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There they were, with no idea of where they were. The group looked all around them, trying to get their bearings. Apparently, they were in a wooded area, in the middle of a clearing, with a couple of large boulders scattered about. Most of the group was concentrated around a small fire, talking quietly amongst themselves. But one figure stood at the edge of the clearing, apparently in deep thought. The figure was revealed to be a young man, with sun kissed blonde hair. He stood at 5'10", and had a lean, wiry yet well muscled frame. His current clothing consisted of a black robe-type thing, with a hood that was currently pulled down, so that most of his face was hidden in shadow, with the mouth being the only completely visible section. If the hood was lowered, one could see six curious whisker-like scars adorning his cheeks. Across his back was a katana in its sheathe. At his waist were many knives, each perfectly balanced for throwing. Adorning his left wrist was a gauntlet, the underside that housed a deadly retractable blade. Upon his feet were black combat boots (A/N: picture Ezio's default outfit from AC 2, in black, minus the cape and add a katana on the back). But perhaps this man's most striking figure was his eyes. They were a deep, cerulean blue. If one looked closely, one could see a lifetime of pain, suffering, and sadness, but they would also see unshakable loyalty, and unyielding determination within those eyes.

'Well, wherever the hell we are, it can't be worse than that shit heap called Konoha.' He thought. Before he could delve any deeper into his thoughts, a similarly dressed figure approached him from behind, and then proceeded to wrap their arms around the man's in a back hug. Said figure was roughly 5'5" and female, if the generous curves were anything to go by. Her hair was too long to fit comfortably into her hood, so she wore it around her neck unbounded. The hair in question was a deep, midnight blue color.

"Ano, Naruto-kun, where are we?" asked the bluenette in a soft voice, totally at odds with the myriad weapons she was carrying.

"No idea Hinata-chan. Everyone feeling all right?" asked the now identified Naruto.

"Disoriented, and Ayame, Temari, and Tenten are a little nauseated, but Shizune-chan is helping them out," Responded Hinata. Naruto simply nodded and returned his gaze back to the foreign sky. For how long they stood there, neither knew. Then, simultaneously and wordlessly, both Blond and Blunette began walking to the other figures in the clearing.

Just as they reached them however, several dozen figures (imagine them dressed in the 'classic ninja' outfit) leapt out of the surrounding brush and surrounded the 15 people huddled around the campfire. Instantly, all of them were ready to fight, weapons drawn and held in defensive postures. When none of their would-be attackers moved however, they were a little puzzled. Then one of the 'aggressors' stepped forward and lowered his mask.

Instantly, all of the defenders assessed the one coming to apparently talk, not fight. Said man carried a standard-looking katana on his back and a wakizashi on his left hip. He stood at 5'11", was well built, and garbed in a white outfit, unlike his companions. His auburn hair was held in a ponytail, and matched the color of his eyes. 'Clearly, this man is not a pushover' Thought Naruto. However, what Naruto and his group were most surprised about was the lack of aggressiveness. If anything, he seemed just as puzzled as they were.

"What are you doing here? How did you find this place?" Came his questions. Clearly he did not expect anyone to be here.

"We want to know the exact same thing," replied one of Naruto's group, an oddly purple-haired woman asked.

"You are on the grounds of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Village. Normally, that would mean death, as we've had bad experiences with guests," Said the man dryly. At that, everyone tensed up, preparing to leap into action. Realizing what he said was misinterpreted; the man put his arms out in front of him in a 'calm down' gesture. "Relax, I said normally. But seeing as you've not attacked us, the village, or even moved in the past several hours, I am rather curious about you myself."

At that, weapons were once again lowered, albeit slightly. "So, who exactly are you?" asked one of Naruto's group. This one had her blonde hair done up in a ponytail that covered part of her left eye, with the rest going down to the middle of her back.

"I am Hayate, leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan," came the reply. "And judging by the way that you carry yourselves, I am like you; a ninja." At that, weapons were sheathed, and all present settled for observing each other.

"Hayate-san, I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, and these are my wives: Hinata, Tenten, Kyuubi, Anko, Kurenai, Samui, Mei, Yugao, Hana, Mikoto, Temari, Ayame, Shizune, and Ino." As he introduced each in turn, the women lowered their hoods, allowing to Hayate to gaze upon them (A/N: I'm not doing a description of them all. If you want to see what they look like, go to narutopedia and look them up! BTW, Kyuubi's description will come later).

Afterwards, Hayate's jaw was on the ground, stunned about seal things. One: this man had not one, not two, but 14 wives! And they were all smokin' hot! Add in that they were all heavily armed, and the Mugen Tenshin Leader was completely blown away. Managing to collect himself, the white-clad man coughed and said, "Naruto-san, I believe that it is best if you and your… wives?" a nod of confirmation and he continued "come with us to our village. You have my word that none of you will be harmed, unless you try to harm us first."

"Very well Hayate-san, but fair warning; if something is amiss, we will disappear, and you'll never find us," answered Naruto. Both young men locked gazes, and each could tell that the other was completely serious.

"That is perfectly understandable. Now please, follow me," responded Hayate, turning and walking into the forest. Looking at each other, the girls and Naruto shrugged and followed. For an hour and a half they walked into the dense forest. No talking, no sound heard, save for the occasional swish of fabric or snapped twig. Finally, they came upon the village that Hayate supposedly led. Following said man, the group came upon a large building, similar to Himeji Castle (look it up on google). After being ushered in, the group then proceeded to enter a large hall, where several figures were already waiting.

The first was a large man, with a long ponytail that ended at his waist. He had many scars running across his face, and was dressed in a plain white gi. The second man was dressed in a black leather-looking outfit with no sleeves. On his wrists and forearms were black vambraces that had some sort of metal in them. His face was completely obscured by a black scarf, save for his piercing green eyes.

The third person was a busty purple-haired woman with reddish orange eyes. She was dressed in a revealing outfit that accentuated her breasts, toned legs, and flat stomach (Ayane's Butterfly costume from NG Sigma II). The fourth was also a woman, dressed much more moderately, but still revealing. Her outfit consisted of a blue short-sleeved gi, with a pair of pants that was little more than a long loincloth, revealing similarly toned legs (Kasumi's default outfit from DOA 4). Her auburn hair and eyes were strikingly similar to Hayate's.

The last person was an ancient man, whose bushy white eyebrows gave him a rather comical appearance. He had a purplish bandana on top of his head, and was dressed in a tattered gi. This ancient-looking man was currently asleep, with a rather large snot bubble enlarging and contracting according to his breathing.

"Forgive me, but I've asked some of my closest friends to help me on this matter. Allow me to introduce you to Jo Hayabusa, Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane, Kasumi, and Muramasa," said Hayate, indicating each figure in order. Jo, Ryu, and Kasumi all nodded at their mention, while Ayane only moved to wake the sleeping old man. Once he was touched though, Muramasa flew awake, only to have the snot bubble burst in his face. This caused him to fall down and flail for several seconds before figuring out what happened. Then groaning, he simply got up and reseated himself, causing all present to sweat drop at the episode. '…Wow, that's one strange old Ji-San,' thought Naruto.

"Now that we are all here, please tell us how you got here Naruto-san." Said Hayate.

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