Chapter 1

Clare's POV

You sit there in your heartaches

Waiting on some beautiful boy to,

To save you from your old ways

You play forgiveness, watch it now

Here he comes

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he

Talks like a gentleman, like you imagined when you,

Were young…

"I love this song," Eli commented, bobbing his head up and down to the beat. The bass of the rock song by the killers throbbed inside his beloved car Morty as we leaned up against each other, listening.

"It reminds me of our situation," I smirked. "You really don't look like Jesus-"

"I don't even believe in him," Eli cut in gleefully, referring to the fact he was an atheist.

I rolled my eyes. "Yet I still fell for you…." I trailed off, my eyes raking over the scene in front of us. We were parked in the school parking lot, just sitting and talking. School hadn't started yet, so we were killing time.

"Of course you fell for me." Eli grinned. "I'm irresistible."

I leaned over and pecked him on the lips. "You just keep telling yourself that, Elijah."

He wrapped his arms around my torso, refusing to let me go. I settled each of my legs on either side of him and began to lean into my kisses, planting them deeper and sweeter every time. He thrust his hands into my curls delicately. I began to kiss his tan neck, sucking on one particular place. He groaned, and slid his hands up my shirt, not to my chest, but on top of my back, pulling me closer to his broad chest.

I pulled away suddenly, noticing the time glaring at me in red letters on Eli's radio.

"It's 8:30," I hissed. "We'll be late for English!" Students begin to scurry inside the school.

"Oh, come on," he groaned. "Let's have a quickie."


"I'm just joking!" he defended himself. I thought I saw a trace of disappointment in his emerald eyes, but it was gone before I could really be sure. Was I boring Eli?

I sighed. "Look, Eli, I'm sorry, I'm just not ready yet-"

"Alright, alright, Saint Clare," he snickered. He got out of the car, and I followed his lead. I grabbed his hand as we walked into the school. I loved holding it- an electric shock traveled through every time I did.

As we walked through the hallway to our class, inquisitive stares from students zoomed in on us. I couldn't blame them. Who would think that me, the goody two shoes Christian girl, would fall for a dark, Goth guy? It just didn't make sense to them….or to me, for that matter. But love could be irrational sometimes, and my heart begged me for Eli.

We entered our classroom just in time, the bell ringing. I slid into my seat quickly, but Eli took his time, moseying forward and then sitting down in front of me.

"Alright, class," Mrs. Dawes announced. "We have a new student joining us today. Her name is Lindsay, and she has just transferred from a local school. Now, I expect you will all make her feel welcome."

"Let's be really hostile." Eli fake- whispered to the class, and everyone laughed. I shook my head, smiling.

Mrs. Dawes ignored his comment, and opened up the door of the classroom. "Come on in, honey," she invited the mysterious girl. The class leaned forward in anticipation.

As soon as Lindsay walked into the room, all the males in the room had their mouths wide open, their eyes glued to her body. The girls all flushed with envy. She had beautiful, thick blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and came to a neat stop in the middle of her back. Her eyes were literally a bright, stunning turquoise. She had dark, red lips and the graceful walk of a ballerina. Her skin was of a perfect, clear complexion, and she had the build of a model. She smiled, revealing her shiny white teeth, and her face looked like Aphrodite's. Her khaki skirt was hiked up well above her knees, showing her long, lithe legs, and she complimented her outfit with diamond studs and a choker necklace

She was everything that I wasn't. She was beautiful.

I noticed that Eli had gone silent as soon as she entered. I knew it was just a male reaction, but I should be the only person who he was attracted to, right? But….if he was getting bored…. Maybe I should be a little wary of this Lindsay. I automatically snapped into bitchy girlfriend mode. Lindsay was not going to take Eli away from me.

Lindsay walked down the aisle and pointed to the seat next to me. "Is this taken?" she asked, pointing to it and smiling at me politely.

"No." I said coldly.

But Eli sure is.

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