My eyes stung from the sudden flood of light that entered a bleached white padded room. I tried to cover my eyes but a white jacket held my arms in place I struggled more and more but it felt as if every time I moved the jacket got tighter. I eventually became exaughsted and collapsed. I woke to a painful shot to the back of my head, I looked up and seen a vague face from across a steel table "WHERE ARE THEY!" he demanded

"who" I said confused,

"THOSE KIDS!" he screamed "there were traces of their blood on your clothes and on the grass around you, NOW WHERE ARE THEY!"

"I don't know what your talking about, all I want to know is where I am?"


"I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT, all I remember is waking up here"

"you better start remembering or by the count of three your head is going to be on the wall" he said with a grin "one" I heard the sound of the button on his gun holster click open "two" he raised his gun to my face "three"….


I fell to the ground and landed on soft grass unharmed, trembling in shock. A group of kids formed a group around me "what's wrong mister" said a small boy that looked no older than nine, "nothing, but where am I?" I asked them

"the middle of nowhere" one said with a big smile across his small head, I stood up and looked around seeing nothing but trees and grass. "what are you kids doing out here alone" I asked

"what's it to you" came a sharp reply from a kid who looked like the leader of the group of children

"I just wanted to know if your parent knew about this"

"no why?"

"you should get home befo…"

Before I could finish I heard an ear piercing scream that drove me to my knees. When I looked up and the kids were gone, all the luscious trees and plants where black and dead and the once blue sky was now vermillion.


I heard the sound of a pack of wolves flooded my ears as I seen the pack come closer I got frightened and hid in a tree with a stick in case one could jump up and bite my leg. Suddenly the wolves disappeared, but in its place came a colossal flock of ravens appeared circling my tree. One by one they swooped down and tried to attack me. I jumped out of the tree landing harshly and ran until I fell into a ravine.


I looked up to see one of those children poking me with a twig saying "mister, mister please wake up. Please its coming" I finally started to clue in to what was happening and asked "what's coming?"


Then she was swept away by this big shadow going toward this cave. I began to chase that figure towards the cave but when I got there the creature was gone and the child was mutilated among the rest of the group of kids. I was so overwhelmed by that brutal sight I passed out from shock.


I regained consciousness staring at my reflection on that same steel table, I looked up and seen that man with his gun drawn and pointed at me "I'm going to ask you one last time, where are those kids?" he said aggravated

"My subconscious" I said with a smirk.

By: Adrious Jackpine