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I was sitting by myself, again. It wasn't a shock to see little old me sitting by myself.. away from everyone. No one really liked me. It's hard to like me... or so I'm told. I kinda hate myself to. I'm short, like only 4'8. But I'm still 14. I can grow. So Charlie, that's my dad, told me. I have brown hair and it's comes just below my shoulders. I keep it in a low ponytail, since it's easier to manage. And I will admit I am a tad over weight. now like 200 pounds! No just like... 135? I don't care really that no one's likes me. I stopped caring... but anyway. My eyes are a chocolate brown; really pretty a friend said when I was a little girl. But they were covered by thick black glasses, since my eyesight was really bad. The worst thing about me? My braces. I had both bottom and top. I hated them! I looked like a freak in a place where everyone had perfect teeth... then again I am from Forks and not Queens...

I was sitting at my lunch table, writing in my ratty old notebook. I had high expectations on being a writer, since I was told I was an amazing writer by every English teacher I've ever had. So here I was, sitting by myself, writing in my notebook a story about vampires. Nothing like Dracula though. These vampires had golden eyes if they drank from animals, red from humans. Sparkely skin in sunlight and they were also different. I loved it and secretly hoped to get it published.

While I was writing those kids walked by. The popular group. Joy. I tried not to look, but they were so perfect it was hard. The group consisted of 6 people. All popular, beautiful, and perfect. I sighed inwardly, what I'd give to have my best friend here. But she lived in Forks on the other side of the country. I was 8 when we moved to NY but I miss her with my soul. Her names Rosalie Hale, but I call her Rose. She was beautiful, like 5'9 with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She was popular but she still loved me, and visited those rare days.

As the group walked by, one of the girls, the smallest yet taller than me girl of the group, Alice looked at me. She was 4'10, with hazel eyes and black spikey hair. She was pale like her brother, Emmett, school's quarterback. Alice was what I called major prep, she loved shopping apparently. I should know. I was with my cousin in the mall before school started and Alice was there, buy almost 200 things.. Next to her was her burly brother, Emmett. Like I said he was the school's quarterback. And an idiot. He stood at like 6'7, with curly black hair and brown eyes. He was a sweet guy. But he still didn't know who the fuck I was. and from the rumors I've heard, he was Alice's twin brother. Weird...

Then there was Edward Cullen. He was beautiful, I will admit. Handsome and sexy one lil package. He had messy auburn hair, and green eyes. He was Alice's boyfriend, and a manipulative prick. Last year we were partners in Advanced Physical Science? And he like controlled everything we did on the labs and such. Most of the time he was wrong and I ended up failing. Let's just say I hated him.

Besides him? School's biggest sluts. Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory. Jessica had brown hair that was always curled and apparently sexy. I thought she was a poodle one day I swear. Then with her pale eyes and skin, along with her dressing as a total slut? Yeah sure she's a good girl. and I'm tall. Lauren has pale blond hair and pale eyes. I can never tell the color. But she and Jessica wore the same thing every day or so. It freaked me out. And lastly there was. Him.

Jasper Whitlock, the hottest guy in school. I'll admit he is really hot. He has this honey blonde hair that went past his ears, green eyes that sparkled in the sun. H may have been pale but he was very hot. I loved it! Along with that I've seen like some scars on his neck but never had courage to go up to him and talk to him about it. Shame..

It was like they were to perfect... Oh well. I shrugged and started to write, too wrapped up in my story to notice Jasper...

Jasper POV

I walked into the cafeteria with my friends, Alice, Emmett, Edward, Jessica, and Lauren. While we walked by a certain table, I noticed the girl. But she was too wrapped up in her writing. She was small, a little heavy, and with dark brown hair pulled into a low ponytail. I snorted lightly, 'Loser.' I thought as we walked past her and got in line to grab some lunch. After we all grabbed something to eat, mainly me, Edward, and Emmett getting actual food, we sat at our usual table. As the girls started to gossip, Edward proposed something that changed my life. "Jasper." Edward stated, pulling me from my thoughts. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes? What could you possibly want from me right now."

"Well I wanted to know. Would you like to have a bet? Plus a quick lay?"

"Sure? Where the hell are you getting at boy?"

"See that lonely girl? That's Isabella. Isabella Swan. But she goes by Bella."

"Oh. Yeah I think she's in my English class."

