Author's Note: Now, even though last chapter was my favorite when it comes to comedy, this chapter is the one I had most fun working on! To tell you the truth when I first started this project, the hardest part for me was trying to figure out a unique 'adventure' for both Index and Mikoto and by that extension, a special enough gift for Touma in fact I didn't know what I wanted to do until I've watched that episode of "Ore no Imouto".

Reference galore in this chapter! Also, if a certain character in here sounds some out familiar, she probably is. I've been meaning to do this ever since I found out who Fukiyose Seiri's VA was!

I've already prepared a list of reference used and some light explanation attached to them, due to the obvious spoilerish nature, I'll place the list at the end of the chapter.

"I've been Waiting to Give, this Gift Tonight..."

"M-Maika... What is this?"

"You of all people should know Misaka-san."

The maid-in-training grinned mischievously.

Indeed, there was no point denying it- The setting, the atmosphere, the customers, THOSE clothes... All of them were like something taken straight out of a Shoujo manga series.

"I know it's a maid cafe, I'm asking you WHAT are we doing here?"

With impeccable timing, Fukiyose Seiri appeared.

She was wearing a maid uniform in French style. Black thigh-high socks, frilled bloomers, frilled aprons under a black-frilled white corset. A white bodice (also frilled), covered by a black open jacket with puffed shoulders, white lapels, and open sleeves. Black collar with white frills, and a maid's crown.

As much as she hates to admit it, Mikoto does find the outfit quite attractive, even if they look 'tight' around her more obvious aspects.

"Ah Maika-san good! Are these the new help- Hey I remember you from the Daihaseisai..."

Because of her appointment as one of the organizers for the event, both Misaka and Fukiyose had run into each other more than a few time through that hectic week.

The high school girl explained the situation.

"Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure the classroom for the Christmas Party. The school have a strong policy against it and there was nothing Komoe-sensei could do to persuade them. I was at the end of my ropes when Aisa brought Tsuchimikado Maika-san."

Himegami, who was also wearing a similar uniform as her, waved politely from across the room before returning to her work.

"I heard their problem and decided to help out. The manager here is a friend of my supervisors from Maid School, so I called her up to try to put in a good word for us."

Mikoto turned to observe the surrounding, aside from Fukiyose and Himegami there were a number of high school girls in maid costume that doesn't look like they were full timers.

"Let me guess, the deal is that in exchange for using this place for Christmas Eve night, you girls would help out as part-time waitresses in a Maid Cafe?"

The two girls turned to look at each other

"Well for us yes, that was the agreement..."

"For Sister-san and Misaka, it's going to be tiny bit different..."

Base on past experiences, 'tiny bit' is usually a euphemism for 'BIG FREAKING DEAL'.

"Yup, aside from the usual waiting tables, the manager has a "special project" that she has assigned for you."

Mikoto glared at them.

"What kind of special projects?"

"Food testers?" Index's eyes lit up.

"NO." Was the unanimous response.

"Why don't I just let the Manager herself fill you in?"Maika gestured to the person behind them before whispering, "Just a heads up, she's older than she looks, her real age is actually-"

Both Index and Mikoto were no strangers to "woman who are older than they look", aside from the legendary Komoe-sensei, Both Touma and Mikoto's mother were unbelievably young.

"Oh my gosh! Maika, they're perfect! Even better than you've described! Hello! Hello! You two must be Index-chan and Misaka-chan! I'm the manager for this maid cafe, but you can call me 'Satsuki-san'! Hmmm... 'Index-chan' is short enough, but Misaka-chan can I call you 'Misa-chan' instead?"

"Ehh? Well I'm not that concerned..."

Though not of Komoe's caliber, Satsuki-san definitely fall under the 'unbelievably youthful' category. Base on her appearance alone, she doesn't seem all that much older than Fukiyose herself, height-wise around the same as Misaka, one might even have mistaken her for a 'bigger' version of Maika (minus the cleaning bot) with that hair style of hers.

Had the young girl not warn them beforehand, they would never had guess that her age was actually-

"Yup, there's definitely something strange about this city..." Index mumbled.

"Huh? What's that?"

"Nothing, so what is this special project?"

Satsuki-san smile could put a holy saint to shame.


She whispered into their ears.


"THERE'S NO WAY I'M DOING THAT!" Mikoto roared while Index just looked confused.

"Mah mah, there's no need to get all excited about it..."


