I enjoy gender bending a little too much it seems...

But here is another story inspired by the LJ Star Trek kink meme. And once again, I don't remember who suggested it. Little more dramatic than A Girl Like Jim, but it does involve pregnancy and always a girl!Bones so that's agiven really. I hope you enjoy.

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The Harakellahs certainly knew how to throw a party. They were a happy, festive people that apparently reveled in the happiness of their guests. Drinks of all varieties, as well as food of many kinds were prepared and laid out before the crew of the Enterprise. The Captain was allowing everyone to come down in shifts to enjoy the celebration, as it was apparently going to last all night and into the next day. With each new wave the Harakellahs went to new levels to ensure a good time for everyone.

Everyone apparently but the one person they most wanted to have a good time.

"Mr. Spock, is there anything we can get you?" a Harakellah female asked.

"I am content with my food and drink. My thanks for your attentiveness." Spock said for what might've been the fifth time in the last two hours. Spock had retraced a virus that had threatened to crash every computer on the planet and circumvented it, thus saving the entire planet from a huge black out that would've cost many lives.

Spock had tried to tell them it was merely his duty and reciprocation wasn't necessary, but they ignored that. They flocked around him, catering to anything he needed or they thought he needed and he tried very hard not to show how uncomfortable their close proximity made him. He believed several, male and female, had even offered company in a sexual manner for the evening, but he declined them all as gracefully as possible. They were not unattractive, with their pale ivory yellow skin, cherry black hair and pleasant dispositions, but, of course, he felt no attraction to them. They were intelligent, yet childlike with their naiveté and desire to please.

One older Harakellah male came over and shooed the group away, chuckling as he sat down. "I apologize. My daughter was among them, I know her to be very tenacious," he said in standard, a lilting accent behind it.

"It is alright, Kiozi. I truly do not require anything though."

"Indeed? Well, we wish to repay you somehow. We do not believe in letting a debt remain unpaid longer than a few cycles."

"Then please consider this banquet and the enjoyment of my crew repayment enough."

He laughed again and patted Spock's shoulder. "The younger ones will be harder to convince. I know my daughter has taking a liking to you. But you will understand if, as her father, I do not want you to take advantage of that," he finished a little darker.

"I can only speculate, I'm afraid, but I assure you I have no intention of doing so."

He smiled again and took a drink from the glass in his hand. "I take it you are not a father yet, eh?"

"No, and likely I will never be one."

Kiozi blinked in surprise. "Oh? You do not want children?"

"It is not a matter of what I want. Due to my unique heritage, I am unable to."

"…You are, ah the word…Sterile?" he looked entirely sympathetic.

"Not wholly. The chances of my being able to fertilize a human woman or a Vulcan woman is 1 in 100,000, do to the slim odds of the number of chromosomes matching. Even then, the offspring will likely be sickly…I find the odds not desirable enough to try and the possibility of the child having a difficult life make it less so."

"I see…I am sorry, then, my friend."

"Many times I believe I am as well…" he sipped his own drink and Kiozi regarded him for a long moment.

"…I do not mean to pry, and I realize it may be a…touchy subject, but would you want children?"

Spock was silent a moment before lifting his glass for another drink. "I would not be opposed, I believe, if I should find the right woman to conceive one…"

Kiozi smiled slightly and nodded, though he looked as though he had a plan as he headed back to his fellows.

The Harakellah's continued showering Spock with attention much of the night, bringing him a local drink he insist he try that was not offered to anyone else, as well as a different kind of food (probably a delicacy here).They were doing their best to try and make him happy, however it was difficult since, well, Spock was Vulcan. He didn't do happy. Pleased perhaps, content yes, but happy was unlikely.

Lenore McCoy knew this, tried to inform them several times, but they were persistent. She sipped her drink carefully, deciding that she didn't want to get drunk tonight since it was a pretty good day (aside from the hobgoblin being the man of the hour and being catered to hand and foot. She knew he would be damn smug behind his emotionless mask later). She sat at one table on the plush cushions, drinking and nibbling and trying to ignore smug Vulcan bastards sitting one seat down, Jim between them.