"Whatever. Look. I bet you can't get into her pants in like 5 months."

"Oh you're on dude. Now what do I gotta do?"

"Oh just date her. Then fuck her, dump her, tell the truth. And we get a good laugh."

"Cruel. I'll do it."

I got up and walked to her table, sitting across from her. "Excuse me, Darlin'. Can I ask a question?" She looked up, wearing black thick glasses. I couldn't tell her eye color, since the glasses were thick.

"Um. Hi? What do you need?"

I hid my grimace, she had braces? Major turn off.

"I was just wondering, Suga, would you be my girl?"

I thickened up my Texas accent, smirking.

She blinked, "What's my name."

Ah shit. I forgot it.

"Suga, I know your name."

Lies, my brain told me. Shut up brain! I mentally yelled.

"Great, what is it?"

Shit. shit. shit. Dammit! Peter would be dying right now at my incompetence.

"Well. Jasper Whitlock, what is my name?"

Er.. Er.. Fuck.

"Isabella, no... Bella just be my girl?"

Bella blinked and blushed lightly. "Sure... Why not." I grinned, perfect!

(3 months later, JPOV)

Bella and I were on my couch, making out heavily. I had my hands all over her, mentally saying ew ew ew ew. "Jazzy?" She pulled away, eyes a little wide. I wanted to cringe at her nickname for me.

"Yes Darling?"

"I've never done this before.

"Don't be scared darling." I smiled, "Think of it as my Christmas present to you."

She smiled and nodded, pushing her glasses back up. I hated those things! She NEVER took them off unless she slept or showered. And I never saw her eyes. It sucked. They must have been like Jessica's and Lauren's, pale and empty, like nothing was going on up there. I stood up with her, pulling her into my room and locking the door.

"Come on Darlin'. Let's have our presents."

And with that, I took away Isabella Swan's virginity, thinking that'd be it. Oh fuck me I was wrong.

(4 weeks later, Bella's POV)

I sat on the edge of my toilet, holding my head. No. No it couldn't e right. I sniffed and looked at the stick on the counter, a plus sign visible. Oh no. no no no.. I can't be pregnant! I sobbed softly, not hearing Charlie open the door. "Bells what's wr- oh no." I looked up, eyes wide and scared. "Dad. Oh god dad I'm sorry.. I'm scared!" I ran into his arms and sobbed, which stunned him immensely. He patted my back and held me, whispering soothing things.

"Bells. Is this why you've been puking your guts every morning?"

"Yes sir. I'm sorry."

"It's fine got it? I'm mad. But you didn't know it'll happen. Look. Tell the father today at school, your boyfriend? Got it?"

"Yeah, I do.."

I hugged him and got ready for school, pulling on my jeans and hoodie. When I got to school, Jasper was waiting for me, smirking. "Jasper. I gotta tell you something." "No me first dear." His friends were around. This wasn't good.

"Bella. The last 3 or 4 months has been fun and all. But I really don't give a damn about you. I just needed a good lay, and you were that girl. See, Eddieboy here paid me to do this. And I said what the hell it'll be fun. So there. We're through. Never meant a thing to me. Now what you gotta say about that?"

I was stunned, looking at the ground. I started to shake and turn, running home. No. no no no! I thought he loved me! I gave myself up for him! He'd pay!

When I got home and told Charlie, he got pissed. "That's it. I'm sending you home to Forks. Got it? I have to stay to support you but after the baby is born come back when you want to. I love you." I nodded and hugged him, going up to my room and getting my suitcase. I packed up all my clothes and was on a plane the next day...

(3 years later, JPOV)

I groaned as I slid into my chair, noting in my head summer ended to early. I looked around the room, noticing my friends were too wrapped up in something or in Edward's case, someone. I buried my face in my arms on my desk, willing to fall asleep. Just one more year. Thank god. My homeroom teacher walked in, a short Hispanic man named Mr. Gonzalez. "Alright. Since I know half of you are asleep, anyone awake close your ears." And I'm assuming the ones paying attention did because next thing I knew LOUD Goth music was played and half the class fell out of our chairs. I heard two giggles near the door. Weird.

"Alright. Since the idiot brigade is finally up, I have two new students to introduce. Well. One new, one old who is returning for her senior year. Class say hello to Rosalie Hale and Bella Swan."

I smirked as the girls walked in, but like all of the class I gasped.

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