"Enter" Snape called; forcing his features into one of complete nonchalance despite that he was quivering in excitement. As Hermione entered the room he regarded her appearance; her face was flushed and her hair was as wild and untamed as ever. He noticed with some concern that it appeared that she had been crying, but kept that notion to himself.

"Well Miss Granger, have you made your decision?" He asked casually, keeping his eyes on his marking.

Hermione regarded the cold individual in front of her. Inside she fumed at his casual attitude to her choice – how could he force an ultimatum on her and then act so uncaring when she supplied her decision? She forced back the tears that were threatening to overflow once more and instead focused on the ever-present heat between her legs. This was why she was here, she reminded herself, just so she could do some bloody work without the constant ache. With this in mind, Hermione closed her eyes and spoke;

"I accept your offer, Professor Snape"

Silence filled the room as Snape regarded Hermione, he stared expressionlessly into her eyes, seeking the truth behind her words, seemingly satisfied with what he saw, and he relaxed back into his chair and smirked slightly. Reaching into one of the many compartments of his desk, he produced a roll of parchment which he pushed towards the miserable schoolgirl.

"Then sign" he said smoothly.

Hermione unrolled the parchment and carefully scanned the contents, it appeared to be a contract of some sort, but the stipulations carefully recorded on the official document made her heart beat rapidly.

"This document, dated TWELFTH day of MARCH 2011 (herein known as the "start date"), is a contract of voluntary slavery between Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.

Miss Granger affirms that it is signing this contract of her own free will without pressure or coercion of any kind, that she is of sound mind and body and is not under the influence of any mind impairing influence, either magical or non magical. Miss Granger further affirms that she fully understands the meaning and implications of this contract and explicitly requests it be enforced in full, and at all times, as defined below for the duration of the contract. ***

Below the paragraph lay a list of duties that both slaves and masters were to adhere to, Hermione bit her lip at the length of the contract and looked back up at the Professor who was regarding her with an air of casualness; but she could sense the intensiveness in his dark eyes.

"Why do I need to sign a contract, isn't the magical bond enough?" she asked in confusion.

"The magical bond obviously isn't strong enough to hold you to me, otherwise you'd be kneeling in front of me right now, no I need a legal promise from you and I wont take no for an answer"

They both glared at each other, each striving for dominance, Hermione looked away first.

"Um, I'm going to need to read this fully before I can sign" Hermione said weakly, once again looking at the threatening piece of parchment. Snape smirked,

"A wise choice, Miss Granger, I am of course prepared to negotiate some terms of the contract. You may read over it in my living quarters, if you prefer, so that you won't be affected by the curse when you read"

Hermione considered this while biting her lip, honestly she would rather read it in the safe confines of her dormitory, but Snape did make a good point, she could hardly concentrate on the document with her constant horniness distracting her. She nodded her head and smiled slightly, and Snape gestured towards the fireplace, indicating that she should floo herself there. As she approached the fireplace he stopped her,

"I will give you two hours to go over the contract, after which I will come in and we will negotiate, but by the end of the day I expect a full, magically binding decision Miss Granger."

Hermione had stopped to listen to his speech but did not turn around to face him. She paused considering this,

"Yes, Professor"

And with that she was gone.

As soon as she left Snape relaxed back into his chair with a sigh, he was worried, would she sign the contract? His whole week had been in turmoil, he had half expected her to break down halfway through the week and succumb to her needs, and if he admitted it to himself, he was rather impressed with her self restraint. He smirked to himself as he pictured her reaction to some of the stipulations outlined in the contract, the negotiations would be amusing to say the least, and he was interested to see which clauses she would agree to and some she would not – not that she was going to get out of them that easily. With that in mind Snape settled back and began his marking again, part of him wanted to march into his rooms and just take her now, he knew he could, she wouldn't be able to resist. But Severus Snape was a patient man, he had waited so long for this, he knew he could wait a little longer.