Or at least he would be if he wasn't touring the room and shmoosing with the Harakellahs. Which left a large, awkward gap between the CMO and the Commander. That was nothing really new. It was still annoying. Though not as annoying as Jim when he came back and draped an arm around her shoulders.

"Bones, you need to stop sending smoldering glances at Spock. He's not going to notice."

She growled and shrugged his shoulder off. "What are you going on about?"

"C'mon, I've seen the looks you send him."

"You mean ones of annoyance and wishing to smack him for being a smug bastard?"

"No, like you want to take him back to you're room and take out all that sexual frustration out on-"

"Jim, I know what you're allergic to," she said darkly.

"You are my doctor…But really Bones, I always catch you looking at him."

"Because sometimes I can't believe the things he says and does," she snipped, taking another sip of her drink.

"I think it's cause you have a crush on him," Jim grinned.

"Then you've had too much to drink tonight, I'm cutting you off."

"Bones, you're divorced, and have been for like seven years. You're not dead. Go after him, a little sex would be good for you."

"Six years. And sex isn't the answer for everything. And keep your damn voice down!" she hissed, glancing back at Spock who thankfully was apparently engrossed in his drink. His third drink of whatever they've been shoving towards him. He looked a little flushed too, which made her frown since she was fairly certain there was nothing chocolate nearby.

"But when's the last time it was the answer for you?" Jim whispered in her ear.

"None of your business," she growled back. "And you remember what happened last time you tried to 'cure' me, right?"

"Ah…" Jim sat back, crossing his legs discreetly. "Well, feeling more sober…"


"But really, Bones, you're like in your prime now."

She rolled her eyes. She was tall, around Jim's height, with long legs and a lean torso. She refused to wear the female uniform, instead wearing a men's uniform that was a little baggy in some places, but she said considering how often she had to come and help Jim out of trouble they were more practical than a miniskirt. Jim had seen her figure before, and had to say she was doing the world a disservice by covering it up. She had a few smile and frown lines carved shallowly around her lips and brow, but her eyes were bright and beautiful and still full of fire. Her hair was just past her shoulder blades but she kept it back in a simple low ponytail.

Glancing back at Spock again, she frowned. He was looking a little out of it, eyelids drooping slightly, a lime flush to his face, and rather lethargic. Maybe he was having an allergic reaction to whatever was in the drinks.

"I think I need to check Spock out…"

"I thought you already were," Jim grinned.


"Bones, you have a crush on him."

"I do not," she hissed again. "For god's sake, I'm a doctor not a schoolgirl! I don't get crushes." She smacked him upside the head. "I also meant that your Commander is apparently just a little tipsy."

Jim turned and blinked in surprise at his First Officer. "Spock? You okay?"

Spock turned and blinked slowly as if trying to figure out what he meant. "I…am fine captain."

"I…thought that was a rather ambiguous term for your tastes…"

"Indeed…yes, I'm sorry. This drink is…most satisfying."

"Yeah…I think you've had enough Spock…Apparently that's you're fifth…"

"Yes…perhaps that was excessive…I believe I shall retire now…" He stood, and though he didn't sway he didn't look entirely balanced.


"On it." She stood and took out her tricorder, switching around some of the dials. "You know, it's a real pain to adjust this thing for you all the time," she groused at the Vulcan.

"Indeed…I'm sorry to ensure you know exactly how calibrated you're equipment is, doctor."

She glared at him. "Well, you're not too bad off obviously…" She ran the tricorder over him, watching it carefully. "Slightly elevated body temperature and heart rate…some odd readings too I don't recognize. But nothing looks life threatening, so I'm just going to say you're drunk and go back to rest."

"I am not drunk, doctor. Vulcans do not get drunk."

