A/N: This is for bookwormofmassiveproportions. My prompt was: It possessed power greater than any on the earth, but it would never see the stars.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to JKR. The title comes from the song Beauty of the Dark by Mads Langer.

The Beauty of the Dark

He was to live forever in shadows, bred and born into darkness, far away from the prying eyes fueled by hatred; eyes that could never appreciate his beauty nor his grace.

The flickering of the torchlight's playing against the cold, hard, stone walls the only company, the only movement, in his years of solitude. Tones of fire, oranges and reds, shimmer and shine against the deep and endless black of his scales as he moves in secret in tunnels so far underground that not even the far off laughter from above can reach him.

No one was to know of his existence, just as he was to know of nothing or no one outside of his chamber. He was never to see the light of day or the star filled sky. But the words of the only voice he had ever heard spoken, from the only living creature he had ever set his great yellow eyes upon, ring through his home of stone as if spoken aloud. You are meant for greatness. When the time is right you will make them all pay for their sins, for their wrongdoings. When the time is right, it is your name that they will fear and your power that they will stand no chance against.

Words a thousand years old, but a meaning that grows stronger with each passing day, and as he waits, he too grows, in size and in power. On the day that Tom Riddle Jr. steps foot into the castle of Hogwarts, a reverberation sneaks down the walls, down, down, down to the floor lining his chamber, echoing off of the walls. Your time will soon come, the sound seems to say. And so it will.

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