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Cody was walking back to playa de loser where everyone was staying until season 3 had ended. He and Noah had gotten together shortly after season 3 had ended must to Sierra's disliking. Everyone thought that they had a great relationship well everyone thought that except Cody and Noah who knew the truth. Behind closed doors everything was horrible between the two of them. Cody had lost everything at home including his parents. His parents hated the fact that Cody was dating a boy so Noah offered to let Cody stay with him and Cody agreed before knowing what exactly the relationship would be like. So now he was stuck doing whatever Noah wanted him to do and forced to stay with him. For now they were staying at the playa de loser's that was like a small apartment for them to stay at until this season finished airing.

Cody was supposed to be back at Noah's room at 4:00pm to start dinner for him and Noah and it was now 4:45pm and Cody was sure Noah wouldn't be too pleased with how late he was, Noah was always mad when Cody was even more then 5 minutes without a good reason and Cody was sure that getting stuck in a conversation with Harold about something weird wasn't a good enough reason to be late.

"Hey, I'm here" Cody entered Noah's room and immediately went over to the kitchen to start cooking

"You're late" Noah sighed at Cody "How many times to I have to tell you that when I want you here at 4 I expect you to be here at 4"

"I got stuck talking to Harold" Cody told him "I'm sorry it won't happen again"

"It better not" Noah told him "Now don't you think you better hurry up with my food?"

"Yes, Noah" Cody sighed "What do you want me to make?"

"I told you this morning" Noah rolled his eyes "I'm not telling you again"

"Fine" Cody sighed trying to remember what he wanted "I'll figure it out"

"Good Boy" Noah got up and kissed him on the cheek "Let's talk"

"About what?" Cody asked pulling out a box of Mac and Cheese as Noah went and sat down watching him.

"About you talking to Sierra" Noah told him "You know I don't like you talking to her or anyone without me present"

"I know Noah" Cody sighed

"It's okay" Noah told Cody "I have decided that I'm going everywhere with you from now on to prevent problems like these"

"You know this isn't exactly how I imagined are relationship to be" Cody continued to cook

"Well life is full of surprises" Noah told him "You have me now and you need nothing else nor will you get anything else"

"I understand" Cody managed to smile "I'm happy I have you"

"You should be" Noah told him "I'm all you should ever need"

Cody then finished the mac and cheese and handed it to Noah and then sat down as Noah just looked at him.

"What?" Cody asked when he realized that Noah was looking at him

"You got it wrong" Noah told Cody "I didn't want Mac and Cheese you're going to have to try it again"

Noah then took the bowl that Cody gave him and dumped it on him followed by pushing him out of his chair.

"Ouch!" Cody whined as he got up

"Forget the food" Noah sighed "Go clean yourself up and get ready for bed"

"But what about the food?" Cody asked

"I told you not to worry about it" Noah started banging pans together in the kitchen "I'll worry about that since you can't do it right after you have the nerve to come home late"

"Noah, I'm sorry you know I love you" Cody told him "I'll try to do things better"

"You're still here?" Noah glared at him "I told you to clean up"

"I'm going" Cody sighed and went to take a shower.

Cody really wanted out of this but he had nowhere to go and something inside him told him that Noah loved him he just had an odd way of showing it. Noah cut the ties with his whole family for Noah which meant that he would be forced to move in with Noah. He cut ties with everyone he knew at school because Noah told him too and he could only talk to the cast when Noah was around because that's how Noah wanted it to be and Cody knew as long as Noah was happy then he would be happy.

Cody liked to take shower's it was time he got to be alone with his thoughts. His shower time was cut short when Noah started pounding on the door.

"Cody!" Noah yelled "You've been in there for over 10 minutes! Get out now!"

"I'm coming!" Cody yelled "Give me a second"

"Hurry up" Noah told him from the door "I want to lay down and I want you there with me"

Cody hurried up to the bed just as Noah requested Cody's hair was still wet from his shower due to the rush he in.

"It's about time" Noah put his book down "I've been waiting for you"

"I know Noah" Cody climbed into bed with Noah and put the TV on looking for something to watch "Sorry about the hair"

"Why?" Noah smirked "I like it wet"

Noah started running his fingers through Cody's hair while Cody tried to ignore Noah's touch and just watch TV. Noah started to read his book with one hand putting one arm around Cody and pulling him in closer.

"C'mere" Noah pulled him in closer "I want you close to me"

Cody liked it when Noah was like this it reminded him of how it used to be when they first got together. Cody couldn't help but to like cuddling with Noah.

"What about the food?" Cody asked snuggling into Noah's chest while Noah read his book

"Don't worry about it" Noah told him "I decided I'm not hungry"

"Oh okay" Cody was just happy Noah was over that

"You can clean the kitchen tomorrow morning after you make breakfast" Noah told him "Close your eyes and go to sleep I'll stay here with you"

Cody didn't always like the way Noah acted but this is what he did and Cody decided that he should except this and deal with it this is what Cody did to keep the peace between them he kept Noah happy and sacrificed everything for him.