"Considered yourselves lucky," Fukiyose smirked evilly."The boys of our class were assigned to do the most degrading, horrifying, disgusting, sub-human work ever known to mankind..."

(Somewhere out there...)

"Your beauty doesn't do the rumors justice."

"If you wouldn't mind someone like me, could I stay by your side?"

"Ojou-sama, please don't be shy..."

The screeching cries of "Kyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!" resonated throughout the neighborhood.

Not many people know this, but a few blocks down from the "School Garden" lies a 'Host Club' for the more 'adventurous' ladies, and that's where the remaining boys of the Class (minus Aogami Pierce for safety reasons) have been sent to do the 'dirty work'.

As it turns out, most of the guys from Kamijou's class were actually quite the charmers, it's only because that they were constantly overshadowed by the three idiots Kamijou Touma (Lucky Bastard), Tsuchimikado Motoharu (Them Shades), and Aogami Pierce (...Some girls just like the lovable idiots) .

But now that the two main hinders are missing from the picture, the boys finally get their one moment of glory as they find themselves surrounded by school girls.

"This is it ya bastards! This is our time to shine!"

"Now that the Demonlord (Kamijou Touma) and his minions are gone, we can finally show our true power!"

"Damnit! Had we known sooner, we should have gotten rid of those three a long time ago!"

"Quit yapping! There's girls to attend to!"

"Words I never thought I would hear..."

It's not like they're enjoying themselves or anything, but sometimes a man's got to eat what's in front of him.

Sensing that this is a limited time offer, Satsuki took this opportunity to get both Misaka and Index to wear as many different sets of outfit as she could humanly make them, they had already gone through five various maid uniforms in the last 4 hours, each of them more amazing- no, even more ridiculous than the last. Misaka was pretty sure that the manager would had continued down the spiral path had she not drawn the line at "Neko Mimi".

So yeah, both Index and Mikoto in frilly neko mimi french maid outfits.

Imagine that.

As it turns out, Index performed remarkably well as this. Thanks to her perfect memory, she could effortlessly take down every order and repeat them out word for word. Even if the customers were indecisive and flicker minded as a romance-comedy protagonist, there was nothing that they can do to faze her. In fact she was so effective, that she single-handedly dominated half of the cafe, allowing the rest of the girls more time to rest. Even the "Iron Wall" Fukiyose was impressed.

But her gluttony was well know throughout the 7th district, so it falls to Mikoto to handle the food. Thanks to all the over-the-top home economics class that she had to take in Tokiwadai, Mikoto became an expert at organize all the complex orders that Index had memorized, and came up with a system to manage them by their different 'classifications' taught to her by the chefs from four star hotels. Her planning skills were such an assert that it lifted a great deal of stress from the other girls.

Though the Railgun still dislike this idea, she decided that there's no point in complaining if this was the only way, and her policy was 'since she's already doing this, she might as well do a good job at it.' And that silver-haired Sister has been giving it her all since the beginning, there should be no excuse for Mikoto to slack off.

Taking a deep, Mikoto puts on her best fake smile and got back to work.

Commenting on the sidelines are Maika and the Manager Satsuki.

Side-by-side, the two of them look almost like sisters.

"Look at those two, they're like the perfect combination!"

"Wow, I really never thought I would see the day the two of them work together like this!"

"Ah just like how I had envisioned it them! Those ears are so moe~!"

"Mah, that Sister-san was pretty much a cat to Kamijou Touma already, so not much difference there heh..."

"Moi! Misa-chan is SOOOOOO cute when she's dishonest! Is she always like that? I bet she's the type that always so self conscious about her body when it comes to any boy she likes! Does she make excuses when she tries to get the guy's phone number? Or when she coincidentally appears at the same place as him without explanation?"

Maika snickered at Satsuki's questions.

"But the real test is about to begin, are you sure they're up for it, Miss Manager?"

"Fufu, trust me, my eyes are never wrong!"

The manager called out to her two prized volunteers.

"Misa-chan? Index-chan? It's time for your BIG debut!"

"This is it! It's time for our debut!"

Kamijou Touma and Tsuchimikado Motoharu dived out of the way as the car that had been flunk in their direction crashed into their make shift cover.

"This is impossible, there's no freaking way."

"What are you talking about?"

"Kami-yan, just how bad is your luck anyway?"


The situation was chaotic and not much different from a war-zone as random heavy objects were landing all around them, much like artillery fire.

Never in a million years did Tsuchimikado find himself in this situation.

