Ultimate Prankster

Chap 0


The night of the academy test.

He had failed the standard exam, yes.

But he had passed the first part of the make up exam.

He had the scroll.

He squatted in the forest, reading the scroll.

Multi kage bushin Jutsu.

Had learned the first one. Simple, it was easier than the academy bushin...the next one...

Explosive bushin jutsu.

If he read this correctly, it would be the ultimate prank jutsu...with a little tweak, there would be no prank, no target, that could/would be out of reach...

This one... it had no prank value. It was designed to hurt someone...

but he was a ninja... OK, he would collect this one also.

His head jerked up...He could hear the approach of Mizuki...he had time for one more...

Ah this one...he quickly read the the jutsu descriptors.

But it was not Mizuki that landed in front of him...

"Naruto, What have you done?" hissed Iruka, "Why have you stolen the scared sealed scroll?"

"Mizuki-sensei told me to. He said that it was a extra-credit test to make-up for what I could not do in class." Naruto answered calmly. Taking a second to rescan the five jutsu on the scroll, he rerolled the massive scroll up, and resealed it. "Is there a problem,Iruka-sensei?"

"Half the village is out looking for you and that scroll. It is believed that you have stolen it, and are planning to leave the village."

"Why would Mizuki-sensei lie to me?"

"I can answer that." Mizuki answered from a branch above. "You were just so trusting," the gray haired ninja taunted, "So eager for attention, so ..." He flung a massive shuriken at the stunned blond boy.

Only for Iruka to imposes himself in front of the child and take the point of the shuriken himself.

"Sorry, Naruto. I could not see your value in time. Now run." as he crumpled to the ground.

Mizuki cackled as he drew another massive shuriken, and spun it. "Time to die, Demon!" he flung the shuriken at the boy...

...only for the boy to duck under the whirling blade of death. "Ah, Mizuki-sensei, To prove that I completed your little test... Multi-kage-bushin-jutsu!"

Suddenly the clearing was packed with Naruto clones. Then they went to town on the poor instructor.

Twenty minutes later, eight ANBU landed in the clearing, to find a burned and tie-died Mizuki, bound and gagged with the rags of his own clothes. Naruto was giving Field Medicine to a wounded Iruka.

Iruka lifted the massive shuriken, ready to defend his student, but the lead ANBU waved him off. "The Hokage told us what happened. Are you needing help?" at Iruka's shake of the head, collected the bound traitor and vanished into the night.

"Genin Uzumaki, the Hokage wants to see you." drifted out of the night...