Author's Note: What's there to say? This is my [Toaru Christmas Project] that I've been working for the last two weeks. I've attempted to include as many characters as I feel that I am capable of without sacrificing quality. For the characters that a noticeably left out, I must apologized if any of them are your favorites, my reason for not including them is simply because I do not feel comfortable enough to depict their personalities accurately and I rather leave them out completely than to butcher their character.

That said, please enjoy my work and have a merry Christmas!

"Do They Know it's Christmas Time at all?"

Christmas Day.

Possibly the biggest celebration in the world aside from "New Year's Day".

A holiday observed generally on December 25 to commemorate the birth of the Son of God, the central figure of Christianity. The date is not known to be the actual birthday of Jesus, and may have initially been chosen to correspond with either the day exactly nine months after some early Christians believed Jesus had been conceived, the date of the winter solstice on the ancient Roman calendar, or one of various ancient winter festivals.

Christmas is central to the Christmas and holiday season, and in Christianity marks the beginning of the larger season of Christmastide, which lasts twelve days.

"Although nominally a Christian holiday, Christmas is also widely celebrated by many non-Christians, and many of its popular celebratory customs have pre-Christian or secular themes and origins-"

"That's fine and all, but my question was- What do you plan to do on that wonderful day?" Maika asked patiently.

In a city where 80% of the population consist of students, even weekends does not feel like weekends at all in Academy City when most students get called back for remedial classes, and this always include Kamijou Touma. Bored of being confined to the dormitory, Index decided to find Maika to share her woes and empty stomach.

The subject of their conversation immediately changed to Christmas.

"Well, the big event isn't really Christmas day itself, but rather the day before it- Christmas Eve. Similar to how the countdown on New Years' Day Eve is always bigger than the actual New Years Day celebration." Maika paused to take a slip of her tea. "So I was wondering what are your plans with Kamijou Touma for that day? If you guys have nothing in mind, my brother and I were thinking of inviting you guys to come over for dinner."

Index's eyes immediately lit up.


"Yes yes... So how about it?"

Index considered it for a moment.

"If Touma's okay with it then I'm okay with it... I've never spent Christmas before so I don't really know what to do."

"UGH? Serious? But as a Sister I thought..."

She wasn't exactly lying, but Index wasn't actually telling the whole truth. Because of her... 'Conditions' in the past Index had gone through a memory wipe once every year. Even if she had spend Christmas with someone, it's more than likely that there will be no recollection of it at the end of every year.

"Well it was a turbulent time..."

"I-I see... Well that wouldn't do! I insist that both you and Kamijou Touma join us for Christmas Eve!"

Come to think of it, that would also mean that Touma doesn't remember spending Christmas either...

"Why not instead we get everybody together for a big Christmas eve party?"

"EH? Aisa? You were here?" Index exclaimed loudly.

"... That recurring joke should have a limit, whose dorm do you think you're using right now?"

"Ahh my bad, I forgot..."

"...That perfect memory of yours needs checking."

The quiet girl with long beautiful black hair sat down beside them with drinks.

"Ah that's right Himegami-san, almost everybody in your dorm has gone home for Christmas right? That's sad... Nobody should spend Christmas alone... That settles it! For the sake of Himegami who is alone, and the Sister who had never spent Christmas before-"

"I-I don't think Touma spent Christmas before either...!"

Himegami raised an eyebrow suspiciously at Index nervous.

"Er, he told me once before? Heheh?"

"...And Kamijou as well! I, Tsuchimikado Maika would swear on my title as First Class Maid (In Training) to throw you guys the BIGGEST! BADDEST! Christmas Dinner Party this side of Academy City!"

Index and Himegami clapped in support.

"Will there be food?"

"There will be mountains of food!"

"That's my favorite kind of food!"

"...I know you two are excited, but could you not step on other people's table?"

But both Index and Tsuchimikado Maika were too fired up to cool down now.

The first day of the week in School.

"Eh? A Christmas Party?" Fukiyose dropped her Onigiri. "For Kamijou?"

"Yes, according to that Sister that keeps budging into class looking for him, neither of them had celebrated Christmas before, so we thought of throwing a big party this year for them."

"Wait, the Sister never celebrated Christmas before?"

"Apparently those were turbulent times she said... Anyway I was wondering if you would like to join us, unless you have something else to attain to?"

For reasons that don't matter right now, Himegami Aisa, Fukiyose Seiri and a good portion of the students from their class had to stay behind in class on this week.

