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Well, Hello

(Bella's POV)


I tackled my older cousin, and held him tight. I felt his chest rumble from a deep chuckle, "Hi to you too, Bella." I pulled away and looked up, grinning from ear to ear. His dark eyes met mine, "How'd you get here! Oh how long are you gonna be here? Is Skye here as well?" He chuckled again, "Calm down. I was in a plane, ya know? I'll be here for another week or two, and yes Skye is here as well." "Awesome! So…How are you man?"

Sean shrugged, before running a hand through his short, curly brown hair, "I'm good, I guess. Just tired from work, and the crazy one trying to see me." I shuddered, "You poor boy…" He shrugged nonchalantly, before settling himself on the couch, "So little cousin. Have you enjoyed hurting the one who caused you the most pain?"

"I am enjoying it actually."

He laughed, "You are one for pranks… Which still scares me. Anyway, where's Rose?"

"She'll be here soon. So will Freddie. Oh god, he got me outside my school and just HAD to plant one on me in front of the target. Lucky me, however, that Freddie got distracted by Eddie boy and freaked the guy out. Hilarious."

Sean chuckled once more, "Mandy is down stairs in her apartment. With Josh. AGAIN."

I shuddered, "Those two are gonna make me an aunt way too young."

"You are a mother, remember that."

"Shut up, old man."

"OI! I'm 20!"

"I know. Sean….Where are my kids?"

"Taking a nap."

I sighed gratefully, "You know… I need to buy them beds soon, they are at that age…Plus I know Cody is gonna get out of there and terrorize Rose when she sleeps." I chuckled at the thought of my innocent baby boy terrorizing my scary…scary cousin. I slipped off my sneakers and went to check on my little angels, who were fast asleep. Sighing happily, I left the room and sat on the couch with Sean. We talked for a while about well, life in general.

Not too long after we got on the topic of which was better, Rock or Rap, Rose came in looking very mad.. Eeep. Trailing behind her was an apologetic Emmett and a smirking Freddie. Raising an eyebrow, Freddie grinned. "Oh. Emmett grabbed my ass by accident and thought it was Rose. And Rose is HORRIFIED to have an ass like yours truly." Sean and I started laughing hysterically, as both Rose and Emmett glared at us. By the time we calmed down and sobered up, I smiled. "Sean, meet Rose's boy toy, Emmett. Emmett, meet my cousin, the ultimate prankster…Next to moi."

"Oy! I'm no one's boy toy!"

"Shut up, Emmett!"

"Yes, Rose…"

Everyone laughed, as Emmett hung his head in shame, then glared at me. Rolling my eyes, I gave him a tight hug and grinned. "Come now, Emmett. Let us sit, make popcorn, and watch movies to our hearts content." The others smiled as we set that plan into motion. Of course, by like 7 that night, something HAD to ruin it all. We were in the middle of Saw when my phone started to blare, "We'll sneak out, while they sleep, and sail off into the night. We'll come clean and start over the rest of our life. When we're gone we-"


"Er… Bella?"


"It's me, Jasper. Um, will you like… I dunno. Open your front door. Or better yet, come down stairs so we can talk?"

I groaned, "Fine. Just fine. I'll leave my warm house to talk to you."

I hung up my phone, and smiled at my friends. "I'll be right back. I have a dumbass at my door." Before they could say a word, I had pulled on my hoodie and went down the stairs. Opening the door, there was Jasper, bashful expression on his face and hands deep in his dark jeans. His green eyes were tired, and he sighed. "Ah, Bella."

"Yes, Jasper?"

"I have a question."


"Um. Well can we try, and I mean, try and give this friendship thing a shot? I really do feel bad about what happened all those years ago.." "Sure, I guess." He smiled, "Thank you. So what are you doing?" "Chilling with my cousins, Emmett, and Freddie. Ya know, normal stuff… But anyway well…Tomorrow is Halloween, ja? "

"Yes, what about it?"

"Well, my sister Mandy is going out on a date with her boyfriend, Josh. And she needs me to take the twins trick or treating, so since I don't wanna go alone. Go with me?"

I knew that he thought my er…our kids were my sisters, so why not play along? Besides everything I did say was true… So yeah, it'd be interesting. Plus how was I supposed to make him fall for me if I didn't even spend time with him? I smiled innocently, and he sighed but nodded. "Sure, I'll go no problem." "Awesome. Also, since they are little kids… Why don't you dress up? I mean. I'll be dressing up as well so why not?" "Sure…" "Awesome, be like a pirate. Cause that's what the boys will be." "Okay…" I smiled and gave him a quick hug, "Awesome. I'm gonna head back upstairs to finish the movie then kick Emmett out of the house. See ya tomorrow, Jasper."

Giving him a quick wave, I went back up the stairs to the apartment and left him in the slightly bitter October night.

(Jasper's POV)

I stood there as she slammed the door shut, before sighing and making my way back to my car. At least I had a chance to reconcile with her… and I kinda do feel bad about how I hurt her. I mean, come on I got the girl to move across the country away from me. Shrugging my shoulders, I got into my car and drove home, Bella still on my thoughts. I mean, I just wanted her back in my bed right? She is pretty hot… But something was nagging me that I didn't want that. That for once, I wanted a regular relationship. Not just, ya know. Getting laid.

Shuffling inside, I dropped my keys in the key bowl, really clever dad, and started up the stairs when I bumped into Peter. He was on the phone, with that god damn shit eating grin I hated. "Yeah sure. No problem, you wanna hang tonight? Yeah sure. Awesome. Alright so what's the address?" He paused for a second, before grinning, "No way. The chief lives right under you? I'll be over in like 10 minutes. Bye!" He hung up and grinned, "Guess who's going out tonight?" "Uh. You?" "Yeah! That pretty girl you had over, Bella. I'm gonna go chill at her house with her, her sister, and everyone. So yeah, I'll see you later."

I gave him the two finger salute, and went to my room. Anger rolled off me in waves, I was just there! Why would she prefer my brother…. Just.. UGH I GIVE UP! I flopped down onto my bed and sighed, just what was this girl doing to me? Was I dare say, jealous my brother got to hang out with her and I didn't? Ugh.. I sighed once more, before letting sleep consume me.

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