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Her Room

I guess I expected more out of Gwen's room. When you picture a teenage girl's room, guys like me and Ben imagine boy band posters and CDs littering the floor and enough pillows to last a lifetime.

Let's just say that Gwen's room definitely wasn't what I expected.

It was so... normal. It was dark and I saw the dark walls and the dark bed and all the hidden drawers and such, but it definitely wasn't what I expected.

I had pictured her room to still have posters and such and at least a couple of bras on the floor, but I was definitely wrong. It was clean enough to eat off the floor and it was so plain. The girl was crazy awesome, but the rest of her life is dull.

My mom always told me that there are three things that tell you who someone is: their music, their doodles, and their rooms. The first two I understood entirely.

Usually, people listen to how they feel. One of my personal favorite songs is "A Little Faster" by There for Tomorrow. Fast paced, impatient, hunger-driven song. It defines me.

I don't doodle, but my mom does. Mostly lightning bolts and random sketch-like scribbles. And for some reason, it seems like it's perfect for her. Even though I don't understand any of it...

Someone's room is kind of obvious. It's just obvious. It's what you've got. It's like putting your life in a room, you know that? Everything going on just gets thrown in the place where you spend most of your time.

My first thoughts on Gwen's room were... all wrong. Let's just say that it looked boring. And it didn't look like her. At all. I mean, it was just dull. Nothing at all in there. Blank walls, blank tables, blank bed. There wasn't a single thing that defined any of her personality.

Funniest part was that Gwen had so much more to offer than just these blank walls. For god's sake, she was gorgeous. She was amazing. It wasn't hard to figure out, but her room was so blank... It just wasn't her.

What was up with all this? It was boring. And Gwen of all people isn't boring. Especially not as boring as her room is. I mean, that is just bad. Really, really, really bad. Even her wardrobe has more personality than her room does. And that's saying something.

Just drab. Empty bluish walls. Blank red bed. Dirty colored carpets. Nightstand void of anything personal. And so dang clean... And not just the clean kind of clean, the paranoid kind of clean.

So I have to say that Gwen's room really didn't do her any justice. Someone like her deserved to have an amazing room, but it was a bit disappointing to me. Because she was the one exception to the rule my mom had always taught me.

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