DC-PS1017: Gather round, children!

Dan: Yes, Kayla?

DC-PS1017: Would you like to hear a Resident EvilBIOHARZARD Truth or Dare Show Christmas Story?

Sam: I wanna!

Kali: Me too! Me too!

DC-PS1017: Okay, okay. So, this is how our strony begins...

Destiny was currently busy thinking of a way to have a day without anything bad going on. But how could she: Wesker was her brother, Chris was almost always trying to give him a lay down and overly detailed explaintion of his and Destiny two-day stand, Alexia was always under threat of getting attacked by everyone that hated her, Lucas and the other BOWs had kept trying to eat the cast behind Destiny's back, and now the poor blonde was having several moments of "morning sickness".

"God damn," She said. "How can we have a good Christmas?"

Then, suddenly, she had an idea. She would have everyone swear on their lives and deaths that they would get along for one day! It should worked, she believed. Destiny set off to make her idea a reality.

Meanwhile, however, Wesker was yelling at Chris to shut his mouth. Once again, he was trying to tell Wesker of how those two days were. He was about o get shot had Destiny not shown up.

"Big Brother," She said sweetly. "I wanna have a good Christmas with everyone!"

"You know that most likely won't happen," Wesker said. "If you haven't noticed, not everyone can get along."

"But," Destiny looked at Wesker with pleading eyes. "Can't they for just one day?"

"Sorry Dest," Chris said, putting a hind on the younger Wesker. "But it's not gonna happen."

"Please oh please!" She said. Everyone turned to look at her. "Can't one day be nice and peaceful?"

Everyone considered this. It was true that even Destiny had made some enemies, but she was merciful at times. They had all even seen the young one cry. The least they could do was give her one single day of peace. Everyone agreed, and Destiny happily hugged everyone. Including Ada. And so, everyone set out for a Christmas mission.

DC-PS1017: And our story shall continue soon, children.

Children: Aaw!

Dan: But I wanna hear the rest of the story!

DC-PS1017: Oh, yes yes. I know I know, Daniel. But it's time for you to go to bed.

Sam: Ah come on, Kayla!

DC-PS1017: I'll keep reading the rest tommorrow. Now, head for your room, kids.

Sam, Dan, and Kali: (Grumble and head upstairs)

DC-PS1017: And no, this and the Author's Note at the begining ARE NOT part of the story! Thank you. I'm talking to kids who shall appear later on, in all RE things of mine. Later!