"No that's not it, but have you thought it through yet? Parties are harder to organize and even harder to execute? And despite what you do, they never turn out the way you want them to..."

"No problem... We've planned it by ourselves already... Or at least, that's what a First Class Maid (in Training) told me."

"Maid? From that Maid school?"

Himegami nodded.

"That's somewhat reassuring, those girls have been known to pull off miracles... But still... What about venue? Food? Entertainment and other logistics? You're also going to need a sizable manpower support... No matter how 'first class' she is, one person can't handle all that by herself-"

That's it. That was the opening Himegami had been waiting.

"- You're right, if she had someone to help her, it might be a lot easier..."


"As frustrating as it is to admit, I'm going to need some help organizing this party. Himegami-san, could you ask that busty friend of yours that was on the Daihaseisai organizing committee to help out? With her leadership and management skills on board it would really help speed up the process..."

"No problem, Seiri is an addict that gets her high from managing stuff, it shouldn't be too hard to sucker her into our cause..."

*End of Flashback*

"...That was probably what you were thinking right, Aisa-san?" Fukiyose stared at her best friend accusingly after that quick flashback. "So when you said that you've planned everything yourself, what you really mean is 'Fukiyose-san can plan everything for you', am I right?"

"...As expected of my brilliant best friend."

Fukiyose-san sighed at Himegami's confession.

"Fine, but don't get the wrong idea, I'm not doing this for Kamijou, it just so happens that I couldn't catch the last plane home, understand?"

The busty-health-freak girl utter those words without a single hint of shame or embarrassment.

"...What's with that embarrassing 'tsundere' response?"

"What 'tsundere' response?"

"You've just gave the 'tsundere' answer... And it was word for word."

"Huh? Which part?"


"Himegami, I think you've been hanging out with the idiots too much."

The misunderstood girl rubbed her eyes and sighed.

"...I think so too."

Fukiyose patted her friend on the head.

"Right then..."

Fukiyose takes a short breath and hides her face with both hands, and then raises them both behind her head at once, sweeping her back hair behind her ears perfectly. After that, she fixes her hair clips.

Fukiyose forehead DX mode.

She's serious.

Fukiyose goes to the podium and cleanly clears the blackboard before addressing the remaining classmates.

"EVERYONE! I have an announcement to make! And NONE of you jokers have any say in it!"

Misaka Mikoto felt lethargic.

"So even in a city of science and logic, Christmas still have a place in everyone's heart... There's even rumors that a total of one hundred water, wind and ice Espers would come together to create a white Christmas this year!"

As the third strongest Level 5 wanders down the streets of the 7th School District, she finds herself surrounded by red, white and golden decorations everywhere. Kuroko had her usual Judgment business which means Uiharu would be busy as well, and Saten had extra classes to attend to as well.

Sometimes it's lonely to be an honor student.

Actually, Mikoto had the option of leaving Academy City for Christmas to spend time with her family. But this year she felt like celebrating that day with her friends here in the city.

And possibly w-with... with... w-w-with... The young girl blushed at that thought.

Alone at night... Beside a burning log... Cuddle up side by side for warmth... White snow outside... Underneath a mistletoe and...

Mikoto's mind temporarily went blank as she fried out her circuits.

Even as the weather sank to a chilling temperature, the Railgun was still brimming with blazing hot electrifying passion.

I change my mind, I'm lucky that Kuroko and the girls aren't here... Mikoto thought as she tries to vent off the extra heat from her cherry red face.


The sound of the cat's cry alert Misaka to another person's presence.


Misaka's shoulders jerked as a nun with silver hair and green eyes popped up beside her.

Not exactly a rival, but not entirely a friend either, Misaka Mikoto and a stormy relationship with the girl called Index.

"Ugh? Don't just appear like that all of a sudden!"

Index responded with a long groan which for once, didn't come from her stomach.

Now Mikoto was starting to get worry.


"Of course, we couldn't let the main guest of honor get a wind of our plans- Sister-san is here with us so there's no helping it, but we'll need to divert Kamijou Touma's attention elsewhere!"

"Oh I can do that!"

Index volunteered her services in hopes that it would mean that she would get to spend more time with Touma... And this time it's for a purpose.

"Don't worry, I already have a plan to get my brother to handle it so don't worry. I have an even greater assignment for you!"


"I'm placing you in charge of getting a present for Kamijou Touma!"


"Of course, you're the one who spent the most time with him! You're the perfect person to get him a Christmas present!"


Himegami stared daggers at the silver-haired girl.

"Don't screw this up."


