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Ginny shifted uneasily under Tonks' quetioning eyes. No one else was coming to her aid. All of the time travelers decided silently they should leave the revealing of Remus and Tonks' future son to Ginny.

Remus himself wasn't really all that suspicious about this mysterious 'Ted' but that was Tonks' father's name and she wanted to know who this was. Was it her father from the future? Unlikely, she thought. Finally Ginny seemed to loose her nerve, something very unlike her, and said, "I promise, I'll tell after breakfast, when the kids go over to mum's to play Quidditch."

Breakfast was a bit tense after this promise of more information for the late time travelers, but was kept somewhat light-hearted by the amount of small energetic children, who honestly didn't understand the pressing matters at hand, wriggling around.

The twins were deep in conversation with Fred II, and James was bouncing all around the table, keeping up a conversation with the three of them, Sirius, and Molly all at the same time. Harry, Ron, Bill, and Hermione all bunched themselves at the end of the table awkwardly, mostly just whispering between themselves quietly. Rose and Al settled down cheerfully, and were being kept happy by Tonks changing her appearence for their amusement, while next to Tonks Remus and Ginny were silently, slowly eating their food and taking in everything else around them. The adult Ginny fed Lily, and George helped with Hugo (Hugo and Rose had stayed the night along with their parents after the astounding occurances the night before, and had been left in Ginny and George's care when Harry, Ron, and Hermione had left especially early this morning to seek out the help of Kingsley, the Minister of Magic,).

"-And then Victoire pulled the cork off the bottle and ink got all over her." James said with great dramatic hand gestures. Fred and George snorted into the sausages, Sirius dropped his fork back onto his plate while laughing so hard, and Molly looked horrified.

"Ooooh yeah, all in her eyes, up her nose, in her hair!" Fred grinned like the cat that ate the canary. "We didn't really plan that, but it was still great."

The six year olds had attracted everyone's attention with this and Ginny shook her head. "He's definitely George's spawn alright," she teased slightly, waiting to be picked on right back. She wasn't disappointed.

"Well this one's yours innit?" Greoge announced, poking the slim shoulders of the red haired Potter.

"Jamie's not an It!" Lily piped up in her small sweet voice. Everyone grinned at her, a bit more of the tension melting away. In a couple more seconds, though, that tension hit again mulitplied by ten when the fireplace flashed a bright green, and out tumbled a gangly young teen. He brushed at the soot staining his blindingly orange Chudley Cannon's shirt subconsiously, already looking around at the people seated at the table, feverishly, hopefully.

He locked eyes with the other person in the room who had uniquely colored hair. Tonks' eyebrows drew together, her lips formed a slight O, a million different thoughts going through her head. Who was this now? she thought tiredly, emotionally and mentally spent from everything she'd been through so far because of the Time Traveling Potion. She still couldn't be sure if she was dreaming or not.

Ginny let out a sigh, robbed of her plan to break the fact that Remus and Tonks were not only dead in the future, but also spouses and parents, gently. "Hey Teddy."

The boy licked his lips, and tilted his head to the side, still staring at his mother. "Aunt Ginny? Are-?"

"Yup, Ted, they are." George inserted. Teddy looked at Tonks now with a type of fear on his face now. Ginny, who had been one of the people who raised him, could see the tears in his eyes as the boy became overwhelmed. She stood up to go to him, but before she could move Teddy had already rushed to her arms and clung to the only mother-like figure he had ever had.

Book of the Chapter: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (The second book in the Infernal Devices Series)