"Uh huh, I'll pretend not seeing that aide to that ambassador reeling after a shot of chocolate sauce that one time." Spock was trying to narrow his eyes, she knew, but he was apparently not doing as well as she thought. "You should get back up to the ship, to rest this off." She looked over at Jim expectantly. He grinned and shook his head and she glared back. He pointed at her and she shook her head vehemently. He gave her a pleading look, nodding at Spock, then at the Harakellan leaders. She glared again before rubbing over her temple. "Okay, I was going to head up anyway. Mind if I join you on the beam up?"

"I do not mind anything, Doctor."

"Uh huh. I'll call." She pulled out her communicator and flipped it open. "McCoy to Enterprise, two to beam up. Mr. Spock and-."

"Mr. Spock, you are leaving?" one woman asked.

"Yes…I am tired, I believe I should rest."

"Well, please, have one more drink before you go?" she smiled and presented him with another cup. Lenore frowned slightly as he took it and began sipping.

"You like that stuff a lot, huh?"

"I do not find it unpleasant…"

"Yeah, I can see that. Maybe you should cut that one short so you can freaking get to your room, huh?"

"Are you his wife?" the woman asked.

She grimaced, resisting the urge to stick her tongue out. "Hell no! I'm his doctor."

"Ah, a healer…" she looked her over appraisingly and Lenore tilted her chin as if in challenge. She then smiled and nodded. "I believe Mr. Spock will need some help to his room. If you would not mind doctor, we hadn't realized the drink would have such an intoxicating effect. We would feel very bad if anything would happen to him on our account."

Lenore arched her brow. "I don't think he's that bad off-"

She jumped when the empty glass was suddenly thrust back towards the woman. "May I have another?" Spock's voice was level, but his eyes were looking glassy now and he was breathing a little heavier. And looking at the woman in front of them a little oddly.

"On second thought, looks like I'm a damn designated leader for a while. C'mon, drunky."

"I am not drunk, doctor."

"Uh huh, whatever. Enterprise, beam up now please."

The woman before them smiled as they left, and Lenore wondered why it seemed a little too pleased. The smile of the one behind her, namely that of their captain, was practically shit eating.

Spock didn't think he was drunk. He'd once, in his time on Earth and in the privacy of his own quarters at Starfleet academy, eaten an entire box of chocolates on his own out of scientific curiosity, to determine if he could become drunk on chocolate. He had awoken in the morning with a pounding headache, his room in disarray, and had promptly vacated his stomach into the toilet when he managed to get there.

It was something he had no desire to repeat.

However, he was fairly sure he wasn't drunk now. He was having trouble organizing his thoughts, true, and his body felt warm and a little rebellious to what he was sure he was thinking, but he knew what was going on. Arriving at the transporter pad in the ship though, he felt a moment of vertigo that made him sway a moment and brush his arm against Dr. McCoy's shoulder. He felt a sudden electric jolt up his body at the contact and took in a sharp breath.


"I…am alright. Just a little light headed."

"Okay…then I'm taking you back to your room."

"I do not need to be escorted, Doctor."

"Humor me, hobgoblin." She steered him off the pad and towards the door, ignoring the curious gazes of the crew working the controls. Spock felt his muscles tense slightly at her touch and the electric feel go through him again. It made him tense at first, but then the feeling made his muscles feel lax, like the way humans feel if they breathe in lavender or listen to Chopin. It was odd that the doctor was inspiring such feelings as their relationship was anything but relaxed. Yet he found that he wanted to move into the touches rather than discourage them as usual and begin another pointless argument.

They were in the turbolift and Lenore set the floor for both their quarters. This close to her side Spock could feel the pleasant electricity running over his skin. He took a deep breath discreetly through his nose, but that ended up being a mistake. A sweet but musky scent filled his mind, making it a little hazier. He found himself leaning in to take another whiff near her neck.

The doctor jumped and looked at him like he had lost his mind, which may be a possibility. "Spock…did you just sniff me?"

"…I…detect a pleasant odor…are you wearing perfume, Doctor?"

"Perfume? No, not much of a point in that stuff up here. And plus, a patient might have an allergy to it."

"Yes…quite right…"


"I…feel lightheaded still…"

"Great…Okay, lean on me if you need to."

