So... this is my first Code Geass fanfic. After several weeks whether or not this is a good story. Finally.
I managed to convince my inner self.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass, nor make profit from this.May contain traces of cats, paws, furs, and citrus.

This story takes place in the early chapters of the story. (Around chapter 4 or 5 in the manga, I think)
The part when Suzaku climbed a tree to save an injured cat. But it won't end with Suzaku being captured, however. I hate that part. I have my own twist. :P



Chapter 1

Furry Surprise


"Ouch, it's tightly glued to me... hanging so tightly!" Lelouch looked at his back, a brown cat clutching on his shirt.

"That's great Lelouch, seems like she likes you." Suzaku laughed, while biting his crepes, which he won from Lelouch in a bet. Of course, Lelouch won't be able to beat his best friend physically.

They were currently sitting on a thick branch of an old tree in a park. Kids are playing, birds chirping happily, as if the invasion never happened, and Britannia never attacked.

"Hey! Go to Suzaku's side." Lelouch held the cat by its back, and thrust it to the Japanese. The cat hissed and tried to claw Suzaku's face.

"Eh..? That's okay! You don't have to. Besides, she seems to hate me." Suzaku backed away. He doesn't have to show the proof for that. He got several scratches on his skin already.

Suzaku took the last bite of his crepes, "Looks like you has a certain thing for cats."

Lelouch looked down at the brown cat, who was rubbing it's head cutely against Lelouch's thigh.

He sighed, "Shouldn't we find the owner of this cat?"

After asking everybody in the park, nobody knew who's the owner of this cat. And finally they decided to bring home the cat. That is, Suzaku's apartment, since they knew how allergic Nunnaly was to cat fur.


In Suzaku's apartment, they took the whole evening to groom and clean the cat, bandage some wounded part, buy some cat food and toys, but spent most of the time arguing the name for the cat.

After lots of debates for the name, which included extraterrestrial aliens, the second World War, the Greek architecture, and Spongebob's snail pet, and when they've reached a decision, it's almost one in the morning.

" *yawn* You should stay here overnight. It's already past midnight.", said Suzaku while rubbing the head of the cat, decidedly called Lotte. The cat stretched it's body and yawned cutely. He seemed to be friendlier to Suzaku.

Lelouch hesitated, he looked at the cat, already curled comfortably inside his little basket bed. Looked soft, and comfy. Maybe he could spend a night here. Besides, it's only once in a while. Before he even gave an answer, Suzaku already pulled his wrist to his room. Suzaku's room looked very typical Japanese, with simple decorations and ornaments.

"A sleepover! It's been a long time since we had a sleepover like this! Here Lulu, get changed."

They changed into a more comfortable futon, quite obviously a Japanese sleepwear that Suzaku usually wears, and laid another thick mattress in Suzaku's tatami covered room.

Giggling a bit after some little nostalgic talks, they laid on their own bed, besides each other, inside the fluffy blanket. They talked for several minutes till the dark of the night lulled them to sleep.


That night, Lelouch had a strange dream

Lelouch was inside his usual class, looking somewhere outside the window while the teacher mumbled something about the subject which Lelouch already knew. He saw several birds flew away when suddenly the door of his class banged open by C.C. Everybody turned their head to the direction of the girl with weird, white flowing dress. With her mouth full of pizza, she looked around to find Lelouch, and when she found him, "Lelouch, have I told you *munch* about the side effect?"

The teacher called the intruder, "Young lady, if you're looking for someone, please don't talk with your mouth full."

"Right." C.C looked back at the teacher, finished her pizza in a big bite, and swallowed. "Yes, Lelouch, the side effect."

"What side effect?" Lelouch asked her, with slight annoyance that C.C knew something he don't.

"The Geass." C.C said with a softer voice. "Don't tell me you don't know..."

"Lelouch Lamperouge, you didn't know? Isn't it in your text book. It's for tomorrow's test." the teacher added, "I've expected more from you, young man."

Lelouch looked incredulously at the teacher, then looked back at C.C, mouth forming a silent 'What?', trying to search for a clue. C.C simply raised her shoulders, and motioned to him to look back at the teacher.

When he looked back, the teacher already has some whiskers on her face. Her face slowly transformed into the face of a cat. Lelouch widened his eyes, then looked to his left when a mewl could be heard beside him. Seems like his classmates were also transforming into cats. He looked worriedly around, then looked back at the doorway, to ask C.C for explanation. But C.C turned her back, and ran away.

"H-hey! Wait! N-no, shoo!" He attempted to walk to the doorway, to chase C.C. But his pants were tugged by his friends, who already fully transformed.
He fell down because of all those cats.

