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(A/N: Given I want this to be as close to the original Spy vs. Spy comics, no talking will be done within the story.)

Mission one, topic secret

Black Spy's mission was simple. He had to go and steal a folder labeled "top secret" from White Spy. Easy, of course, but Black Spy knew White Spy was a clever one, and had to be extra careful. Therefore, Black Spy decided to do what he does best, deception and disguise.

For White Spy, he was walking along an abandoned, forested, road, holding the folder marked "top secret" close to him. He knew that it was risky being out in the open with such an important file, and he knew Black Spy would try to do anything to steal the folder, so he had to be very sneaky. However, being the spy he was, he was also very hungry. However, by sure coincidence, in the middle of this road surrounded by the woods, stood a small, wooden stand with the words "FREE HOTDOGS" painted on a white sign above the small stand. However, no one was there, except for a, strangely, fresh and hot, hotdog on the stand, and a regular bush.

Feeling his stomach growl, he knew this was a trap, but then again, he was hungry. Letting his hungry take the best of him, he approached the stand, and, slowly and cautiously, reached for the hotdog. Nothing happened. Feeling as though nothing was wrong, the White Spy was about to chow down on the "prize", until he heard a sizzling sound. Taking a quick look at the hotdog, he saw that it had a fuse at the end. It was no hotdog; it was a stick of dynamite.

Throwing both the folder and dynamite to the ground, the White Spy began to flee from the two, and down the road. The fuse on the dynamite sizzled some more, until it reach the front of the stick of dynamite. Nothing happened, it was a dud. Seeing as the White Spy was gone, the Black Spy left his bush costume, which was the bush next to the stand. He gave a chuckle, his eyebrows going up and down, and picked up the folder. He had fooled the White Spy. Still laughing, he opened the folder marked "top secret", only to find a single piece of paper with the words "Ha Ha" written on it.

Confused by this, he looked at the folder, and heard a ticking noise. It was a bomb. Before he could throw the bomb-folder away, it exploded. Then, the White Spy appeared, laughing, and flexing his eyebrows as well. Pulling out another folder from his overcoat, marked "top secret" the White Spy made the familiar V symbol with his fingers at the blasted Black Spy, and carried on his trip.