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The lights on the set brightened and on walked Lee with a boot on his injured foot and a sling on his arm. He his charming smile and said "Hello Everybody, I'm you host Lee Chaolan and welcome to Everybody loves Jin! Today we'll discuss our fateful hero and his realationship to the delightful heiress Emilie Rochefort. Although I was expecting Julia to be the publics choice based on the obscenely large amount of Jin/Julia stories. That of course is besides the point. Lets bring in Jin and see what he thinks."

Jin walked onto the stage and was met by thunderous applause and cheering from the crowd. He sits in his seat and says to Lee

"I never thought that I would say this to a person who considers me a theif an a genetic failure, I'm glad to see you."

"I have that affect. Anyway Jin, recently fanfiction has been beratted with love stories between you and Lilli. Seeing as you are both wealthy young heirs it is among the more reasonable of matches disscussed on this show."

"I agree with that part. Unlike previous candidates on this show she is not old enough to be my mom or related to me and is a she. It's what she is that's the real turn off."

"And what might that be?"

"She's a snob."

"Just because she's wealthy doesn't make her a snob."

"Yes but running over school girls with a limo does."

"Dp you resent her because of that incident with your cousin?"

"No. She's a brat. You run over sombody and then fight them. Anyone else think that qualifies you to be a bitch?"

The crowd nods furiously

"Anyway the only thing we have in common is that we're rich."

"Fabulously so."

"But she wants to be rich, I didn't ask for this burden."

Lee answers with mock sympathy "Oh woe on the poor rich boy! Burden with unspeakable wealth!"

Jin is indignant at the sarcasm "I don't want this! I just want to live my life without family members trying to kill me, without wings sprouting from my back and in control of my own mind. I'd trade riches for that anytime."

There is a sympathetic sigh from the crowd.

A fangirl says "he's so hot when he's emotional."

" We dont even really know eachother. She just enters the tournament to drain every cent she can."

"So you are turned off by her greed?"

"Yes. And she's manipulative. She use the misfortune of others to get what she wants."

"How so?"

"Well she is one of those people who like to cause a fight and so she uses the excuse of fighting for her daddy to account for it."

"I see."

"She'll do anything to get what she wants and that's just not attractive to me."

"Awwwwww he likes a girl with character!" said a fangirl from the crowd and a collective dreamy sigh followed.

At that moment a furious Lilli marched on stage. The only thing more stunning than her prescence was her dress which was white embellished with lace and stretched behind her in a long train. She threw a bouquet of flowers at Jin.

"What the heck!" he yelled in response, spitting out daisies.

"I am full of character! Your just hiding your feelings for me! Everybody loves me!"

"Everybody loves Jin." Lee corrects and adds "That's the name of this show and I don't believe your scheduled for an appearance."

"My Daddy is co-producer! I can do whatever I want." Then she turned to Jin "That means were getting married."

Jin looks at her "Now I know a thing or two about demons but I dont know what has possessed you to suggest that."

"Jin you silly goose, when were married our companies will be merged and my Daddy will own the Biggest company on earth." then Lilli grins down at Jin.

"Excuse me Ms. Rochefort, but Jin already owns the biggest company in the world and if he were to give it away (as he would have to for it to become your fathers) there are already people in line to take control of the Zaibatsu. Namely, me."

Lilli frowns at Lee. "You are just sour because I am actually an heiress and not just a pitiful street rat disguised in a tux."

Fury burns in Lee's eyes as he reaches in his pocket and retrieves his cell phone he hits a button and it rings "Hello Mr. Rochefort this is Lee... Yes our golf is still on for this evening but I'm concerned with your daugh-"

Lilli crossed the stage in two steps and snatched the phone away from Lee.

"Daddy!... Oh no I'm just on a shopping trip with good old uncle Lee! You know he is soooo stylish... Nothing! He just wanted to know if it was okay if I rode home on his jet instead of ours...Okay... No I won't tell him you think he is a perverted bastard... And I won't get alone in a room with him... Yes, I'll ask about your partnership. Bye Daddy."

Having overheard the conversation the crowd was snickering. Except for Lee, there was smoke coming from his ears.

Lilli was also upset "What's wrong with you! You can't tell my Dad I'm about to force Jins hand in marriage!"

"I very well could have, that blabbering fool thinks m a pervert does he? Tell him to forget our partnership!." Lee growled.

Jin stood and faced Lilli "We aren't even engaged! On that note weare not dating. We aren't even Friends. I don't even know you!"

"And I hate you for what you've done to my father he works his heart out for our company and you march in and take it over."

"Then why do you want to MARRY me?"

"I want daddy's company back and yours too."

"Well the answer is no."

She stomped her foot and said "hmmp your not good enough for me anyway. Sebastian!" and then walked out.

Jin sighed "same old same old. In the end Nobody loves Jin."

"I Love You Jin!" shouted a fangirl from the crowd.

Jin blinked recognition "Xiao?"

She blushed as she realized Jin was actually looking at her... In her Jin shirt with a matching skirt. Jin banner waving in her hand and a bookbag with his face on it. All the other girls glared in jealousy.

"You watch my show?" Jin says incredulously.

Xiaoyu's blush deepened and she nodded furiously and bounded out of the showroom.

"Anyway." Lee says "Thats all for today's show-"

"Xiao is a fangirl?" Jin ask aloud .

"-Join us next time-"

"And a shirt, with me on it?"

"-as we discuss Jin and Julia. That's all for now folks."