Hermione had made herself comfortable in Snape's quarters, settling herself into his deep, comfortable armchair and carefully regarding the contract in front of her. Beside her on the armrest lay a quill and some spare parchment which was to write down points which she wished to negotiate. As she read through the contract she noticed with alarm that her ache which had been subdued slightly by Snape's presence was slowly but steadily growing once more, more so it scared her that it wasn't the curses affect, but she was reacting physically to the idea of some of the points in the contract. Biting her lip she forced herself to read;

Hermione, as a 'slave' may have no other 'Master', partner (sexual or otherwise) or submit to any other person without the express agreement of her 'Master' (Severus Snape). Likewise, Severus Snape, as 'Master' agrees not to have any other slave, partner (sexual or otherwise) or submit any other person for the duration of the contract.

Miss Granger will willingly, freely and to the best of her ability serve Master Snape sexually in any way he requires.

Miss Granger will willingly accept any punishment from Master Snape upon a joint recognition of misbehavior. Punishment may take any form Master deems fit including, but not limited to, corporal punishment, bondage, chastity, removal of privileges including food or sleep, hard work or degrading, humiliating or pointless tasks.

Miss Granger will willingly, freely and to the best of her ability obey all rules set out for her by Master Snape and live by them whether or not she is in Master's presence.

Miss Granger will willingly, freely and to the best of her ability submit to any training, and any training methods, Master Snape wishes to use or apply to it to better serve him to meet his needs.

Miss Granger will always be completely honest and truthful and never lie to Master Snape or omit to mention all facts, actions or inaction's, or any breaches of the rules and responsibilities inherent upon it through this contract and associated rules of slavery document.

Miss Granger will never make any excuses for any failures or any of her actions, inactions or any breaches of this contract or the associated rules of slavery document.

Miss Granger will show Master the utmost respect at all times and never cause him any embarrassment. This includes in any discussions, actions or activities with third parties and applies whether Master is present or not.***

Hermione clenched her legs to try relieving herself but it was no use, she was thoroughly turned on by the contents of the document, and although a large part of her resented the idea of obeying and adhering to the snarky potions professor, another part of her was quietly urging her to sign the contract. Shaking her head to rid herself of her sex filled imagination, she grabbed her parchment and quill and began to write;

"Master Snape accepts that Miss Granger as a slave is a valuable possession and as such Master Snape will keep her safe from harm and strive to protect her at all times.

Master Snape will not instruct slave to perform any unsafe or illegal acts.

Master Snape accepts Miss Granger's right of veto on any actions or punishment if Master Snape is considered under the influence of either magical or non magical inebriation's.

Master Snape will, at his own discretion, allow Miss Granger regular free periods where slave will be allowed to freely express her thoughts and continue her academic studies while still showing respect to Master. ***

Two hours flew by and Hermione finally finished reading through the contract and writing down her own negotiations. She had just put down her quill when the fire turned bright green and soon the snarky potions professor was standing in front of her.

"Well?" he asked, eyebrow raised as he observed the girl below him.

Hermione stood up, feeling slightly unnerved by having him standing over her, and handed him her list of negotiations. Snape sat down on a sofa and read through them carefully, Hermione also sat and regarded him nervously as he frowned at the document. When he had finished reading he looked up,

"Is this it?" he questioned disbelievingly.

"Um, should there be more?" replied Hermione nervously, she was a bright girl, but this area was out of her depths and she felt an unfamiliar sensation of being unsure rising up inside her.

"Don't you have any issues with your clauses?" Snape asked, surprised as the girl relaxed visibly.

"Oh that, no, it seems quite reasonable, I'm a little apprehensive about having to obey you and respect you at all times, but the magical bond will probably ensure that anyway. No, Professor, I have no further issues."

"Very well then, I agree to all your clauses as well, now all that is left to do is sign" Snape gestured with his wand and a dark, tattered quill flew across the room into Hermione's hand. She recognized it instantly as the one Professor Umbridge had forced her to use during her 6th year – the bitch. Steeling herself from the pain she knew was coming she scribbled her signature on the bottom of the document, wincing as the words cut into her hand. As soon as she was done, Snape grabbed the quill from her and signed the parchment as well, barely even noticing the pain over his excitement. As soon as he had finished the contract glowed brightly for a few seconds and then dulled once more. They both stared at it.

