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Chapter 1


I finally coerced myself out of bed, having already hit the 'Snooze' button on my alarm clock nine times previously in the morning. Normally, this would have made me late for work, but I had no intentions of calling in today. I had had a rough night, since a Category 3 hurricane had torn through my home region of Vakoria the previous night, sending a rogue maple branch straight through the roof of my already cold and draughty log cabin. I had built it myself two years previously, since I could not afford a 'proper' house when the time came for me to move out of my parents' home. Perhaps renting a home would have been a better plan, though, since my makeshift home was beginning to fall apart.

As I glanced at the hole that the branch had I couldn't help but notice that dazzling brightness of the sunlight beaming through, causing the wooden floor to glow a brilliant white. However, with such a long day ahead of me, I had little time to enjoy the weather, so I swiftly set about sweeping away the broken splinters, shattered roof tiles and other debris that was strewn across the floor. While I worked at this, I let my faithful servant out to prepare some breakfast for me.

"Go, Blazarida!" One of my Poké Balls began to discharge a luminous, white mist, which soon assumed the form of a small, crimson bat-like Pokémon with flickering orange eyes and a long, black crescent-shape tail, tipped with a bright orange flame like a lantern. Normally, Blazaridas are aggressive in the wild, but this one had established a very special bond with me: he was the first Pokémon I had ever caught, so we had been though a lot together in the five years we'd known each other for. He was also very obedient, and this - along with his ability to do various things that humans are incapable of doing - made him an ideal servant.

I pointed him towards a small, open cupboard in a darkened corner of the room. "Two slices of toast with blueberry jam, please!" I ordered. He immediately fluttered over to the cupboard and removed two slices of brown bread using his thin, sheet-like wings. I was amazed that they would carry any weight at all...but this feat was quite literally outweighed by what my Blazarida did next. With seemingly no regard whatsoever for the laws of physics, he lifted a small, plastic yellow box containing butter and a cylindrical glass jar of blueberry jam using his wings alone! I'd seen this at least a thousand times before, but the strength of his frail-looking wings never ceased to fascinate me: in fact, I was so taken in by him that he was distracting me from my work!

After about a minute of hard work, my floor was once again immaculate; there was no longer any evidence that anything untoward had happened in the middle of the night. A few moments later, I heard the soft squeak of "Za-za!" that indicated that my breakfast was ready. As usual, the butter and jam had been spread very messily over the toast - but as a Flying type with no arms, Blazarida couldn't do everything well, could he? In addition, I got the impression that he had overdone my toast, which, using his flame, he had almost burnt to a cinder. Nevertheless, I sat down and began to crunch my way though my burnt breakfast, which bore a greater resemblance to buttered coal than to toast.

When I had eaten about half a slice of toast, my meal was rudely interrupted by a loud, clattering knock on the door. "Come in..." I sighed; now was not an ideal time to be receiving visitors. In spite of my unfortunate circumstances, the door creaked open, revealing a tall, slender figure with flowing hair that glittered gold in the bright sunlight. However, it was her face that really captured my attention, with her sparkling, azure-blue eyes and broad, charming smile. I breathed a sigh of relief: I had been expecting the postman!

"Hi, Iggy!" Her sweet, angelic voice resonated through the room.

"Oh, hi there, Rux; you gave me a shock then!"

"Awwww!" She strode across the room and embraced me in her arms (I was too embarrassed to tell her, but my heart melted whenever she did this). Suddenly, though, she gasped: "What happened to your roof, sweetie?"

"Oh...a branch just flew through the roof. I've cleared it away now, but still, I had a very rough night," I explained.

"Awww, I'm so sorry!" She hugged me even tighter; being strangled had never been so much fun! "Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes, please! What do you have?"

"Just water, I'm afraid!" She reached into her backpack and produced a two litre bottle, half-filled with sparkling spring water. She also took out a small plastic cup, which she filled with some of this water.

"Thanks, Rux; that's just what I needed!" I sipped the water slowly, which gave me a relaxing 'fizzing' sensation on my tongue.

"You're welcome, Iggy. It's a very nice day, Isn't it?"

"Yes, it's a beautiful day. It's just a shame I need to stay at home and repair the damage that my stupid branch caused!"

"Nah, that can wait. I'll tell you what: why don't you take a walk in the park with me today?"

"Yeah - I think that will make me feel much better! Thank you." I was so excited that I accidentally spilled the rest of my water.

"You're welcome. Don't worry about the water; it'll dry up."

"Shall we set off now, then?"

"Yeah - why not?" I got out of my chair and slipped on my old, worn leather boots. Ruxandra opened the door, and we set off together, down the road and into the morning sun.

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