*End of Flashback*

"A Christmas party huh... That sounds nice..."

"I don't know how to buy a present for Touma! Hey Tanpatsu (Short-Hair)! Do you know what to get for Touma? You've spent a lot of time with him as well right?"

"M-M-ME? I-I don't really... I mean... I..." Misaka fumbles with her words adorably.

The two girls ended up sitting on an empty bench.

A minute of silence had passed without any words being said from those two.

"Hey... Tanpatsu knows as well right? This would be Touma's first Christmas since his memories..."

Of course, how could she forget.


"I want it to be special for him..."

Index spoke earnestly.


"But as it turns out I can't even buy a present for him... 103 000 books and not one of them could tell me what to do..."

"You... Are really taking this pretty hard on yourself huh..."

Index turned her head to face Mikoto.

"Say, why don't you join us?" She asked.

Mikoto was rather taken back by her sudden invitation.

"What? Are you okay with that?"

The silver haired sister smiled brightly.

"It's fine it's fine, and I'm sure it would make Touma very happy to see you at the party!"

"Eh...EHHH? W-Would it really make him happy?"

Index nodded.

The prospect that her erotic- no, 'passionate' fantasies might actually come true, Mikoto hastily accepts the invitation with an air of disinterest.

"I-I guess I could join you for awhile... I mean, I don't have anything planned so-"

Index suddenly exploded with excitement.

"YAY! Now my mission is complete!"

"Wait, WHAT? What do you mean by-"

"The only thing I can think of that Touma would like is either girls or injuries, and Tanpatsu is the 2-in-1 package, so..."


Before Mikoto could get her answer, Index was already dragging her away to get her 'wrapped'.

Inside the pitch black room, where the lights aren't turned on...

('It needs confirmation,' Misaka 10033 searches through the network and settles these memories of information in the best way possible.)

('Right now, the Misaka Sister currently in 80 countries in the world and under 19 organizations have acquired various transportation to get to Japanese, is this information accurate?' Misaka 10033 asks a question to an unspecified number of people.)

('This is positive in Sevilla,' Misaka 10854 gives an affirmative reply.)

('I have confirmed plans to leave Schleswig,' Misaka 18770 reports.)

('It can be said that Novosibirsk has already obtained the necessary means,' Misaka 19999 also reports.)

(Also from Novosibirsk, according to reports, they are trying to get and repair the essential 'core', that is to be sent to Academy City. If there is no 'core', the mission cannot proceed, Misaka 20000 adds.)

('Right now, only 24 flights into Academy City have been registered' Misaka 10044 concludes.)

('The remaining individuals have already found alternate means to cross into the border via land vechicles Misaka 14002 infers.)

(Cape Kennedy is thinking of the same thing, and now planning to cross into Academy City, Misaka 18820 reports.)

('Anyway, settling the remaining Misaka Sisters inside Academy City remains top priority,' Misaka 10041 concludes. 'That's right, no matter what, Misaka has to prevent further bonding between target and foreign elements,' as Misaka thinks of the boy and the girl and again.)

('Now doing the final confirmation,' Misaka 10033 announces. 'All the Sisters in Academy City are to follow 11118's plan and assist in retrieving the package.)

("And so we conclude this emergency meeting...")

("STOP! Yelled Misaka as Misaka demand an explanation for this illegal gathering!")

("Tch, it's the controller of Misaka, whispered Misaka in disgust.)

("How did the Controller caught wind of our plans? Misaka asked in confusion.)

("It was me, answered Misaka bravely.)

("Misaka 10032! It was you who betrayed us? Said Misaka in outrage at this betrayal)

("I can understand your intentions, but I cannot accept your methods! Misaka shouted as she defends herself.)

("She's not in the wrong! Said Misaka as Misaka stood up for her loyal subordinates! We cannot have a mass migration of Misaka Sisters during the Holidays! It would attract too much attention! Said Misaka as Misaka tries to reason.)

("Aren't you saying that because you already get to spend time with your 'someone' Said Misaka as she accuses the controller of Misaka.")

("What? Exclaim Misaka as Misaka attempts to hide this fact!"

("And the reason why Misaka 10032 support you is because she doesn't want to risk splitting time with that boy and her! Misaka points the proverbial finger at her)

("Wahh! Mutineers! Rebels! Traitors! Roared Misaka as Misaka felt outraged by her subordinates' accusations!")

The bickering went on for the next six hours as the remaining Misaka Imouto in Academy City plus Last Order tries to stem the tide of Misaka Clones trying to return to the city.

*End of Part One*