"I doubt that will be necessary…or advisable."

"I'm not a weak woman, jackass. I can support you for the little shuffle to your room." She reached out as the lift stopped and wrapped one arm around his back, grabbing his wrist and wrapping it around her shoulders. Spock was breathing harder now, which only made that scent swirl in and out of his nose. He could feel it behind his eyes, as if it were trying to blind him. As such his coordination did suffer as she half carried him through the halls.

"Okay, mind opening the door, elf man?"

He didn't respond to that, simply typed in the key code with practiced precision (luckily, or he'd have to admit to being dazed) and allowed himself to be pulled in.

"Okay, cab service is over. No charge this time. Rest up, you pointy-eared bastard, and don't expect a hypo to get rid of a hangover in the morning." She was paused in walking back out by a warm hand wrapping around her wrist. She turned back, frowning at him. "Spock?"

"I…would like you to stay."

She blinked again and tried to pull her hand back. "Sorry, but I think I'd rather go back to my own room…"

Spock didn't let go. She tried again and he wasn't even aware of his impulses when he pulled and brought her to him, wrapping an arm around her back and burying his face against her neck, breathing in again. Lenore gave a slight squeak and his amusement rose. She came back to herself and began pushing at him, trying to dislodge herself from the Vulcan's grip even though she knew he would not let go if he didn't want to.

"What the hell is wrong with you, you copper blooded bastard?"

"I find your scent…fascinating."

"Yeah, well, I find your doing this annoying and a breach of protocol! So hands off!"

Spock made a slight noise that might've been part whine, part growl and nuzzled against her neck, making Lenore shiver. Her neck is sensitive…his mind supplied. His tongue came out and licked at the skin there, finding her taste just as intriguing. She gasped, frozen for a moment before trying to throw off his grip again.

"Spock, this isn't funny!"

"I am not seeking to be amusing, doctor." She yelped as he suddenly sat on the bed, pulling her into his lap, her legs on either side of his. His arms were like a guard rail at her back holding her in place. She glared down at him in a scowl that had most cowering in a corner when used, but Spock just stared up at her. "I find myself wishing to engage in sexual intercourse with you."

The glare was shattered by a look of utter shock. Her mouth sagged open as she searched his face. "Y…You can't be serious. You talked with Jim, you're playing a joke on me."

"I do not see any correlation between the captain and what is happening now, nor why you continue to think I am attempting to be amusing. I find you to be sexually stimulating to look at, feel, smell and taste. Therefore, logically, I must explore further to ascertain how far my sexual desire goes."

"Yeah, it's perfectly logical to sexually assault the CMO, now get your hands off of m-ah!" She moaned quietly as he licked her neck again.

"Your neck is sensitive…"

"Y-yeah, I know...Spock, seriously, this is…I mean I don't even have a contraceptive hypo with me, so unless you got a condom-"

"They are not needed. I am clean of all sexual disease, I know from you're current medical reports you are as well, and I am practically sterile. I see no logical cause for contraception."

"Yeah, well, maybe I want it! I mean, no, I don't want it, back off!"

He pulled back slightly and looked at her before pulling one hand back to take hers and hold it. She stiffened, likely feeling the same spark that went through him at the tentative connection. "This…is how Vulcans kiss," he said quietly, leaning up and kissing her jaw. "I will not go further if you do not wish, Doctor. But I believe your body wants this. If your mind does not, I will, as you say, back off."

"I…Dammit, you don't make it easy to think!"

"My apologies," he said simply, though he of course didn't sound repentant.

Lenore groaned as he kissed her jaw again, right near her neck. It was close to those sensitive nerves she unfortunately had that he was becoming far too enamored with. Sitting in his lap, the heat from his body running up her thighs was making her tingle in places she didn't want to admit. It was like straddling a space heater in the dead of winter. What the hell, what the hell, what should I do? It's Spock! I don't like Spock that way! I'm supposed to argue with him, not let him-oh, that felt nice…

Spock gave a more audible rumble in his chest, as he kissed up to her cheek. His fingers began working against hers and she shuddered. When did my hands get that sensitive? Her eyes snapped open as hot lips sealed over hers. He had apparently given up on the verbal debate and went on to oral, kissing hard but well. She moaned again, finding her lips parting when his tongue tried to spear through them. He gave an answering sound that normally would've had Lenore teasing him mercilessly, but she was a bit too distracted by said tongue curling around hers, trying to bring it into a duel.