"Ouch!", Lelouch heard lots of curious meows near his head. Some cats jumped on top of him.

Then he felt something rubbing the back of his ears. It felt good. He tried to look back to see, but the rubbing felt better, that he closed his eyes, to enjoy...

"Hey... whose cat is this?", sounded a voice from far away.

~o~(end of dream)~o~

Lelouch opened his eyes, and looked at his side. A simple wooden study desk, with piles of books and snacks. Light already shining between the slightly opened green curtains. It's Suzaku's room.

Lelouch exhaled. It was only a dream, how silly it is that human could turn into cat.

"Lelouch? Lulu! Where are you? Whose cat is it on your bed?"

Lelouch looked questioningly at the boy kneeling beside his mattress. Who's he calling? I'm right in front of him!

He wanted to reply, but when he let out a sound, a meow was produced from his throat.

'H-hey! What happened?' Lelouch cleared his throat, and tried to talk. But again, only meows and mewls could be heard.

Something suddenly struck Lelouch's mind.

'No, this is not happening...'

Lelouch looked down at his hands. A paw, with cute little claws. Then at his body, covered with thick dark fur. And then there's his tail. Oh fuck.

He's turned into a cat! He must have been dreaming!

"That Lelouch, must've gone home already. He really cared about Nunally. What a great brother.", Suzaku mumbled.

Lelouch wanted to scream, 'I'm here, it's me!' but Suzaku as human, of course, couldn't understand.

Responding to the desperate meows, Suzaku looked back at the cat, "Poor cat... No collar. Who left you alone here? Lemme take care of you now. How weird, yesterday I found a lost cat, and today another one."

'Oh God. This is seriously the worst form of a dream come true.'

Suzaku took on his lap the new cat, which he named Lupin.

"Okay now, are you hungry? I'll get you some food.", Suzaku said while rubbing the soft fur.

After a minute, Suzaku was back with the food bowl filled with... ewww... Lelouch decided that he's not going to eat that. Cat food. Who knew what's inside?

"Cmon Lupin, no need to be shy. Eat."

Lelouch made a disgusted look, then looked away. He's definitely not being shy.

'Do you really expect me, Lelouch Lamperouge, to eat cat food?'

"Hey, you need to eat, you know. Eat." Suzaku pointed at his mouth.

Instead of eating, Lelouch kicked the bowl with his paws. Suzaku doesn't look too happy.

Then Lelouch took a few step back. Just when he wanted to run away, Suzaku already caught him. Damn his body. Even as a cat, Lelouch wasn't very physically strong.

Then the few seconds after that were filled with cat's angry growl, being force-fed. But after several forced gulp, hey, it somehow didn't taste that bad. In fact, it's quite delicious. Tastes like tuna, with some hints of spices and squid.

"Now there's a good cat." , Suzaku rubbed again the back of Lelouch's pointy ears, making the him shivered a bit at the nice feeling.

"Now, finish your food, I'll go to the bathroom to prepare for the bath.", Suzaku stood up, and walked to the bathroom.

Lelouch mewled softly at the loss of the feeling behind his ears, then snapped back to reality.

'Since when does a rub behind the ears feels so good? This cat body really betrayed me. Even my taste buds felt good eating this slimy cat food. Yuck.'

Then Suzaku came back with a soft looking white towel, "Okay, time for you to take a bath!"

'Bath? W-wait, bath? That means water! And soap! And suds! I gotta think of a way to... whoa!'

Before Lelouch finished thinking, he's already taken inside a small bucket of water.

'Whooa! Water! I hate water!' Lelouch struggled to get out of the bucket. 'Since when did water looked so scary anyway?'

He tried to calm himself, 'It's only water, only water... calm, harmless water. No need to panic.'

Lelouch managed to calm himself for about 4 seconds, then the cat instinct took over, and he desperately clawed at the sides to pull himself out. Then the Japanese took a cat shampoo bottle. 'Noooo!'

About 10 minutes later, Lelouch was a small wet furry lump, wrapped in a white towel in the corner of the Suzaku's modest living room, right beside the sofa. He hated it when he's wet, and furry.

Lelouch managed to make himself quite dry, when Suzaku spotted him.

"There you are! I've been looking for you." , Suzaku looked relieved. "C'mere."

Suzaku came closer, and crouched in front of him. Lelouch wriggled free from the damp towel, and just sat there, still annoyed that he's been forced to be dunked inside a bucket of water. He sat, swishing his tail furiously, clearly a sign of anger, staring at the Japanese.

Suzaku reached his hand to Lelouch. But the dark haired cat snarled and instinctively stood, raised his tails high, alert.

