Series: School Daze

Title: History Lesson

Author: Tali

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any part of the fandom. I am not making any money from this story. It in no way represents cannon.

Summary: Tamari gives a history lesson.

Over all series pairings (should I continue): Sasuke/Naruto; Neji/Gaara; Shikamaru/Ino; Kiba/Hinata – hints at and mention of Naruto/Gaara; Sasuke/Sakura; Naruto/OFC; others as they amuse me to do so…

AN: Taking a tiny break from Broken Promises. So once more with feeling, we return to high school with Naruto and the gang.

The Dead One: I couldn't decide if this would be a one off or not originally. But these boys just won't go away. Yeah… if detention had been like this or hell even proctored by someone like Sasuke I'd have gotten in a LOT more trouble.

Midnight Essence: I'm glad you like it. The more is coming just not sure how its going to click together. We shall see.

Jayden Nara: LOL Yup he simply couldn't let that slide… Naruto insulted his dedication and hard work. You know I started changing my spacing a bit ago because someone kept telling me it was too stretched out and I too find it annoying the way I've been doing it so I fixed and edited it.

Naruto slid onto the bench of the lunch table, legs on either side and fit himself snug against Gaara. He put in his best sad look, letting his blue eyes go wide and sad. Then his lower lip went out in a pouty frown. "Dad forgot to do the shopping again. I'm starving."

Rolling his eyes Gaara's lips twitched up in a smirk. Raising his fork he fed Naruto some of his rice. "Shut up Naru."

From across the room Tamari rolled her eyes watching them. "They really aren't fooling any one."

Sasuke and Neji looked up from their discussion and blinked at her. "What?" Neji asked following her gaze across the cafeteria. His face hardened seeing the red headed boy feeding the blond.

"Gaara and Naruto. I wish they'd just get back together so we stop playing the, 'we wanted to date other people' game." Shaking her head she explained to the three boys looking at her surprise. "They started… seeing each other in seventh year. All the way up until right before they got here. Then they decided they need to see other people. The only thing that seems to have changed is that they are not calling each other boy friend anymore." She smiled softly. "You know Naruto is the one who got Gaara to get that stupid tattoo?"

Neji shook his head frowning. "I'd always wondered how he'd managed to get it."

"Uh, Naruto talked him into it. He chose the Love kanji for Gaara. Its supposed to remind Gaara every day that he is loved. Naru let Gaara choose one for him. He put it on Naru's belly since it's so sensitive." Tamari grinned shaking her head. "Evidentially it has made him even more sensitive. It's some sort of old seal; it's supposed to keep demons locked away. They really are good for each other and oddly romantic."

Sasuke and Neji turned to look at the table in question. Naruto was smiling brightly and being fed more of Gaara's lunch. Gaara was even smiling at something Kiba was doing. It was nauseatingly adorable. The bell rang ending lunch and everyone started to clear out rushing for their next class. Gaara and Naruto chatting and nudging each other down the hall before separating. Two pair of eyes watched their every move, one pair black and the other pail lavender.

"Hey Gaara I'll catch you after basketball practice ok? In the car park, I'm staying at your place tonight. Enjoy your cello." Naruto made an exaggerated sad face and gripped his shirt over his heart as Kiba rolled his eyes dragging the blond off. "I really think you love that cello more then you love me."

Gaara snorted, "I love most things more then you, Moron. Go get all sweaty. I've got to use my talent." Gaara waited until his best friend was out of the line of site and turned away from the music room and toward the student council meeting room. Waiting until the rooms and halls emptied he slid in. There was no meeting today and the room was blacked out and empty.

He heard the lock click and moaned when the lips of his lover met his neck. He loved these afternoon. The hands made quick work of his pants and shorts, Gaara kicked both off as soon as they pooled at his ankles. Then bent spreading his legs letting the talented fingers work him open. "Fuck that feels so good! Oh god… Neji please." Shivering Gaara licked his lips and gasped then the older boy hit his prostate.

Neji didn't have the patients or inclination to wait. Turning the smaller male around he lifted him, pressed his shirt covered back against the wall and slid home. "So fucking tight. Gods you are always so tight." Lips attacked the red heads neck and then moved up to his mouth.

"Neji, MOVE." He ordered leaning in to attack the Hyuuga's mouth. "Ahh… yes, yes just like oh please… it's been a week. Please just…" Licking his lips Sabaku leaned his head back against the wall. His hips thrust meeting Neji's driving force, he was moving harder than usual he seemed to have more desire to pound Gaara senseless.

"Ahh, ooh I'm gonna come… Neji, Neji fuck me." He whimpered legs tightening around the older boy and hands fisting in the long brown hair.

"Are you fucking Uzumaki?" Naji growled looking up into the lust clouded green eyes. Confusion came across Gaara's face before his world exploded. Cursing the brunette thrust faster into the warm squeezing heat. "Gaara, my Gaara…" He whispered into the pale neck eyes closing as he breathed deep coming down from his orgasmic high.

Moving he let Gaara down and held him until the other boy was steady on his feet. Panting and smiling Gaara went to his bag pulling out some wipes to clean up with. "You bring the lube, I bring the clean up." He tossed a packet at his sister's friend.

Neji watched him clean up and dress. "Are you fucking Uzumaki?" Gaara stiffened and pulled his bag up then his cello.

"What business is it of yours?" Finally he turned to face the cleaned up boy. "We fuck… nothing else. Your rules, who and what we do outside of this room is something else."

Grabbing Gaara by the arm he pinned the shorter boy against the wall growling. "If you're fucking that idiot it is my business."

"Get off. I have to meet Naruto to walk home, if I'm late he realize something up." He pushed away and sighed. "You haven't stopped screwing around to keep up appearances. You made us fuck buddies." Shaking his head Gaara unlocked the door and before leaving he looked at Neji. "Don't call my friends idiots. Don't talk shit about Naruto… he's been there for me when no one else has been and he's all I've got."

Neji stared after the red head and made the same promise he had made since stumbling upon the red head in his room jerking off, this was the last time. He'd been unable to stop himself. Gaara had looked so beautiful naked, hand moving up and down his cock and two fingers deep in his own hole. He'd shown up early to the house and let himself in. He was heading to Tamari's room as he always had when they were to meet at the blond girls home for something. This time however her baby brother had been home. He'd left his door slightly cracked and Neji had heard the strangled noise. Hearing the sweet mewls the brunette had been unable to stop himself from looking and what he'd seen drew him into the room and over his pliant body. They'd fucked right there on the bed. Neji couldn't help but feel guilty, he was one of Tamari's few friends and he'd just taken advantage of her baby brother. He'd instantly told Gaara that could never happen again and the boy had just agreed.

Then it happened again, twice more before Neji had given in and offered what he felt was a reasonable compromise. And so it had began, he'd never considered another might cause conflicts for him. Never considered Gaara might have someone else or even want someone else. He had no idea what he was going to do but he knew he had to do something. The way Gaara had stuck up for Naruto said so much about his feelings for the other boy and Neji was forced to sit in a chair from how sick it left him feeling.

There is a History Lesson pt II, where Sasuke has his say on the matter... feedback will make me finish it faster. :0) Yeah yeah... I'm a bad evil manipulative writer.