The Disaster at Junes

A Persona 4 and Sims 2 Crossover

Disclaimer: I do not own Persona 4 or The Sims


The creator was getting bored of the same old Sims; torturing them wasn't enough. Sure it was funny to watch them piss themselves and dies but what would she have made them do if they lived? The creator sighed.

"I'm stuck. I don't know what to do with this game anymore." She said to the computer screen, the game was in CAS. Suddenly, the creator had an idea and decided to stick with it. She was going to Sim-ise Persona 4. The name she typed in the "family name" box was "Hanamura". First, she was going to create Yosuke.

After many minutes of sliding bars and clicking on images the Yosuke Hanamura sim was complete. She exited CAS and re-entered is to create another sim. Chie Satonaka. The creator had already downloaded a sim online that was supposed to be Chie, so she simply made a few edits and exited CAS again.

When the creator had finished creating Yukiko and the Protagonist (which she had named Bob Smith), her other two favourite characters from Persona 4, she placed an empty lot onto the neighbourhood terrain. She left the lot as a residential and named it "Junes".

"Now we're going to have some fun!" she said, laughing evilly as she did so. She entered the empty lot and built a replica of Junes; including its lobby, food court, and TV store. Then she "moved in" Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko and Bob and turned on Free-Will.

That was when the disasters began…