The crowd chanted his name over and over again as he moved effortlessly across the stage. Girls were crying out for him to give them one touch of his hand so they could brag to their friends and tweet about it later. He was hyped and the mood showed no sign of stopping. Adrenaline ran through his veins as he sang into the microphone that had become his life and soul just a few months ago.

"Did you guys have fun tonight?" He screamed into the microphone expecting the same answer he always got: more screams. He wanted to cover his ears to shield himself from the high pitch sound that now filled the arena but tomorrow's issue of Teen Vogue would be all over the fact that he didn't respect his fans. It wasn't easy to uphold his image as Hollywood's biggest flirt, but it wasn't necessarily hard either. It was an easy price to pay for the attention and fame he was receiving.

"You did great today." His mom said as he exited through the side hallway and started walking toward his dressing room. He sighed and nodded before shutting the door in her face and walking to the couch. It was the same thing every night. He'd come off stage, she'd said the exact same thing, then he'd be escorted out and into the bus by Kenny. "You alright?" he heard his mom ask from outside the closed door and he sat up from his spot on the couch.

"Yeah. I'm good." He answered and made his way into the bathroom to change into a new pair of jeans and sweatshirt. He looked at Himself in the mirror and his eyes instantly fell upon the black circles around his eyes. He flipped his hair that drove girls wild and put on one of his signature hats before opening the door to walk back through the screams that he left behind when he walked off stage.

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