Chapter 6 – extra chapter

Crime and Punishment

Just a PWP. Pure lemon, extra citrus and oranges.
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It was an ordinary day, a nice, cool autumn. Squirrels ran here and there on the park to collect their food stockpile for winter. Several kids are playing catch with each other, while some people are walking on the park with their pets. Most people can't help to take a walk on such a rarely nice autumn day. Warm colored leaves fell from the branches, looked like the setting of a beautiful love drama. But unlike most of them, some people are busy inside their room.

A pale figure was panting, face resting on the wall, both skinny hands pinned by a larger hand of the body behind him.

"N-no! I didn't know that...", a slight sign of fear was starting to show on his face

"You should've noticed, pet."

"N-nngh... I... don't know...", the smaller figure was trying to calm his breath, but made nearly impossible by the attacks on his neck. "S..Suzaku, please."

"Did I teach you how to address me at home? Do I need to teach you again?", Suzaku's lips now biting the cat ears of his 'pet'.

"No m-master!", there's now another jolt of fear on his face.

"Good...", but before Lelouch could relax, he added, "But however, you still need to be punished."

"B-but no! I didn't know that the... water jar... the... I... nnnh..." His ability to form words was lost immediately when Suzaku marked him, just on his sensitive spot.

Suzaku's hand crept to Lelouch's clothed chest, rubbing one of the nipples through the soft shirt, which was half quite damp because of the 'water jar' incident, which apparently already planned by Suzaku.

"I thought I told you to stay still, just for half an hour. Could you not cause any mess when I'm not here?"

"I... I did, master. I sat there, just like you asked me to, and suddenly something moved and...fell... aahh!", Lelouch was quite upset of his throat, that he couldn't release other sounds than some moans and unintelligible mumbles every time his 'special spots' were touched, just like this on the base of his cat ears.

Actually Lelouch didn't stay still. He waited anxiously for his master to come home. Suzaku knew that. But his pet was so cute that he couldn't help teasing him a bit. In fact, Suzaku actually placed some 'traps' for a reason to punish his little pet.

Suzaku kept nipping here and there, making Lelouch shiver at their closeness. Then he started to unbutton his friend's damp shirt, slowly, making Lelouch purr at soft touches on his skin. He pulled off the shirt and used it to tie Lelouch's hands above him. Lelouch was so distracted that he didn't noticed his hands were tied, till he tried to stop Suzaku's hand removing his pants.

"N-nggh no, master!", Lelouch panicked. He was always embarrassed being aroused like this.

"Why? But this doesn't seem to mind.", Suzaku squeezed his dick lightly, making Lelouch squeak cutely. "Well well, it seems to like me, though."

Suzaku now pinned Lelouch's body to the wall, closing their distance. Suzaku ran the tip of his finger across Lelouch's slit. Lelouch involuntarily yelped and let out some drops of his precum.


Suzaku's other hand slipped between them to cup Lelouch's ass, caressing rather harshly, then slapped it.

"O-ouch! W-what's that for?"

"Hey, hey, it's a punishment, remember?" Suzaku whispered seductively while his still fingers roaming everywhere, including the 'secret entrance'.

"Time for another punishment, boy. Suck"

Suzaku put 3 fingers on Lelouch's lips, which eagerly sucked on them, making it wet and slick with saliva. He moaned on his fingers everytime he made little movements on the tip of Lelouch's cock with his other fingers. Suzaku groaned a bit at the suction. Yes, his pet really had a talented mouth.

After those fingers are deemed wet enough, he pulled them out. Then Lelouch felt something wet on his opening, barely touching. Lelouch, wanting more than that, moved his hips back to create more contact with the wet fingers.

Then came another slap. Lelouch winced a bit with surprise.

"No, no, stay still.", Suzaku tried to sound annoyed, but couldn't hide his smirk, which he knew his pet couldn't see. Lelouch tried to hold his hips still as he was told, despite vicious attacks and teases on his nipples, neck, and his lower, puckered area. His breath grew ragged, once in a while releasing some cute meows.

