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Summary: Canon Defilement is a serious crime, so is stalking and harassment, so what happens when a reality warping Mary Sue visits the DC universe? Read and find out!

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"I'm bored…there has to be something to do." Said a girl floating in total darkness.

In the vast darkness, she drifted aimlessly, body hidden, only her eyes could be seen, eyes that changed color constantly.

"Hey bro…what are you doing?"

Pair of blue eyes appeared in the darkness and was staring at her.

"Watching T.v." He answered annoyed.

"What is on?"

"Justice League."


"What?" He voice becoming more annoyed.

"Let's pay them a visit!"

"Like bat-mite and the other guy did?"


"That's the one…"

"I have an Idea; let's pay that universe a visit!" Both sets of eyes vanish in the darkness afterwards.

In Central City, the Flash was currently on patrol when he saw a flash of bright white light coming from an alley. He rushed over to it and found two girls fighting. Both wore long coats that hid most of their bodies, one girl had blondish hair in pigtails the other had hair that was a multitude of colors, red ,blue ,blond, pink and other colors.

The Pigtail girl blocked a kick from the rainbow haired girl, said girl blasting the pigtailed girl at close range with some sort of energy from her palm. She quickly followed up with a swift punch in her gut and finally a heel smash to her ribs.

The rainbow haired girl then prepared to land another attack on the girl, her nails growing longer and sharper, as she brought her hand down, hoping for a kill strike, The Flash caught her wrist.

"Whoa! That doesn't go there you know!" He said looking directly at the rainbow haired girl's face.

Her face was very face was very pale, almost like snow, her eyes were pretty much a rainbow colored irises. He never saw anything like that before to say the least, and he saw a lot of weird things, being a superhero and all.

"Oh its you Wally! I'm so glad you're here to protect me from this evil little witch." She said in a cutesy voice batting her eyelashes.

The so called "witch" was currently laying on the ground, battered and bruised, her breathing labored and her eyes filled with terror and awe. Her awareness was slowly fading…she struggled to stay awake but found that her body was giving out.

"What did you call me?" The Flash asked shocked that this stranger knew his identity.

"Uhh…that's not important now, hurry and take his evil witch to prison!" she ordered while trying to rub up against him.

"She needs medical attention!" Wally said looking at the girl who was barely alive.

"She needs a salad, fatass…" She chided before kicking her in the stomach.

The girl then began to glow in a light, filled with sparkles and vanished, leaving the Flash and the pig tailed girl alone in the alley.

"What just happened…?" Flash asked before he contacted the watch tower to treat the girl and to tell the others about what just happened.

The pigtailed girl's vision began to grow dark and her struggle to remain conscious seemed to be in vain. She cursed her helplessness and swore angrily in her head. Her failure was going to be the death of her and she hated it. As her vision almost completely went dark, the last thing she saw was The Flash looking down at her.

In the darkness that is Gotham, Batman and Robin were currently on patrol when they noticed two figures standing on a rooftop near by, they quickly investigated by listening in on what the two were saying by hiding in the shadows near by.

"You guys always try to ruin our fun!" The larger figure said.

"You destroy universes because you think its fun." The smaller figure said.

Both were illuminated by the moonlight, the larger one was built like a body builder, even from a distance it looked like his muscles would explode, his veins were thick and bulged from his arms.

"You think you can take me little boy?" The large man said threateningly.

On a closer inspection, the larger man had an eye patch over his left eye and scar running across his face, under his eyes. His hair was a spiky blond with black tips. The rest of his was covered by a coat he seemed to be using as a belt or sash.

The smaller figure was cover by a black long coat and sunglasses, only his black hair clearly visible. His hand was on his sheathed sword in a defensive position.

"Too scared to talk huh, I can't blame you; you can clearly see you're out matched. So why don't you be a good boy and run home to your momma." The large man taunted.

"…" The smaller man only responded with a glare.

Robin looked to Batman for a signal of what do. Batman watched intently with a batarang ready.

"I wonder how Mary is killing off that little girlfriend of yours, I'm sure if she left her alive, I could show her what a real man looks like. Don't you-"Before he could finish, the small guy swiped at head, intent coming across perfectly clearly that he wanted to slice his head off.

The big guy caught the blade with his mouth and swung the blade, with its wielder, around a few times before throwing both across to another rooftop.

The small guy quickly recovered and charged at the man again, but vanished in the middle of his attack.

"Hmm…like a mirage…" the larger man said before the back of his neck was stuck hard with a blade.

"That tickles…" He managed to say before being hit with a furious barrage of slashes from the smaller man.

The big guy simply stood there for a full minute before hunching forward, causing bones to shoot out of his back, impaling the smaller man in his limbs and abdomen, his blood slowly pouring onto the bones and dripping on the roof.

'That was the most horrible message I'd ever received." The big guy said mockingly before flying off.

Batman rushed over to see the small guy bleeding profusely and barely clinging to life.

The guy vision was going black and the last thing he saw was darkness with two white things in his sight.

"Robin, I'm taking him to the watchtower to be treated, go back to the cave and wait for my orders." Batman told Robin before contacting the tower. Both Batman and the guy were transported out of Gotham.