The talk show everbody has always wanted. Who is his true love?

Every body loves Jin!

"Welcome to our show everybody loves Jin,(pause for theme music) Im your host Lee Chaolan ! today on our show the most famous, and by far the most written about Tekken Bachelor will confront all of the fic pairings that have been posted. And with no further ado, the Tekken pretty boy himself Jin Kazama!"

Everybody in the room stands and cheers as Jin strolls on stage. All the girls faint as he flashes a nervous smile. Jin takes his seat across from Lee.

"Now Mr. Kazama, What encouraged you to do this show?"

"Call me Jin Mr. Chaolan, but the reason I came on the show is im tired of having to read these fanfics pairing me with the wrong woman and ,god forbid, man."

Lee nodded sympathetically and said

"Are you ready to confront one match?"

"Yes sir I think I am."

"One realitvely popular match for you is with Nina Williams one of the famous William sisters. Would you like to share your feelings on this match."

"Wait, you said Nina Willaims right?"

" Yes, Yes I did."

" Isn't she like fifty?"

"Im not Quite sure of her exact age but shes been around for a while."

"Shes old enough to be my mother!"

"But she was in cyrgosleep sleep for like twenty years sooo"

"She has a Son. That's my age!"

"Is age the only factor?"

"Isnt she like an assain."

"Yes and a very good one too."

"And doesn't she have some odd obsession with killing her sister?"

"She's an assassin she has obsessions with killing anything."

"why the heck would I want an old psycho, murderer?"

"Because she's hot?"

"Old, Psycotic, Murderer."

(awkard silence)

"Is that all to it?"

" Pretty much."

"Well that ends our show tune in next time for Jins Thoughts on Asuka!"


"That's all folks!"

Authors note: this probably isn't for Jina fans.