So, Eli as a Mall-Santa anyone? Yeah, enjoy and I'm sorry I haven't been posting. School has been crazy. Um, yeah I was feeling happy today (since it's my Birthday), and I wanted to post this for you all!

Eli groaned. "This job sucks." He muttered to himself. It got worse everyday.

It was December 15th. He'd been here for almost two weeks-since the 3rd of the month. The days went by slowly, and they were so fucking boring to him.

His shift was starting in about 4 minutes, so he had to put his costume on now. He pulled the thick pants on, along with the traditional black boots. The next article of clothing was Santa's big, red coat, which he pulled on over his black t-shirt. He absolutely hated the outfit, especially the huge, fake stomach underneath of it. It felt very uncomfortable in SO MANY ways! Then, he put on the simple, white gloves, which his boss, Marty, said added the "perfect touch" to the costume. Eli totally and 100 % disagreed with the statement. He looked horrible! Absolutely horrible! And it was itchy, irritating, annoying, and HOT! Boy, was it hot. He swore, one of these days, he would die of a heat stroke from wearing this.

At least the elves got to wear something a little cooler...Or "Santa's little helper's", as Marty had always said. Their costumes comprised of stockings, a dress type thing (yes, even the guys had to wear one, though it was more like a long shirt), little elf shoes, a long-sleeved red and white striped shirt underneath of the dress, an elf hat, fake ears, and a little bit of make up, to ensure their "cheery" faces. He would much rather take more time to get into the costume then have to have to take 3 minutes to get into it, and a whole day of annoyance.

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