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Cody and Sierra went to the movies and saw some cheesy romance comedy and then went shopping at the mall. Sierra bought a bunch of things and Cody hardly bought a thing, his mind was obviously on other things. Sierra suggested the two of them take a lunch break and Cody agreed.

"So, when did you know?" Sierra asked Cody breaking the silence of the two eating

"Know what?" Cody asked

"That you were gay" Sierra asked him

"I'm not gay" Cody told her "I'm bisexual"

"So does this mean I still have a shot?" Sierra asked

"Sierra, we've been over this before" Cody sighed "I like you just not like that, besides I don't think Noah would like that too much"

"Noah doesn't like much" Sierra rolled her eyes "He never has"

"He likes me" Cody defended Noah "That's good enough for me"

"Don't you think you could do better?" Sierra asked

"I'm not leaving Noah for you" Cody told her

"I would be better for you" Sierra told him "Look how much fun we had today! It's just like a date!"

"That's what this is about?" Cody asked her "You invited me out for a pretend date?"

"I just wanted you to see how you could have it" Sierra told him "I won't give up on you, Cody!"

"I should go" Cody told her and he got up and left.

He couldn't believe Sierra would try a stunt like that, why couldn't she just leave him alone? Could she tell that he wasn't happy anymore with Noah or was she still in stalker mode? At one point Cody did in fact love Noah but that was a long time ago, now Cody just felt trapped in this routine of Noah's and that's how it was going to be because as Noah constantly reminded him, He was all Cody had left.

He arrived back at the resort an hour early in hopes that would make up for the surprise visit this morning and he didn't really want to be around Sierra anymore either. Cody just accepted things as they were and that meant with every step he took back to his room he was one step closer to Noah and that's how it would always be and he knew it. He opened the door to find Noah sitting on the bed reading a book, Of course that's all Noah ever seemed to do and that was just fine with Cody. Once Cody shut the door Noah immediately shut his book.

"You're home early" Noah told him "Did you have fun?"

"Yes" Cody told him "I had no idea Sierra wanted me to go anywhere"

"You'll have that" Noah told him "You know how she is"

"Yeah" Cody left a small chuckle out "You know, Geoff is having a party tonight"

"I suppose you want to go?" Noah sighed

"I was thinking it would be fun" Cody told him

"I can name at least 10 things that are more fun than Geoff's party" Noah told him "But if you want to go, I guess we can go"

"I was hoping you would say that" Cody told him "I've been meaning to catch up with some friends"

"What's that even supposed to mean?" Noah asked "You JUST saw Sierra!"

"Only Sierra" Cody told him "I haven't seen Izzy or Gw-Uh…Geoff and Duncan!"

"You were going to say Gwen" Noah told him

"No, I wasn't" Cody told him "Haven't even thought about her"

"Don't lie to me Cody" Noah told him "You always think about her"

Cody didn't even say anything, Noah got up and pulled some clothes out of the drawer and threw them at Cody.

"Get ready" Noah told him "That damn party starts in an hour"

"Alright" Cody agreed

"I'm going to take a shower" Noah told him "Remember, I love you"

First of all I noticed my writing has changed majorly since I started writing this a long time ago! So uh….wow? Secondly this chapter is for Ferretess who made me remember I even wrote this. xD