Suddenly a finger slowly slid in, making Lelouch gasp in surprise. The finger moved gently, rubbing the walls of his inside thoroughly. It moved slowly, very slow. The initial pain was long gone. Quite impatient, Lelouch tried to turn his head to look at Suzaku, but held back by another finger slipping inside. The fingers moved just as slowly as the first. Lelouch could feel the fingers wiggle and curl, touching various parts of his insides. Lelouch let out soft moans as the fingers went deeper, and deeper...

"Nyah!", Lelouch's eyes suddenly went wide and teary. With pleasure.

The Japanese smirked at his reaction, and tried to rub against that exact spot, one more time, harder. The added force elicited a louder, strangled moan.

"Why, seems like you're enjoying this, aren't you?"

" hah", Lelouch was now panting heavily, totally aroused from Suzaku's ministrations on his body.

Another soft brush of Suzaku's fingers on Lelouch's slit made him scream again. With a bite on his neck, the fingers started to scissor inside him. Lelouch was so distracted that he didn't even feel the pain. Tender bites on his neck made his inside burn even more with need.

"Don't move...", Lelouch felt Suzaku's hair brushed against his skin as he moved to whisper on his ear.

Lelouch was now in ecstasy, his whole body ached for release, eyes scrunched tight, trying hard not move his hips, to make the fingers inside him move faster. The third finger slid in. Lelouch screamed again as the new finger found his sensitive bud inside him. Now the wall in front of him looked like it's moving. And then there's stars!

He's getting closer and closer to the edge. He tried again to move, and again, rewarded with another harder slap on his ass, and the fingers harshly slid in and out of him. And it nudged his prostate, again. Somehow Suzaku managed to move his fingers somehow that every fingers could touch that spot one at the time, making his body arched with a loud cry. Lelouch wiggled again his hips, wanting more friction.

"You don't want to add your punishment, do you?", Suzaku muttered darkly, while touching Lelouch's chin, making the sweaty face facing him, just to watch it contort with pleasure as he nudged his special spot again.

"Nnngh...gah! M-master! Please!", the grip on the base of his cock went tighter, to prevent him his release.

"Not yet Lelouch, not yet. What's the point of punishment when you're enjoying it?", Suzaku purred on his ear. "Besides, we have to make sure that you're really sorry, don't we?"

Suzaku removed the 3 fingers, and noticed the barely audible mewl of discontent coming out from Lelouch.

"Get ready...". There's a slight rustling noises and a zipper being opened. Then a click of a little bottle cap. In no time Lelouch could feel a blunt tip of something hard pressed against his tight pucker, but not going in.

Lelouch closed his eyes in anticipation, holding his breath. But after some times, he realized that Suzaku hasn't moved at all.

"Nnn..." Lelouch mewled. Why it's not inside him? Lelouch shifted his body a bit, but held firmly by Suzaku. He realized how he wanted this. Lelouch himself was surprised of his own body. At first he was afraid, how come now he was so wanton?

"Getting impatient little kitty?"

"Mmm... master, please...", with face looking down to the floor, Lelouch slowly asked.

"Please what?" Suzaku smirked. He loved teasing his pet.

"Nnn...", Lelouch again tried to impale himself on the hard thing he wanted so much, but being physically weaker than Suzaku, he did that to no avail.

"You know, I won't let it till I hear what you want. Coming out from your little mouth."

Lelouch swallowed hard, then shyly, "Suz... um.. Master, please take me..."

"I can't exactly hear you when you're saying it so softly.", Suzaku traced his fingers over Lelouch's lips.

Lelouch trembled a bit, then turned back his head to look at Suzaku with the beautiful violet eyes, "Please master, take me! Fuck me! Anything, please! I can't hold it any longer!"

