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Summary: Olette feels that her life is a little too idyllic to be real at times.

There are certain things in life that you come to rely on the inevitability of their occuring. The sun rising in the morning, and falling beneath the horizon at night. The better part of the year spent toiling away in school, and a few precious weeks left for leisure activities with ones friends. People dying, and more being born to celebrate their deaths.

And then there was chance, coincidence and the unavoidable truth that accidents did happen. When she stopped to think about it, when she occasionally succeeded in dragging her mind out of the pleasant haze that balmy summer days induced, she felt a prickle of unease when she realized the alarming infrequency at which events that violated perfect order and time happened.

The last time she had that feeling, Hayner arrived at the usual spot and proceeded to refer to its occupants as 'you three' no less than four times by the hour they were all due home. Despite the evidence that there was nobody there besides Pence, Olette and himself.

The seven wonders they had explored had proven to be hardly so mysterious, and when she went to bed that night, Olette was inclined to brush off the foreboding feeling in her gut as a consequence of too much ice cream. They found nothing, after all.

Nothing. That was all that ever happened. And she was determined that sometimes, there would be something, just so she knew that the universe was working the way it was supposed to, and all was indeed right with the world.

So occasionally she brought chocolate instead of ice-cream.

Sometimes she was the one to suggest they shirk homework in favour of more entertaining pursuits.

Once, she even conspired with Fuu to have the two groups hang out together for a whole day without fighting. They only lasted for three hours but that was a record in itself.

And every time she deviated from her routine, she swore she could feel something, or someone trying to nudge her back into doing the same old things. She laughed at herself, and carried on doing random things to make life interesting.

Because she made her own choices, and no one else. For as everyone knew, hearts could not be controlled.