H…he's really good at this…That coherent thought was cut short when she felt a hand slip under her uniform top, stroking over her back, up to her bra hooks. He ignored those however and stroked back down her spine, those strange tingling sparks following. She broke the kiss with a gasp, arching into the caress and throwing her head back. The Vulcan took this as an invitation and leaned forward to lick up her throat, then down, then biting softly where it met her shoulder. Lenore moaned even louder, then felt a tug at the end of her shirt. In a haze she uncurled her fingers from the sides of his uniform to lift her arms above her head. Spock pulled the uniform off and tossed it to the side of the bed.

Bone's mind caught up again then and she blushed, wrapping her arms across her chest. "W-wait, this isn't-I-"

Spock was staring though as if her arms weren't even there. "Black lace…very…nice. Not standard issue however."

She glared at him, some of that old fire coming back. "You gonna report me?"

He didn't answer, instead leaning in to run his lips over her breast bone just below her clavicle. Bones stubbornly tried to keep any other noise inside, but her arms went slack at his attention. He kept leaning forward, forcing her to reach up and hold on to his shoulders to keep balanced. His face went down to between her breasts and he breathed in deeply. One hand swept up her bare back, toying with the end of her hair teasingly. He then pulled the tie out, letting her hair hang loose. He combed his fingers through the strands before trailing down till his hands went between the two of them and began to undo her belt.

Bones tensed when she realized what he was doing, and then moaned as he pushed the slacks down her hips. Her face was burning hotter than Spock's skin because of course, she was wearing the matching underwear of the set which were black lace hip hugging silk panties. Thank God I don't like thongs… Spock pushed her gently to her feet again, trying to get her pants pushed further down but her boots were in the way.

"I…I got them," she said, bracing herself on his shoulders as she raised one leg to undo the laces. She could swear she felt Spock's eyes roaming her body, making her want to find some way to cover herself. Instead she found herself pulling one boot off, then the other, and letting her pants slip down completely.

"…Your body is…"

"…Yeah, well, I'm sorry if I'm not exactly what you were hoping for," she snapped. She was about to grab her pants again to dress and stalk off, but he suddenly stood toe to toe with her. His hands reached up, cupping her face and making her look up at him. Lenore sucked in a breath at the way his dark eyes stared into her own. Jim had tried to tell her once that if you looked at Spock's eyes, you could see the emotions he tried to keep hidden. She'd never really believed it till now.

He wasn't hiding anything, and it made her mouth dry.

"I find you're body…truly desirable." He leaned down and kissed her again, his hands stroking up and down her sides, making her breath come faster. When his hands came all the way up and softly cupped her breasts she moaned, biting her lip and looking away. He continued to fondle them, thumbing her nipples through the lace. She couldn't keep her body from arching again.

"N…Not fair. I'm the only one loosing clothes here…damn perverted hobgoblin…" She did not sound breathless. That's what she kept telling herself.

Spock didn't say anything, giving her another passionate kiss before suddenly picking her up under her arms and spinning around to sit her on the bed. She blinked in surprise then blushed further when he pulled off his shirt. He was hairy, which was surprisingly sexy on him, and built like a tennis player. All lean, toned muscle, tall and willowy. Lenore found herself wetting her lips subconsciously.

Spock had a smug look around his eyes and she swore his lips joined in with slight tilt. She glared up at him and instead reached out to undo his shoes. "You started this, you know, but now you've got me hot and bothered somehow so you're damn well finishing it!" She could hear how thick her accent was even to her own ears. It always thickened when she was flustered somehow, be it angry, drunk, or turned on.