The catboy's face was red, blushing, ashamed of what actually he said. This is the part he loved about teasing Lelouch. Seeing him so vulnerable, begging with his helpless sound and face. Oh how he love his pet. Seeing the wet eyes of his lover, Suzaku couldn't hold his lust any longer.

"H-hhuaah!" Lelouch cried out of pleasure and pain. Sometimes on their love making sessions, he think that those 3 fingers doesn't really help much, compared to the real thing. Especially Suzaku's, no complaints on the size department, he's so... Lelouch screamed out again, as Suzaku slid out and thrust in again without warning. Oh God. Direct hit.

"Fufu... seems like I found your favorite spot?"

Lelouch let out a desperate groan, resting his forehead on the wall, still breathing heavily, trying to relax himself. Suzaku didn't exactly give him time to adjust. But he loved it. All the while Suzaku started to move his hips back and forth inside Lelouch, closing his eyes to enjoy the tightness.

Suzaku could be such a sadist sometimes. Ever since he turned back to his human form, he got to know more about his best friend's other side. About this fetishes, fetish of cat features, fetish for master/pet play, fetish for some bondage. But whatever Suzaku did to him, no matter how disturbing or crazy it might sound at first, Lelouch always find himself loving it. This is just crazy.

Lelouch was now a writhing, sweaty mess trapped between Suzaku's hard body and the wall. His tied up hands unconsciously scratched the wall, looking for something to grip, to let out this flood of ecstasy. He was now no longer in control of his body. He didn't know what word he just moaned or screamed, perhaps. He felt like he's going to faint, or die.

Lelouch was really, really aroused. Today is one of the times where Suzaku would ask Lelouch to do things and watched him closely till he made a slightest mistake. Even a tiny mistake like putting the glass too hard on the table, or opening the fridge for more that 5 seconds, wouldn't go un'punished'.

He know it wasn't fair, but secretly Lelouch loved this. Behind his stoic mask that he need to wear everywhere, hidden this secret need to be controlled by his lover. He loves to be dominated, to be forced to obey. And lucky for him, Suzaku was more than happy to help his lover fulfill his desire. Till he screams and beg.

The sensations are maddening. Lelouch gasped for breath. He inhaled air only to be knock out again of him, together the moans and screams.

"Ma-master! I-I'm going to... I...!", Lelouch's face scrunched tight, back arched sharply, head thrown back on Suzaku's shoulder, ready for the mind-blowing feeling... But it didn't come. It suddenly dawned to Lelouch that the cock ring was still on him!

"A-aaah! Master, please... the ring! I want... nnngh. I need... need to cum! Please!"

Then Suzaku's hand reached town to Lelouch's throbbing cock. But instead of releasing the ring, he just rubbed his hand on the hardness there, making Lelouch scream again under the teases.

"No! Don't do... that! Please, aaaah! Please remove it master!"

Suzaku just chuckled lowly. The sadistic side of Suzaku that rarely comes out. And every time it shows, it always make Lelouch beg, wail, scream, and do many other unmentionable things. His tail wagged, trying to swat Suzaku's fingers from teasing him even more. Long black tail, cute but as weak as Lelouch was compared to Suzaku.

Suzaku put his hands on both Lelouch's thighs, spreading them more open, exposing Lelouch more. Lelouch could only oblige. He didn't even realize that his knees have given up and rested his body weight wholly on those hands and on the walls in front of him. Lelouch blushed even redder, realizing his position.

And then he could feel the hard phallus goes in, and out, and thrust again hard, then out till the tip, and pushed again. All the while, Lelouch could do nothing but to fight against the restraint on his hands, while making those exotic noises, gasps, and moans, and sometimes that strangled sound that Suzaku noticed Lelouch would produce when he attacked his sensitive spot while pulling his left nipple. Lelouch was starting to feel a little light headed. He really really need to cum.

Suzaku keep thrusting and thrusting with such force, while Lelouch met him with little pushes back.

"Oh god, you're so tight, Lelouch.", at that time Suzaku realized Lelouch has stopped struggling and moving much.

