Hey I always wondered why there were so many fics about people going back to the past but barely any about them going into the future. So I decided to write one about Sirius, Harry, Ginny, Molly, Ron, Fred, George, Bill, and Hermione being taken from Grimmauld Place right before Harry's fifth year and are sent 15 years into the future when Harry and Ginny live in Grimmauld Place with their 6 and 5 year old sons and 3 year old daughter. Hope you like it and please, please,
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I do not own Harry Potter, that lucky person is J. K. Rowling.


A few days after Harry's hearing he, Ron, and Hermione along with Sirius, Ginny, the twins, and Mrs. Weasley were in the drawing room cleaning out one of the many desks in there when Fred spotted a small glass vile full of electric blue liquid.

"Hey look at that." he pointed and Ron leaned in close, his long thin nose almost touching it.

"I wonder what that is?" he glanced up at Hermione for information. She looked a bit annoyed.

"Why does everyone always think I know what something is when no one else does?" she asked irritably. Harry and Ginny exchanged a look and smirked at each other. And the twins said together "Well do you?"

Hermione sighed, rolling her eyes at Sirius and Mrs. Weasley and leaned over like Ron did to scrutinize the slippery looking bottle. Her eyes seemed to pop out of her head. "I do recognize it from a book I've read!" She shot a warning look around at all of her friends. "Do not say anything!" They all held up their hands in surrender trying not to smile. ("Dammit we could have got a couple good jokes about that!" George whispered). Hermione went on to explain what it was pretending she hadn't heard him. "It's Tijdreizen potion which is just Dutch for Time Travel Potion! Of course it is really unpredictable and you can't control where in time you go. The Ministry banned it years ago so most people have never even heard of it."

There was silence as they all took this in then the twin excahnged beaming smiles and cried "Wicked!"

Molly seemed nervous though and asked Sirius "Why would this be in your house?" Sirius scowled and shrugged. "How should I know? My family has always been insane and well, to put it mildly, I'm surprised that I was one of the first Blacks to be sent to Azkaban."

Just then there was a loud slam as though someone had tripped like Tonks does frequently and Mrs. Black's portrait started bawling "Freaks! Halfbreeds! Blood Traitors! Mudbloods! All befowling my beautiful house!"

Bill's voice floated up through the deafening insults. "I'm so sorry! I accidently dropped my suit case and now she won't SHUT-UP! The last two words were probably directed at Mrs. Black. Then they knew that his patience had snapped and that next sentnce was for the old portrait. "Why don't you take your God damned blood purity and shove it up your ass!"

"Bill!" Mrs. Weasley cried distressed as she and Sirius ran from the room to help the eldest Weasley son. Everyone else though was practically rolling on the ground howling with laughter at the crack in Bill's usually calm controlled composure.

A few minutes later Mrs. Black was silenced and Sirius walked into the room followed by a pissed looking Bill who was being reprimanded by his mother for his profanity.

Finally Fred and George took pity on their big brother and diverted everyone's attention back to the vile of Time Travel Potion. And Hermione had to explain what it was again for Bill's sake.

Sirius said "Well it's no use to any of us so how about we just throw it out?" Sirius picked up the vile but the outside was very slimey and slippery and it crashed to the floor with a puff of grey smoke. It spread out swiftly and engulfed them all. The grey turned to a deep blinding black and it pressed down on them crushing them until they had all disappeared.