Bones almost fumbled going for his belt when she heard a chuckle from him. "I assure you," he said low enough she almost squeezed her legs together at the flood of arousal. "That is my intention."

Fuck…if he wasn't so coherent, I'd think he wasn't really drunk or something…then again, he is acting out of his gourd…why don't I care more about that? She got the belt undone and he pulled off his boots before letting her undo his fly so they could slide down. He wore no underwear and for a moment she wanted to berate him on the sanitary issues of that. Her mind however was completely stalled when she saw what was between his legs.

Or lack there of.

"Spock, where the fuck is your cock?" she nearly screamed. He had hair around his crotch, but other than that he looked almost like a woman.

"Ah…I suppose I should let go of control of that…" he said almost absently. He sounded a little confused, worse than earlier, and she wondered if he was alright. Any line of thought for concern for his state of mind left though when his member apparently came out from inside of him. It was long but not overly thick, hairless, and green as it stiffened to full hardness (which while not monstrous or frightening was enticing), but she was still focused on the fact that moments ago it had evidently been retracted inside.

I knew he was alien but…no. Just… no. Lenore rubbed over her forehead as she tried to calm down. "…Okay, I…I need a time out I think, to process …that…"

"Process what?" he mumbled as he stepped forward.

"That!" she said, gesturing at his member though that was rather rude. "You-your dick was…"

"Vulcan traits are the more dominant," Spock said simply. He leaned down to kiss her again and she quickly blocked him with her hand.

"Spock, I said time out! I-this is happening really fast, I'm not sure-" She gasped as his tongue came out and licked over her hand. She knew Vulcan hands were erogenous zones, had learned it one night when she and Uhura drank together. She knew then that what he was doing was very raunchy by Vulcan standards as he pointed his tongue and traced it over her life line, up her index finger, then taking both her index and middle finger into his mouth to suck on them. She wasn't Vulcan, she didn't have the right nerves in her hands for this, but damn if she didn't some how still find it hot just knowing that Spock was loosing control for her and doing something dirty to her.

She moaned, forgetting her arguments earlier as he let go and instead attached his lips to her neck, kissing and licking there as his hands went around and unfastened her bra swiftly and efficiently. He leaned back, pulling the support with him and looked over her naked breasts appreciatively.

"Very…nice…" he reached up and cupped one again, Lenore giving a loud groan as her nipples became fine points. He stroked over them, pinching them lightly and rolling them in his finger tips. She could feel that spark that his fingers gave off jump between them like an arc of electricity and moaned loudly. His member liked that too as it twitched with interest. She wanted him to lick them, suck them, pay the same attention he did her fingers. She whined in frustration when left her breasts and began tracing his lips down the center of her body to the edge of her last remaining article of clothing.

Bones gulped, breathing deeply as toyed with them speculatively, like he was trying to piece together his thoughts. "This is your last chance…to tell me to stop, Doctor…"

"…L…Lenore…" He looked up and she blushed, keeping her eyes focused on his bed sheet. "Considering we're here, you're naked, I'm about to be and…well, just call me Lenore, dammit. I don't have a doctor kink."

Spock nodded slowly. "Very well then." She was suddenly turned and pushed so she rested near the pillows, Spock climbing up between her legs. "Then I need not hold back…you will have to be prepared first though…should prepare you…"

She looked up at him with a frown before he gripped her underwear and practically ripped them off. "Hey! If you ruined those, I'm makin you pay for 'em, you damn-"

"You are already wet…" he said quietly as he spread her legs. Bones blushed scarlet and tried to close her legs again, but Spock held them open like the Jaws of Life. So instead she growled loudly at him as she sat up.

"Yeah, well, it's been a while! And dammit, any human girl would have that response with all the shit you've been doing to me, so don't get a swelled head because-" Whatever was next was cut off with a loud gasp as he leaned down and gave her a lick. There was a sobbing moan she didn't want to admit came from her as he did it again, making her body quake and fall back across the bed. "I-I thought you said…"

"I wish to make sure. I would be most upset if I hurt you."