Lelouch merely whimpered softly as an answer. Suzaku opened his eyes, to see the condition of his lover, then watched the poor boy, whose eyes closed tight, mouth gaping, forehead on the wall, his whole slim figure trembled uncontrollably. His nails clawed the wall. He could see a drop of tear flowing down from his eyes, down to his beautiful face, mixing with the sweat. His cat ears rather drooped down. His gaping mouth seemed like mumbling silent pleas of breathy 'Please, please, please...' like a mantra, hoping it would release him from his torture.

The Japanese, feeling a pang of sympathy. Thinking that he might have gone to far to torture this gorgeous creature. He then silenced Lelouch's mouth with his own, savoring the taste of the soft, reddening lips. What did this little fragile human do wrong to deserve such torture.

Thrusting in several more times, Suzaku felt his climax getting nearer. Beside every pleasured push to the tight pucker, Suzaku could feel Lelouch's black tail rubbing desperately between his legs, hoping that his master might spare a bit of his mercy, softly crumbling down Suzaku's wall of control.

"Lelouch...", Suzaku whispered on his ear, once in a while licking the sweet sheen of sweat on Lelouch's face.

Lelouch's brain was to occupied to send appropriate signals to his mouth to respond. Instead, he only opened his mouth, but nothing came out but another mewl.

'I think it's time', Suzaku reached down to reach Lelouch's dick, rubbing some more, making Lelouch jerked and wail, his tied cat paws clawing again helplessly against the wall, thinking that Suzaku was going to torturing him again. But unexpectedly, Suzaku removed the cock ring with a satisfying click for Lelouch's cat ears.

Knowing the restraint has been removed on his cock, Lelouch turned his face to Suzaku, looking hopefully with his huge violet eyes, as if wanting to be given permission.

Suzaku felt his stomach tightened at the expression. Both of them were on the edge. Suzaku gripped the pulsing cock in his hand, and commanded Lelouch, "Pet... come with me."

With that, Suzaku slammed one more time, hitting the smaller boy's prostate.

Things became blurry after that, Lelouch shuddered and bucked his back sharply, mouth opened, but no sound coming out of his throat. Gushes of thick liquid spewed out from him, hitting the wall and his own chest. His tail and ears tensed, like the rest of his body.

On the other side, Suzaku pulled out and thrust in one last time, hitting directly to his prostate, making Lelouch's gaping mouth letting out a loud, hoarse scream. His eyes was wide open, but he only saw white as he shot the second, third, and many more waves of semen and sending shocking pleasure on whole body. Lelouch's tense body squeezed Suzaku's cock inside him, throwing Suzaku immediately pass the threshold and climaxed. He let out a load moan, eyes rolled back behind his head, and shuddered, filling the little body with his seed. Suzaku leaned on his lover's body in front of him, making both of them slide down slowly to the floor after they ride out their orgasm.

For a few minutes, their pants and ragged breath calmed to the regular breathing. The aftermath was quite messy. Both of their lithe bodies tangled against each other. Lelouch laid limply on Suzaku's strong arm, bodies pressed together. Lelouch, with his still tied hands, clung to Suzaku's neck and kissed him gently. The smaller boy then snuggled comfortably on Suzaku's chest, with a catlike attitude, purred a bit, and went to sleep. The Japanese, meanwhile, could only smile a little, and carried him softly to their bed.

"I surely have worn you out, my pet?", Suzaku landed a soft kiss to the cat ears while untying the cloth he used to restrain Lelouch's hands. He only got a soft mewl as a reply. "I'm sorry, I was too hard on you. I'll never be that mean again. Now go to sleep."

The Japanese smirked, doubting the truth of the words he just said. He laid his body beside Lelouch. There's no way tomorrow Lelouch won't drop the glass bowl he just put near the kitchen. He chuckled darkly, imagining Lelouch's panicked face. Tomorrow will be a nice day for another punishment.


The end of Chapter 6.
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