No, he doesn't mean being stuck in a life-or-death battle with Kamijou Touma, that's what he calls 'Wednesday'.

No, what was most shocking about his current situation was that he had discovered...


All that horse-manure that he had fed Touma earlier... Well the jokes on him now.

Another car smashes inches in front of them, both boys shielded their faces from the shattered glass.

In the original story, the [Grinch] was depicted as a male humanoid creature with bright green fur, scrawny limbs, a round midsection, and a foul grimace, and lives his life as a hermit on top of a mountain. The creature was said to have super human strength, able to lift an entire sleigh loaded with Whoville- er, the fictional town in the story- entire supply of presents by himself.

Well at least they got the superhuman strength part right... Tsuchimikado observed a flying vending machine as it makes it's way pass him.

But that's pretty much all they got right.

As it turns out, the [Grinch] isn't male humanoid creature with bright green fur, scrawny limbs, a round midsection, and a foul grimace, and lives his life as a hermit on top of a mountain.

As it turns out, this [Grinch] is actually a beautiful bishoujo with exotic green hair.

She still hates Christmas though.


And did he mention superhuman strength?

"Hpmh! As expected of Kami-yan! Even the supposedly hideous Grinch turns out to be a cute girl when it comes to you!"

"Why the hell are you upset at me for? If anything it's I that should be pissed off at you! Of all places you had to pick a multi storey parking lot to confront her!"

"Oh shut up and run nya!"


That last Toyota was a little too close for comfort.

"Listen Kami-yan, I don't have to tell you all the detail- DUCK!" They jumped into an adjacent corridor to avoid been flatten. "It doesn't look like she's using a medium device to channel her magic that means she's doing it through her own body! By breaking contacting, we should be able to-"

"SIMPLE LANGUAGE PLEASE! WOAH!" Touma yelled over sound of the crashes and nearly tripped.


Mustering all his strength, Touma stomp his foot down hard on the ground for a sudden break, his fist clenched to the point where it couldn't get any tighter.

"That I can do."

It was eerily dark and quiet in the Maid Cafe.

"There! We dressed them in four seconds! Such is the power of a first class maid-in-training!"

A mysterious high powered spot light revealed Misaka Mikoto and Index in perfect quality cosplay outfits of "Rita Mordio" and "Colette Brunel" from the [Tales Series] respectively.

"W-Wait what? Hang on! How did you dress me like this?"

"Ara? Tampatsu, why are you wearing those weird clothes?"

"Buuhh? They got you too!"

The voice of the manager that was amplified by a microphone boomed throughout the cafe.

"Unbelievable! You two look better than what I had imagined!"

"Is that you Satsuki-san? What's with the embarrassing clothes? And why am I the only one still wearing car ears!"

"What are you talking about Misa-chan? Everyone knows Rita-chan looks best in Neko mimi mode!"

Suddenly, Maika's awkward voice was heard.

"Ah erm, I probably should have mentioned- The manager has a hobby of designing 'unique' clothes for her employees...Ahahah..."

"Ahahah- MY ASS! You set me up!"

The two 'professional' maids ignored her cries of outrage as they address the large gathering of onlookers before the stage that wasn't there a moment ago.

"And now our two lovely ladies would be performing for us a song!"

The audience cheered and roared.


"A song?"

"They will be singing Takahashi Yoko's [Cruel Angel's Thesis]!"

"Wait wait wait! I can't sing that song, I don't even know the lyrics!"

But the song was never played.

The sound of whispering could be heard emitting from the mike.

"What do you mean we don't have that? Bah, never mind, everybody used that song before already... What else do we have that's recent? May'n? Scandal? No, we can't use Kawada Mami, everybody would be expecting that! Just pick a super hyper song so that we may play it simultaneously when a brave youth is somewhere out there risking his life!"

A few more barely coherent whispers.

"What? Oh that would do! Ehe... And now without further ado, here's their rendition of the female group "Sphere", and their action packed song- [Realove:Realife] !"

"GAAHH! I'll get you witches for this!"

"Shhh! It's starting!"


"Come on Tanpatsu, why are you getting cold feet at this point?"

Index smiled gently without a hint of malice, but this is Misaka Mikoto, who immediately took it as a challenge."


There's no point in lashing out, for whom was Mikoto doing this for in the first place? Isn't there something more important than a silly little pride?

"Hmph, FINE! I'll show you! Let's do this! I'M BRING DOWN THE HOUSE!"

