D: Alright, alright, chapter 4

Heero: We're getting somewhere

Duo: Yep, that's a plus

D: Correct! Wait a minute. What's that suppose to mean?


I looked at the doctor, did I really want to know what was going on, /yes, even if he seems crazy/. I prepared myself to listen, this was going to be a lot to absorb, or at least, that what it looks like from the look on his face. He motioned for me to sit on one of the chairs. The other people left, except for Duo and Heero, they walked over to one of the corners of the room and continued what conversation they were having. I immediately picked up on the fact Heero wasn't much of a talker. ::Ahem:: The doctor cleared his throat which directed my attention back at him. "I'll start from very beginning, before you were even around." I intently listened;

"The war was going on, AC 195. The Gundam Pilots were Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Raberba Winner, and Chang Wufei. They each piloted a Gundam, each made by one of us scientists. The war had very interesting turnouts. At that, we were sure about the pilots and their capabilities, but we were in need of something else, another tool. We needed another pilot of some sort, one excellent in computers, stealth, strength, and speed. The perfect girl to recruit, but there was no person available with those requirements. The pilots were excellent with their training, but we needed a person around here. The decision was made for a girl because we had trained boys, a girl would be a new discovery. As I said, there wasn't a girl that would fit the requirements. So we had to invent one. Cloning, no is not legal, but we don't follow that, and we had perfected the art of it. So, we needed two pilots that would fit the requirements for the girl. The computer searched through all of our studies and records on the pilots. Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell met the match requirements. This is where we started; DNA was the first thing we needed. So we took the DNA samples from Heero and Duo and worked on the structure. But we found something that was not recorded in our data base."

I took note of the sudden silence that was in the room. Duo and Heero had stopped discussion and were now also listening. I could see the gleam of their eyes reflected from the dim light. I turned back to look at Dr. J. "Please continue," I asked in somewhat of a shaky voice. I tried to steady myself the best I could. He did:

"We found that Heero and Duo were not only human, but part well," he let out a small sigh. I could here Duo whispering something to Heero, but they were still looking at us. The doctor continued, "We found that they were part," he hesitated again, "Angel and Demon." He stopped and looked up at me. I had a bemused face on considering the information I had just received; he wasn't surprised. "I," I started to say, "I didn't think there was such…. such things as half angels and demons. There's such thing as demons and angels?" Both Heero and Duo got up as Dr. J nodded, "I didn't believe it myself." "What the heck are you telling her," Duo said walking closer to us. "I might have permanent bloodstained hands, but," he trailed off. Heero put a hand on his shoulder; Duo turned his head to look at his friend. Heero shook his head and pulled Duo a step back. I stayed focused on the doctor, "How do you know what kind of gene's angel's and demon's would have anyway?" He turned towards a control panel that had a small screen connected to it, "Here take a look at this." I moved the chair over next to him. "This," he pointed to one of the different DNA structures, "Is a normal human DNA structure," I heard footsteps behind us, "and this," the scientist pointed to two different looking ones, "is Heero's and Duo's DNA structures." I heard a small smirk behind us, "hmm," mumbled under my breath. Chancing a look back at the two boys, my eyes traveled to their corners, but all that could be seen was outlines of the figures. My attention was directed back to the panel, "You see, this is unlike anything I've ever seen. So, like a normal conscientious scientist would do, we preformed tests." He typed some keys on a panel nearby, the images changed. Soon different ones appeared before me. It had analyzed information about both of the teenagers with a complete body analysis and a picture. It impressed me so, seeing all this was way beyond my imagination, but what got me more was the information he gave me next. "If you look closely, we have both of the boys compared with the other three Gundam Pilots, see a difference at all?" There was. In just about all the information that was given, there was something enormously different. "So," he continued, "we decided to break down the DNA information more, find out and discriminate the human from the other DNA supplement." He went further into even more detail, each procedure very elaborate, and shone with extensive information. He explained all details, all the lasting processes he took, from breaking down the DNA, to the supplement details of it all. "We decided that the girl would be human, but some of the requirements that needed to be met were not. It seems that being part angel and demon work for the boys," he glanced back at them. A fist slammed down on the panel beside me, causing the screen's image to destabilize a little. I looked up to see that it belonged to Duo, but his face was hidden by the bangs that overcame it. "You mean to tell us you ran a whole body speculation and analysis with all this information, dissected our DNA, and found out about a certain secret that was kept to ourselves with out telling even us?" Came a stressed and angry type growl. He slowly lifted up his head, his gaze turned towards the scientist that was concealed a little by the bangs. The cheerful glow I first saw in those Cobalt Blue eyes was gone, only to be replaced by anger and disgust. Dr. J gave a stern look back, a man that stood his ground by my judgment, and nodded his head, "Yes, Duo, I did. That's what we scientists do. We discover and invent," he said in a calm voice. Duo lifted up his fist with a sense of bitterness, and turned back towards Heero. Heero walked slowly towards me. He placed his hand on the back of my chair and looked over my shoulder at the information. "It seems then that you made a fatal error," came his deep, monotone voice. He stood back up and removed his hand. Then he and Duo walked back to the corner they were first in. I looked back to the doctor, "What does he mean?" "Well," he began, "we concocted two different DNA structures. One of which was a normal human descent, the other of the inexplicable. Then we proceeded with the operation." "You mean to tell me the cell structure?" I asked astonished. "Yes, you catch on fast. With the given cells, we could start producing the actual body." There was a smirk from the corner. "But, there was a mistake made in that. Either the calculations were wrong, or the information was insufficient. Instead of being human cells, they were the unexplained cells. By the time the mistake was realized, we had already created. Well, the girl was born soon after, the only thing is, she was somehow part human. It must have been mixed with the DNA cells someway to materialize it. So, in any case, we decided to raise her as a normal girl. Heero and Duo liked her very much, so they were the ones to take responsibility. Of course, she grew fast, and had a thirst of knowledge, learning things from engineering, to being a cook. But soon we realized, this was not a normal life, and the truth would be hard to explain until she was older. We took in to our judgment to erase her past memories and let her start a new life. She was delivered to a home that took her in and would raise her correctly, not to be intimidated by the means of her origin. Later results found the procedure didn't work, all it did was place the memories to the back of the mind, and they could freely haunt the looming girl. And they would. That's when we decided to contact you; there was a need for desperate explanations. We would like you back." "Huh?" was the confused answer that came out of my mouth, "Then why are they my age?" I asked, still looking for explanations.

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