Justice Vs Perfection

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Summary: Two perfect beings team up with the villains to cause havoc, for fun…and possible total control of the universe, you know villains and their evil plots. Will two strangers help or get in the way of the Justice League.

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Lex Luthor had a situation on his hands, it being enough of a situation that his "bodyguards" had to be calling in, and promptly killed in a senseless fashion. The murderous little problem was a girl with pretty much rainbow colored hair with ever changing eyes. In one swift motion, he shot her, in-between the eyes. He looked down at the girl before firing several more rounds into her anorexic looking body, satisfied he put his gun away and was about to call someone to clean the mess when he saw something that shocked him slightly.

"Aww…that's not very nice Lex." The girl said rising up from the ground with her wounds healing perfectly, the bullets being forced out of her body.

"Who are you and what do you want with me?" Luthor demanded to know.

"I'm Marie Alicia Rosemary Yoko Serena Uma Elsa, but since I like you, you may call me Mary Sue." She followed her introduction by extending her right hand, waiting for Luthor to kiss it.

"Well than…Ms. Sue, I'll ask again, what do you want?"

"Entertain me." She said trying to be seductive.

"Excuse me?"

"I thought super villains were supposed to be fun, well if you don't want to use my awesome sexy really cool powers to annoy Superman, which if I may remind you, you spent 75 million dollars on the presidential election, just to piss him off, then I'll guess I'll use my godly powers to play with someone else."

"…keep talking…what do you know?" Luthor was interested now, how did she know that? The Question might have told her, but she pretty much offered her services to torment Superman, as long as she enjoyed herself.

"Aww, love the sound of my beautiful voice?" Mary said while giggling. Luthor raised an eyebrow as she continued.

"I know that you are not the biggest Flash fan after he took Brainiac away from you, and that your Injustice gang is a tool to get him back."

"Where did you get this kind of information?"

"You'll have to earn that kind of information Mister Man…"

"Can you bring Brainiac back?"

"Easily, but I have to be in good mood in order for him to come back properly."

"I see." Luthor said with a smirk.

"So how are we goanna mess with Superman? I'm game for anything, unless you're going to try something boring like smacking him with a Kryptonite mountain."

"Do you honestly think I'm that uncreative in ways to hurt Superman?"


Luthor's smirk turned into a scowl.

"Aww… don't get mad, get Superman!" She ordered.

"Fine, I'll play with you, but you must do everything I say…"

"Like a slave or a prostitute." She interjected.

Luthor now had an amused look on his face; he called his assistant to rearrange his pressing schedule. He left the room, Mary Sue following him, and entered one of his underground labs.

"So I guess you don't take all the girls here, I feel so special." Mary said in a mocking tone.

Luthor started to type up something on one of his computers, Mary wandered around for a full fifteen seconds before asking the dreaded question.

"What are you doing?"

Luthor ignored her and kept typing, eventually a piece of Brainiac appeared in a dome, rising from under the floor, Luthor looked at Mary expectantly as she tapped the glass dome with a look of interest.

In the Watch Tower, the two people The Flash and Batman brought in were currently recovering from their nearly fatal wounds. Their current condition was stable, with them still unconscious, it has been that way for five days now.

The founding members were now holding a meeting over their new "guests" and the circumstances that lead to them being brought here.

"What information on these two?" The man of steel, Superman asked.

"No Medical records, birth records and anything indicating wow they are, all we know for sure is that there human." Batman informed everyone.

"…So nothing." The Flash pointed out.

Batman sent his famous "bat glare" at Flash, shutting him up instantly.

"Do we have anything about who caused their injuries?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Only their description and that was only what Flash and I saw."

Batman described what the man who appeared in Gotham, sparing no detail, even informing them of him drinking the blood of his victim.

Flash then told everyone about the crazy rainbow headed girl that somehow knew his name and tried to play off that she was attacked.

"This is most troubling…" Jo'nn stated.

After the meeting The Flash, Green Lantern and Shayera went to see if the two "guests" were awake yet. They entered the room the two were recovering in, to find them both trying to leave, unsuccessfully, thanks to their injuries. They were now staring out the window, looking at Earth with so much focus that they didn't sense that others were in the room.

"It looks like this is our fate, held captive in space…" The blond pigtailed girl said.

"Well our wounds are treated…so maybe they'll just try to use as a weapons, interrogate us or maybe just use us as good old fashioned slaves." The dark haired one with the ponytail said.

"We won't do anything like that, promise." Flash said smiling.

The two turn around and glared at who was behind them, for a full second before seeing who it was and quickly changing their expressions from defensive to shocked.

"No way… The Flash…Breen Lantern…Shayera, in the Watch Tower…no way!" The girl stammered out.

"Way." Flash responded while grinning.

"How long have we been up here?" The dark haired boy asked.

"Five days." John answered.

"Who are you?" Shayera asked.

"Wait!" The girl cried out.

"What is it?" John and Shayera both asked confused.

"Could we eat first? IV fluid goes straight to my veins." She asked smiling.

"I think we'll get along great!" Flash exclaimed.

The five of them were currently in the cafeteria; sitting at a table eating, well Flash and the girl was while the other three were talking. The two were in costume, full body suits with armor, swords behind their backs and red and black colored masks on their faces.

"Who are you two and what happened to you." John asked looking at the boy.

"Plasma and Shine." He answered calmly.

"We were sent on a mission to capture two highly dangerous people, they ran to this universe and we chased them, eventually I ended up in city, shadowed my target to a rooftop and promptly got impaled by his bones. After that I blacked out and woke up here."

"How did you get to this universe?" Shayera asked wanting to know more.

"We followed them when they left our Universe and came to this one."

"How would you get back after you caught them?" John asked.

"The sheathes we have, have a device on them, so that we can be transported back after our mission is don

"Who are those guys your chasing and how do know about us?" Flash asked before eating another hamburger.

"In our Universe, you adventures are a cartoon…" Before the boy could continue, the girl interjected.

"Also Comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, videogames, and movies, but, how faithful they are to what actually happened varies…" the girl finished.

John and Shayera looked at the two with raised eyebrows. Did they honestly believe that they would believe that story? The Flash looked at them expectedly while eating a hamburger.

"What?" the boy calling himself Plasma asked.

"You don't believe us?" the girl calling herself Shine asked.

The three kept looking.

"If it helps…the same thing happened to us…" Plasma informed while eating a fry.

"If you don't believe us, you could always have Jo'nn read our minds." Shine said munching on an apple.

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