When the Level 5 Railgun says it like that, one has to wonder if she would make good with her promise?

With the slightest of movement, a simple wave of a hand, The enemy launched a white Honda. She didn't target Kamijou specifically but rather the spot in front of him where he was running towards.

The sound of an explosion rang out.


So this is infinity?

I'm getting impatient with this EXISTENCE!

At this level it could not be compared to a real cannon or artillery round, and it wasn't even close to the destructive powers of a Railgun or a [Black Wing], but for a normal human like Kamijou it's still something that could kill him. Glass and Steel debris splash outwards like the fragments from a grenade but none of them did any serious damage.


The tickets are sold out, sorry!

Even so, come! Mix in with my vision of the future.

There's no use even if I pray

So roll along on mere whims.

Random Kisses… Emotions are running high!


The distance was at least twenty meters from one end of the parking lot to the other, between Kamijou Touma and his goal is nothing short of a armory of cars, motorcycles, and various other heavy objects that could be use as flying missiles for the [Grinch].

Even so... This boy armed with nothing but a simple power in his fist, stood fearlessly in it's path.

There wasn't a bell to be rang.

Nothing to signal him.

He just knew it was time to go.


The chances for success are suddenly in chaos.

These haphazard days… Are troubling!


There was no need to bother with tactics and strategies, no alternate routes to take, no countermeasures to come up with. The straight path is the shortest distance to close.

Because in front of Touma's eyes was not an enemy that he must defeat.

In front of this boy, what he saw was a lost girl, pointlessly angry and confuse at the world.


My Desires are infinity. That's my honest feeling!

Until we start moving, staying passive is no good!

Declare your true feeling! And leave the rest to me!

It's stronger than hope,

So let the voice in your heart shout out.


The girl dug her foot into soil, using her demonic strength she kicked her leg upwards (skirt lift!) creating a shockwave that cuts through concrete.

Touma angled his body away at the last moment, and avoided being pulverized into tiny pieces.

The girl repeated her attack in rapid succession, throwing three, five, then seven shockwave, forcing Touma to dived out of the rampage.

But at the last attack he did something that was completely reckless and insane, instead of dodging to the side Touma jumped in between two of the shockwaves. A single miscalculation would have tore his body asunder. But this risky move had paid off- The green haired girl was caught completely off guard allowing Touma to close the gap between them.

The boy swing his fist with everything he's got.

In her panic, she stomp her foot onto the ground, the resulting impact had so much force that a crater was form. Her earlier stunt with the ground attack shockwave had already weaken the floor, coupled with her ground pound, the entire platform crumbled beneath their feet as they fall through to the lower level.


Countless dreams are made...

So this is infinity?


When the dust settled, the two figure stood up from the rubble.

"Why... Why couldn't you just stay down! Once my ritual is complete, I can finally change this messed up world forever!"

"...So... Why...?"

"Don't screw with me..."

Kamijou Touma spat back.

"You can't change the world with your method."

By those simple words, the black rage that she kept bottled up inside her heart came spewing out like a waterfall.



I guess failure is a lesson for honest girls...

I'll reflect a little on this… I get it already sheesh!


"I don't know what you're trying to protect, nor do I know what you have been hurt by... But if you think that you can pass off your hate and anger to others under the false pretense of changing the world just to satisfy yourself..."

Kamijou Touma stared defiantly into her eyes.

"Then let me destroy that useless delusion of yours! You can consider this my Christmas present to you!"


My Desires are infinity. That's my honest feeling!

Until we start moving, staying passive is no good!

Declare your true feeling! And leave the rest to me!

It's stronger than hope,

So let the voice in your heart shout out.


In a fit of rage, the girl kicked a shower of debris into his face. With the huge destructive power, the large amounts of concrete got swept up and form a dark wave that threaten to completely engulf Kamijou Touma.

Even so...


The Level 0 charged right into the soaring earth.

His body got pummeled by a large amounts of rubble, but none were fatal attacks as he covers his face and other vital points from the shower.

The pain was incredible but he pushed on, once he popped out of the rocks he would be within striking distance.

All it took was one touch.

The [Grinch] pulled back the put all of her strength into a punch.

Touma narrowly dodge, her fist missed by millimeters. She then swing her arm around to try to decapitate him which Touma had duck his head to avoid.

Both of them sidestepped to their left.

The next attack would seal one of their fates.


Both of them threw their punch at the same time.