"It is done," said Snape. He looked at Hermione, she was still staring at the contract, but her demeanor had visibly changed in just a few seconds.

"Miss Granger?" Snape asked quietly, watching as the girl's eyes filled with tears and her body shook, her hands were squeezed into fists and he could see her long fingernails digging into her palms, drawing blood. Reacting instinctively, Snape approached her and kneeled beside her, gently taking her hands and straightening out her fingers. He took his wand and quickly healed the small cuts in her palm. Hermione barely noticed, as her tears slowly began to overflow and trickle down her cheeks, while her face remained expressionless.

Snape stood and lifted Hermione as though she weighed little more than a pillow. He then sat in the armchair and positioned her so that she was sitting on his knee. A position the two of them were becoming all too familiar with. Without a word she burying her face in his chest and let the sobs rake her body as he murmured soothingly and stroked her hair. Half an hour later she reemerged from his chest and gratefully accepted his proffered handkerchief to wipe her eyes and blow her nose, the sound making her laugh and he smile despite the situation.

"Sorry" she said thickly, "I didn't mean to break down like that"

"It is understandable" he replied calmly, idly stroking her hair whilst staring into the fireplace, "I'm sorry I put you into this regrettable situation."

"No, you warned me from the onslaught, you told me you were selfish and possessive, I should have expected this."

Snape winced at her words

"Besides, I…"

Snape hummed beside her, "Besides what, Miss Granger?"

Hermione rested her head on the crook of his shoulder, mildly surprised how comfortable she felt with him already,

"I'm a little bit excited about being your slave."


"Yes, nervous, but excited."

Snape smiled, a genuine smile that hurt his face slightly, and wrapped his arms around Hermione hugging her, whilst she choked back her surprised cry, Snape was hugging her! After a second or two he released her, slightly embarrassed, but unable to deny the pleasure he had felt at her excitement of belonging to him. He never wanted to take her against her will, but Severus Snape's love is a strange thing, yearning to possess and dominate the object of his affection, and to find a willing participant was a miracle to him, a treasure he promised to protect and love with his life.

He pulled back the waves of hair covering her face and murmured into her ear, "you will never regret being mine, I promise, I will always… treasure you" he said, cursing at his inability to say the L word out loud. Beside him Hermione smiled, she knew he had been going to say something else, but was slightly relieved that he had restrained himself. She was enamored by him, but did not love him, at least not yet. Until she was prepared to reciprocate those feelings, she hoped he would keep quiet.

The two sat in that position for the rest of the day, lost in their own thoughts and both feeling at peace. Eventually they dozed off, snuggling each other in their sleep while the embers in the fireplace cast a warm hue in the room, bathing the couple in its golden light.

"It's time to wake up Miss Granger."

Hermione opened her eyes and yawned, she was in Snape's bed, buried under the covers, and judging by the warmth she felt on the other side of the bed, Snape had been sleeping beside her. But now he stood at the end of the room, waiting for the fuzzy head he could see peeping out from behind the covers to emerge fully. He smirked, last night he had been gentle with her because of her newness to the situation, but today was a new day and he was anxious to begin training his new pet.

As Hermione rose from the bed she regarded him in apprehension, he was wearing his full black teaching robes despite it being Sunday, and his arms were crossed in an imperious manner.

"Go shower and then put on these clothes, I expect you in the living room for breakfast in no later than half an hour.

"Hermione took the clothes she nervously realized where made of black leather and walked slowly into the shower room, her tummy a bundle of excited nerves. Today she was going to be trained.

*** - This is where I got a lot of the material for the contract, as indicated by the '***' at the end of each time I used it. I wasn't to sure how to word the contract or what some of the clauses should be and this site was extremely helpful and insightful. Just giving credit where credit's due!