AN: This takes place after Luthor is defeated, but before Darkseid shows up…if you haven't figured it out yet.

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Summary: Two perfect beings team up with the villains to cause havoc, for fun…and possible total control of the universe, you know villains and their evil plots. Will two strangers help or get in the way of the Justice League.

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In Luthor's lab, Mary Sue sat and watched as Luthor typed on computers and moved and used equipment. She looked around the, most like lead, encased room. The machines and computers seemed to all be working toward one goal, whatever Luthor used them to do. Fed up with just sitting there and basically being useless, she waltzed up to Luthor and asked him what in world he was doing.

"You have my amazing powers at your beck and call, yet you pretty much ignore me, what gives!" She asked while grabbing his arm.

Luthor swiftly shoved her away and glared at her, then simply told her why he was ignoring her.

"You are not worthy enough to be of any use to me, little girl." He quickly went back to work.

"How dare you, a simple human being, say such an insult to the beautiful, sexy super talented Marie Alicia Rosemary Yoko Serena Uma Elsa, my powers could easily kill anyone stupid enough to challenge me!" Mary Sue asked outraged, her hair and eyes turn bright red.

"If you are that powerful, then you should have no problem in beating Superman and his little Justice League." Luthor challenged.

"FINE I WILL AND WHEN I DO I'LL LAUGH AT YOU!" Mary Sue declared as she stormed off to destroy the league, to prove Luthor wrong.

"That was too easy…" Luthor thought to himself as he kept working.

Mary Sue flew around Metropolis looking for Superman, after an hour she got bored with looking and decided to have a little fun. She quickly started to blow up cars and threw the burning remains into buildings nearby.

"SUPERMAN, SHOW YOURSELF SO I CAN KILL YOU! I'LL START KICKING PUPPIES AND STABBING CHILDREN IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP SOON!" The lunatic threaten, licking her lips before kicking a wandering little brown puppy in the stomach, sending it flying into the street and finally being run over by a semi-truck.

Her hideous, I mean glorious feminine figure hidden by a pink cloak that stood out like a sore thumb.

Supergirl and Steel arrived to see Mary Sue kicking another puppy sending the poor thing into a wall; well it would have if Supergirl didn't catch it.

"What the heck is your problem!" Supergirl asked setting the poor creature down to safety.

"Lexie thinks I can't be useful, so I'm going to kill Superman and rub it in his bald headed face!" The lunatic declared.

"So are you working for Luthor?" Steel asked slightly moving closer to the girl, wondering if she really working for Luthor or just insane…or a combination of both.

"Looks like I'm just going to have to beat the two of you and then force that man to work with me." Mary Sue said licking her lips and throwing her cloak to the ground. Everyone saw her Rainbow Hair and eyes along with her body that honestly could be call anorexic, save for certain areas, making people wonder how exactly can she live looking like that with having her spine snap in half.

Supergirl and Steel looked at her freakish body in stunned silence while she locked her creepy gaze on them.

"Like what you see?" She asked posing and smiling.

"What…are you?" Supergirl asked, recovering from her shock.

"I'm a sexy yet innocent girl who wants to have a little fun." Mary Sue said before blasting Steel through a building with a rainbow colored blast from her palm.

"STEEL!" Supergirl shouted as she saw him get hit, she then charged at Mary Sue and delivered an uppercut, sending her flying into the sky. Supergirl quickly flew up after her and landed a solid blow in her stomach, sending Mary Sue crashing into the ground.

"WAH! You ruined my hair and outfit! NOW YOU MUST A HORRIBLE DEATH YOU LITTLE TRAMP!" Mary Sue roared as she soared toward Supergirl with killing intent. She tried to punch Kara in the face, but she was too fast for her and got smacked down to the ground for her trouble. Outraged, Mary Sue charged at Kara again while shooting rainbow beams from her eyes. Kara blocked the beam but was caught off guard with Mary Sue grabbing her hair and swinging Kara around. Kara screamed while Mary Sue kept spinning around, swinging Kara along by her hair in the process.

"DIE BLONDIE!" Mary Sue screamed as she let go of Supergirl, sending her crashing into the street.

She then spotted she was going to kill, hiding behind a green dumpster in an alley. She formed an idea in the sick thing she called a mind and swooped down and grabbed the poor creature. She stuffed in little dog in between her chest before skipping out into the street.

Supergirl charged at Mary Sue ready to beat the rainbows out of her, before she connected, she saw Mary Sue using a puppy, which looked like the one she saved before, as a shield. Shocked she stopped herself before she accidently killed the dog. This gave Mary the perfect opening for her to blast Supergirl with a blast of multicolored energy. Supergirl was sent flying once again into a building, the Daily Planet building to be exact, landing at the reception desk. Everyone inside ran for cover save for two people, a dark haired woman and a red headed boy, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Supergirl landed in between them.

Supergirl grunted as she tried to stand up, Lois and jimmy helping her up while asking what happened. They stopped after they saw a weird looking rainbow girl with a puppy in her chest, swaying her hips as she walked into building. The puppy seemed to be suffocating, muttering soft whimpers as it looked at everyone.

"Oh you two are that reporter team; make sure you get my good side!" Mary ordered as she struck a pose, sticking her butt out as she held one hand on her hip and the other on her cheek. While Lois and Jimmy looked at her like she was crazy, which she was, Supergirl got up and shoved her hand down top and took the nearly dead puppy out, handing the terrified thing to Jimmy. She then asked Mary Sue a question, "What is it with you and puppies!" she then planted a solid punch in her gut, sending Mary Sue flying against the ground and into a light pole.

On the watch tower, the two "guests" were currently in their rooms while Batman and The Flash watched them. Ever since Shine suggested to them that Jo'nn could read their minds for the information they wanted, Batman had become more cautious of them.

"Come on Bats, I'm sure Jo'nn won't mind much." Flash said trying to coax Batman into letting Jo'nn read them.

"That seems too easy; we could be falling for a trap." Batman explained.

"You are acting more paranoid than usual, Bats." Flash

Silence took over the conversation, for a full minute, either said a word or even looked at other, just watching the two guests. Shayera came and finally broke the seemingly unending silence.

"So what's the plan?" She asked looking at Batman expectantly.

"I'll get the answers myself…" that was all he said before entering the recovery room.

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