But instead of making a fist, Touma opened his palm at the last second to catch her arm. It was a risky move, even if he has a right hand that can negate any ability, it would take either incredible skill or luck to be able to match his opponent's timing, one misstep or error would cost him the ultimate price. It was a risky gamble Touma took that paid off.


All it took was one touch.

The illusion, and the power of the [Grinch] that she kept within herself had been destroyed.

She's just an ordinary girl now.

Touma simply yanked her with all his strength then delivered a powerful knee to her gut, knocking the wind out of her.

This fight is over.


Countless dreams are made...

So this is existence infinity?


The sun sets slowly.

Everything had finally calmed down, Misaka Mikoto and Index's spectacular performance had everyone beside themselves, demanding encores after encores, almost threatening to bring the place to the point where it seems that Anti-Skill might have to step in to cool their heads. Still, it could have been worse, had the boys been here she was certain they would have trashed the place.

Maika left in the middle of the chaos to settle her other business.

Their two 'idols' were completely exhausted from their stage show, so Satsuki had given them permission to leave early.

Most of the girls from her class had been working non-stop the whole day as well. Being their leader, Fukiyose felt it was necessary to let them rest earlier.

Which just leaves just her to close the shop.

"Seiri-chan, I'll leave the place to you! Please don't forget to take out the trash before you leave!"

Fukiyose went out back to dispose of the day's garbage. To her surprise as she went back into the cafe, a customer was standing at the entrance.

"I'm sorry sir, but we're close-"

Fukiyose was quite taken back by the 'guest'.

He wore a long white shirt with odd 'V'-shaped strips on them, and a pair of simple plain blue jeans. In his right hand he's supported by a cane that seems to be an Academy City's model with advance senses and everything. But the most captivating feature of the boy was his rose-red eyes and pure set of white hair, emitting a presence of fear and awe at the same time.

"I'm just looking for someone-" He replied causally, "Have you seen a child about this height? Brown hair and can't stop talking in annoying fashion?"

"Er no..."

"Not here as well huh, I'll be going now."

Something began to surface from within Fukiyose, before she even realizes it, the word rolled off her tongue-

"Erm, pardon me, but have we met before somewhere?"

The boy stopped in his track. The look on his face wasn't one of contempt or confusion, it wasn't intrigue nor suspicion either, and it certainly doesn't look like he wanted to ridicule her for saying such an awkward and cheesy line. Fukiyose doesn't understand why she had said that herself, it was just something that came up. But that look on his face, as crazy as it sounds... It's almost as if he was thinking the same thing.

After a long uncomfortable silence-

"... You must be mistaken."

"I see... My apologies for saying that."

"It's fine..."

He walked out of the cafe.

"Oh, please wait!"

The albino boy turned around.

Fukiyose hands him a pamphlet.

"Even if it's not this time, maybe next time when you're passing by you could come in for a drink?"

The strange boy stared at the piece of paper that the girl had offered him.


He took the handout and silently walked away.

Fukiyose didn't mind it at all and bowed politely.

"Merry Christmas, please come again!"

Accelerator studied the pamphlet as he limps away, he sneaked a glance back.

"Hmph... Was that just my imagination?"

Unknown to the boy, that thought wasn't his alone as Fukiyose was wondering the exact same thing.

*End of Part Three*

From the top...

1) A reference to [Kaichou wa Meido-sama], the shop is a replica of [Maid latte]. Including the manager "Satsuki".

2) Fukiyose, who's VA is the same as the lead female character from the show (And looks somewhat like her minus the enomous... You know), is wearing the same maid clothes from the series. (You might notice that she may have a developed a slight dislike for males as well)

3) The Main female character's name is Ayuzawa Misaki, in the series she's some times call "Misa-chan" for short. I've decided to add that in by using the "Misa-ka" in Mikoto's name instead.

4) The Grinch is... Nobody in particular.

5) Index and Mikoto are more like "cosplay materials" rather than cosplayers themselves, so I had a hard time coming up with a series for them.

6) The scene of the concert was taken from "Hayate no Gotoku", where Hinagiku was force to sing [Cruel Angel Thesis] while somewhere out there Hayate was currently engaging in a "life changing battle".

7) The song I ended up using was "Realove;Realife" by Sphere. It's also the OPENING song for the anime "Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou". For all it's flaws, it's an anime with a damn catchy-actiony-theme song! Please go and listen to it in your free time!

8) As for the final scene with Accelerator... More VA jokes I'm afraid... Sorry, couldn't resist it.