Darken Angel: ::Ahem:: Hello to you all! My name is Darken Angel, you can call me D for short, and I would like to welcome you to my third annual story!!

::the sound of party blowers can be heard as confetti falls down from the ceiling and strobe lights go on with music::

Duo: Whoo-hoo! Bring in the beer!

Heero: We aren't old enough

D: Heero's got a point there ::Sweatdrop:: damn, I hate laws

Duo: Okay….. Bring in the Soda!

D: (Singing the best she can) Party like it's 99'!

Heero: Omea o koruso ::takes out his pistol and shoots right past Duo and D::

D: Okay! I think we better be goin'. Hey, Duo, lets move this into the kitchen, shall we?

Duo: I think your right ::grabs the snacks:: okay, I'm right behind yah!

::Both take off running into the next room, braids trailing behind them::

Heero: Here's the story ::places pistol back into the "secret pocket" we all know about:: Omea o koruso narrator! ::Gunshot::

Narrator (D in costume): Whaaa!! ::runs from Heero:: Please run out of bullets before I run out of energy!

Duo: ::Munching on chips:: (through mouthful) Yah right! ::multiple gunshots:: (gulp) Uh, heh, heh, run for your goddamn lives!

Cameraman: Whoa! Watch out for the camera! CRASH ::Static::

Unknown report lady wearing red dress: We are having technical difficulties please go ahead and move onto the story ::D and Duo run by in the back:: Uh- oh…. ::Gunshots::

::Screen goes black, after a few seconds, D walks out on stage:: ::Ahem:: As I was about to say ::Duo runs by with Heero hot on his heals waving around his pistol:: ::Sweatdrop:: On with the show! ::Duo grabs her braid and pulls her off screen with Heero behind them::

Heero:: OMEA O KORUSO!!!




Duo: As usual… ::sticks another chip into his mouth::

D: ::Gives Duo the death glare:: Before I was rudely interrupted, I have something's to say:

Duo: Naturally

D: Omea o koruso! ::Pulls out a pistol from nowhere::

Duo: Eek! Wait that's Heero's line

Heero and D: Shut-up

Duo: Okay! I'll just leave now ::Gets up to leave, but is yanked down by Heero pulling his braid::

D: ::sigh:: okay, business:

-I don't own the G-boys or anything like that. If you sue…. You're a very mean person. You won't get anything anyways, but a few pennies and maybe a couple of chips. ::looks at Duo:: Never mind, Duo ate all those. And thank you to all the nice people.

Summary: We all think are lives are hard, right? Going to school or work everyday, just like the average person. Years go by in our lives, day in, and day out. But what if you were Ali Yuywell, would your life be any different? Well, at least she thought it wouldn't be. For all we know is that she is a normal teenage girl, apart from being the major Tomboy she was. But life wasn't easy for Ali; she wasn't normal. Barely even human at the least, half angel, have demon. So where would she fit in? The thing is, no one knows this strange combination from within this girl, not even herself. The past is not yet available to her, the present hasn't told, but maybe the future holds the secret….

D: ::slaps forehead:: Oi, I really suck at summaries ::takes out a notepad from her back pocket:: memo to self, practice summary. ::looks up, noticing the camera for the first time:: GAH!! Oh, it's just you, the reader, or I could do one of the things where you say (insert your name here) I am totally confusing you, aren't I? Sorry, ::gets up and leaves screen:: Whoops, forgot my pencil, ::cups hands around her mouth:: PENCIL WHERE ARE YOU? Oh, heh, heh, in my hand. Okay, sorry. ::hurries off screen:: screech ::Pokes head back on:: Oh, this is an AU type thing, I mean, this is after the war, but no Endless Waltz, or was it ::yells off stage:: Alright, alright, I'm leaving.


// -thinking, :: -action,

/Dang, I'm so tired/ I moved to change my laying position in bed. ::yawn:: /I really hate this, damnit, I can't get to sleep again/ I rolled over to yet another position. Nights of no sleep were becoming more frequent. Sleeping in class was becoming a habit. /Why me? Why, why, why/ screamed in my head. I decided to sit up, /Water, maybe that will help/ I got up and walked into the bathroom next to my room. ::yawn:: /Can't stop yawning/ I flipped on the light switch and sat down on the toilet next to the sink as I filled up a small plastic cup. The water foamed and writhed as the faucet sent it into my cup. I looked at for a moment, /Is water supposed to do that? Whatever/ The cold liquid felt good to my throat, soothing it's dryness. I quenched for more, and again I filled up my small glass. I stood up and walked over to the front of the sink. I took gulp after gulp of the delicious substance, it being so pure, unlike myself. Slowly my head rose to look up into the mirror. /What the/ I choked some on the water that was still in my throat. The glass dropped from my hand as I leaned closer towards the mirror. Blinking and rubbing my eyes, I refused to believe what I think I see. /Nah/ I tried to assure myself; it was impossible, there was no explanation to what I saw. In the mirror, staring back at me were two different people. I turned around to face the boys I saw in the mirror standing behind me, but to my frustration and fear, there was no one there. I looked back into the mirror and saw the images fading. Both were boys around my age, they looked about 15 or so. One was clad in black, a long black loose shirt that was rolled up at the sleeves, accompanied by black jeans. His dark Cobalt blue eyes looked into my sole. Around his neck he wore a silver cross. His bangs fell over his eyes, a chestnut colored braid hung down past his waist. The other boy was in white, a loose white tank top with white jeans. He had dark brown hair that was cut short, his bangs were very exuberant, as they clung towards the Persian blue eyes; their depths were unfathomable with a stern look. The boy in black wore a teasing smirk, as the other watched me intensely. I felt a chill of fear shoot up my back, /I hope that was a draft/ I had dreams and mind tricks played on me before, but this was ridiculous. I took one final look at the pair before they disappeared into the shadows of darkness around me, was that not a scythe the boy in black was holding? Or a pistol the one in white had? I shook my head furiously, closing my eyes and trying to clear my mind. I turned the sink on again and splashed water up on my face, trying to stop this silly game. As I dried myself off, the thought crossed my mind /Could that have been life and death, or something like that, I mean one in black, the other in white? Oh, boy/ I slowly stumbled back into my bedroom, /I wish I could have a good nights sleep for once, then, maybe I wouldn't have crazy problems like this/ I laid back down on my bed, the pillow feeling cold to my burning up face, yet I was freezing. As I closed my eyes, I rolled over to see what time I had stayed up until tonight, 4:00 am. /Great, and I'm suppose to get up in two hours/ I rolled over onto my back, and for the first time tonight, my eyes closed with the company of sleep.

A/N: So it was short. Kind of like "End", instead of "The End." Please don't mind my ramble. Is anyone interested? Considering there was a lot of goofing around in the beginning, ::looks around:: (whispers) what I do best ::returns to regulated tone:: I don't have much to say now. So, tell me what cha think, right? Thanks for your time! – D (Darken Angel)