Lenore wondered if she could blush anymore, her heart giving a sweetly painful twist at that. Her eyes screwed shut as he continued his work, tongue licking probing, stabbing, swirling, lips sucking and kissing all over her most private of sensitive areas. God…it's been too long… The coil in her stomach was winding tighter and tighter. She was trying not to moan too much, but it was a failing battle. For both of them apparently as Spock would give a little rumbling purr into her every now and then that would vibrate through her softly. How the hell did Uhura let him get away when-oh god! Ooohh… She moaned and buried her hands in his hair, trying to muss that tight control he tried to exude. Her climax was coming up fast, her pelvis trying to twist and lift into him for more.

Then she was suddenly dropped from her high, that similar feeling over her stomach dropping away during a fall as she came. She practically screamed her release, something she hadn't done in years, and he continued his onslaught through out till she finally moaned and tried to push his head away. "S-spock, too much…too much, please…s-stop…"

He pulled back, licking his lips like some kind of contented cat, and she groaned again. How…how does he do this to me…?

Spock pushed up to line up with her body and Lenore tensed. He leaned down and began kissing gently from her temple down to her lips, surprising her with his tenderness. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue but sighed into it. He kissed her for a few more moments as she recovered before sitting back, looking into her eyes. His own were dark, almost glassy, but wanting. It made her arousal come back slowly but surely and she nodded after a moment to his silent question. Reaching down he lined his erection up with her entrance and pushed in slowly.

Lenore closed her eyes tightly and turned her head into the pillow. She was slick, but it felt like she was being skewered by a hot piece of iron. She wondered in the back of her mind if he was going to leave burns inside her. He groaned when he was fully inside her, and she let out the breath she was holding against his shoulder. It had been a few years since the last time she'd felt this full, any one night stands in the academy being few and far between since she was one of the elder students. It felt good, too good.

She groaned as Spock began to move slowly, as if to see if she was alright with it. She moved her hips with him, wrapping her arms around him for more leverage. He moaned back as he steadily picked up pace. Sweat and panting breath mingled between them, a slight humidity forming with their differing body temperatures. Lenore felt her next orgasm coming quickly and wrapped her legs around his hips, her blunt nails digging into his back. He growled and gripped her hips, rearing back to grind into her without a thought to the long scratches she left down his back. She screamed again, shuddering through her orgasm around him.

He leaned back over her, continuing to thrust and she whimpered. She kissed around his shoulders and neck before she nipped at one of his ears. That made him speed up even more, holding her tight against him. She felt fingers near her temple, stroking the side of her face and lining up in a particular way she thought. But they suddenly gripped the sheets right by her head instead, hard enough to tear them. Then he gave a short roar-like sound and bit her neck, making Lenore gasp and climax again at the combination of pleasure and pain. She felt a release of heat inside her as he came. Sighing, her hands swept over his back as if to soothe him. One stroked over his shoulder blades, the other curled its fingers into his hair as they both panted.

Moments passed as they remained together, catching their breath and allowing their bodies to come down.

When Spock lifted her again, she moaned and tightened her grip around his shoulders and hips. "Noooo…can't do it again…"

He didn't reply, but there was that slight rumbling of amusement she could feel pressed this close to him. She frowned, about to snap at him, but calmed as he instead settled her down under the covers of his bed. Pulling out made her wince and whine but she sighed as he actually rubbed down her sides gently, apologetically. She opened her eyes and looked up at him before smiling, trying to make it gentle and sincere rather than the usual sneer she gave him. "I'm okay…that was…really good."

He stared a moment before actually smiling slightly and Bones drew in a sharp breath. She knew she may never forget that look now. He lay down by her and suddenly swept his arm under her and pulled her back against his front. Nuzzling against the back of her neck, he pulled the covers over them. "Goodnight…Lenore."

She blushed but smiled a little. "Goodnight Spock…" I'm gonna die of heatstroke like this. …Oh well, I'll die satisfied I guess. She closed her eyes and let sleep take her away as she settled in his arms.