Lelouch did that all naturally, as if he'd been born as a cat. In fact, Lelouch himself was also surprised at his own reaction. He's read somewhere before, that cats made this posture when threatened. But it's the last thing on his mind to do exactly like what cats do.

Lelouch made a hiss when he noticed Suzaku moved his hand closer. His human mind didn't order him to do that, but he just did, out of instinct.

"Hey, don't be so tense."the Japanese sighed, "Oh wait a minute."

He stood up and reached to the dresser, taking out a thin white thing. Then he crouched back in front of the cat on the corner of the room, showing him the thin long plant, with a flowery like part. Lelouch lowered his tail a bit, then looked at the thing Suzaku's holding. It's a catnip. Well, a plant which they said attracted cats and... hey look, what's that?

Suzaku started to move his hand a bit, making the catnip wag. Lelouch lowered his tails again, now a bit relaxed of the smell emanated from the flower, eyes following the fluffy flowery part of the catnip with curiosity. Lelouch's mind told him that this is only a stupid plant, used to attract cats. But he couldn't get his eyes of that thing. His eyes moved as the stick moved left and right. He felt the sudden urge to catch, to put his paws on that little flowers, moving, fluffy, thing... Snap! Lelouch reached out one of his paws to catch that moving thing. But Suzaku was faster, he pulled back the catnip, so that the cat couldn't reach it.

Then Lelouch moved to the direction of his friend. Lelouch reminded his body,

'This is a trap! It's only a trick Suzaku used to entice him. But one more try...'

Snap! Again, Suzaku was faster, making the cat moved faster. Snap! Failed again, this time, Lelouch was really agitated. He reached again, and again, making Suzaku chuckle at the cute curious expression. Suzaku teased the cat for a while, crouched back slowly, making the cat even more curious, till he felt his back hitting his coffee table. Then he raised the catnip a bit higher, and finally let the cat catch the toy with a small leap forward.

Suzaku smiled while watching the cat playing and clawing the catnip, satisfying his curiosity. Feeling now the cat was a bit calmer, he patted the back of the cat slowly. Lelouch glanced at the teen touching him for a while, then continued his play with his hard earned thing, once in a while purred contently at the pleasurable strokes his 'friend/owner' gave. Lelouch arched his back to the hand, to feel more of the warm hand. But then there was another meow.

"Oh, Lupin wait here, okay." then Suzaku leapt to his feet, and walked across the room, to where Lotte meowed for attention. "Coming, Lotte. Are you hungry?"

Then Suzaku carried the cat with his hand, and carried it to the kitchen.

From beside the sofa, a dark blue cat looked at Suzaku walking to the kitchen. His eyes showed a bit of jealousy, that Suzaku was taken away from him. 'That cat, that stray, filthy cat, taking away Suzaku from...' Lelouch blinked, his human side of his brain talked back 'Hey, it's only a cat, why would I get jealous? Besides, Suzaku is my friend. Silly me.'

Then Suzaku was back with 2 food dishes, full of cat food. He set them under the dining table.

"Oh yes, I forgot to introduce you to your new friend." Suzaku walked to where Lelouch was playing with the catnip. "Here, this is Lupin, your new..." suddenly a beeping sound could be heard from Suzaku's pocket.

"Oh, there, my cellphone rings" Suzaku put the brown cat down, near Lelouch, then reached for his cellphone. "Hello, Kururugi here... Yes, right... Okay... Understood."

'Oh well, Suzaku and his usual military business.', thought Lelouch. 'I might as well introduce myself to this Lotte.'

Lelouch walked slowly to approach the other cat. He raised his tail slightly, a sign of friendliness. He didn't know when or where did he learn cat body language and gestures. He just knew.

Then he walked near Suzaku's feet, still busy with his cellphone. And he looked at the other cat, with a supposed smile on his face. Lotte studied Lelouch's face for a while, then looked away.

What? Maybe I did wrong?

Lelouch tried again. He walked in front of Lotte, and meowed with a friendly tone. The other cat, however, only looked for Lelouch for a second, then walked away to the general direction of the kitchen.

Lelouch sweat-dropped. Cats can be such a bitch, huh? (even though 'bitch' isn't the correct word, since it means 'female dog')

"Umm.. sorry little fellows, I got to go for a while. Need to get the jobs done. Boss is waiting." Suzaku pulled on his coat while walking to the door, "I'll be leaving, bye. Get along well!"

And then the door shut close. Okay, the 'get along well' part won't be that easy, I guess.


To be continued.

End of Chapter 1.

The first chapter. Cats. I actually did some research about them to write this fanfic. *meow*
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