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(story start)

The two newcomers sat on the tan couch in the living room, nursing cups of tea. The other cyborgs were scattered through out the room, but all eyes were on Sylvia and Sarah.

Katey stood to the side of the couch, next to Jet, shifting her weight from one leg to the other as if uncomfortable or nervous. "Why don't you start with how you managed to escape?"

Sylvia set her cup down and rested her head in her hand. "Well,...uh..." Her face scrunched up into a confused look. Sarah looked at her."You don't remember do you?" Sylvia smiled at her sheepishly. "...No?" The other girl almost visibly sweatdropped and sighed, setting down her own cup and looking at the cyborgs.

"We almost didn't. We're lucky to have gotten out with all our limbs." He face darkened and her eyes almost seem to glaze over with the memory.

"Me and Sylvia were just about to report to the training dock, when we heard the alarms. Doors were bolted, halways put on lockdown, it could only mean one thing...someone tried to escape."

The 00+'s all shivered as the remembered the horrifying screech of the alarm. Ment to disrupt a cyborg's internal mainframe and render them helpless and paralized. Sarah gave a twitch of her own and continued.

"We planned to head back to our cabin, but the way was blocked. We tried to take another route around when we noticed most of the guards gone from one of the shipping outposts. I wanted to keep going and avoid any suspicious behavior, but this one-"She pointed a finger at Sylvia."- decided to make a brake for the outpost, knocking out the few guards as she went." Sarah gave Sylvia a reproachful look that was returned with another sheepish smile.

"...it seemed like a good idea at the time..."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "The next thing I knew I was running after her, planning on beating some sense into her head. We made it all the way to the electric gate on the border of the property." Sylvia jerked her head up, starteling Xing and Katey.

"I remember the gunfire from those two guards. And how Sarah knocked them out and started yelling at me, but I didn't care, I ran over and snatched a security pass from one of the guards and opened the gate. I sprinted as fast as I could from that place, only stopping once to make sure Sarah was with me. It was then that it happened."

Katey tilted her head. "What happened." Sylvia's eyes turned glassy, and it was like she was somewhere else. "The whistling is what made me stop. I looked around but I couldn't find the source. It was only after Sarah began dragging me behind her, yelling at me to run, did i realize it was coming from above. The shockwave from the bomb sent us flying across the landscape and into the woods about a hundred yards. I laid still on the ground and listened as the Bomber flew overhead, then disappeared into the distance."

Sarah put her hand on Sylvia's shoulder, shocking her out of her trance. "They must think the bomb destroyed us or else they'd have hunted us down."

The room was quiet. Suddenly laughter broke the silence. Numa had fallen to the floor laughing. "You-hahahahaha! You guys-haaaaaaa-ha-ah- You guys are seriously stupid!" Sylvia looked ready to kill, the only thing giving away her false anger was the corner of her mouth twitching up and the light shining in her eyes. "Okay okay, so now that we've shared, why don't you tell us how you guys got out."

Numa's laughter cut off abruptly into a sort of strangled cry. Katey froze in her rocking and her eyes widened. The two girls shared a confused look . Sarah looked around the room. "If you guys all managed to get out together, it must've been some great escape."

Katey shook her head slowly before exiting the room, Numa following after her. Jet sighed and sat down in a chair, frowning. "No, there was nothing "great" about it. You girls were lucky to have gotten off so easily. Our escape was nothing but shear luck. There was so much lost, all those people-" His words caught in his throat as the replay began.

(story stop)

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