba, his roommate, asked. "Because...," Naruto replied, trailing off, then shaking his head as he walked to his bed and flopped down on it. Kiba flipped the page in the magazine he was reading. "You shouldn't stay with him if he treats you this badly," his roommate advised. "But...," Naruto tried to protest. "You know I'm right Naru," Kiba said, looking over at him, his chocolate brown eyes full of concern.
Naruto didn't bother with a reply and Kiba got up a few moments later, leaving the room. Naruto laid there, thinking of Sasuke.

- End flashback-

Naruto stared at his reflection in the lake. His blond hair seemed somehow paler, his skin too. His eyes were full of sadness, but he had done as he had to. He sighed, knowing that didn't make it hurt any less though.

- Flashback-

"We need to talk," Naruto said, standing just inside the doorway to Sasuke's room. "What about?" Sasuke asked, his eyes cold, but his interest sparked. "Do you care for me? Even the tiniest bit?" he asked, trying not to cringe away from the ice cold stare. "Of course I care," Sasuke answered. "Then you have to take me as I am, not as who you want me to be, because if you really did care, you wouldn't be trying to change me," Naruto said, looking his boyfriend in his onyx gray eyes.
Sasuke's eyes hardened, Naruto barely had time to react before Sasuke's fist connected with his jaw. The blond reeled sideways, his shoulder hitting the wall. Sasuke smirked at him, cold and cruelly. Naruto stood straight, his hands clenched into fists, tears welling in his baby blue eyes. Naruto stared at Sasuke a moment longer before turning around and slamming the door behind him.

- End flashback-

Naruto had loved Sasuke, he thought despite his coldness, the other boy had loved him too. Obviously, that hadn't been so. Naruto ran his hand through his hair, deciding to get up and go back to his room. See if Kiba was interested in doing something. He slouched slightly as he walked, staring at his dark blue converse, his slightly lighter jeans covering them mostly.
When he opened the door to his room, he heard Kiba in the bathroom, brushing his teeth.

"Hey Kiba, got any plans?" Naruto asked, laying on his bed. "Nope," he answered, walking out of the bathroom. "How about some video games down at the lounge?" Naruto asked. "Sure," Kiba nodded.
Naruto stood and followed Kiba out of the room. They walked side by side in silence to the lounge. Kiba took a seat on the couch while Naruto crouched in front of the game rack.
"Whacha wanna play?" he asked. "Dunno," Kiba replied. Naruto rolled his eyes and grabbed Soul Caliber III, putting it in the PS2. He tossed Kiba a controller and grabbed his, sitting beside the brunette.